Report: Eagles Interested In Browns WR Terrelle Pryor’s Mary Ann Cabot says that the Eagles are interested in Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, along with the Steelers, Giants, Titans and 49ers.  I think the Birds need Pryor more than the Giants, Titans, Steelers or 49ers.  I could see the Eagles trying to sign him on day one of free agency.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why the Birds are interested in the 27 year old Pryor, who was formerly a quarterback.   He’s a freak of an athlete, who stands 6’4″, weighs 223 pounds and runs a 4.38 forty-yard dash.  Last year in his first year as a wide receiver, Pryor caught 77 passes for 1007 yards with 4 touchdowns.

Remember he was also playing with terrible quarterbacks. With more experience and better quarterback play, his numbers should get even better.

Pryor would give the Eagles a number one receiver.  He has the speed to be the deep threat they desperately need.   His size allows him to be a potentially dominant red zone receiver, which is also needed.   This former quarterback would immediately satisfy a big part of the Eagles needs at the wide receiver position, if they were to sign him.

Pryor has got a tremendous upside, when you consider he’s only played one season as a wide receiver, but can the Eagles sign him.  I think they will go after him hard immediately when free agency starts.  He’ll be the guy, who they give a boatload of money to sign.


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  1. I wanted Pryor to come here to play WR since he made the switch from QB…however he went to the Browns because they had the foresight to see and project his talent as a receiver. This guy is only going to get better with a ascending QB like Wentz. I still want him to come to the Eagles. If they can find a way to fit him in satisfying his contract demands then get it done. He’s the big receiver we need.

    1. Putting the browns and foresight in the same sentence is too easy..The irony if ironies as wentz to pryor were both in clevelands grasp..the birds would have howieesqued the browns in a fleecing of historic portions ..The birds will be wis e to get there lines I n order as thats there priority protect the qb..who very well will truly have quality at running back as well..looking at the other teams in play from pryors vantage point ,all points to. Wentzilla..or marriotta..the drama is so sweet..and pryor confirms will it be carson or mm..something the birds flirted with as well…

  2. Yes Please. Incentives in the deal to allow him to take his deal from a good one to a great one based on production.

    Take the same tactic with Alshon Jeffery and take the first one that bites.

  3. He Caught 77 Passes out of a whopping 140 Targets for 1,007 Yards and
    for only 4 TD’s .. After a Great Start to the 2016 Season, Pryor cooled considerably as he only caught 15 Passes out of 27 Pass Attempts for 152 Yards and 0 TD’s from December on, during his his Final 4 Games of the Season..

    77 Receptions out of 140 Pass Attempts is a 55% Catching %
    Many of the Top WR’s are up in the 60’s & 70’s Reception Percentage % Range .. In Pryor’s Defense, he did play with about 4 Different QB’s for the Season as the Browns went thru QB’s RG3,McCown, Cody Kessler and even my man, Kevin Hogan

    WR’s such as Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, AJ Green,Jordy Nelson, Larry Fitz, Doug Baldwin,Stephon Diggs, Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks,Amari Cooper, Steve Smith are all up in the 60%-70%’s in terms of Reception %

    I would be very leery of giving Terrelle Pryor a Big Contract after 1 Season of putting up Good Stats on a Bad Team where he got a ton of Targets and was usually playing from behind in most games and was able to pad those Stats late in Games after they have been decided .. He’s a talented kid, but I just want to see more from him before paying him as a True #1/Franchise WR. The fact that he’ll be Age 28 in June concerns me about what his upside is and his window of time and years of Playing at a High Level really is or will he be just a 1-Year Wonder… I Pass on Pryor for the $$$ that he will likely command..

  4. Love Pryor too. For me its either trade for Cooks or sign Pryor. Djax, Jeffery, Stills, Garcon, T. Smith. I’ll pass on all of them. These guys are looking for #1 WR money and with the exception of Pryor, they are all 1A’s to me. Cooks, Pryor, or use that #1 on Corey Davis.

  5. Paul, Pryor put up better #’s than anyone on the Eagles last season with you and I throwing the ball to him. Add to that the fact that he is still learning the position and at 27, has far less wear and tear on him than other 27 y/o in the NFL. IMO, he is the only FA receiver that could truly be a #1, game plan for him, type receiver.

