Sidney Jones In The Second Round?

Washington cornerback Sidney Jones was considered by some to be the top corner in this draft.  He’s a complete corner, who has great cover skills, but also the willingness and ability to be an outstanding and aggressive tackler.    Despite his slim frame, he stands 6′ and weighs only 188 pounds, Jones is a physical corner, who loves nothing better than moving up on the line of scrimmage before the play and planting himself in front of the wide receiver.

Jones would be a great fit to the Jim Schwartz defensive scheme of walking up in press technique and shadowing defenders in man-to-man coverages.  He gets his hands on receivers at the snap of the ball and does a great job of mirroring the wideouts during the routes .  He patiently waits for them to run their routes and then attacks the ball in the air.   Eagles fans will thrilled to see a cornerback, who knows when to turn around and go after the football.

He’s a physical corner, who stands 6 foot and weighs only 188 pounds. He needs to get in the weight room and this year off with the Achilles Tendon injury will allow him to get stronger.  He ran a 4.48 at the Combine and is a playmaker, who picked off nine passes in two years and got his hands on 20% of the balls thrown his way. He excels in the press technique, which fits the Jim Schwartz defense, but he won’t be available until the 2018 season. Jones may be too talented for the Birds to pass up in the second round.

The Eagles have to be thinking about taking advantage of the fact that Jones will likely drop into the second round because of the Achilles Tendon tear.  It could give them the chance to draft him with a second round pick.  He won’t be able to help them until 2018, but that’s not a deal killer because owner Jeffrey Lurie already admitted that this team isn’t a player or two away from being the type of team they want to be.   I think grabbing a guy like Jones in the second round would add a first round talent to the roster at a very important position.

Jones has said he’s going to play this year.  I take that kind of a talk as a plus because he’s confident he will recover quickly, but the truth is he won’t play this year.  I haven’t heard of anybody returning from an Achilles Tendon tear that quickly.

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  1. I would entertain Selecting CB Sidney Jones in the 3rd/4th Round if he were still on the Board, but there are just too many good Players that will still be available in the Early 2nd Round at #43 when the Eagles Select that who can help the Team in 2017 and beyond…
    The Eagles need as many Players from this Draft who can contribute and especially on Defense whether its CB,LB or DL or even Special Teams for the 2017 Season

    Here’s a List of some of the Prospects who are Rated #40 thru #70 by a combination of different Scouting/Draft Services that could help the Eagles in 2017 and beyond that won’t likely be around by the Eagles 3rd Round Pick at #74..

    OLB’s Tim Williams, OLB TJ Watts, OLB Tyus Bowser
    CB’s Codrea Tankersly, Adoree Jackson, Fabian Moreau, Teez Tabor, Quincy Wilson , Jalen Myrick, Ahkello Witherspoon
    ILB’s Raekwon McMillan, Jarrad Davis
    DE’s Carl Lawson, Tarrell Basham,
    DT’s Caleb Brantley, Larry Obujobi, Chris Wormley
    WR’s Chris Samuel,Cooper Cupp, Chris Godwin, Zay Jones,
    OL Dan Feeney, Dion Dawkins, Dorian Johnson , Pat Eflin
    RB’s Alvin Kamara,

    The Eagles need 2 Major Contributors/Starter Types at Picks #14 & #43 who can hit the ground running in 2017
    If Sidney Jones is on the Board in the 3rd Round at #74, then I would strongly consider him as he would be a red-shirt for 2017 Season but be healthy,ready, stronger for the 2018 Season

    1. I forgot good Safety Prospects Buddy Baker, Josh Jones & Desmond King who all have good skills to be productive NFL PLayers..

      1. SS Josh Jones will be a beast at the NFL level, Budah Baker will be fine at the FS position. Further, Desmond King…no thanks…not feeling him at all.

    1. Howie is a fucking Killer!!

      Ravens are stupid. He was on his last year of his rookie deal! Lol! They desperately need pass rushers and oline and they got rid of him to move up 25 spots in the 3rd.

      I know they spent big bucks on Williams, and this will give there young guys a chance to step up.

      But Timmy is a damn good player. He will
      Be nice nice to fletcher

      He’s basically another 1 year deal

      1. My wife’s family follows the ravens as closely as we follow the eagles, they aren’t huge fans of his. Reputation as not a real hard worker. He was not in their future plans.
        By the way…. I thought we mortgaged the future and were in salary cap hell! .? Also, we’ve upgraded all over the place while not committing long term to old dudes… Does anyone think that they are going for a decent playoff run?

