Taking A Closer Look At Darvin Cook

The most talked about player that the Eagles could draft in the first round is Florida State running back, Darvin Cook.  Cook is definitely a special talent and he will be working out for the scouts today at his Pro Day in Tallahassee, Florida.

Cook is a special player, who has been extremely productive as a Seminole. In 2014, he carried the ball 170 times for 1,008 yards and 8 touchdowns.  In 2015, Cook carried the ball 229 times for 1,691 yards and 19 touchdowns.  Then this past season, he carried the ball 288 times for 1,765 yards and 19 touchdowns.

He is a game breaker, who can also catch the football out of the backfield, which is tremendously valuable in today’s game.  There’s no question that Cook is a game breaker.

Today is Cook’s Pro Day and player personnel directors throughout the league are eager to see him workout. I personally think his workout is a big deal because he had some performances at the NFL Combine that made me scratch your head.  Remember, the Combine and the Pro Days are supposed to validate what you see on tape.

Cook ran a 4.49 40-yard dash at Combine, which is a good number.  He will be trying to improve his time on the 20-yard shuttle and the three-cone drill.  His 4.53 time in the 20-yard shuttle is slow for a player, who is supposed to separate himself from other players because of his quickness and speed.  The 7.27 in the 3-cone drill is also slow for a running back like Cook.

Regardless of your quickness and speed, you will have a slow time in these drills, if you don’t use good technique.  Good technique means staying low on your start and not taking any wasted steps.  Players who work on these drills run good times.  Players who just show up and run, don’t run good times.

The 30.5 in the vertical jump and 116 broad jump are just okay numbers for a running back of Cook’s caliber.  All these average numbers are reasons for teams to take a close look at Cook at his workout today.  I expect some good numbers out of Cook on Tuesday.

If he does have a good workout today, I’m still not sold on Cook because I don’t think he’s going to be able to stay healthy in the NFL.  He’s got good size for a speedy back at 5’10” 210 pounds, but he fumbles a lot and has already had three shoulder surgeries, one in high school and two at Florida State.  He has torn his labrum in his left shoulder once and in his right shoulder twice.  Cook has gone through three surgeries to repair those shoulder injuries.

How long of a career is Cook going have?  Does it make sense to use the 14th pick in the first round on a player, who has already had three shoulder surgeries.   Remember running backs get harder and more often than any other players in the NFL.  Many of them don’t have long careers.

This is the number one reason why I don’t think Cook is a good investment for the Eagles.  If his shoulders couldn’t take the pounding at Florida State, there’s no way they’re going to be able to stand up to the hits he’s going to take in the NFL.  Most running backs don’t last long in the NFL because they get pounded on a consistent basis.

Cook has also had problems off the field.  He was accused of a couple of crimes in high school, but cleared of them.  He also was accused of punching a young lady a couple of years ago at Florida State.  He went to trial and was acquitted.  Hopefully, Cook will put these types of incidents in his rear view mirror.

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  1. The Eagles had two scouts at the FSU pro day particularly paying attention to Dalvin Cook. He ran a 4.40 and 4.47 40 time. The Eagles have paid a lot of attention to Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon over the past few weeks. I think one of them will be an Eagle by the end of the second day of the draft. I’d be happy with either of them…prefer Mixon though, but I won’t be mad if they land Cook.

  2. I stay away from Dalvin Cook.. Reports from the Indy Combine is that he also did not Interview Very Well and came across as a bit Unprepared,Arrogant and little lacking in the Smarts Dept.. I think he will end up Dropping a Bit in the First Round when you add in some Injury, Ball Security and Off-the-Field Stuff..
    He’s a Talented Player , No Doubt and I see him as a Devonte Freeman of the Falcons Type of Back, Explosive, Makes Big Plays in the Screen and Miss-Direction and Draw Plays.. Is he Worth a Top 15 Pick, I’m not so sure..

    1. Eagles held a private workout with Dalvin Cook today after watching him at his pro day yesterday. The Eagles are spending a lot of time with Dalvin Cook with private workouts, interviews etc.. This is the type of time they were spending with Wentz last year. I would not be surprised if they choose him at 14. I you really like the player, take him.

