Joe Mixon Is This Draft’s Best Back, But…..

Joe Mixon runs a 40 yard dash during college football Pro Day at the University of Oklahoma Sooners (OU) Everest Indoor Practice Facility in Norman, Okla., on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Photo by Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman

The video of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punching a young lady was so offensive that he wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine. Despite that, he is a first round talent.  I think he’s the best running back coming out in this year’s draft.

First of all, he has a NFL running back body.  A body that hasn’t taken nearly as many hits as Christian McCaffrey, who has been touching the ball 300 times a year.   Mixon doesn’t have three shoulder surgeries like Dalvin Cook.  Plus he’s bigger than either of them, carrying 226 pounds of muscle with a thick upper body and lower body.  He outweighs McCaffrey by 24 pounds and outweighs Cook by 12.

Mixon can drop his shoulder and get extra yardage because of the power in his lower body, while neither McCaffrey nor Cook can run with power.  McCaffrey wasn’t running over anybody in college at 202 pounds and Cook wasn’t running anybody over with his three shoulder surgeries.  Plus, their lack of size and strength will make both of them liabilities as pass blockers.  Mixon has the size and strength to stand in there and pick up a blitzing linebacker.

On top of the size advantage he has over them, Mixon is also faster than either of the smaller backs.  He ran a 4.43 at his Pro Day, which is better than McCaffrey’s 4.48 or Cook’s 4.49.   Mixon’s speed isn’t just a testing speed.  If you look at his tape, the guy plays fast.

Coaches have talked about his soft hands and his ability run routes.  The young man is explosive with a sudden burst when he needs to get to the corner, or outrun a defender.

More than any other back in this draft, Mixon is a true three-down back, who could dominate a game as a ball carrier or pass catcher. I couldn’t see the Birds drafting Mixon in the first round, but in the second, he is too good to pass up, even with his baggage.  The guy has All-Pro type potential.

The Eagles must do their homework on this young man. They’ve got to talk to him and then talk to everybody that knows him. Last year the Chiefs drafted a game breaker in Tyreek Hill in the fifth round.  He had a lot to do with Kansas City’s success and he may be the most explosive player in the league.  They got him with a fifth round pick and it was arguably the best draft pick in last year’s draft.

Maybe Mixon, who made an awful mistake when he punched that young lady, may be a great pick in the second round, but the Eagles have to do their homework and make sure he won’t make an awful mistake like that again.

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  1. Garry any woman who behaved the way she did, isn’t worthy of being called a “lady”. This PC nonsense needs to stop. I know it’s fashionable to look the other way when it comes to holding women responsible for their actions, but at least don’t bestow labels unbefitting for vile behavior. The eagles would be fools for passing on Mixon.

    1. I agree with Pman, I don’t think he makes it to the Eagles in the second. Plus teams know the Eagles have their eye on him.

  2. If the Eagles do not get Cook at 14, I am willing to bet that they will monitor Mixon’s draft range closely, potentially moving up in the second round or late in the first to grab him. The Eagles have not paid much attention to the other RB’s in this draft. Not even to the other back i like D’Onta Foreman which I think is a mistake. According to reports he call the ball very well at his pro day. Not one pass was dropped. 6’0″ 237 4.45 40. What’s there not to like !?!

  3. I think we may see some more trading in the Mid/Late First Round this Year due to the QB’s probably being passed over early on but then Teams may want to move back up into the mid/late 1st or early 2nd Rounds to get their QB or RB or WR .. There is not many Offensive True “Playmakers’ in this Draft when you think about it …. Cook,McCaffrey,Fournette, Mixon, OJ Howard, J Ross, Mike Williams so by Mid/Late 1st Round, some Teams that need some juice on Offense may want to Move Up to get one of these Players…

    1. Mixon is the only rb I want, I’m telling u he is leveon bell, he is all we need at rb, I say u definitely trade up in second if I have to

    1. The Joe Mixon faux outrage makes Trump’s ascendency all the more clear. This nation has some deeply rooted problems that existed long before Joe Mixon showed up.

      1. Man if we keep our d line fresh like Jimmy likes to do I’m expecting 20 sacks alone from interior pass rush and curry funnily getting 10 sacks this yr, this is a prove it yr for him, jernigan is a monster him and cox will make like easy for lbs

      2. I don’t know if its faux outrage and I don’t deny the serious issues within our country. Five minutes ago I just watched the video for the first time. I have two take aways: 1. I do think that a single incident does not a man make (I’m not sure if its his only incident) 2. It takes a pussy to hit a chick like that. I’ll pass.

