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Pick #14 of the 2017 draft should be sent to the New Orleans Saints in return for wide receiver Brandin Cooks.  Since the start of the Andy Reid era, “two” receivers (Jackson-2008, Maclin-2009) have been drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles who were both playmakers and had the ability to play the outside receiving role.  By trading for Cooks, the Eagles would acquire a young playmaker who has already demonstrated he can achieve excellence at the professional level.  Forget waiting on a rookie to shake off the rust or to blossom.  Cooks is the best option for the Philadelphia Eagles with their 2017 first round selection.

John Ross is going to be one of the many counters to my Cooks statement.  After running a 4.22 forty at the combine, the Eagles could simply take him in the first round, and not have to worry about extending his contract like they would with Cooks.  Ross runs fast, very fast, but there have been plenty of fast athletes that didn’t translate to NFL players.  Ross had issues in college against better competition finding separation, dropped a high rate of passes and has piled up a few injuries to his lean body type.

If statistics are on the table, the argument can be made that Cooks has not performed the same on grass as he does on turf.  That is absolutely true, Cooks has 64 receptions for 861 yards and 6 touchdowns on grass and 151 receptions for 2000 yards and 14 touchdowns on turf.  Kenny Stills, Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham have all done well since leaving New Orleans; Cooks will be just fine on a new team.

Are you prepared to gamble on yet another wide receiver taken in the early rounds when you can ease that burden and get a proven player?  Forget watching Ross highlights from college and watch highlights on Cooks over the last three NFL seasons.  If you were willing to trade up and give up additional picks to get Mike Williams, then do the deal for Cooks.  Corey Davis, another target at pick #14 has the size that Cooks doesn’t have, but I’d rather sign Britt to complement Cooks and pass on holding my breath that the Eagles got it right with drafting a wide receiver.

Rumors are swirling as the NFL tampering period is about to begin.  Will the Saints come down from their demand of a mid-first round pick, reports say the Eagles are unwilling to give up pick #14, but I’d do it if that is what it took to get the deal done.

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  1. NO. He will require FA type money to keep. You control a 1st rounder on the cheap for up to 5 years. Better to overpay money for FA than Overpay and give a draft pick.

    Now if you can get him for a 4 and a player or 2 you want to offload that is different.

  2. Sign Alshon Jeffery or T Pryor As they will make other players around them better when they are accounted for.

    Maybe stills if the money isn’t absurd.. he is 24 so there is value there as a FA pick up.

    But do not trade when there is young cheap talent on the board.

    We are more than 1 player away

  3. Top 3 position targets for Eagles round 1, any order you want to put them in. RB, CB, WR.

    The Eagles don’t have a history of taking a RB round 1, and although Cook is my #1 target, I see him going before the Eagles pick at #14, but I couldn’t see the Eagles drafting him is he were to be there when they make their 1st round pick.

    All of the wasted draft picks on WR’s and CB’s the Eagles have had in the early rounds, Cooks has proven what he is at the NFL level.

    Let the rookies in rounds 2-7 have the adjustment period to the NFL speed and physicality while Cooks and Wentz do their thing on a week to week basis.

  4. There is no reason for eagles to give up the 14th pick. I don’t think any other team will give up a high 1st for him either. NO is going to set their demands high initially, what business sense would it make not to? The reality is, if NO has no plans to resign him, which it appears they don’t- they know the biggest return they’ll get is right now, with a partner getting 2 seasons of control- next season he only has a year left before commanding big $$$. The return next offseason is far less. So I think in the end, they’ll take the best package they can get now and I don’t feel that involves giving a pick any higher than he was drafted in the 1st place. If by chance another team does cough up a high 1, than so be it. The eagles should not trade their 1 and I don’t think another team will either, at least not lower than 20th or without an extension that the eagles can’t afford anyway

  5. I called this last week but the reports are redskins to fire mcclouhan after draft, just wow they are so dysfunctional and one man to blame Dan dumbass synder, redskins can’t get out their own way, I love listening to their radio they are so scared right now

  6. There appears to be some disharmony in NO between Brandin Cooks and the other receivers as they are taking shots at Cooks. If this is the case the Saints are going to have to at some point in time resolve that issue and it will most likely be through trading Cooks. The asking price for Cooks will go way do you give up a second. If Cooks is the source of the problem due to not getting the ball enough, then the Eagles must consider his locker room presence/attitude and professionalism. As I stated before, I would not give up a 1 or 2, I’d part with a 3, but would be fine with keeping all my picks and letting N.O.’s keep looking for a 1st that i don’t think they will get…definitely not from the Eagles. The Saints must have lost their mind.