    1. Mixon shared RB Duties with Samaje Perine who was the Feature Back in 2014/2015 Seasons

      2016 Season – Mixon with 187 Carries – 1,274 Yards and 10 TD’s
      Perine with 196 Carries – 1.060 Yards and 12 TD’s

      2015 Season – Mixon with 113 Carries – 753 Yards and 7 TD’s
      Perine with 226 Carries, 1,350 Yards and 16 TD’s

      2014 Season – Mixon was not on Roster and Perine had a whopping 263 carries for 1,713 Carries and 21 TD’s in his Freshman Year

      The Patriots Announced that they have removed Joe Mixon off their Draft Board for whatever that’s worth..

      He’s a 2nd Round Talent that someone will Draft and the incident in question (Punching his GF on Video) was from 2014 and apparently has been a Role Model ever since and even publicly talking to Kids/Young Adults and other People about Domestic/Spousal Abuse, etc,etc from what I read on him, but make no mistake about it, whichever Team Draft’s him will have some negative publicity, Fan backlash, Women Protest’s etc, etc so a Organization just has to weigh all those factors when considering him and have a support system and plan in place to deal with the initial distraction but you can say that for a dozen Players in this or any other Draft..
      The Eagles traditionally have a strong Record of Internal and PLayer Support for anyone who has had issues.. In Mixon’s Case, having a Veteran like a Darren Sproles around along RB Coach Duce Staley, and engaged Ex- Players like Brian Westbrook, Harold Carmichael, Ike Reese,Mike Quick & Brian Dawkins would all be an excellent Support Group for Mixon if he is truly committed to Self-Improvement and and moving on like it appears it has done so Philly could very well a good landing spot for him personally as well as a good Fit for the Eagles Offense…..

      1. Again, i don’t pretend to be a draft expert but why in the world would anyone project him as first round??? seems like a pretty pedestrian college career along with being an a$$hole.

        1. I think most Draft/Scouts Project him as 2nd Round Pick.. He’s highly Rated for he has the Size/Speed/Strength (6-1 and 227lbs) and is very explosive with the Ball…Some of the Scouts like the fact that he’s not been beat up like some other College RB’s that have handled heavy loads for 2-3 Seasons like Semanje Perine/James Connor/Chris McCaffrey etc and end up coming into the NFL beat up and tired legs in some cases… Mixon has Played 2 College Seasons with about 300 Career College Carries
          Samanje Perine has over 600 College Carries
          Chris McCaffrey has over 600 Rushes and another 100 Receptions
          James Connor has 660 Carries and Missed a Season due to Cancer
          Leonard Fournette from LSU has over 600 Carries and missed some time due to Injuries…

          Personally I stay away from Backs who have taken a Pounding already and have injuries at the College level for they will just get pounded more often by bigger,strong Players at the NFL and will wear down…
          Give me a Big In-Between the Tackles Runner for Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Rushing attack and and then another with Speed for the Outside Sweeps, Draw Plays, Screen Passes and then a Utility RB who can do a little of everything and who can Pass-Protect for a $100 Million Franchise QB ..
          RB by Committee works for me and many Successful Teams (Patriots, Packers,Broncos,GIants,and 49ers when they were good)

          1. Reports are that the Patriots,Jets and Eagles have all taken Joe Mixon off their Draft Boards per CBS Sports & ESPN..

            1. pman, that’s not true. ESPN and CBS has a title stating or should I say asking Eagles Out on Joe Mixon? Then it goes on to say quote Doug Pederson saying “Character guys is the wave of the future”. That’s inferring on the writers part.
              However when asked straight up if he was out on Mixon, he did not say yes or no, it was the case by case answer Howie gave.
              When Bill Bellichick and the Dolphins FO was asked about Mixon, they flat out said Mixon was off their board.

