Eagles Sign Alshon Jeffery To One-Year Deal

Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears (17) stiff arms Tramon Williams of the Green Bay Packers in the first half at Lambeau Field Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, in Green Bay, Wisc. (John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune) B583307973Z.1 ….OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS, NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION…

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Bears free agent wide receiver Alshon Jeffery agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Eagles for $14 million dollars.  Jeffery was considered the top wide receiver in this year’s free agent market and the Birds did what they had to do to sign him.

Rapoport reported that the Minnesota offered Jeffery more years and more money, but Jeffery was willing to gamble on himself, by signing a one year deal. Again, you’ve got to give Howie Roseman and Eagles credit for making a deal that is good for salary cap.

There’s no question that Jeffery is a Pro Bowl stud, who has had a couple of outstanding years, 89 catches for 1421 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2013.  In 2014, he caught 85 for 1133 yards and 10 touchdowns.

The last time the Birds acquired a wide receiver of Jeffery’s magnitude was in 2004, when they traded for Terrell Owens.  Hopefully, the 2017 season will be a positive one for the Eagles, but they’ll need to plug additional holes in free agency and the draft.

There’s no question that Jeffery is a tremendous talent, but he’s struggled the last couple of years because of injuries, poor quarterback play and a suspension for using a banned substance.  Last year, he played under the franchise tag and made $14.599 million dollars.

The signing of Jeffery and Torrey Smith completely changes the offense for the Eagles.  No longer is the Birds offense in need of receiving talent.  Jeffery is a legitimate number one and Smith is a legitimate number two.  Add to that Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz, Trey Burton, and Darren Sproles and you can understand why Birds fans have a reason to get excited.


65 thoughts on “Eagles Sign Alshon Jeffery To One-Year Deal

  1. Love the 1 yr deal. Make or break for Alshon. Maybe the Eagles trade out of that #14 pick and acquire additional picks. I still like DB Sidney Jones from Washington..dude is legit

      1. Z.. On the bright side it’s a 100%positive our management recognized he was check down and wentz was real last August.
        People on here lit Howie up for being QB heavy, paying too much funny money on qb… Shit thank god we signed sam I am….best move in a long time

  2. What a great day to be a birds fan. High Reward with no long term consequence for missing. I don’t think any of these guys is a miss though.

  3. Happy to see the Eagles have their first legitimate “deep threat” since Chip Kelly kicked Desean Jackson off the team for no reason getting nothing in return.

    1. Alston Jeffrey is not really a Deep Threat, he’s more of a Intermediate Receiver who can make Plays down the Field due to his Size & Catch Radius & Strength
      Torrey Smith will be the Deep Threat with Jeffrey working the 12-20 Yard Routes and will be a Beast in the Red-Zone

  4. Obviously Smith is the speed guy. The “rub ” is that for three years now the Eagles have not been able to replace Jackson. Two years in a row he made the big plays that helped Washington knock the Eagles out of the playoffs. Moreover the Eagles’ running and passing games are affected adversely because of the inability to “take the top off of the field”, reducing the offense to mostly “dink & dunk” passes and screen plays. Opponents could bring a safety up to stop the running game because they rarely had to “double team” Eagle receivers.

  5. Great move Howie. At least Nick is a competent QB in this league and will give us a chance to compete if we need him. Unlike that FN Pocket Smurf we owe 7 million to…..Wonder who he tricked into that contract?

  6. Now we have one of the best young Qbs in the league….and Wentz!! 🙂

    He’s better than Daniel and cheaper. But why not just do this last year??

    My feeling is they really did bring in Daniel to be a pseudo-coach…to help with teaching Wentz because the CBA rules put such restrictions on the amount of times coaches can b with players….but have realized Wentz doesn’t need it as much as they thought.

    Certainly not at the $$they were paying Daniels anyway.

  7. Still a confusing move $$ wise. He still has a 7,000,000 dead cap hit. That’s a lot of space for amguy not on the roster.

    Had they cut him next year he’d have only been a 1 million dead cap hit.

    He must have finally realized that he really really sucks.

    Also….he can’t throw deep at at….and adding Smith and Jeffrey….looks like they want guys with bigger arms….

    Bombs away??

  8. I’m being told that Richard Sherman could be available via trade

    He’s 28 years old with alot of football left in him

    If I’m the Eagles I would be on the phone with the Hawks right now!

    We need him!

    1. Yuor Not Hearing, This was reported nationwide Yesterday
      I’m making up a OT Lane Johnson, WR Jordan Matthews and a 5th Round Pick for Sherman and a 6th Round Pick Trade

      and there is little to no Market for Adrian Peterson, He’s 32, hasn’t played a Full Season in almost 2 Years and simply wants too much $$$ when he’s basically a Rotational RB/2 Down RB at this stage of his Career and he’s having a difficult time in coming to terms with reality about his Market Value

      1. You know how ridiculous you sound offering up Lane Johnson?!

        Why would they trade arguably one of the best Tackles in football?! The Eagles aren’t trading Lane Johnson. They just sure up the OL by adding Warmack. You don’t know what you’re talking about..

