Report: Benny Logan Signs With The Chiefs

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Eagles have lost their nose tackle Benny Logan to Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.  He’s reported to have signed a one-year deal with the AFC West squad.  Logan will be taking over from Dontari Poe, who has been visiting teams and trying to find one squad that is willing to give him what he wants.

Logan has to be somewhat disappointed to be signing a one-year deal because that means he’ll have to prove to the Chiefs that he’s worth signing long-term

Logan was drafted by the Birds out of LSU and he seemed to develop a chemistry with Eagles Pro Bowl tackle Fletcher Cox.   They seemed to play well with each other.  Logan and Cox had gotten to the point where they were able to anticipate what each other were going to do in certain situations.

Eagles are reportedly pursuing the Giants free agent defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins.  Hankins has been more productive as a pass rusher than Logan.


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    1. I’d hate that for a few reasons

      1. He’s not a 3 down back
      2. He’s old
      3. Brutal injuries piling up
      4. He’s a scum bag who beats his children in the genitals with a switch. He shouldn’t be in the league.

      In other news zeke Elliot also scum and should be suspended

        1. Only if they’re both on the field at the same time. Otherwise all you are doing is showing your hand.

          Peterson is in?? Run to him or pass to someone else. Sproles in? Pass somewhere. Teams know they’re not throwing to Peterson.

          Look, once again, to the Pats and the brilliance of their playoff run.

          Vs Houston its the Dion Lewis show
          Vs Pitt…Let us introduce you to Chris Hogan
          VS ATL James White is a superstar

          The reality is they are masters of destroying a team with someone they have not prepared for. If one guy is a superstar in week 1….they know their opponent will spend the week studying and prepping for that guy, so whammo here’s someone new.

          The problem with Peterson (at this stage in his career) is if you roll him out there, everyone on the other side knows what is coming.

          This wasn’t a problem 5 years ago when his his pure talent overcame the fact that everyone on the field knew what was coming……

          …..but is that the case anymore??

          Personally, I think I’d prefer if the Eagles could roll out 2 or three guys that leave the other team guessing….is he going to run, or perhaps catch a little flare out of the backfield.

  1. Since the Eagles already have Sproles/Smallwood, they kind of have that
    Change of PAce/3rd Down/Scat Back Position taken care of..
    They could use a Bigger Back (220 Lbs + ) who are clutch in Short-Yardage, Red-Zone and can Pass-Protect on early down Play-Action Calls…

    Some RB”s that are out there that could fit if the $$$ were right and if they are Healthy and any off the field issues are checked..

    LeGarrett Blount, James Starks, Kniles Davis or Karlos Williams

    Blount would likely be too expensive
    Starks had some Concussion Injuries late last Year
    Kniles Davis knows Pederson’s System from their Chiefs days
    Karlos Williams is a load and has some real baggage but a lot of Talent and is still only 24 Years old.. Maybe time with Duce Staley could straighten this kid out for he could be a real player if focused and mature ..

    There are some Good Backs in the Draft that should be available in the mid-rounds but it would be nice to head into the 2017 Season with a Veteran Big,Strong, In-Between the Tackles RB on the Roster..

      1. Alvin Kamara out of Tennessee is an explosive Back with a lot of upside..
        The big question with him was his ball security earlier in his College Career
        Kamari has risen up the Draft Board since January and is likely a 3rd Rounder when a run on RB’s usually happen…
        Foreman has dropped down to a 4th/5th Round Prospect with some injury concerns about his Foot

      2. The Eagles should draft RB Joe Mixon . The Eagles just need to get him to speak on his experience and promote anti violence PSA’s etc. I know some will hate this pick but this is about football..getting great value in the late second or early third.