              1. Read whats between the Lines.. Some People/Teams may simply not come out publicly to say “Such and such is off the Board” and especially the Eagles or any Team thta has just just finished investing a lot of time and energy into the Background checks, investigating,interviewing and workout Process, etc,etc
                Teams like Jets/Patriots could have had those thoughts from the get go from their Ownership without ever meeting the Kid or his Agents/Management Team and maybe don’t have the vested interest as a team doing its due diligence like the Eagles appear to be doing…

              2. You will be disappointed then because the Eagles will take either Mixon or Cook.
                As far as reading in between the lines, no need to do that. I see what’s unfolding in front of me. They’ve paid to much attention to Mixon and Cook to not take one of them if available when they pick either in the first or second round. Sometimes the truth is right in front of a persons face but they don’t want to acknowledge it..they think it’s a smokescreen..but it’s reality. Sometimes you can trick people by simply telling them the truth.

                Be prepared to accept this truth over the draft.

              3. No Fake News about anything here, It’s just my take and interpretation on the Story that EHL was referring to .. The Eagles are doing their Due Diligence on as many Potential Draft Picks/Players as all Teams do .. The Eagles have a Need at RB which everyone knows, so Looking Hard at the Top RB’s of the Draft Class is what they should be doing, just like checking on all the Players that they Rank Highly on their Draft Board
                The Eagles are also playing the game of creating potential Value for their #14 Pick in the Event that some other Teams really covet Cook/Mixon or whomever and that may want to discuss moving up to get that #14 Pick from them…
                I really think that the Eagles would love to Drop Back 5-8 Places and secure another 2nd Round or 3rd Round Pick for doing so, as they are sitting almost in the middle of the 1st Round where Teams on the back end of the 1st Round may see some of their Wish-List Players drop down the Board and now want to move up to get them before another Team does or maybe a Team in the early 2nd Round that wants to Jump back into the 1st Round.. So there are lots of Possibilities for Lots of Teams as always..

                I think the Eagles are obviously intrigued and attracted by the Talent/Skill Set of Both Cook/Mixon, for who wouldn’t be, now whether they deem 1 or both of these Players worthy of a 1st Round or 2nd Round Selection is another question that we will have to see play out… No Doubt that the Eagles add a RB in this Draft..but I do think it will be more as a Mid-Round Selection as the Early Round Selections will be used to Address the CB,LB & WR Positions

              4. The story was simply click bait, nothing factual, no information, just a writer making a story out of a blurb, ignoring the rest of what Pederson said in reference to Mixon.

              5. PAUL this is FAKE NEWS:

                “Reports are that the Patriots,Jets and Eagles have all taken Joe Mixon off their Draft Boards per CBS Sports & ESPN..”


              6. “Creating potential value for the 14th pick”…. Fraudman with yet a huge load of shit against the wall. Do you really think that nfl teams are reading these stories…? They all know what each other is doing, hey are sending signals, mixed signals etc…media stories aren’t stories to GMs in the war room…. Who was it that said “Who the hell is Mel kiper and what does he know about our draft board?” ….

              7. TV Station KFOR reported by Brain Brinkley states 2 NFL Teams remove RB Mixon off Draft Board.. he mentions both the Patriots & Dolphins have removed RB Joe Mixon off their Draft Boards due to Domestic Abuse Issue..
                Check out KFOR.Com from Yeaterday afternoon!!!

              8. Great now can you show me where cbs and espn reported he was off of the EAGLES draft board ???!!!!!!

                I don’t give a fuck whose on the patriots and dolphins draft board. You said espn and cbs reported he’s off their board. It was fake news. Admit and move on. Don’t double down and give me some report from Kansas about the pats and dolphins. Lol.

          2. Talent wise Mixon is a first round back..Mayock, Casserly and draft guides such as Lindys, Athlon Sports state this, but, his off the field issues drops him.

            1. Many Scouting Services Simply don’t Rate RB’s as 1st Round Grades due to dozens of Good Backs that can be Drafted every Season throughout the Draft so a “Value” of a Particular Position comes into Play… Kind of like Top ILB’s, Center and Guards Prospects who typically find themselves Drafted in the 2nd/3rd Rounds … He’s a Top 3-4 RB in this Years Draft Class for sure
              There could be 3-4 RB’s taken in the 1st Round this Year which is mostly due to the lack of QB’s and OT’s in this Draft Class and the Success that Zeke Elliot has last Season.. Look at the Production of RB Howard of the Bears last Season and he was a 5th Round Draft Pick out of U of Illinois without much fanfare about him last Year in the Pre-Draft run-up..