    1. jmo i like pryor but dont know if you can commit silly money to him. his numbers are pretty comparable to Jordan Matthews who played 2 less games than him… J Matt had a way higher catch rate 62.4% to 55%…

      idk about pryor coming off one year, where a lot of his teammates talked shit on him

      i dont think there is a wr1 FA and frankly we cant afford to swing and miss on a WR not with this team up against the cap

  6. When looking at catch percentage consider the quality of the passes he saw. I mean it’s subjective. As to what is a target vs what was a worm burner or rocket ball

    1. totally true eagle. but its not like wentz was out there throwing nonstop dimes consistently. pryor obv had it much worse but for a guy being force fed targets to only have 3 tds and wants to command 12+mill idk… id like him on the team as a fan but as a gm, that contract could easily bite your ass

        1. I’m going to give Pryor a huge break because he just learned the position and he had terrible qbs, plus the less wear and tear is huge, and he only seeking 10 mill annually, I say go get em

  7. The Eagles are never going to win people lets face facts. What’s up to everybody I use to chat wit on here, it’s been a while hope you all are well.

    1. Pdiddy..negadelphia winds blew out the door with chipnochio..a furst essential piece and a returned 14th pick..thats as rosey as can be my brother

  8. C. Mccaffery is an intriguing talent. About the same size as jamaal Charles and had an incredible colllege career at Stanford. In the eagles west coast style offense he may be a nice fit and matchup nightmare. Does he last until round 2?

    1. Everz damn I hope so man!!

      When it cones to Christian mccaffery there is some stereotypes going on. Only reason why he is slept on is because he is white.

      I understand why. We never see white running backs.

      But watch New England snag him. He is a bigger Julian Edelman.

  9. Edelman comparison is a good one CT, but with more running ability I don’t claim to be an NFL scout, but the more video I see of the guy, I like.

  10. Eagles Trade News

    According to source, Trumaine Johnson of the rams is being discussed in a number of trade talks. The Eagles are heavily involved in the discussions I’m hearing..

    1. Pass on trumaine he wants too much money and this draft class at cb is deep, I believe we sign kayvon Webster from Denver, a low key guy who was behind best three corners in football in Denver, but I think he will break out here like Jenkins did, I would pick corner in 2nd rd and another in 4th really good class

      1. Much better plan Z. Trumaine Johnson is getting paid a gajillion dollars next year because of franchise tag and honestly he isn’t better than any of the FA CBS available.

        Glad your sources are on Jon Hart, because this was reported on espn 3 hours ago.

  11. Rams Placed the Franchise Tag which Trumaine Johnson signed the other day
    The Rams don’t have a First Round Pick this Draft

    The Browns & Titans each have 2 Picks in the First Round
    Both Teams have the Need at CB, Both Teams have the $$$/Cap Space
    Former Rams DC Greg Williams is now the DC with the Browns

    The Eagles cannot afford Trumaine Johnson’s Contract unless multiple Eagles were part of the Trade (Kendricks/Agholor & 4th or 5th Round Pick?)

  12. Kenny Britt has caught 54% of his targets over his career.
    Pryor has Browns stink on him.
    Every Saint seems to hate Cooks.
    Desean is a quitter.
    Jeffrey has been injured, pedestrian and suspended over the past two years.
    Garcon is a possession guy on the wrong side of 30.
    Kenny Stills about to be on his 3rd team in 5 years.

    Colour me not very excited about any of the FA/Trade WRs out there. I don’t think its the way to go.


    1. None of these guys has contributed much to winning teams– Garcon went to SB but was the 5th or 6th option on that team– other than that the guys mentioned typically play for below average teams, haven’t done much to make them contenders… PASS

  13. Eagles FA News*

    According to source, the Eagles have their eyes on signing Alshon Jeffery and or AJ Bouye, both are top targets. Morris Claiborne is a fallback option

    If they don’t get Alshon, expect them to show strong interest in WR Pierre Garcon

    Also hearing If Jamaal Charles is medically cleared, his 1st choice would be to play in Philly and they too have interest in him