        1. Dude is better then Logan and didn’t like playing in 3-4, he will eat up a lot of sacks with Fletch getting all the attention, this d line is going to wreck havoc, we got depth everywhere now on d line, I’m feeling a trade up for lattimore in 1st now, rect Jack Nicholson nodding with evil smile, Howie the goddamn magician strikes again!!!!

  2. I love this Move…
    I really liked Tim Jernigan out of Fla State a few Drafts ago and to be honest expected that would be more productive but the Ravens Scheme for DT’s is more of a hold the line and clog up the middle lanes as to the more up the field, aggressive and attacking style that Jim Schwartz employs which should much better suit Jernigan’s skill set as he’s quicker to penetrate then lets say be a hold the fort down type of DT .. This Gives the Eagles a more Dynamic Pass Rusher from the Inside and the swap out of Drafat Picks means the Eagles still get a Top 100 Player to Draft.. Good Move by Howie and hopeful Tim Jernigan sees this as a little wake up call to get in tip-top shape and play balls to to the wall for the Eagles..

    1. He’s only 24 as well.

      He’s from Lake City Florida where I actually used to live as a young kid.

      Very shitty area in a lot of parts and has probably came up hard as a young black man.

      Love this move. We have some damn good
      Depth at the position in Cox, Graham,Curry,Long, smith, Allen, and now jernigans.

      Hopefully Johnathen Allen, or Solomon Thomas falls to us in the draft similar to how Cox did several years back

  3. Howie the accountant !!!!

    No more nerds we need “football guys”

    ‘Howie is good at counting money’

    ‘Krappernick is the perfect fit for chip ‘

    Man koolbrezE. The gift that keeps on giving. Don’t know who I miss more him or cliff

    1. That’s would be 2 Great Picks Pdiddy..
      Reuben Foster is probably the Defensive Rookie of the Year and he plays with a nasty, in your face, tough attitude which the Eagles haven’t had on their Defense the last few Years

  4. I would love-
    14, 99, 139 and Jason Peters—> DEN for 20,51,82,101and126.
    JMAT–> Seattle for 102
    Kendricks and 155–> MIN for 128 and 160
    Kelce —> KC for 104
    That would give us


    Thats 7 picks in the top 105 players. Now you can go shopping.

        1. Absolutely.

          Its a lot but I think we could realistically get some of this. I was looking mostly to get Comp picks from teams for guys. It’s like getting a vet for a vet that walked. I got way carried away…lol

          1. with the Broncos losing out on getting QB Romo and have an upgrade at QB to compete vs the Raiders/Chiefs in their own Division , I find it unlikely that John Elway would trade Valuable Draft Picks for 2 aging, expensivel Players in both Peters & Sproles who are their downside of their Careers .. instead of adding Young Talent, he’s bringing in2 Players to play for 1-2 Seasons at a high Cost and still doesn’t have a top flight QB to make a deep run in the 2017 Postseason even if they made it out of their own Division..

            1. I agree its unlikely. That was also why I packaged it in with a trade up by denver.
              Plus I liked the 6 spot drop vs going much further.

              Part of me feels with the corners available getting 3 pick btween 20 and 45 would be ideal. you might get a starter at CBx2 and RB.

  5. I can definitely see Kelce involved in Draft Weekend Trades to either return some Mid/Late Round Picks or Packaged with other Picks to move up ..
    Kelce & 5th Rounder for maybe a 3rd/4th Rounder to a Team in need of a Center (Chiefs, Jets could use upgrades at Center)
    Kendrick’s Contract is so bad thru 2019 that I just have a hard time seeing a Team taking on his his Deal when the Leauge knows he will likely not be returning to the Eagles and be released and then would become a free-agent where Teams can get him on a short-term prove it Deal with little risk ..
    Coach Schwartz will not Play Players who do not Practice, Kendricks has consistently missed Practice over his Career with a list of minor ailments over the Years..,He likes to save his body and show up under the bright lights, which occasionally, he’s been able to pull it off and still play well, but he’s not a player who is going to grind it out and Practice every day with his Teammates & Coaches, he’s just not that passionate about Practice and has said so over the Years .. Under AR and even Chip Kelly, Kendricks was able to get away with it, but not with Schwartz, who is a huge believer that you practice first before Playing.. No Practice then No Playing .. Kendricks can probably still be a decent Player for someone, it’s just not going to happen in Philly under Jim Schwartz who hates “Prima-Donna’s” and Selfish Players and is not afraid to call them out for what they are and now Kendricks feelings and ego is hurt so the relationship between Schwartz/Kendricks is probably irreparable

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