            1. Listening to Howie Roseman this morning on 97.5 The Fan, he told Anthony Gargano that they were at the Oklahoma Sooners pro day. They had their head security guy interview Joe Mixon about the incident and in general. Roseman said that they are gathering information and looking at he big picture concerning Mixon. Howie did not rule him out. I’d drat him in the second round. There is a story on Bleeding Green nation that the Eagles are going to be aggressive going after a RB in the draft. Mixon’s skills checks all the boxes. The fact is that incident took place 3 years ago when he was 17 years old. He has went through the courts, served his community service, as suspended for a year. He has kept his nose clean since. Draft Joe Mixon!

            2. pman Here’s what Howie had to say concerning Joe Mixon….you can go to to read the entire story.

              “Our scouts were down at [Oklahoma’s] Pro Day,” Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said Thursday morning on 97.5 The Fanatic.

              Whether the Eagles were in Norman to meet with Mixon or wide receiver Dede Westbrook, Roseman did not divulge.

              However, historically, the Eagles have not been averse to either drafting or signing players that have off the field concerns or issues. Whether it is signing Michael Vick (conviction and prison time for dog-fighting) or drafting the likes of Jalen Mills (domestic violence arrest in college) and Alex McCalister (dismissed from University of Florida football program for violation of team rules), the Eagles seemingly have a thorough vetting process in place when it comes to prospects such as Mixon.

              “I think the first thing is not to rush to judgement,” Roseman said of the Eagles’ evaluation process in such cases. “To make sure that we get all the information. That we acquire the information. [Eagles vice president of team security] Dom (DiSandro), is unbelievable at doing that and getting background and digging into guys so we can make sure that maybe what is out there is or isn’t the truth.

              “Then we sit down with Dom, as a staff, he comes to us and tells us, ‘Hey, here’s what’s really going on. Here’s what happened. Here’s what’s happened in the incident,’ and then making the call whether they’re on our draft board or not.”

              Whether or not the Eagles will be in a position to or ultimately do draft Mixon next month on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, the Eagles’ apparatus to get an complete evaluation of him both on and off the field appears to already be in motion.

              “You just have to make sure that the locker room and that support structure around the guys is right,” Roseman explained. “Before you even make those decisions. Time is everything in life.”

              Gettem Howie..draft Joe Mixon! The fact is Jeff Lurie knows that Howie and the scouts were there to watch Mixon and Westbrook, best believe Howie has Jeff’s blessing if everything checks out on the up and up.

              1. There’s no Doubt that Howie is going to say the right things publicly about any Player in the Draft, He’s been around the block for a while now and has learned quite well to “Never say Never” about any Player or Situation, but Owner Lurie is different, he Owns the Team and doesn’t speak to the Press often about specific or prospective players but he is very conscious about the Public Perception of his Team and right now with all the Good & Positive Vibes going on about the Eagles with Wentz, this Off-Season’s Acquisitions and the Draft being in Philly, I just find it very unlikely that he would risk having “Negative Press” and maybe some possible Fan-Backlash with Drafting RB Joe Mixon, even though the incident was 3 Years ago, is just still too fresh in too many minds around the NFL with the Ray Rice Incident and that horrible Video, etc,etc.. Lurie’s Ex-Wife was very active (and may still be) with Domestic Abuse Issues and this is something Jeff Lurie feels strong about and is active with too… I just don’t see him signing off on Joe Mixon, It’s just my opinion on the subject.. I can see him telling Roseman/Douglas/Scouting Dept.. “There’s 100 other RB’s out there.. Go Find another One”…

                Personally, I like what I’ve read about Joe Mixon and everything appears that he’s a stand up guy and has atoned himself for the poor decision he made 3 Years ago.. I’m all about giving 2nd Chances but I don’t own a Billion $$$ Business where I’m responsible for everyone I employ in my Organization, including a lot of women, so its easy for me to say, Let’s Draft him an give him a chance to let him prove himself to everyone, but its easier for me to Draft someone else without the baggage (McCaffrey for example) and minimize the “risk” even further.. Mixon’s going to be a very Good RB in the NFL and hopefully he gets with the right Team and Situation.. You may see the 49ers,Raiders,Ravens,Browns,Lions,Packers,Chiefs,take a long hard look in the 2nd Round at Selecting him
                Whomever the Eagles Select will be vetted quite a bit by their Personnel and Security Depts as the Eagles are probably one of more careful Organizations in the NFL on who they bring into their Building and Team..