  7. No go on Crooks for me… Keep the Draft Picks
    Do note that Saints turned Down the #32 Pick and a later Round Pick (believed to be a 5th or 6th Rounder) from the Patriots so they will likely look for more than just the 14th Pick from the Eagle and their Salary Cap is pretty tight like the Eagles so they are not going to be interested in taking a Bad Contract like Barwin/Kendricks are…
    The Eagles have made the decision to go you nad re-build thru the Draft which is why $$$ were not already freed up by releasing Barwin/Kendricks/Kelce,MS2 already since they are hoping to get Draft Picks in Return instead… The Bottome line is that the Eagles are realistically 2-3

    New Mock Draft

    1st Rd – WR John Ross (Washington 5-11 190lbs) – Becomes Deep Threat and Replaces SProles as Punt Returner in 2018
    2nd Rd – TE Evan Engram (Ole Miss 6-3 238lbs) – Will play in Double/Trip TE Sets, Create Mis-matches along with Zac Ertz
    3rd Rd – CB Chidoube Awuzie (Colorado 6-0 202lbs) – Solid Cover CB
    4th Rd – WR Zay Jones (Eastern Carolina 6-2 201lbs) – Comes form a Family of NFL Players, Very versatile and can play Outside and Inside the Numbers
    4th Rd – CB Daemonte Kazee (San DIego St 5-10 185lbs) – Slot CB/Special Team
    5th Rd – OL/Guard Eric Magnuson (Michigan 6-4 303lbs) – Tough,Versatile, a Swing RT and more like a Guard at the NFL Level
    6th Rd – LB Javancy Jones (Jackson St 6-1 245lbs) – Special Teamer, Depth
    7th Rd – RB Elijah Hood (UNC 6-0 232lbs) – Depth/Big Back/Short-Yardage/Red-Zone

      1. Either way, it sounds like there is some baggage to Brandin Cooks and potential Locker Room Distraction that the Eagles don’t need ..
        No Way do I Trade a 1st Rounder for him regardless and especially when I’m the Host City for the NFL Draft.. Not having a 1st Round Pick for the Local Fans/Media to go crazy about is just not going to happen..
        I can Draft a John Ross at #14 or another Player and control that Players Contract for the next 5 Years and mold and grow that Player with Carson Wentz

  8. The saints can wish all they want for a 1st round pick for cooks- they aren’t getting one. And if a team is silly enough to cough one up, than they can have him. The 32 pick is basically the 1st pick of round 2- look st he graham trade- 31st pick (essentially a 2) and a 28 y/o offensive lineman & I would argue graham was more dominant at his position pre-trade. If it’s a player and pick after round 1 go for it, anything else, don’t do it.

      1. 49ers also had no QB to throw the Ball down the Field which plays to Torry SMith’s Strength… Kapernick/Gabbert are Dink and Dunk Arms and COach Chip College Horizontal Passing Attack….
        Torrey Smith would be a very nice Fit in Coach Pederson’s System with Wentz’s Big Arm…
        The Eagles have always liked him and of course the New Player Personnel Joe Douglas is very familiar with Torrey Smith from their Ravens Days…
        The Eagles cannot offer any Free-Agent Big $$$ until they move a Couple of Veterans which they are hanging onto to until Draft Time to attempt to get a couple of Draft Picks out of Connor Barwin, Michael Kendricks, MS2 & Alan Barbre ..
        Torry Smith could wait it out and wait until the Post Draft Time for the Eagles to Free-Up some $$$ and then sign a Deal, but he will have some suitors

        1. 20 catches over 12 games…I don’t care who he QB is, if you’re a good WR you’re production must be better than that. The Eagles should not waste time or money on mediocre talent at this point…Wentz deserves better as we already have mediocre receivers in Agholor and DGB.