    2. LSU had their Workday Yesterday and Fournette was very impressive per all observors.. Checked in 12lbs Lighter at 228lbs and ran Fast and Showed more quickness,agility and very good hands catching Passes and doing Field and Agility Drills…
      I believe he’s the 1st RB off the Board too going as early as #4 to Jaguars
      who under Coughlin, will now go to a more Power Rushing Team or no later than #8 to the Panthers where he would be a Perfect Fir for their Offense

      LSU’s Other Players all showed well per NFL.Com’s Mike Mayock yesterday who was there in Person to watch the Workouts

      Safety Jamal Adams was off the Charts and solidified himself as a Top #5-10 Pick, CB Tra’Davious White, OL Ethan Pocic, & both WR’s Malachi Dupre & Travin Duval all performed very well per Mayock

    1. Me Neither, I pass on Joe Mixon, The Eagles just have too many Positive things happening right now and don’t need a dark cloud of distractions surrounding its Draft Picks..
      I Draft RB’s Marlon Mack or James Conner or Kareem Hunt in the 4th Round with one of their 2 Picks and rotate with Wendell Smallwood moving forward (of Course mixed in with Sproles for 2017)

  4. Listening to Reuben Frank this morning on WIP, he admitted that he knows the Eagles like Joe Mixon. Frank believes that if available when the Eagles pick in the second round that’s who the Eagles will take.

  5. My Eagles Wish List for First 2 Rounds

    1st Round #14) ILB Ruben Foster – Alabama (6-1 245lbs)

    2nd Round #43) CB Chidobe Awuzie – Colorado (6-0 202lbs) 3 Year Starter at Colorado. Ran a 4.43 40 Time, 34.5″ Vertical, 11′ Broad Jump, 4.14 in 20 Yd Shuttle & 6.81 in the Cone Drill while lifting 16 Reps at 225lbs…
    He’s Very Good and Experienced in Man Press-Coverage, a Physical Corner who can Run which is what the Eagles need playing in the NFC East with all these other Big WR’s within the Division.. He does need to work on his Ball Skills and learn to play out in Space more in Zone Coverages

    3rd Rd (99th Overall) WR Taywan Taylor – (Western Kentucky 5-11 205lbs)
    Sneaky Fast — Had 26 Receptions over 40 + Yards the last 2 Years leading the NCAA in this Category by far (Dee Dee Westbrook and Corey Davis had 15 Receptions each over 40 Yards during the same time frame) .. He is more Quick than Fast (Ran a 4.50) , Is a very Good and fluid Route Runner with Natural Good Hands and a dangerous Runner once the ball is in his hands.. Has lower body strength to break arm tackles with his 205lbs frame and could become an excellent Slot/#3 WR in any Offense like a Jarvis Landry type and could replace Jordan Matthews in 2018 should the Eagles move on from him after his Rookie Deal is up and focus on re-signing outside WR Alshon Jeffrey..

  6. If Dalvin Cook is not available or selected by the Eagles at 14 I still want the Eagles to draft Joe Mixon if available at 43. As much as I could not stand Riley Cooper, I rooted for the uniform (Eagles). I did not root for Cooper (per se), but, when he actually made a play (far and few between) I celebrated the team success, not Cooper’s success. That’s how I will view Mixon, a cog in the machine. When I look at football, I want to be entertained by the best players the Eagles can bring on the team.
    funny, guys rooted for Eagles last year with Jalen Mills on the team, not a peep…just business as usual. I know the visual of the Mixon assault takes it to another level, but, it was 3 years ago and he’s done everything required of him by the courts and his college team. At some point, people must move on and get on with life.

        1. I think with the Deep RB Class this Draft and the way the Game is so specialized with various Formations, Player Packages,etc,etc that an effective Big Back can be Drafted in the 4th/5th Round to share the load with Sproles/Smallwood for 2017 Season and beyond is the way for the Eagles to go with Pederon and a young growing QB in Wentz.. lets be honest about the Eagles Offense and Wentz upside, its going to be more about the Passing Game than have 1 Stud RB handling the Ball 20-25 Times a Game for those days are gone mostly around the NFL.. So why use a Top Draft Pick on a Rotational RB is my Question when you can address another important Position with a Full-Time Player/Stater with that same early Draft Pick?

        2. Eskin has flip flopped on Mixon. First he was out, the he was coming around to being in after he gaged the Eagles interest, now he’s thinking that they’re not interested. Not believing Eskin on this one.
          Reuben Frank sounded certain about the Eagles wanting Mixon and more willing to take a chance on drafting him then not.

  7. and No to Darvin Cook who has Ball Security Issues at the College Level besides his own off-the-field baggage

    3rd/4th/5th Round Quality RB’s that could all contribute as a Rotational Big Back ..

    Wayne Gallman – Clemson 6-0 215lbs
    Samaje Perine – Oklahoma 5-11 233lbs
    Jamall Williams – BYU 6-0 212lbs
    Brian Hill – Wyoming 6-1 220lbs
    James Connor – Pittsburgh 6-1 233lbs
    Jeremy McNicholls – Boise State 5-10 214lbs
    Corey Clement – Wisconsin 5-10 220lbs

    1. pman, all of the RB’s you’ve mentioned are just guys…nothing special at all…men of mediocrity Just as you have a knock on Cook I can find a knock on all of the alternative backs of interest you’ve named, and they’re no where near as talented as Mixon or Cook.
      As far as rotational big backs, the Eagles have a couple of rotational big backs on their roster(Oregon kid and the Syracuse kid) …they’re just guys too…why draft that which you already have your roster. Upgrade..don’t level off!