              2. pman, Howie does not have to say anything, he’s said in the past that he has no comment on players or situations. The Eagles have legitimate interest in Joe Mixon. Some of these RB’s in the later rounds are projected in later rounds for a reason. They are the Kenyon Barner’s of the world. No thanks. Mixon is a legitimate blue chip player who fits into what the Eagles want to do offensively. Alvin Kamara does as well Dalvin Cook, however, Mixon is more powerful and a harder runner than both and catches the ball just as good if not better than both. He’s an all around back. Take the better talent. He’s a first round talent at second/third round value.

  2. For the Record , Benny Logan signed a 1 Year $8 Million Deal with the Chiefs
    With a Base Salary of $6.75 Million, $1 Million Signing Bonus and a $250,000 Roster/Practice Bonus

  3. I personally would feel better if we sign another DT – specifically Hankins. If we are to beat Dallas, and Washington, we must be able to stop the run. I suspect the Eagles would have kept Logan if they weren’t certain that they could match or upgrade the position.

    1. It’s interesting. Where do we take a wr now?

      Jordan Matthews is more then likely gone after next year. Maybe even Nelson

      Alshon can be gone or franchised and Torrey I doubt is here for the long haul.

      Do we take a WR next year in the first?

      I know wr is completely out of the question in the first round now with Nolan and leodis being goner

        1. embiid was making it fun but now they talking more surgery for him. guys turning into joel oden. hope not

  4. In Phillies news Nick Williams BA above 300, he is ready. Should take the gloves off and let him start opening day.

    In other news. JP Crawford still cant hit

    1. While I agree with you they are gonna want to see that he can continue hitting consistently before he comes up.

      Right now the OF is pretty crowded too. Herrera, Altherr Saunders, Kendrick, and now Stassi too. They are gonna want to clean that up, before they bring up Williams and maybe Quinn too, because they will want him to get them both regular ABs.

        1. Yep. OF is lousy with prospects right now. Could see some of these guys going in a deal because there are just not enough spots for them to all play. Moniak will be here in a couple of years too if he is all he is cracked up to be as well.

        2. Trade deadline should be pretty fun this year. Good chance that they will be hanging around if they can score runs, because the staff should be pretty decent this year.

          Regardless of standings, I would think that they would try hard to move Hellickson, Bucholz, Kendrick and Saunders. Will be interesting to see if they put together any deals with some of these OF prospects too. Maybe Rupp too with Knapp and Alfaro.

          If all of these prospects look ready this season, do they think about moving Odubel because if he continues to hit, he has a lot of value considering his age and contract. They would need to get a good return, but I would be open to it. You could see a whole new OF by the end of the season.

          I still think that they lack a true #1 SP that can lead the staff. That is where I would continue to focus in the draft, trades and FA.

          1. And before everyone gets pissed about me talking about the trade deadline, I am really looking forward to this season for the Phillies to see all of the young players for the big club and in all levels of the Org. But I am still realistic in that I don’t think that this team can compete with the Mets or the Nats this season, but I do think that they can finish .500 this year which would be a huge step in the right direction. Even if they are close as the season goes on, I think that they should look to maximize value at the deadline if they have guys in the minors ready to take an everyday spot

            Focus is 2018 and 2019 really IMO.

            1. I think its very interesting that the phils are stocked with talent– and they are– of the names mentioned above they need 4 or 5 of them to be the core of the team in the seasons 18-23–another phils run?????