  9. Jaguars Release CB Davon House as a Big Signing BOnues was about to Come up soon and they could not find a Team to Trade With

    Trade Rumor of the NY Jets sending DT Sheldon Richardson to the Cowboys for Tony Romo which may have some Draft Picks involved so most likely won’t be announced until Draft Weekend..
    Cowboys want him gone but to the AFC and not have him come back and bite them in the ass and Richardson has been a Problem for the NY Jets the last Couple of Seasons .. He’s a very Good Player when Motivated
    Jets may end up Drafting QB DeShaun Watson and have him sit and learn under Romo for 1-2 Years

  10. Jeff, I/’m glad you are not the Eagles GM. The Eagles will not part with the #14 pick. As the host city, this will not happen…forget Cooks, he’s going to the Titans if he actually leave the Saints. In 2 years he’ll be looking for big money as opposed to a WR who the Eagles can control t a reasonable price over the next 4-5 years.How disappointing it would be to go to the draft in Philly knowing the Eagles do not have a first round pick.

  11. Forreal it would be a JOKE if Howie gave away our first rounder when the draft is in Philly.

    We need that pick considering we are multiple pieces away from contending.

    Sign a Kenny Britt and save that money and that pick. Then draft a dalvin cook to go along with that offense. Having a running game and rb of that caliber will open up so much for the passing game alone. And Kenny will also be a major upgrade next to Jordan and Ertz.

    U sign Alshon Jeffry or Desean before u give up that pick.

  12. So what serves the Eagles better. Another year with Sproles and Jason Peters who are done next year or locking into place a guy like Jeffery or (pryor and troy smith) with that same money fo the next 5 years.

    I think Jeffery and or Prior for 4-5 years while drafting a RB a CB and an OL early 1st 3 rounds serve us better.

    Follow next year with another WR/CB in top 3 rounds along with a LB and another OL.

    We would have money this way to try and keep Logan or get another DT.

  13. Eagles FA News

    According to source, Eagles are expressing interest in 27 year old WR Terrelle Pryor who really impressed many last year at WR putting up gaudy numbers

    1. The a Eagles have been tied to every Free-Agent WR in this Free-AgencyClass and the Reality is with $12 Million in Cap Space and 8 Draft Picks and another half-dozen Undrafted Free-Agents to Sign, the Eagles simply do not have the $$$ to sign any Top Tier Free-Agents.. 8 Draft Picks will $8-9 Million of the $12 Million in Space ..
      I believe the Eagles Stategy is to hold off until after the Draft and go after some Tier 2 Free-Agents once they attempt to Tade some Players during the Draft to acquire more Picks or move up in some Rounds
      The Eagles would have to Cut 3-4 Players right now to make some Cap Space available to be Players in the early Free-Agency period but I believe they feel they can get some Draft Picks for a Barwin, Kendricks. MS2, Barbre..
      The Eagles have made the decision to rebuild thru the Draft for if they were truly interested in signing a Top Tier WR, they would have Released a few Players already…
      I believe once the Draft comes and goes then the 4 Players I mentioned above will be moved on way or the other which will give the Eagles some Cap Space to sign minor Free-Agents who are still out there in May which won’t be too many that’s aren’t short-term 1 Year band aids which Howie Roseman says he wants to avoid.. Eagles are going to rebuild this Roster the right way and from the ground up so it will take another couple of Drafts before they are poised to compete for a deep Playoff run…

  14. Eagles are Ranked 29th out 32 NFL Teams in Available Cap Space and will not be early Players this year in a Free Agency (The Cowboys are Dead Last and will have to eat Romo’s 19 Million whether they Release him or not which I should why they are attempting to trade him for anything to get relief from Guarantee $$$ for 2017
    Do note that a Signing during the Free-Agency only gets approved by the NFL if it currently fits under you right Cap.. so the Eagles can’t sign Players with $15-20 Million Dollars and then say to the NFL we can fit in Player X in under our Cap for we are going to release y & z at a Future Date, it doesn’t work like this so you have to be able to sign the Player withinn your current Cap Space Situation
    Draft $$$ is not needed to after the Draft but the reality is that the Eagles are going to be sitting this Free-Agency period out for they have no other choice unless they flat out released a 4-5-6 Players already which they decided not to do..