      1. My boy who works at redskins park talking about he heard they wanna trade breeland and second rd pick for Sherman, IDK about that he probably lying

      2. I realize that and amok with a RB Corp by Committee ..
        I don’t believe the Eagles Offense unde Pedwrson and QB Wentz is going to revolve around having a Stud RB.. This will be more of a Passing Offense which is Pederson’s background and if Wentz is to become a Franchise QB it’s going to be of his Arm and handing the ball off 30-40 Times a game
        A Big Effective in-between the Tackles RB, A Slasher Back like Smallwood and a Pass-Receiver out of the Backfield like Sproles is good enough
        Look at Chiefs RB Group in Pederson’s final Season with them when Jamal Charles was out for the Season with an injury and they won like 8-9 Games in a row towards the end of the Season to make the Post-Season with a RB by Committee (Duane Ward, Knile Davis & McCluster)

        1. Pederson only worked with the talent given while the OC for the Chiefs…he had no say in personnel. Truth be told, it was primarily Andy calling the plays so we can’t look at what Pederson did with the Chiefs as a blueprint to what Pederson is going to do with the Eagles concerning the RB position. I’m sure he’d like a back with Ryan Mathews skill/ability (at the very least)..none of the round 3-5 guys have that. Cook or Mixon is the way to go.

  8. Not a huge fan of Sherman but…

    Jason Peters, Jordan Mathews and a fourth. You got a deal.
    I’d also offer JP,Jmat, Agholor, swap 2nds 3rds and give them a 4.

    Have to move JP to afford the guy and Seattle needs a tackle.

    1. Would a Lane Johnson straight up for Sherman work better
      I think it does … Seahawks get a younger aoT which means the Eagles don’t have to Trade J Matthews or Draft Picks .. Actually I toss them Agholor too
      LJ & Agholor for Richard Sherman
      Play VaiTai, Barbree or even Seumalo at RT for 2017 if the Eagles are keeping Kelce which appears they will be doing

      1. If the Eagles were on the cusp of a SB and Richard Sherman was that last missing piece to complete an elite or very competitive defense, then I’d say go for it. However, that’s not the position the Eagles are in. Sherman would no more lead the Eagles to the SB or playoffs than Revis lead the Jets anywhere. No way do you ever you trade a starting OT for a CB unless you have a stud blue chip OT waiting to take over. Johnson for Sherman would be a stupid trade.

        1. Lane JOhnson is not that Young anymore, He’s one more Failed Test from a Years Suspension and who knows if he can even play LT not being juiced up..
          There are still lots of unanswered questions about LJ now and plus with his Lawsuit against the NFL and NFLPA so he’s probably not a very well-liked Player in the Locker Room or Organization for that matter as he has broken the Trust of Eagles Front Office and Teammates Twice now..
          Everyone thinks of Lane Johnson as some type of untouchable Player and I just don’t believe it.. In fact, almost every other Eagles OL has been rumored about a possible move or trade but LJ, So why not him !!!
          If Peters is good for 2 more Season, than Vaitai,Barbree or even Seumalo can hold the fort down at RT.. Vaitai has as much Potential as a Solid NFL RT as LJ has displayed

          1. 2 years younger than Sherman.
            Played a full season less because of suspensions.
            LT is much more important position than CB

            I don’t think that they think that Peters can last hat long. Also, you are clearly speculating about Johnson’s standing in the locker room. Such a bad standing that he goes right back into the starting lineup. And to answer your question about no rumors about him is that they are invested in him and want him for the future. Also, the Eagles don’t seem to be intimidated by looming PED issues as they signed Jeffrey in the off season. Before you say, but it is a 1 year deal, I am will speculate on my own that they want that to work out.

          2. Shit meet wall… LJ is 3 years younger at a position that lends itself to a longer career. Pay attention and stop talking stupid…. It’s all about WENTZ

            1. If LT is such a Great Pass-Blocker than why isn’t he already the Eagles Starting LT since he’s being paid as one, after signing that extension a couple years back.. If Peters plays 2017/2018 and you know he will, for he likes his $$$, than LJ is waiting until 2019 to take over at LT and will be 29 going on 30 with no real game experience at LT, what happens if he ends up not playing at that great on the left side or without being juiced ?
              All I’m saying is that LJ is not untouchable like everyone says he is..
              Eagles are going to end up paying him 4 Years at LT $$$ while playing him at RT and then finally gets 1 Year at LT..

              1. Didn’t the Eagles ask Peters for a Pay Reduction/Restructure and he told them to pound sand, he’s only made what, approx $80-$90 Million over his Eagles Career since 2009… What a Team Player that Jason Peters is who has never cared about anything much but himself…. The Eagles had a choice this Off-Season to do something about it and caved into him.. Who Cares it’s not my $$$, but I’m sure other Players see him as a pretty selfish Teammate..

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