              1. Why not? They seem to have a number of options for prospects now. Stay the course and keep drafting and making smart trades and they should be able to compete soon. Plus they have a gajillion dollars to spend hopefully wisely. Not looking to do 400 million to Bryce Harper.


    An anonymous NFL scout indicated that CB Marlon Humphrey is the “most complete corner I’ve seen come out of [Alabama].”
    “I’ve done Dre Kirkpatrick, Dee Milliner, Kareem Jackson. He can be a big-time player,” he said. “He’s as violent as I’ve ever seen a corner be. He comes up to smack people. It’s rare to see a corner of his caliber that seeks contact. I guess a little of that comes from his dad. … Looks the part. Track guy. He’s got to get some eye discipline. He likes to jam but his eyes will lose discipline.” Humphrey’s father Bobby was a Broncos RB drafted in the first round of the 1989 supplemental draft. “He’s super-talented,” said another scout of Marlon. “He just doesn’t make plays on the ball. If he made plays on the ball he’d go higher.” Mar 15 – 3:30 PM
    Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  6. A Few CB’s have dropped down the Draft Board pushing some other CB’s up the Draft Boards I’m not sure if you take any of these at #14, but chances are, none of these Players may not be there in the 2nd Round when the Eagles Pick again at #40
    (CB’s who have Dropped Sydney Wilson due to Achilles Injury, Teez Tabor due to Slow 40 Time, Jordan Lewis with a recent Arrest, Adoree Jackson due to height,

    1) Fabian Moreau – UCLA (6-0 206lbs) Ran a 4.35 40 time, 3 Year Starter in the Pac-10 going against Top Athletes and Wide Open Offenses, Plays very well in Press Coverage and has the Speed to Recover and Make Plays on the Ball… He was originally thought as a Late 2nd/Early 3rd Round Prospect but had a great Senior Week as well as Indy Combine where his Metrics were off the Charts (38′ Vertical, 11′-3″ Broad Jump, 6.94 3-Cone Drill and apparently did very well in the Interviews per reports and now is considered a Mid/Late 1st Round to Early 2nd Round Prospect..
    He’s Physical, Fast and has length,reach and leaping ability which is what you want in your outside CB’s

    2) Cordrea Tankersly – Clemson (6-1 199lbs) Ran a 4.40 Time, A 2 Year Starter for Clemson Tigers playing in a lot of big meaningful Games versus Talented WR’s and QB’s.. He Practiced every day against the Tigers Potent Offense and DeShaun Watson, WR’s Mike Williams, etc,etc
    Was a solid Mid-2nd Round Prospect now moving up into the late 1st Round

    3) Chidobe Awuzie – Colorado (6-0 202lbs) Very Physical and probably the strongest CB against the Rush in this Draft per many Scouts… Has Speed too and Ran a 4.43 in the 40 with 34.5″ Vertical and a 11′ BRoad jump so explosion and very Athletic. A 4 Year Starter for Colorado and plays in the Pac-10 with those great Athletes and Wide-Open Offenses and some say is the best pure Lock-Down CB in this Draft who plays with a swagger and attitude that all the great ones play with.

    4) Quincy Wilson – Florida (6-1 210lbs) The Other CB from FLorida where most attention has gone to Teez Tabor but many Scouts think Wilson is the better Cover CB with very good instincts .. Ran a 4.5 40 Time, has a long reach and good Ball skills but needs to improve his back-pedal and his eyes

    5) Ahkello Witherspoon – Colorado (6-3 200lbs) very long and lanky with 4.45 Speed and a crazy 40.5″ Vertical so a great CB to match up with Today’s Tall Receivers . Broad Jumped 10’6″ with a 6.93 3-Cone Shuttle time so he’s explosive and athletic as well … Projected as a 3rd/4th Rounder but is now creeping up to the Late 2nd/Early 3rd Round