              I wish Mixon well but I don’t expect him in Green & Silver and I hope its not Dalvin Cook..

  3. I could see the Eagles Trading back with the Texans (#22) or Seahawks (#26) or the KC Chiefs (#27) and getting some extra Draft Picks in Return
    for doing so..

    The Texans/Chiefs are reportedly High on QB Deshaun Watson if the Jets (#6) or Browns (#12) don’t select him.. Reports are that the Redskins at #17 are very interested in QB Deshaun Watson and if another Team wants him will likely have to jump ahead of them

    The Seahawks need a Day 1 Starting OT (Cam Robinson, Garrett Bolles, Ryan Ramcyzck) may all not last until #26 for them as the Giants, Broncos, Dolphins are all looking for OL Upgrades

    The Eagles will get plenty of Calls on that #14th Pick and its a matter of what they are offered, if they are able to get an additional 2nd or 3rd Round for 2017 Draft and lets say a 5th Round in 2017 in Return, then sliding back 8-10-12 Spots to gain a couple or more picks would be very appealing

    1. I will take the koolbreeze position this year..I hope those teams go high on drafting QB’s…push the talent down. I think the Eagles stay at 14 a choose. Draft is in Philly, no need to keep the home town waiting.
      Unless they get a robust package…

      1. I think the opposite happens this year with many of the early Teams Draftign passing on the QB’s in the early going of the 1st Round making the middle of the 1st Round very Active with Trade Scenarios.. We’ll see, there are always a Couple of Moves/Trades and a Couple of Surprise Picks that few saw coming…
        The Eagles at #14 should have a Choice of some Top 10 Talent as well as Fielding some enticing Trade Offers

  4. From ESPN Article by Tim McManus on 3/29

    Eagles Coach Pederson about having Character Guys on the Team
    “I think that’s the wave of the Future”
    On Describing Mixon Pederson goes on to say ‘ He’s an Explosive Player, Dynamic and I know someone will give him an Opportunity”
    (Someone meaning another Team will give him that Opportunity…)

    Make you want out of it, agree or disagree … But it was “Reported” as I said it was, so not fake news Henski…

    1. Pederson goes on to say ” It’s Tough for you are always looking for guys that fit into your System” and that “You’re always looking to add Talent to your Roster, but at the same time, you got to be sure you’re doing your homework on the Players, whether it’s Free-Agency, or the Draft and that they’re the right fit for you”..

    2. Actually thats just normal coaches speak a month before the draft– he didn’t commit either way as to whether or not they’d draft him- he also said you have to do your homework– what if they do their homework and it turns out in a positive note– so it is fake– you made it up or interpreted a nothing quote and somehow in your mind made it something…
      He wouldn’t commit either way on any player he was asked about–“_________ done some special things in college. He was impressive in his pro day. I’m sure he will get a chance to prove it at this level”– blah blah

      1. u hitting the sauce again paul? drugs? glaucoma? stroke?

        was there something from tim mcmanus written in invisible ink? or something that only you can see?

        because nowhere in what you just posted does it say joe mixon is off eagles board.

    3. Story on Theeagleswire.usatoday.com Concerning Joe Mixon ad how the eagles have not been scared off of drafting Mixon.

      By: Anthony DiBona | 4 hours ago

      Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, that’s just how things go. Mistakes are going to be made, nobody is perfect. Yet life goes on and almost everyone faces consequences for their actions.

      In the NFL, it’s up to 32 teams to do their due diligence on every single player they’re interested in. The majority of players, they have clean records off the field and stay out of trouble.

      Then there are players such as Joe Mixon and Dalvin Cook, two of the more controversial draft prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft class. Team owners, general managers and scouts are doing everything they can to learn as much as possible about these two promising running backs.