  14. Per ESPN Dan Graziano
    CB AJ Bouye and his Agent are in Talks with 5 Teams (Texans, Titans, Bears TB Buc & Jaguars) and has a Yearly Starting Figure of $13 Million per Season
    The Eagles are not in the running though they expressed an interest which you will see and read a lot from me Over the next week about any of Top Tier Free Agents.
    The Eagles are contacting many Players Agents about Price Range on many of these Free Agents but most of the Top Players Yearly Salary Demands are going to be as high or higher than the Eagles available Salary Cap Space so obviously the Eagles are not going to be able to sign these type of Players until they shed Payroll by Trading/Releasing current Players on their Roster

  15. Jon, I hope those names are just rumors because I don’t want any of those players. We already have 4 garçons, bouye strikes me as what maxwell was 3 years ago, Charles is 30+ and lost 2 steps and Jeffery is definaltey better than what we have, but has drop issues, injury history and a PED suspension. And Claiborne is just a guy. If those are truly targets- I’ll just cross my fingers this new guy Douglas can draft really well.

    1. Isn’t Claiborne like exceptionally dumb ? Think I remember some shit where got like a 5 on the wonderlic?

    1. WOW and he didnt get a 5 on the wonderlic he got a 4. LMFAO im dying at that. pass dont want a special needs corner

    2. Bugs ..many people have been invented by the media ,as possible additions to the 2017 cant be underestimated,how vital that wentz be given weapons of mass design, however,at what expense?Getting this right ,in regards to toxicity is even more vital..any guys that others disavow,andvpart with ,have “baggage” most have played within a losing culture, under coaches that were shuffling more than titanics deck chairs..looking towards a high caliber player with a perception, of professionalism,is vital.Build around the cornerstone, completely and always “buyer beware”

      1. I agree about building around Wentz and that is why I want them to go WR in the first round. Start that growth/development/relationship this year. I would like to see them take another WR in round 3 or 4.

        Take a CB in round 2, because the class is so deep. There should be a good one still available in the 2nd round.

        Can’t fill all of the holes through the draft this year but I would rather that they went heavy offense this year.

    1. 3rd this statement hac!

      draft corey davis or a corner round 1… enough with this bandaid talk and buying guys talk. no difference makers…

      im ok with low level signings like a britt or especially a garcon to give wentz someone fairly reliable but cheap and certainly not the future…

      hopefully corey is gettable

    2. I agree. I do think that one FA WR at a market value deal would allow us to focus on draft as Wentz would have at least one WR that is a dependable target and keep chains moving. How many times did a drive stop because the WR was bad last year? Way too many.

  16. Lets all look at the recent receivers. Other than the shiny new objects they all have assumedly..lets look under the hood of which teams (winning culture,stability at qb,and stability at the coaching staff ) …now who is left standing? Exactly


    didnt think signings could be announced yet

    Giants signed WR Brandon Marshall, formerly of the Jets, to a two-year, $12 million contract.
    Related: Jets
    Source: Newsday
    Mar 8 – 9:34 AM

      1. its true. and marshall wanted a shot at a super bowl, which we arent quite ready for yet. and clearly giants trying to give eli everything he needs for 1 or 2 last shots

      2. Marshall reportedly wanted to Stay in NY as he has multiple outside Media & Marketing Interest’s with TV Announcing, Mental Health Issues,Working with the NFL on Players Quality of Lives after Football etc,etc..

  18. I want no shiny toys at this point in the process (yikes i’m using process)– a shiny toy distracts from what we are building– winning teams typically stay away-at least until the final piece is needed.
    you young guys all want these non-winners–

    1. Reports have D-Jax to the TB Bucs who are knocking on the Playoffs Door
      and should be in position with their Cap Space to add 3-4 Quality PLayers to a Young Talented Team.. Now can their 2nd Year Coach steer the Ship remains to be seen..

        1. TB Bucs has approx $65 MiIllion in Cap Space and are likely to move on from WR Vince Jackson due to Age/Injuries.. Adding D-Jax gives them the Vertical Threat for QB Jamies Winston and allows Stud WR Mike Evans to work the rest of the Field and give them a very Dynamic Passing Attack which is what HC Dirk Koetter likes having his Offenses do.. He would be a very nice fit for them and could help the Bucs move up ahead of the Falcons/Panthers for 2017

