With Jernigan Trade, Howie Roseman Finds Another Creative Way To Improve Team

On Tuesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Eagles completed a trade with the Baltimore Ravens to bring defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan to the midnight green.

Jernigan, a former second-round pick, is only 24 years old and has 13 career sacks, was acquired for only a swap of the Eagles and Ravens’ third-round picks, dropping the Birds 25 spots in the round from pick 74 to 99.

It’s the latest a long line of smart, solid moves from General Manager Howie Roseman, who is in the midst of another impressive offseason.

It’s time really start giving Howie credit for the job that he’s done finding ways to improve the team. The Eagles began the new league year with one of the lowest amounts salary cap room available, and limited trade resources available. And yet Roseman has been able to significantly upgrade the roster with some savvy, low-risk moves that haven’t forced the team to part with any of their upcoming draft assets.

Roseman has overhauled the wide receiver, finding a way to land the most attractive name on the open market in Alshon Jeffrey on a team-friendly deal, and rather than overpaying for a Kenny Stills or DeSean Jackson, got the team a legitimate deep threat through the signing of Torrey Smith.

Roseman also enhanced the team’s offensive line by picking up the talented Chance Warmack, and surprised a lot of people by finding a way to resign Stefan Wisniewski, who proved himself to be a capable starting piece on the line last season.

The defense has also been addressed, with Chris Long bringing a strong veteran presence to the defensive line, and Patrick Robinson bolstering the depth at corner.

The one hit that the Eagles had taken over the winter was the loss of Bennie Logan, who the team just wasn’t able to resign. Although Logan had been a quality member of the team’s defense, it just wasn’t possible logistically for the team to get something done with him, leaving the team with a hole next to Fletcher Cox.

But now, Roseman has managed to fill that hole before the draft with the addition of Jernigan. Jernigan may only be a one-year rental, part of the reason the Ravens were willing to part with him was the fact that they weren’t likely to pay him after his contract runs out, but you can’t argue with the value that the Eagles get in this deal. They pick up a quality young player to replace Logan, keep a pick in the third round, and don’t part with any additional picks. That’s the kind of creative, outside of the box thinking that can really pay off for a team.

Howie Roseman is not without flaws, but he’s becoming one of the best GM’s in the league when it comes to making trades. Howie has developed an excellent feel for how to work out these deals, and plain and simple he’s becoming the type of GM that almost never loses a trade.

With the previous power struggles in the front office now a thing of the past, Roseman may finally be developing a stable atmosphere in the front office. There seems to be a good long-term plan in place, and with the draft still to come, there may be even more to celebrate and be excited about over this football team.

18 thoughts on “With Jernigan Trade, Howie Roseman Finds Another Creative Way To Improve Team

  1. Its pretty clear that the level of competency in the FO has increased dramatically.

    Where once (under Kelly) my immediate reaction to just about every move (Bradford trade, Desean release, etc) was “that’s just stupid”, now my reaction is “that makes sense”

    I have no idea what kind of player Jerrigan will be for the Eagles…but picking up a guy who has been productive, at a position of need, for a drop in the 3rd round, makes sense.

    The Long and Peterson deals make sense.

    The Smith deal (really a one year deal at low $$) makes sense.

    The Jeffrey deal makes sense.

    Will these all work out? Doubtful, but they all still make sense from a combination of proper compensation, salary, need nad ‘upside’ perspective.

    I don’t see a downside to any of these deals. And that’s excellent work for a GM.

    And a very, very welcome departure from the WTF!?!?! reactions that came with just about every single Kelly transaction.

    1. im shocked chip doesnt have a job with the trump administration. i hear they almost hired him but trump decided amarosa was a better fit

  2. Vin. I agree..Its also apparently clear that the fiscal “show me” what you can do ,is a no nonesensical approach. .The one common thread is ,a one and done ,with no cap casualties. .If the team and player are committed to providing a longer term deal ,it will be with a years performance under the hood..in todays NFL the emphasis howie is now making is upon his coaches to coach and instill their systems..accountability and adaption, are on display,with a highly motivated player,eager to get his $$..win win. The only ommitted position interestingly has been an area of need..running back..perhaps thats an indication..