      Yet there are some teams that are scared off by any sign of danger and have already removed Mixon from their draft boards. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t one of those teams.

      In fact, they have their fair-share of experiences dealing with controversial players. In 2009, Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie took a huge risk by signing quarterback Michael Vick to a two-year contract.

      Philadelphia immediately felt the backlash of the move from their fans, protesters and the media. Yet Vick took the necessary steps to clean up his image off the field and returned to his dominant form on the field for a few seasons.

      A few years late the Eagles dealt with Riley Cooper’s racial slur video and the controversial departure of DeSean Jackson. Cooper was rightfully bashed for his actions yet the Eagles elected to stand by his side in support. While Jackson was shipped out of town due to unknown reasons that some speculated were gang related.

      I have 3 stories discussing the Eagles interest in Joe Mixon, one specifically mentions that the Eagles not only have Mixon on their board, but he’s high on their board. Jimmy Kempski has a story on phillyvoice.com saying Mixon is still on the Eagles board too.

      1. It sure seems like the Eagles are considering Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon
        Eagles NFL Philadelphia Jeffrey Lurie Joe Mixon Doug Pederson
        By Jimmy Kempski
        PhillyVoice Staff

        PHOENIX – Over the last week, we’ve covered Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon and ‘character issue’ players rather extensively here. On Monday, we noted that Mixon is a perfect fit for Eagles’ offense, football-wise, and wondered if the Eagles would consider drafting him. On Tuesday we made a connection between Andy Reid’s handling of character issue players both with the Eagles and in his time with the Chiefs, and applied that to the Eagles’ potential current thinking.

        Since then, both Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson have spoken with the media, and were asked several questions about Mixon as well as character issue players in general. Lurie opted not to speak specifically on Mixon, but he didn’t exactly shut down the idea of drafting him.

        “I don’t want to talk about a specific player,” he said. “Of course, I know all about situations like that. I’ll say this – First of all, we’ve been an organization that has given players a second chance, however, we have also been an organization that really values character. Add to that the fact that I would never want to telegraph what we’re going to do at any position in the draft. Sitting here with all you guys, just to be completely honest, I can’t explain to you exactly what we would be doing because I don’t want to telegraph to the rest of the league what we’re going to do.”

        Lurie acknowledged that if the Eagles were to ever add a player with serious character concerns, he would have to personally give the green light, referencing the Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick in 2009.

        “The only real example on that I can give is Michael Vick because it was a big decision,” he said. “That’s the real time – and you can replay that press conference – it took a lot of searching my own values, family, love of dogs and all that, but really tried to take it on a case by case basis. So I’ll naturally talk to Howie (Roseman), to Joe (Douglas), Don Smolenski, and we’ll discuss every situation like that. And I’ll listen. I’m more of a listener and asker of questions. In the end, of course, it’s my decision if we’re going to sign (a character concern player like Michael Vick) or not.”

        Mixon, as noted above, would be a great fit for the Eagles’ offense. At 6’1, 226, Mixon is powerfully built. He’s also a smooth runner with burst, sporting a 4.43 time in the 40 at his Pro Day, and an outstanding weapon in the passing game, as he had 37 receptions for 538 yards (14.5 YPC) and 5 TDs in 2016. He can run inside and outside. He can pick up first downs in short-yardage situations, as well as take it to the house for monster gains. He is a true “three-down” lead back who can do it all.

        Doug Pederson acknowledged as much.

        “As a player, I’ve watched him a little bit this offseason, and you know, he’s a talented player, very explosive,” Pederson said “He has good hands out of the backfield. You put him in there with a lot of these backs that are coming out. Dynamic, exciting back to watch.”

        Pederson was also asked what he values in running backs in his offense.

        “I think that position has changed quite a bit over the years,” Pederson explained. “I think that obviously every team, you look for guys that, are they a three down guy? A guy that can play first, second and third down? Guys that are mobile in the sense of (moving running backs) out of the backfield. We do so much with empty sets (no backs in the backfield). A lot of teams do a lot of empty sets. Route running ability (is important). Obviously the skill set of running the football, I mean, that’s what they do. Obviously, they have to be able to carry the ball and run.