  19. Eagles Likely Free-Agent Targets/Signings

    WR – Kenny Britt (Rams) Pierre Garcon (Redskins) or Robert Woods (Bills)
    FB – Kyle Juszcyk (Ravens) Yes a FB..
    OL – Guard – Kevin Zeitler (Bengals) (if they Plan on trading Center Kelce)
    LB – Paul Worrilow (Falcons) Zach Brown (Bills) Sio Moore (Cardinals)
    CB – Logan Ryan (Patriots) Nickell-Robey Coleman (Bills) Captain Munnerlyn (Vikings)

    There are likely to be more Veteran Casualty Cuts announced this Week which will place more Players on the Free-Agency Market

    1. I’m telling u guys we already got alshon and Britt, eagles aren’t playing around when you have the talent of Wentz your job is to get that sb before his contract is due, our defense is not that young so we gotta strike now, I’m telling u I got a strong source for real, we are getting them both

              1. what doesnt make this believable is jordan matthews for a 4th. surely his value is way higher than that.

              2. Let’s be real here henski, Jordan looks better to us but he makes some of the biggest drops in clutch moments, and he is strictly a slot guy, a fourth would be great considering he will want to get paid next yr with his inflated stats

            1. Word is that Kenny Britt was down in AC last evening, and was telling people that it’s done Deal with the Eagles.. 2 Year Deal .. not sure how True this is but was mentioned on a few places..

              1. Britt’s agent denied that claim via twitter last night. Although the agent just said Kenny had not signed a contract, doesn’t mean he was/is not going to. We will see tomorrow. Honestly, I think the Eagles are going to draft at least two WR’s in this draft between rounds 1-4, then add another one in the later rounds.

              2. rumor got started by people texting smitty at barstoolsports and took over social media from there… his agent stated it was false

  20. According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the Texans are “concerned” about losing free agent CB A.J. Bouye to the Eagles.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Ed Werder on Twitter
    Mar 8 – 11:14 AM

      1. We shouldn’t worry about cap space Howie will do his magic, he will push out most of the contracts next year so when Kelce, Peters, and celek are gone, we will have more space, and this yr goodbye to Kendrick’s, barwin, Barbre, rb Matthews

  21. What the hell are the Eagles doing?!? Can someone please tell them this years draft is loaded at DB! Here we go again with signing a prized free agent DB. Haven’t they learned their lesson??

    1. I don’t know about this seems like we are just helping him drive up the price, it doesn’t make since when the draft is loaded at corner

  22. Chris MortensenVerified account @mortreport
    When Pierre Garcon finalizes deal with 49ers, as expected, league sources believe he will make $16 million in first year.
    5 replies 30 retweets 34 likes


      1. Do note that the 49ers are Re-Building from Scratch and have $97 Million of Cap space so they are in position to over-pay a few Players to turn around that losing Culture they have had the last couple of Seasons…
        Pierre Garcon had big Years playing in Shanahan’s System when he was in the Redskins and can also help their Younger Receivers in the Meetings/Video/Practice’s to help pick-up their System that much quicker
        (Similar to the Eagles last year overpaying for Chase Daniels to Help Wentz since he played for Coach Pederson)

        Look for the 49ers to Target Players that have ties to both Shanahan and GM John Lynch who has stayed close to the Game as an Announcer

  23. On a side note- as an under the radar signing, I like Paul worrilow at lb- not a big name, or super athlete but smart, positions himself well, tough & local. IMO he would Be a consistent performer on a winning team.

    1. I like him EVerz11, I’ve been checking on the LB’s since the Eagles are very thin at the Position and the Draft has some Good Ones early but is not a very Deep Class
      Worrilow is only 26 Years Old, 6-1″ – 235lbs and Runs Well ans led the Falcons in Tackles in 2013/2014/2015 Seasons and
      is local athlete from Wilmington,De and PLayed at the U of Delaware and a good All Around Locker/Community Type of Guy and would be Nice Fit with Hicks/Bradham

      Its been reported that the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts are also very interested in Him.. He would be a Nice Pick-up

  24. Joe Mixon ran a 4.43 40 at the Oklahoma Pro Day. Mixon checks in at 6’1″ 228. Tough, fast runner in between the tackles and on the edge. He can catch the ball anywhere on the field.

    DeDe Westbrook checked in at 6’0″ 178. He ran a 4.37 40 time. Great speed, dynamic receiver. Needs some muscle though.