    1. The only omitted position interestingly has been an area of need..running back..perhaps that’s an indication..

      desert…I agree. I was thinking that yesterday. All positions of need has been addressed to some degree except running back.

      Can you say Dalvin Cook at pick 14, or Joe Mixon at 43. I think if Cook is there at 14 he’s the pick.

    2. The one and done thing is brilliant– all players playing for that next contract– a stellar year could mean a difference of millions of guaranteed dollars to players who know their career is short–

      1. The best thing that Has ever happened to Howie was when he was demoted by Chip. He was able to take a step bAck, learn, take everything in and plot this shit out.

        He has killed it the past 2 offseasons.

        The player we get at 14 and this draft will be what really Sets us off. If he Can prove he can put together back to back drafts he will be one of the best GM’s in the NFL by putting that knock on him In the past

        1. Winning the off season is no reason to talk shit! Winning the off season SUCKS if that’s all you do. Means nothing! Win 11 games and make a run..,

  3. I think Howie is doing a fine job starting last year cleaning up Chips ( not and never will be a NFL coach with a “gimmick ” offense ). I am looking forward to the draft ,I hope they take best player available as we have several needs

  4. Hey Vinnie…you mention the offseason moves working out as “doubtful” ..I would say it’s more like “probable” because if they don’t, then the Eagles could really suffer in more ways than one. The Eagles have been doing everything possible to put together a winning team. Trust the process!

    1. Well I said it was doubtful “all” the deals would wok out. I am expecting (and hoping) that they all do, but am a realist. Long is old, Peterson, Smith ho-hum, the historical record of WRs switching teams in FA is mediocre etc.

      Odds are it is doubtful they all work out. Some I am sure will.

      But it appears Howie realizes this as well and somehow managed to acquire all these players as “risk free” as is possible in the NFL..

      I don’t see any “suffering” is these things all fail (which I don’t expect, but anything is possible). If every FA is a bust, the Eagles suffer absolutely no ramifications.They can all be bounced, penalty-free, next year. Eagles left with the base they have now + their 2017 draft picks. No cap penalties of significance. There’s no downside to any of these moves.

      This isn’t a “aw shit we’re screwed with Jarius Byrd like cap crushing penalties for 4 years” once a player turns out to be worthless. If Alshon Jeffrey is really just a guy who benifitted from PEDs and having Brandon marshall on the other side and flops…he’s gone. We’ll have had one year where he’ll have been better than DGB/Agholor (because I mean, even in a wheelchair I’d take Jeffrey over them) and then “poof – see you later” at the end of the year.

      The only, slight, and I mean slight downside to these moves is if they all explode and have career years…Jeffrey rips off 100+ for 1500 and 12, This new DT tears through opposing Oline for 8 sacks, 3 FF and a myriad of tackles for loss etc etc and Eagles are sitting there next year looking a a bunch of FAs wanting top $$.

      But I’ll take that problem any day.

  5. If Joe Douglas is truly running the show then if my recollection serves me right Reuben Foster will be the pick. Doesn’t Baltimore value stud LB in the 1st round?

    1. I have heard great things about the MLB i think from Bama and certainly an impact LB would be a great thing to build the D around. As for comparing to the ravens you do have to remember that they play a 34 which puts a little different emphasis on the LB position.

      1. Stength up the middle has always been a succesful tactic for defense. With Jenkins in the back and Cox up front.

        There has been a lot of speculation about Hicks moving outside, but the team doesn’t seem to want to do this.

        1. I wonder if the thin Jordan Hicks will hold up at 235lbs playing the Inside for very long and I think he would make an excellent, natural WILL LB
          Foster goes at 245lbs right now and has the thicker frame to put on 5-10 more Lbs once getting into a NFL Training Program
          Going with Bradham at SAM, Foster at MIKE and Hicks at WILL would give the Eagles their Best, Most Athletic LB Corp in a very long time
          With Cox,Jernigan,Allen up front at DT and Malcolm Jenkins and McLeod at Safety, this middle of the Eagles Defense would be very Strong indeed
          I would have no issues with Ruben Foster Selected at #14

              1. Bengals have Need at DE also and Reports are that Marv Lewis really likes Barnett/Charlton as well for their Defense

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