    1. They can come up with 5 mil cutting Ryan Matthews
      4 mil Sproles. 10 mil Jason Peters. That’s 19 million saved NOW for guys who will NOT be here next year.

      Lane Johnson is paid like a LT he must move.
      You can draft a Tackle 2 CB and a RB if you sign a top WR in FA.

      If I asked you to trade Jason Peters and Sproles expiring players and contracts for Alshon Jeffery over the next 5 years. Why would you not do that?

      1. with lane being a unreliable jagoff, they cant afford to move on from peters. no way. having reliable tackles for ur qb is more important than weapons ! who knows if lane can even play without the juice

        sproles bye – luxury we can no longer afford

        take out peters from ur equation and put in barwin and now we are talking… barwin is gonna be traded or released or a complete overall of his contract soon…

        cutting barwin will free up 8ish mill

        man there are some desperate teams out there if we can move chase daniel we will be in real good shape. trading daniel and cutting or trading barwin would free up 12-13 mill just them 2…

        i read barbre could be gone…

        once the eagles cut or trade barwin, ryan matthews, sproles and barbre we will have about 25 mill. if we can move chase daniels (what a dumbassed contract that is) it will be over 30 mill. if we moved on from kelce and did all the other moves we got almost 34 mil.

        the money is there to get anyone we want and all those dudes arent difference makers except sproles and maybe maybe kelce

        1. I feel like if they don’t trust Lane He must go. So maybe then you are keeping Peters. But we are paying for 2 LT.

          I still think Peters is done next year so maybe you are forced to sign a T and the money is a push. I agree Barwin is a gonner

          1. they have to see lane play without juice…i think theyre hoping vaitai and lane are the future… peters is gone sooner or later just not this year which is cool cuz we can cut a bunch of turds this year and sign whomever we want then if vaitai and lane prove it we can move on from peters next year and get a bunch of new money…

      2. They will come up with Cap space for they will make some Roster Moves,
        but just not in time to participate in the Free-Agency which Starts Thursday at 4pm..
        Releasing Barwin, Kendricks, MS2, Barbre & Kecle right now would give them almost $18-19 Million, buy by waiting to make Trades at the Draft will still give them Cap Space, but by then all the Top Free-Agents will be long gone and signed with the Teams that have $40-$0-$60 Million to Play with…
        These Top Players/Agents are not going to wait until the Eagles try to recoup some Draft Picks for attempted Trades by the Eagles at Draft time in May..

        Look at Teams who were active and who proactively Cut the Chord with Veteran Players who are no longer part of those Teams Future.. Dolphins, Jets, Panthers all Cut multiple Players creating Cap Space for them to now upgrade their Rosters with Free-Agents
        Dolphins now have $41 Million
        Jets now have $33 Million
        Panthers now have $36 Million

        20 Teams in the NFL have $25 Million + in Cap Space
        10 Teams in the NFL have $41 Million + in Cap Space…
        6 Teams in the NFL have $60 Million + In Cap Space (Browns, 49ers,Jaguars, TB Bucs, Patriots and Titans)

        Eagles are Rated 29th in the NFL Cap Space wise with anywhere from $11-$12 Million in Cap Space and again the Eagles will have to pay their for their 8 Draft Picks so there’s a good chunk of their Cap Space that will already be allocated ..