    There will probably be 12-14 CB’s Selected in the First 75 Picks in the Draft and the Eagles really need to Draft 2 of them if all possible to address their CB Position which has been very weak for the last 6-7 Years…
    I would have no problem if the Eagles Drafted 2 CB’s within the first 3 Rounds… I wonder if they would trade Back from #14 to let say around the #20-#22nd spot and pick up an additional 3rd Round Pick and maybe more for doing so to ensure they get a couple of highly rated CB’s early in this Draft
    With the Draft being held in Philly, I know Roseman and Company will have the Pressure to keep and make that Pick to make a Splash for the hometown fans and who knows, maybe they will make a trade or two to get back into the end of the 1st Round for a Player they really like

    I think Marlon Humphrey is a very Good Player too and may be better suited as a Free-Safety long term in the NFL for down the road.. His Man on Man Coverage down the Field was average at best the times I’ve seen him play..
    I always think the Alabama CB’s are a bit overrated every Draft Year , due to playing for such a dominant Defense every Year, in which Alabama’s Defensive Front-7 just simply over match most College Offenses and Nick Saban is a Great Defensive Coordinator who disguises Pass Coverages/Blitz very well to confuse Offenses,OL’s, QB’s and Receivers at the College Level Their CB’s basically don’t have to play the entire field in many cases until they go against a very Good Offensive Team and then they look average…

    Time will tell but we’ve all heard of the the great many CB’s coming out of Alabama that really haven’t done much in the NFL as Pro’s
    Kareem Jackson, Javier Arenas,Dre Kirkpatrick are average to good players but not big time, Impact Players

    Look at the 2013 Alabama Draft Class — CB Dee Millner, Guard Chance Warmack & OT DJ Fluker who were Picked #9,#10 & #11 in the 1st Round and all now gone from their Original Teams that Drafted them just after 4 Seasons where none of them made an impact let alone a Quality Starter Milner’s has hardly played for the NY Jets, Warmack was benched in Nashville as he gained too much weight and became soft and DJ Fluker was just released by teh Chargers after they replaced him with 34 Year-Old OT Whitworth from the Bengals in Free-Agency

    To Me, Alabama CB’s are like USC WR’s .. Just stay away from the Hype
    though Marlon Humprhrey’s Dad (Bobby) played in the NFL and was a tough RB in his day, so he may have better preparation and idea of what it’s like in the NFL ..

    1. I pass on him as well..
      If I’m Eagles I’m Trading back to get at least 1 more Pick in the 2nd or the 3rd Round

  7. Whitworth signed with the Rams, and Russell Okung with the sorry ass Chargers. Ya my hopes are that the Eagles get either Mike Williams, Corey Davis, John Ross, Dalvin Cook or Derek Barnett with that #14 pick. Maybe the Eagles will trade back and acquire an extra pick..I would be ok with that as long as we get a playmaker

    1. I really TE Evan Engram ( Old Miss) in the 2nd Round (#40th Overall) He’s listed as a TE but is basically a big Slot Receiver who goes 6-3 245lbs and who Runs a 4.5 and Can Catch and just be a nightmare Matchup for a slot CB, Safety or OLB trying to cover him..
      He’s not much of a blocker, but im thinking if the Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews while he still has good Value, to a Team like the 49ers, Chargers, Browns, Rams that the Eagles could get an early 3rd Round Pick for Him and Engram would be his replacement in the Slot
      Imagine a ReceIver’s Corp of Jeffrey & Smith on the outside with Engram in the Slot and Ertz lined up at TE or from the backfield… Yikes if your a Secondary

    1. Two corners I really like and think they would be great pros are tanskerly clemson and Fabian moreau ucla both excellent size and speed over 6 1 and 4.40 forty, probably too early for 1st rd but would definitely do trade back to pick up extra 3rd, I think you can get both in second rd and get taco in late first rd then tanskerly in second then trade up with that acquired 3rd and get fabian, then boom get mixon in 3rd(probably trade up for him) then go best available wr in fourth rd and then best available line backer with other 4th rounder for then 5 6and 7th I go dt,de, ol

