Beau Allen May Be Out For 2017 Season

The Philadelphia Eagles received some bad news on Saturday afternoon.

According to a report from Zach Berman, Eagles’ defensive tackle Beau Allen suffered a chest/pectoral injury that will likely require surgery and will put his availability for the upcoming season in doubt.

Allen, a former seventh-round pick who had developed into a nice piece of the defensive line rotation, will be a blow to the team’s depth, and make it even more likely that they’ll address the position at some point in the draft.

This news makes the acquisition of Timmy Jernigan all the more important for the team.

222 thoughts on “Beau Allen May Be Out For 2017 Season

  1. That’s bad news. I was interested in the Eagles drafting Clemson DT Carlos Watkins 6″3″ 305. After acquiring Timmy Jernigan I changed my mind, but now Watkins would be a good replacement as he has future starting potential. He’d add great depth.

  2. ehhh. I like destiny and shittu, im sure we will be fine and he’s not out for season only till september, so probally october when he gets back in football shape

  3. Eagles Sign QB Matt McGloin of the Raiders, on a 1 Year Deal to bring into Camp and to compete with Nick Foles as the Back-Up QB..

  4. Interesting, to all the salary cap wo is me guys, the mortgage the future guys and to the Howie the accountant crowd… Seems like significant upgrades at OL, DL, QB, WR all before the draft… Interesting.

    1. Eagles are Currently $6.25 Million Over the Cap which does include their Draft Picks slotted Salary Amounts… (Assuming they don’t trade any Trade Picks)
      Ryan Matthews, when Released saves $4 Million and there is likely 1-2 Current Players under Contract who will be traded/released come Draft Weekend, Post Draft or even after June 1 when any Team can Release 1 Player and spread out the Dead $$$ over a 2 Year period instead of having to absorb the entire Cap Hit in 2017 .. (Michael Kendricks comes to mind if they can’t Trade him)
      The Eagles have lots of Depth along their OL and could make a Trade from that group also and save $$$ off their Total Cap (Kelce, Barbre or ?)

      The Eagles, just like every other Team have plenty of time (by late August) to work out their Cap Issues for the 2017 Season whether that’s by Trade, Release or by Restructuring Contracts and we will have a clearer picture after seeing how the Draft shakes out for the Eagles in terms of who the young add, etc, etc…

        1. Who is worrying ? I’m just stating a Fact, The Eagles will have to make a Couple of Roster Moves that will need to be made to get under the Salary Cap whether that’s Today, Draft Weekend or after June 1st or even by late August when the Final Roster comes out …
          I’m sure the Eagles are looking to get some Trade Value/Position back come Draft Weekend which is why they haven’t had to Release any Players yet, but a couple of moves will be coming during or afterwards just like for most other Teams..
          I expect one of the OL Traded over the Draft Weekend and a June 1st Release of LB M Kendricks after attempting to Trade him away, and of course, RB Ryan Matthews will be Released once he receives Medical Clearance which when these moves are combined will put the Eagles back under the Salary Cap and plus there could be a surprise trade,release & transaction that no one saw coming, as Howie works his magic in re-tooling the Eagles Roster…

  5. Worrying is what us fans do. What’s gonna happen to get us cap compliant? Is Jenkins , peters or lane gone? Can a bunch of restructures happen? How will this impact our team is the question we wanna know.

    1. My understanding of the cap is that the NFL won’t allow u to sign people if u are over the cap so are we really over ? Have roster moves been made that aren’t public yet?

    2. Thats for howie the accountant to worry about–
      henski it is my understanding as well that you have to stay cap compliant at all times–
      to my knowledge the only big cash dump on our part is barwin with matthews on the way… I may have missed one because its my understanding we take a hit on daniel– who knows– thats howies job

      1. Releasing Leodis McKelvin knocked off about $3.2 Million in 2017 per Spotrac..
        Ertz reworked his 2017 Deal to lower his Salary for 2017 figures by turning his 2017 Salary more into a Bonus therefore the Eagles could spread that amount over the life of his Contract which freed up some $$$ for 2017

        I thought as Mhenski did that, Teams had to remain compliant under the Cap throughout the Free-Agency and Off-Season Period all the way thru Summer Camps and until Final Rosters are set in late August.. Maybe there are exclusions/exceptions or trades being worked on and completed already, but not announced until Draft Weekend which in this day and age would be hard to see how that information would not be leaked out in the media..

        I thought Kelce would be moved to the Rams or Jets but I believe both Teams have addressed their Center Positions Needs by signing other Players

          1. Per Spotrac Figures – The Eagles Draft Picks will be account approx $6.8 Million towards their Salary Cap and I just noticed when clicking on the Rookie Pool Figure that this amount is not factored in to their Total Salary Cap yet, which means that the Eagles are approx $12.5 Million over the Cap if they keep all their Draft Picks which would require some significant Moves/Transactions..
            So maybe they don’t show over the Cap just yet per the NFL Rules since the Draft hasn’t occurred Yet ?

