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Report: Eagles To Sign Rams WR Kenny Britt

Los Angeles Rams Kenny Britt,18, makes catch for a first down against Seattle Seahawks defensive back DeShawn Shead,35, during the 4th quarter. The Rams won 9-3 in their home opener at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Los Angeles Calif., Sunday, September ,18, 2016.
(Photo by Stephen Carr / Daily Breeze/ SCNG )

The Eagles are reportedly going to sign the Rams free agent wide receiver Kenny Britt today.  NFL reporter Benjamin Albright says former Titans wide out will sign with the Birds today.  Britt is a big physical receiver, who is close to Birds new wide receiver coach Mike Groh.

He’s big and he’s tough.  Toughness is the one ingredient that the Eagles want to bring to this football team.  They want players who are tough physically and mentally.  When they think of the Cowboys and Giants teams that they need to beat in the near future, they know they must put together a tough physical team.

Britt had his first 1000 yard season in his career last year despite being paired with poor quarterback play.  Britt, who played his college ball at Rutgers, stands about 6’4″ and weighs 215.

Should the Eagles sign Britt, I think it’s because they see him as a good bargain, because he doesn’t have other teams competing with the Birds and therefore forcing them to pay him too much.

One negative about Britt, which makes you wonder about the signing, is the fact that he will be 29 in September.  The Birds were expected to go after a wide out, who was younger, so he could grow with Carson Wentz.

Everybody and their brother are reporting DeSean Jackson will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers some time today. on Facebook

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35 Comments for “Report: Eagles To Sign Rams WR Kenny Britt”

  1. Zilents if this is true, kudos to your source. As an aside, I’m not a fan of the signing. We already have two WR in DGB and Agholor who were high draft picks that are inconsistent and haven’t lived up to draft status. At least those two are young. As for the whole
    mentoring angle, this guy has been in trouble since he’s been in the league, so he wouldn’t be my first pick to mentor anyone. Hopefully there’s other dominos to fall, but pretty uninspiring to say the least.

    • Everz if you have Assholor and DGB in reality you have nobody. DGB needs to and will be gone. Assholor on notice, prob gets 1 more year

      Britt balled this past year with bums throwing him the rock. I will take him he got attitude. As far as his legal problems, think they were all in 2010 – 2012, guy just seems dumb to me…

  2. This is a good first step…..The birds in my opinion need to sign B. Logan….. DAM THAT!!!!!!! The Redskins are waiting in the wings for him. They just need to continue to look for good solid bargains like this one……

  3. Lets not lose sight of our division. .we need a shut down corner and a pass rusher as things unfold..matching up vs the cowgirls and gints (marshall and company ) are the birds focus..all the shiny new objects aside,schwartz needs his corner be agreeable to picking washburn in a trade down from 14 to garner more picks and sign the FA corner. .avoid the tempting receivers and instead look for low hanging fruit..

  4. Britt to Browns (lol)
    Desean to TB.


    Two bullets dodged.

  5. TORREY SMITH IS GONNA BE AN EAGLES – puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke

  6. cheap enough but still… ahhhh fuck it cant be worse than assholor

  7. Fuck, I am so happy the Easgles did not sign that fat ass Kenny Britt.

    That guy is a fat bum. Flat out bum. Guy played hard last year because it was a contract year…anbd he got his wish. Fat stack of $$ from the Browns.

    Perfect place for a guy like him (and tells you all you need to know about his attitude). Now he can go back to eating cheetos and slacking off and no one will notice!! He can go back to being a lazy bum and everyone will blame it on the fact that they don’t have a quarterback! Its the perfect camoflauge for a slacker like Britt who ran last year for the first time in his career just to get his $$$. Now he’s got it and you’ll never hear from him again.

    Thank goodness the Eagles did not get that slacker.

  8. Now add the corner…need $$

  9. Torrey Smith? Well….Really, really great that he’s caught 48.8% of his targets over his career.

    Can’t get better than that!

    Its not as bad as Kenny Britt…and its supposedly only a 3 year deal (should have been a 1 year deal)……otherwise…….well….yawn I guess?

  10. Glad the Britt rumor was wrong, but Torrey Smith? Blah. I guess I was holding out hope that Roseman could acquire a young piece to grow with Wentz like was his mantra last week. Apparently not. I hope this Douglas doesn’t put us in a “sign all the washed up Ravens because they’re cheap” mode. Are we grabbing Dumervill next?

  11. i agree dam the skins…BUT IF LOGAN GOES THEY’RE COMING FOR HIM… believe me they are…..

  12. I also like that Cousins has demanded a trade at the exact time the Cowboys are trying to trade Romo. That lowers both of their values.

    Teams can say, take this or we’re just going to make an offer for the other guy. Perfect.

  13. If we pay over $18 guaranteed we get ripped off… This WR FA class, way over rated

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