    2. I like RB J Connor out of Pitt, He’s Big at 6-2 and about 235lbs,Tough with Light Feet and Soft hands for a big guy.. He runs a little upright and takes a lot of hits which he will need to work on at the NFL Level for his own Protection and for Ball Security but he would make a nice Compliment with Sproles/Smallwood to be that between the Tackles and Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Big Bruiser Back that the Eagles Need…

      HE Probably goes 4th/5th Round

  8. Maybe a Draft Scenario…

    Round 1 – #14 – Eagles Trade Back thrir #14 Pick to the KC Chiefs for their #27th Pick in the 1st Round, their 3rd Round Pick (#91st Overall) and a 2018 5th Round Pick…(Eagles would sweeten the Deal by tossing in LB Michael Kendricks)

    Then Eagles Could Draft the Following

    Rd 1 – #27th – CB Fabian Moreau (UCLA 6-1 206lbs) Day 1 Starter
    Rd 2 – #43rd – CB Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado 6-0 202lbs) Day 1 Starter
    Rd 3 – #74th – DE Tarell Basham (Ohio 6-4 269lbs) Rotating Pass Rusher
    Rd 3 – #91st – WR Taywan Taylor (Western Kentucky 5-11 200lbs) Special Teams/Slot Receiver who replaces Jordan Matthews and/or Nelson Agholor by 2018
    Rd 4 – #118th – DT Tanoh Kpassagnon (Villanova 6-7 290lbs) Developmental Player who could become a dynamic Pass-Rusher from the interior lined up next to Fletcher Cox and Block some FG’s
    Rd 4 – #139th – RB James Connor (Pitt 6-1 233lbs) Become the Short-Yardage/Red-Zone and to close out Games type of Big Back the Eagles have lacked for a while

    Use Rounds #5 thru #7 To address the LB, OL & Secondary,
    maybe Trade an Alan Barbree or Nelson Agholor to move up in a Round or for Future Draft Picks

    1. Gloomy sits around smokes copious amounts of weed and dreams up dumb trades… In this particular case he fails to mention how the eagles can balance the salary discrepancy between Sherman’s and Kelce and ask why would the Seahawks would do such a trade.

  9. The money matches up Eagles are 11 mill under the cap Sherman makes 11 plus your getting rid of Kelce contract… it’s a win win for both teams Seahawks gets Sherman off they books plus move up 12 spots while getting a starting center…. they get the oline help they need we get the cb help we need hell I would even trade Peter’s and a 4th for Sherman

    1. you ‘make’ trades for the sake of making trades– anyway over the cap has the eagles with 6 million in space with 4.5 of it allotted to rookies– they ain’t bringing in sherman– they aren’t one player from the sb– no way in hell.

  10. The more i see film on LB Reuben Foster the more i want the Eagles to select him if he is there at #14. Dude is a freakin animal! He reminds me a lot like Brian Cox.

  11. I’m down to the Eagles taking either
    Oj howard who is a beast 6’6 runs a 4.5 and you pair him with ertz with Jeffery and smith on the outside you can’t double anyone on the field…

    Derek barnett let’s be honest with have no difference makers on the dline graham is ok but we need a guy who can 12 – 16 sacks every season

    1. Man I’m looking at day 3 wideouts and Kenny Galloway would be the perfect Jordan Matthews replacement next yr, he’s 6 4 with wheels can play all over field and catches everything, he can get over the top to

      1. Kenny Golladay WR NIU is a nice player. I’d prefer Mack Hollins from NC. Eagles have brought in Chris Godwin from Penn State for a work out. They have also brought in Corey Davis, Mike Williams and they have interest in DeDe Westbrook too. RB’s brought in, Dalvin Cook and Leaonard Fournette. The Eagles are looking to make a splash in the first round in the draft.