        “There’s so much versatility in backs nowadays from again, those empty formations, out of the backfield, spreading the field, those are the things that we want to see. (In terms of) physical traits, can they run between the tackles? Are they physical enough to run between the tackles? Can they stretch the field in outside zone? Every run game plan every week changes. Sometimes you’re going to be more inside the tackles, and then the next week you might be outside the tackles, so you have to have the versatility to do that. So those are things we look for in these backs.”

        That’s Mixon.

        When asked how he weighs talent vs. character, Pederson responded, “It’s a fine line. It’s a fine line. And it’s tough. It’s tough, because again, you’re looking for guys that can fit into your system, and you’re always looking to add talent to your roster, but at the same time you have to make sure you’re doing your homework on these players, again, whether it’s free agency or the draft that they’re the right fit for you.”

    4. Last year around this time Doug Pederson said in reference to Carson Wentz..”It will be fun following his career where ever he’s at and watching him grow in the league….
      nebulous just like Pederson’s response about Mixon. He can’t say that the Eagles are drafting him nor that they are interested because they don’t want to reveal their board or plans. Tim McManus’ report is mere speculation.

    5. paul, it’s fake news because you are inferring, but stating it as if it was fact or it was said by Lurie, Roseman or Pederson. The fact is, it was not stated.

      1. Its not Fake News, there was an Article about it and as a Reader, I can infer whichever way I want to, You may not Agree with it or Come to the same Conclusion as me, and that’s fine as we all have our own opinions and interpretations about what we read,see and hear… but to say there was No Article or Discussion or McManus Report is a Fake Story about it is simply not True…Eagles are doing their Due Diligence and Obviously like Mixon’s Talent
        The Eagles never have and likely will never throw a Player or Prospective Player under the Bus, They just don’t do business like that (Unless its D-Jax)

        Last Year on Wentz is was a little different for the Eagles and Roseman has even stated, that they were about 99% that the Rams were taking Goff at #1 before they even decided to go all in to get up to #2 to ensure they would be able to Draft Wentz….
        No way do they do that Deal with the Browns and get stuck with Jared Goff if they didn’t have a very strong feeling/inside information on what the Rams were going to do… Why Talk up and Build up Wentz last Year Pre-Draft when all it would do is maybe end up having the Rams re-consider their choice of Goff .. But Roseman and Eagles are not going to come out Publicly and diss the Rams Organization or Jared Goff himself when they strongly believe that they got the Best QB of Last Years Class at #2..

        Back to the Football Field
        A Negative on Mixon’s Running Style is that 20 % of His Runs last Year Resulted in 0 Yards Gained or even Lost Yards..He has a tendency to stop his Feet when Blocking Breaks Down out in front which you can get away with at the College Level but not at the NFL Level..Some Scouts question his Toughness to stick it up there when the Blocking is breaking down instead of trying to hit a home run/big play on every run but I guess you can say that about a lot of Young RB’s ..

        He’ll be on the Board in the 2nd Round and we’ll See if the Eagles Select him at #43, My thoughts are that they won’t..

        1. PAUL YOU SAID:

          Reports are that the Patriots,Jets and Eagles have all taken Joe Mixon off their Draft Boards per CBS Sports & ESPN..

          FACT CHECK

          no reports said he is off Jets or Eagles board. let reports from CBS & ESPN






              1. Hahaha silver and green and darvin cook maybe Pman works for Gary lol, anyway I want mixon man he reminds me of bell with his stop and start

              2. In other news the most talked about dolphin was released today Dion Jordan. Not sure the man loves football but he has the tools, but another player the eagles should sign is ego Ferguson. He is 25 and just released by bears, the guy has talent, would be a good pickup in Jim’s system

              3. Sources:
                Marcus Hayes wrote a decent piece (for him) about it’s now a legit line up… Of course a legit line up with a lot of ifs but also a lot of upside… Your 8 hitter had 20 dingers, 6 hitter had 21 in half a season, 3 hitter improving, lead off guy with a high 300 OBP…

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