        They would more than likely give up picks for Sherman

        And I said “I’m being told” not “I’m hearing”

        Reading and comprehension fraudman..

        1. As ridiculous as your stating that ‘Your Being Told” for you’re not being told or hearing shit as the Sherman Story about being shopped by Seattle was out on Yesterday’s News and Internet.. Get the F outta Here with your Sources..
          Eagles Close to Signing Tyrelle Pryor… Eagles Signing Kenny Britt, Done Deal & Confirmed !!! Eagles in Close Talks with AJ Bouye, and if not him, then they will pursue Malcolm Butler… What a Joke …

          1. I’m being told by sources that the biggest bullshitter on Gcobb just called out a bigger bullshiter. I am hearing that Pman is 100% correct in this matter!

          2. Get your facts right fraudman

            I said AJ Bouye is high on the eagles list and that if they couldn’t sign Alshon, that AJ is next on the list. Got that directly from my source.

            I never said a word about Butler you bum

            If your gonna call me out at least be truthful and get ya stuff right

            Don’t cry because I said “I’m being told”

            How petty are you?

            You’re a petty little liar. Sounds like a TV show haha!

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          What a gay troll.. sheesh

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    And the jagoff nobody listens to or speaks to and literally every single poster makes fun of.

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        Mr jerky ?
        Gay jokes ?

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        And the only nerve struck was with u when Paul stuffed u in the locker geek

    1. You sound dumber than penski

      Haveaseat and get a life

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  10. There is a report out there, on sites that post CONTENT on a REGULAR BASIS that the phils will be in on a $400M contract in the next year or two– now before the fan base gets its panties in a bunch:
    1. Its not your money
    2. Its for the BRAND, not necessarily the production
    3. The latter stages of the contract will look terrible
    4. Its not your money
    5. It will signal the beginning of the next era…

      1. That would be for Mike Trout…
        I think the Phils/Angels will make a Deal hybrid hex to Year where th England Angels get 4-5 Very Good Prospects from the Phils for Trout..

          1. Yes, but I could only see the Phils being interested in obtaining local boy Mike Trout for that kind of $$$$ and trading off multiple Prospects to do so…
            Trout’s the perfect athlete & new face for any franchise and who already has a strong following in the Delaware Valley and would be worth 5,000 – 10,000 more Fans every Game…

            1. They will make a splash in FA market– trout would be a huge trade and I don’t know that they will go that route in their new analytic way of thinking– as for 5-10,000 more…. if they start winning a hundred games a year they don’t need a local boy to fill the stadium… they went like 260 straight games selling out CBP without a local boy– they win that stadium is full.

              1. Yes the Fans will come when they start Winning as Philly Fans always support their Winning Teams
                But if they Acquired/Traded for Trout, and the Fans would come immediately, even if they are still 2-3 Years away from seriously Contending … Having Trout alone, and starting from Day 1, would bring 5 to 10 Thousand more Fans a Game, while they still learn How to Win is what I’m saying…
                With the other 2 Players mentioned (Machado/Harper) I don’t think that would be the case..

              2. If this young nucleus builds over the next two seasons and they bring in a superstar the stadium is filled– i don’t think if they bring someone in for the 19 season they are still 2-3 years from contending— they need about 4 position and 3/4 SP in their system to be bonafide MLB players then add the final piece-starting to get exciting again!

              3. Yes I was talking for 2017 with a Big Trade for Trout and not in Free-Agency some 2 Years from now which should see the Phillies already Contending in the NL East as the Nats/Mets are already aging a bit with their Core Players and the Phillies Core just hitting their Prime Years.. So they would already be Drawing Well at the Ticket Gate by then.. I’m talking if they acquired a Trout right now, they would add 5,000-10,000 Fans a Game even though they would still be some time away.. Trout would have that type of Drawing Power regardless of how Team is going… but I guess you could say the same thing if Trout was acquired by any Team in MLB..
                Bottom Line is the Phils are on the Right Path and need to keep Building onto to their Core Group, but my original Point is if they have a Chance to Obtain a Mike Trout, and even it’s for 5-6 Top Prospects and a Big Monster Contract, I think they would go all in to Obtain him, but that they would not do so for the other 2 Players (Machado/Harper).. The Local Connection and added Fan Interest/Merchandise,would off-set a lot of his Huge Contract which I cannot say about the other 2 Players who are Great Players but don’t have the Draw and Overall Interest in the Delaware Valley that Mike Trout has, but this is very unlikely to occur for 2017 so its a moot point on a slow News Day …

    1. You always bring this up when anyone says that they don’t want to pay the money. It is not about me being jealous or not being my money. Tired of that point being rolled out.

      It is about how much of the money that you have to build a team that you spend on one player. Let’s say that they have a 200 million dollar payroll, I don’t want to play one player 1/5 of that.