    1. Wow on both Players,, I though Westbrook was listed as a 5-10; WR ?
      He’s quick and has a real wiry frame and would be a real match-up nightmare working out of the Slot.. Could be used ike a Tyreke Hill/Taylor Gabriel Type who both had big Seasons last year for the Chiefs/Falcons

  25. Cowboys Hosting Back-Up QB Jake McCown as Tony Romo says his Goodbye’s in Dallas… Romo’s likely landing spot is Chicago, NY Jets or Houston or possibly Denver where John Elway is mulling over whether the Short-Term Gain or Experience with Romo is worth the $$$ and delaying Young QB’s Paxton Lynch’s Development)
    Bears are willing to Pay Big for Romo as Cutler $$$ comes off their Books

  26. OT Rick Wagner (Ravens) is reported to have agreed to a Deal with the Lions
    LB Chandler Jones agrees to a 5 Year Extension with the Arizona Cardinals
    who placed a Franchise Tag on him last week
    DE Charles Johnson resigns with the Panthers for 2 Years at $9.5 Million Total
    RB Adrian Peterson in Talks with the Seattle Seahawks as they look to get back to some power rushing that was missing last Year once Marshawn Lynch Retired

  27. TE Jack Doyle Re-Signs with the Colts on a 3 Year $19 Million Deal ($9.5 Guaranteed) This could kind of set the Market for what Trey Burton will be offered the in the Marketplace.. With a 2nd ROund Tender the Eagles have on Trey Burton, I would be surprised if a Team makes a serious Run at him.. But Maybe the 49ers/TB Bucs/Jets who need Players/Depth at TE will would which be nice for the Eagles to pick-up an additional 2nd Round Pick..

      1. Its been Reported that Roseman & Joe Douglas and Scouting Staff have Ordered Takeout from Barbuzzo’s.. No Word on WHo is Picking up the Tab…

        1. cool anytime u get confused just scroll up and look at the top left of the website, in read letters it reads phillysports 24×7

          1. Every Signing and Transaction made in Free-Agency and or in the Draft Impacts or Summer Camp affects the the Eagles whether its Direct or Indirect.. It’s how Sports and Competition Works whether its the Acquisition or Loss of Talent,Setting Market Values for certain Players or Positions, Addressing New Needs due to new Openings/Departure on your Roster, Your Competitors Rosters etc,etc..

  28. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports the Eagles are trying to trade OLB/DE Connor Barwin.
    Philly is also still trying to move LB Mychal Kendricks. Perhaps they are able to find takers, but the more likely outcome is both are cut before the new league year begins tomorrow afternoon. Cutting Barwin would save the Eagles $7.75 million against the cap.
    Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter
    Mar 8 – 3:16 PM

    1. A No-Brainer on Barwin as No Teams are Trading Assets for Him when the NFL knows the Eagles are Releasing HIm
      I expect the Eagles to take the “June 1st Cut – Exemption” for Kendricks which allows the Eagles to Spread out his Dead $$$ Cap Hit ($4.8 Million) over 2 Years so the Eagles don’t have to eat the entire amount for this 2017 Season
      MS2, Alan Barbree and Ryan Matthews (When he gets his Dr’s Release) will be the Others saving another $7.5 Million

  29. Safety Barry Church (COwboys) signs a Deal with the Jaguars
    QB Tyrod Taylor comes to a New Deal with the Bills
    Ravens Release DE/Pass-Rusher Elvis Dumervil
    QB Brian Hoyer (Bears) comes to agreement with the 49ers and Played under Coach Shanahan’s System in Cleveland
    FB Matt Dimarco (Falcons) Signs with Rival Panthers who Released FB Mike Tolbert a couple of Weeks back…

  30. Per Ian Rappaport
    Patriots obtain TE Dwayne Allen from the Indy Colts in a Trade
    Bills Sign FB Mike Tolbert who was released from the Panthers

  31. Teams are crucifying themselves with incredibly stupid FA deals.

    Gresham – pathetic, Branch????? WTF??, Marshall – useless, Vernon f-ing Davis?!?!?

    I want NO part of it.

    Please Eagles lay low!! No big $$ to aging or useless FAs!

    Oh, and then come the Pats swooping in and getting TE Allen as insurance for Gronk for nothing….a 4th (getting a 6th back)……..follow their example!!!