          1. LMAO..I forgot about Hank Baskett. I see Hollins as a more athletic receiver, definitely faster than Baskett. Hollins is a late to UDFA. Worth taking a shot on in the later rounds (6-7).

    2. OJ Howard I’m good with in the first, not Derek Barnett. There is something about him that I do not like. He had great production at Tennessee but I don’t think that production will transfer to the NFL. I’d prefer Taco Charlton DE from Michigan.

  12. picking individual players in the draft at specific positions is fun for a lot of fans… but in the end the eagles need 3 starters at anyone of 22 positions out of the draft and they need 3-4 other guys for depth sp. teams…. 3 high quality starters , and you guys can argue about the names but thats the bottom line.

  13. IN SIXERS NEWS….. THERE IS WORD THAT BEN SIMMONS WAS IMPRESSIVE IN HALF COURT DRILLS– the process has produced ROY and excellent role player Saric– a 31 game phenom named Yao Ming– oops I mean Embiid, a one dimensional untradable dude and a guy that got you a couple of 2nds… and a half court phenom… its the funniest thing ever…

    1. Hac u don’t follow the sixers much, saric is becoming a Larry bird lite, his passing and toughness is elite, while his shooting from 3 has been sub-par he will improve on for next yr, embiid is embiid already proven, health is his only concern, now this is where you prove you don’t follow sixers very much, these players are the future and present, tj McConnell is a great ball defender and can run the point really well, great backup pg to have, just needs to develop 3 over summer, cabarot is becoming a really good defender and his 3 point shot is becoming better and he has elite athleticism, just needs to work on handles, Robert Covington Is already a elite defender and he is a great rebounder, 3 is career 38 percent so he is already out 3 and d guy, plus he can guard 1 – 4, Justin Anderson was also part of that trade from Dallas that u didn’t mention, (wonder why) he is raw right now but Brett can definitely do what he did for Covington, improve his ugly 3 and use that crazy athletic ability he has, my favorite sixer is richain Holmes who is proving each day he is just as capable as Noel with way more offensive ability, please hac I understand your hate, but do some research before u start slamming

      1. Z… I think my post underplayed Saric… I really really like him. I’m not so sure he is quite the superstar of bird. Embid is NOT a proven player!!!!you underplay his injury history. He has played 31 games in 3 years!!!! The nba is grueling and he hasn’t cut it… That is 100% fact! The other players you mention are in fact real nba players and that is true. My point is that the process was sold as “getting the guys to be superstars” to build multiple championships… So far we don’t have the guy…. We are once again heavy in ping pong balls, short on wins… Which in sixers land is a successful season… Go team.

    1. I said bird lite, and I’m saying the only thing holding back embiid is his injury history, I believe Ben and embiid will become superstars soon, and in 31 games embiid put on heck of show, and we only had 10 wins last year, we are probably gonna get 30 this yr, which is actually a hell of increase which means talent is there and improving

      1. I agree, he played great in those 31 games…. 31! I predict the finals next year, and winning it all the following year… The way I see it he can play the final week of the season and then all through the playoffs, that should equal 31. And again my post pointed out that Simmons was impressive in half court drills… The finals are going to be played on half court…I can see it now, Simmons throws the ball to Lebron who throws it back and says “check”.

      1. Not sure that’s an apples to apples comparison and I thought e process was about championships…. Is team will finish 4 or 5 in the race for ping pong balls, has a potential superstar with injury issues, bad feet etc…. Another potential superstar who has missed 81 out of 81 games (but looks good in half court action)…. To continue to paint this team as knocking on any door to the promised land is a bit stupid. If and that’s a huge if Embid isn’t Greg oden and if Simmons can actually play in the nba then maybe there is a possibility of some success but there are too many ifs….

  14. Saric may be the best player the Sixers drafted since AI. I keep telling you he reminds me of Larry Bird. Oh and Holmes may be the center of the future considering Embids injury history. Hell hes better than Noel imo.