  15. im rolling with barner or smallwood at rb next year. i dont love fournette or cooks or any rb really in this draft. im going corners early and often in this draft. ideally i would get corey davis round 1 then go cb cb rounds 2 and 3… or go cb round 1, christian mccaffrey round 2 (if still available), then cb round 3. we literally have nobody in that 2ndary except mills and who knows if he is legit although he looks like he is

            1. id force the bills hand. and make an offer. and if we get him we give up a 5th rounder (no biggie imo). kinda hard for them to pay him when they got shady and still have williams

            2. Dont’a Foreman was held out the Indy Combine Workouts due to the Medical Team finding a Stress Fracture in a small Bone in his Foot that he was unaware of, during the Medical Exam check for Players as they arrive to the Combine… It could be a minor thing but the Doctors felt that he should not participate in any of the Field Drills during the Combine and for a Big Back like Foreman, this could impact his speed and explosion but he is a load at 240lbs once he gets rolling downhill

              1. I’ve been high on RD D’Onta Foreman since the beginning of the college season (16). If the foot is not an issue i’d draft him. My other RB I’d take is an unpopular one, but, Joe Mixon is a first round talent that will not get drafted until the mid rounds. I’d take him and start a anti domestic abuse campaign with him talking to players about his experience and punishments. Further I’d have him doing PSA’s against domestic violence. There would be a zero tolerance policy in his contract. Mixon has kept his nose clean since the 2014 incident.

                The eagles met with DeDe Westbrook (Oklahoma WR) who has a number of domestic assault claims against him.

                It’s football boys, not ballet.

      1. Doesn’t the tampering period begin today

        I know we cannot sign them, but talks can begin?

        As if they haven’t already at the combine

        1. Yes Talks between Players/Agents/Team can officially begin today and then be “Officially Announced” on Thursday at 4pm
          Reports are that the TB Bucs/D-Jax have come to a Deal already

          I expect the Titans, TB Bucs, Dolphins,Jaguars, Redksins & 49ers to all be very aggressive in their Spending early..

  16. Some Rules for the “Negotiating Period”
    From Bleeding Green Article Post- by Brandon Lee Gowton

    1) Teams can only Talk to Agents and Not to Players Directly (yeah right)
    2) Agents can only Talk Numbers but not physically sign a Contract (Frank Gore)
    3) Players cannot Visit other Teams, only their Own
    4) Applies to Unrestricted Free-Agents

  17. Sounds like we might sign Bouye for about $12+ million a year. If they do and follow that with a trade for Cooks then we would have addressed two of our biggest holes with guys that will produce next year.The draft should provide us with another promising CB, WR, DE and RB – since this is the strength of this draft. Let’s give Howie a chance. Think he earned that much in getting Wentz without mortgaging the future.

  18. Some Eagles FA News

    According to source, Terrelle Pryor is a backup plan if Alshon doesn’t sign with the Eagles

    Eagles are discussing trading for CB Trumaine Johnson with the Rams.

    Brandin Cooks trade still being discussed between eagles and saints

    Kenny Britt is also being discussed as another WR the Eagles may be looking to sign (he’s not a backup plan, he may be added regardless).

  19. Damn.. The Detroit Lions are Signing all my wish list Players…
    LB Worrilow , OT Wagner & FB Juruczyk

  20. Dolphins Re-Sign WR Kevin Stills to a 4 Year -$32 Million Deal ($8 Million per Season Avg with $20 Million in Guaranteed $$)

  21. Eagles draft

    I’m hearing that the Eagles would love to draft either WR Mike Williams or RB Dalvin Cook if they’re available at 14
    WR Corey Davis also in mix if he’s there at 14

    1. Patriots signed CB Gilmore because they are Trading DB Malcolm Butler to Saints for WR Brandin Cooks and some swapping around of Draft Picks…
      Malcolm Butler wanted a Big Contract and the Patriots are sending the message out loud and clear that No Player is bigger than the Team and that Player is replaceable regardless of how good they are (Outside of Tom Brady)
      Look over the last 12 Months and they let Vince Wolfork go, Trade Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins because their Rookie Deals were up and they both were seeking large Deals this Off-Season so Patriots Trade them and get Draft PIcks in return and basically Draft their Replacements..They Negotiate Reasonable Deals and don’t overpay for Players like Blount/Edleman/Amendola and just Keep Winning
      The have $60 Million in Cap Space and let DE Chris Long go, OT S Vollmer Go, Trade CB Butler and keep adding Good Players who want to Win and fit their Schemes

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