  32. I’m 100% in on more weapons for wentz but not thru FA…. Please all this non-sense has to stop, it’s a league created buzz, don’t fall into the trap. They are not alson from the Super Bowl. Draft your own Jeffrey (in the 2 like was)… BUILD THRU THE DRAFT

      1. I heard from a close Source that Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder and President Bruce Allen have reached out for our very own GMCliff ….

          1. It’s crazy mccouglan wanted to give cousins his contract last year but they wouldn’t give him full control, Dan snyder is legit the worst owner in League, no one will want to sign there under that front office

            1. And Bruce Allen is a snake who wouldn’t have a job in the NFL anywhere but for the Redskins because his Dad was a Popular Coach there 40 + Years ago

  33. Reports coming out WR Kenny Britt is signing with the Eagles.
    He will be brought in as the veteran presence. He’s not the building block receiver to grow with Wentz, just someone who can be productive, provide leadership to the younger receivers. I like Britt. Hopefully this Brandin Cooks nonsense for a first can be put to rest now.

        1. Why does it matter to u henski it’s not your money man, and it won’t cost any tdraft picks, we will still have a draft and this will give immediate help to Wentz, I’m a firm believer in once you know you have your qb, get him weapons immediately, because once you pay him you will be strapped anyway. Look at Baltimore no money since giving flacco contract

            1. Also care bc I think Alshon is a dog. I like Britt a little. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t hate signing both but I just think there is a better more responsible way to build a championship caliber team

  34. Better to Sign Britt and Alshon, then give up draft picks for Brandon cooks who only plays amazing in doors and on turf.

    Draft veteran to mentor young guys like DGB and Nelson Assumig they’re still on the roster.
    And draft Corey Davis or mike Williams or OJ. And Boom!! We have 4-6 weapons that wentz can spread the ball around to.

    Sign Jamal Charles to pair up with Sproles and Smallwood. Jamal will be fresh and still has football in him. Another 2-3 years max

    He also knows the system

        1. 1. I always preach it’s not about the money… It’s funny money and always gets figured out. I say build thru he draft and supplement with mid level FA until your a step from he SB
          2. The giants have a QB who has won two SB and is aging of course they had to go FA
          3. All that and they lost in the WC round.

    1. I see little chance that the Eagles sign both WR’s Britt & Jeffrey ,I could see one or the other, but not both…If they Sign both, then they would likely go CB/LB/Pass Rusher with their first few Picks and forget about adding a Young WR Early on who would end up riding the Bench…
      Sign Britt for he’s cheaper and less overall Risk, then Draft Corey Davis in the 1st Round, then CB’s in Round 2 & 3 and add another WR in the mid-Rounds (Zay Jones from East Carolina or the Kid from Western Kentucky)

  35. Jaguars expected to Sign DL Calais Campbell (Cardinals) who is still a very good Player and Safety Barry Church as they improve their Roster with some Tough Players who have some winning in their background to help change that losing culture in Jacksonville

    Ravens expected to Sign Safety Tony Jefferson (Cardinals) to Start at Safety which has been a revolving door for the Ravens since Ed Reed left a few Years similar to when Brian Dawkins left the Eagles and the Eagles Safeties struggled for a long time

    1. Reading over at hogs heaven they are finally realizing Dan snyder is behind all the bs and they even fault Chris Cooley for his false pretenses on mcclouhan drinking again which pretty much pushed Scot out the door, they are going to boo this team all yr

      1. Bruce Allen is an idiot too and started a lot of garbage with Shanahan when he was there and is probably the one pushing the buttons on all the leaks about McCloughan as Allen wants to be the Decision Maker and not just President in Title..

        1. It is so much fun watching this franchise implode after they turned a corner with mcclouhan, synder couldn’t stand watching him get all the glory, self entitled billionaire fucking his own team

  36. LT Matt Khalil agrees to a Deal with the Panthers joint his Brother and All-Pro Center, Ryan Khalil.. Current LT Mike Oher is still having Concussion issues from last September and will probably reach a medical settlement as the Team cannot count on him anymore and needs to move on at LT

  37. yesssssssssssssss

    jaccpot not coming to philly!

    curious to see what tampa does with jaccpot in the mix. i call bs on winston being a stud. hes a warrior but idk about a real good qb, time to prove it. that team will be fun to watch tho. love me some big mike evans

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