      1. Actually I agree with dag … And again don’t misunderstand me Saric is a PLAYER. He is good and at his point the best player e process has brought us. Holmes is absolutely a potential diamond in the rough. I guess my frustration is that he Crown Jewels of the process are essentially busts . I refuse to put any stock in e 31 games… Hell I was writing a check to get season tickets just before his shut down a couple moths ago… But Embid is on shaky ground in my opinion…. You can almost bet the won’t do back to back next season and be limited in minutes… Great nba players are available on game days….he is not

        1. one more thing z… while yes I have been negative with the process and more accurately the league– process people believe its great regardless of outcome- noel, embid, Ok and simmons are the HUGE pieces of the process and none have done shit except for 31 games out of 243 yet that is widely overlooked by process people. noel gets shipped off for nothing, Ok is not even trade worthy, simmons is great in the half court without an opponent and for process people its all roses– i just don’t understand that mentality. how bout we get the hell out of the fucking lottery!!!!!!!!!

    1. We should all pick fake sons and following them through the tourney and the draft– then we can get fake courtside seats when they are in the league…

  15. ok i’m officially off the pick on the process people– I’m on board with the sixers– I hope embiid has just had some bad luck and simmons foot injury is a fluke– I come to this conclusion we have an excellent coach who can develop players, our front office is full of assholes– but then again who ever roots for the FO. embiid and simmons hopefully will be the dynamic duo

  16. sixers r extremely well coached. coaching virtual nobodies into studs.

    saric roy and a true player

    holmes looking legit and is already better than noel ever was

    covington been coached up into a true player

    wawa starting to shine

    between that sac pick and ours we have about 50% at top3 pick. i like our position

  17. I’m on board with the Sixers then I hate the Sixers then i’m happy their players got hurt then I hate the NBA then I hate Stinky. Then I hate Colangelo then when the Sixers win a few games then all of a sudden I like them then next day a hate them. Their players suck, their uniforms suck, Wells Fargo Center sucks, the parking sucks. Joshua Harris sucks, the ticket prices suck even though I never attend games the prices still suck. Then let me post random stupid shit to bait a Sixer fan into an argument so I can lash out against them on my hatred of the Sixers. All I want is for Sixers fans to hate the Sixers just as much as I do but, for some reason they all don’t so they must all suck. The Sixers management sucks, their marketing sucks, Brett Brown sucks, his assistants suck, the announcers suck. I think I got all your whining, bitching and complaining about the Sixers down to a science old man.

      1. And despite all that hac is way cooler than you because he has opinions and he shares them. You’re just some weird pedifile troll that don’t say nothing but to talk so dumb shit. Get a life loser. Ur only contribution here is to criticize others because you’re a low life loser with nothing else going on.

    1. wow mac i assume you missed your meds today– i’ve liked brown since the beginning and i was a season ticket holder for several years– and yes the prices do suck. And i’ve never said I was happy their players got hurt i did say that it wasn’t a great idea to draft big men with bad feet– if you somehow interpret that as happy their hurt then again check your meds, call your therapist and get the help you are calling out for.
      henski i am at the point where if i want to watch hoops at the pro level i have to take the nba and all its flaws for what it is– that simple- i still go to 10-15 hs games per year and they are fun– saw Divencenzo last year– man amongst boys– saw the 7 footer from smyrna this year– and i can still get into many hs gyms for free! parking is free etc– hey mac is right!

        1. Holmes is living proof how worthless Noel is.

          Remember when that idiot hart said sixers were taking back the power with him and nahlil okafor who can’t even get minutes anymore bc our 4th string center is better ? Haaaahhaaa what an idiot

          Controlling the draft

          Taking back the power

          Giants getting johnny drunk. Eagles getting Johny drunk. Skins getting johny drunk. Cowboys getting him.

          Lebron had a secret meeting with sixers at pcom



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