  11. for the record the cubs won the WS with two players (Heyward and Lester) making up a third of their salary– it is a moot point. Players get paid what the market will bare.

    1. In 2019 the Nationals have 95% of their guaranteed contracts wrapped up in THREE PLAYERS- Sherzer, Zimmerman and Strasburg– two of which will be 35 that season and as we know zimmerman has struggled to stay healthy– so its just market–

  12. Back to the 2017 Phillies Team, as I have only read some clips and seen some highlights on Spring Training. Whose making the 25 Man Roster ?
    Are any of the Veterans OF Daniel Nava ,OF Chris Coghlan and/or Catcher Ryan Hanigan make the Trip up North while some of the Young Players get everyday “At-Bats” in the Minor Leagues?
    Who is the 5th Starter and the Set-Up Pitchers in the Bullpen ?
    Do they have any Injuries starting out with any Players to be concerned about?

    I think they can Win 80-84 Games in 2017 which is a Nice Improvement an then be ready to compete for a Playoff Spot come 2018 Season
    They have a Nice Opening Schedule with the Reds and then 18 NL East Division Games, so a Good Start could go a long ways to remaining competitive..

    1. What I read is it all comes down to contract, years of service and keeping as many young guys protected on the 40 man roster– I don’t necessarily understand the workings of the collective bargaining agreement in regards to this but per sources (csn philly) Mackanin likes Knapp as the catcher– but again it comes down to the 40 man–
      If they were to trade for trout as you suggest then it speeds up the rebuild for sure- would put them in contention very quick

      1. This Stassi guy has been on Fire this Spring, Is he making the 25 Man Team? He’s listed as a 1B, Can he play OF at the MLB Level and not Hurt the Team Defensively ? He’s 27, so he’s not really a kid anymore..
        3B Hector Gomez and OF Cam Perkins have both Played well per their Stats this Spring . The Lehigh Valley Roster should be stacked with some Very Good Positional Players..
        Whats Your Take on some of the Young Pitchers for the Phils.. Has Nola and Velasquez become more Consistent and develop another Pitch ?

        1. He is a first baseman and they are working him in the of– he’s left handed so there is a decent chance he will be a backup first baseman and left handed bat–

  13. Staff is set Pman and it is pretty good:

    Hellickson, Nola, Eickhoff, Velazquez and Bucholz.

    Gomez is gonna start as the closer with Neshek probably the set up guy. Been watching Neshek in the WBC and has done pretty well.

    Think they would like to move Hellickson, Bucholz and Neshek at the deadline even if they are close because hopefully all of those guys will have pretty good value. Only if Thompson, Eflin and the like are ready to get called up though.

    For positional players, I would hope to see Quinn and Williams force them to move Saunders and Kendrick as well. They have a ton of Of prospects.

    Should be a very interesting year.

    1. bugs your thoughts on the trade deadline are interesting. The phils could actually be in a position to be in the race yet be sellers of 4-5 veterans for young prospects then call up our young guys who may actually be better than the vets… its a very interesting dynamic.

      1. I know right? I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved Rupp too because they do love Knapp and Alfaro may force their hand.

        The Oakland As for years have signed mid tier FAs to deals knowing that they were going to trade the for value at the deadline and that is exactly what the Phils have tried to do over the past couple of years.

        The rebuild should hit full steam this year and next years lineup will be riddled with young players. Develop at multiple positions over the next couple of years and then like you said HAC, add in a couple of FAs that get you over the top. That being said, if they can get a deal for Trout that doesn’t make them take Pujols ridiculous contract too, then I’m in. Hard to believe he is only going to be 26 in August.

        Excited to see the Phils on the rise. I am really nervous about the staff though. Not a lot of certainty there except for Eickhoff and Hellickson. It has the potential to be really good but Nola and Velazquez really need to take a step forward.

        1. bugs you know i don’t care about contract but i really wouldn’t want puljos at even a more reasonable rate- they have to see if joseph is legit and they have hoskins and stassi behind him— plus puljos is a DH now.
          As of 2018 the estimated cost of player salaries currently on the team is $15M!!!!! thats Herrerra, pre-arb and arb eligible (estimates) — nothing else– ZERO– to me that means an over priced pitcher and an over priced hitter–when i say over priced i mean that market value (25-30M) type of guys– its the cost of doing business.

          1. as for mid level FA signings gotta give kudos to my guy Rub — marlon byrd for Ben Lively…. thats the kind of trade we need for saunders, kendricks, hellickson and buckolz– damn! if we get lucky on two of them…. we are set up for possibly a longer run than the last one.

            1. You are probably right about the FAs. They do have the money.

              Those are definitely the trades that should be out. Teams trade ridiculously things at the deadline or when they are desperate. Look at what the Dodgers traded to get Logan Forsythe.

  14. Condolences and Prayers go out to Former Manager Phils Front Office Leader Dallas Green and his Family who passed away earlier today… He was a no nonsense, straight shooter and a good guy in Philly Sports …

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    Former Manager of the Philadelphia Phillies has died. Confirmed !

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