  6. Ok I’ve figured out the eagles draft plan…. Macaferry in round one… He finishes with 72 receptions, helps Wentz win MVP. Win 11 games and make the NFC championship. Record setting offense, Agholar breaks out scores 7 TD, Ertz is all pro… Place kicker is put on the DL because he kicks a record number of extra points and kickoffs

  7. Titans Release Veteran CB Jason McCourty in a Salary Cap Move saving them $7 Million in Cap Space as the Titans Signed Free Agent CB Logan Ryan and will likely Draft a Young CB this Draft Deep with DB’s moving forward.

    The Eagles should take a look at the former Rutgers Player
    McCourty is 6-0 195lbs and is a 9 Year Veteran and will turn 30 this August
    and be a good mentor to the Younger DB’s the Eagles have

  8. What’s everyone thinking about the Eagles at #14
    Offense or Defense ?

    Offense – RB or WR or a Surprise OL
    Defense – DB, DE or LB …

    There has been lots of Players from all the Draft Guru’s and Reports out there about the Eagles at #14…
    I think they will go Defense (CB if the right one is there) or DE (if Solomon Thomas or Barnett is there) or maybe a Surprise Pick at LB (Ruben Foster, Zac Cunningham or Haason Reddick)

    1. pman, to answer your question I believe they’re going offense if either Dalvin Cook, Corey Davis or Mike Williams is available.

      On the defensive side of the ball at 14, I’m taking S/CB Obi Melifionwu. At 6’4″ 220, 4.40 40 and jumps through the roof. He can cover TE’s and the bigger WR’s in the NFC East. I think this kid has a lot of upside and can seriously help on the back end in multiple ways for years to come.

      1. That Obi Melifionwu of U-Conn is a Physical Freak..
        I think Eagles need 2 Defensive Picks with their first 2 Selections/Rounds who can be Starters on the Defense (LB and CB)
        I’m good with a Combo of LB Foster (or Cunningham or Reddick)
        and then CB’s C Awuzie,or G Conley, C Tankersly, F Moreau or A Jackson in the 2nd Round

        At WR, I just not sure how much a Rookie WR would Play in 2017 with the additions of A Jeffrey, T Smith to along with Jordan Matthews & Ertz ..I think the Eagles can still select a WR in the Mid-Rounds to learn behind the Veterans and be ready by 2018/2019

        The 14th Pick needs to get on the field and be a Starter/Big Contributor and be an Impact player in 2017 and beyond and I just don’t see Corey Davis or Mike Williams doing that right away.. If Jeffrey has a Nice 2017 Season, then he may end up signing a big deal to remain as Eagle for a long time..

        1. I’m good with Fabian Moreau or Gareon Conley in round two..not one though. I think Conley has benefited from the Sydney Rice injury. In round 3 I’m taking WR Dede Westbrook. In the 4th DT Carlos Watkins (Clemson)

        2. I hope he turns out to be a very, very good player, if drafted by Eagles,I recall mike mamula,was branded with same title, Also Jevon Kearse , both were freaks as they are called.But in real deal time, not so much between the lines.A safer approach would be Wait and see,And save the accolades ,props, and creds for later.

  9. Multiple Reports from Howard Eksin & Ian Rappaprt that the Eagles have indeed removed RB Joe Mixon off their Draft Board…

    1. Joe Mixon removed from Eagles draft board according to Howard Eskin. Jimmy kempski refutes this report, further, Josh Norris was on PFT yesterday (4/19/17) and stated that Eagles owner Jeff Lurie has green lighted the drafting of Mixon. He goes on to state that the Eagles are seriously interested in Mixon if available in the second round.

      The only issue I have with Eskin’s report is that he came on WIP after the story of the father came out saying Mixon assaulted his daughter in high school. The father recanted that story stating Mixon and his daughter are friends til this day and that Mixon is welcome in his house any time. I think Eskin got hold of the story and ran with it…Eskin has been dead set against drafting Mixon so this story helped his narrative and agenda. The Eagles through their investigation surely knew about the story. The problem with the story is that the school nor the police department have any records of the accusation or incident that allegedly took place at the high school.
      I personally hope Mixon is still on their draft board, to good a talent to let go by. If they draft him there will be a PR hit, but, I can come up with a PR plan to deal with the blow i know they can..fact is, whatever team drafts him already has preparations and plans in place to deal with the situation.

      Eagles…draft either Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon!

      1. the school nor police department don’t have any records that this alleged assault took place.
        Eskin treated this story as if it was some new information but it wasn’t. Oddly, Eskin has not tweeted out a rebuttal or gone on air to address Kempski’s or Norris’ refuting of his report…which he is known to do when he is certain about something he reports that is disputed.

        1. Es kin isn’t very reliable since Reid left. But paulman adamant on insisting mixon off eagles board to justify his earlier claim. Eskin reported it but to my knowledge rap sheet didn’t

  10. I’m really starting to feel oj howard will be ghe pick at 14 if they don’t trade up a couple of spots to get him…

    And the Eagles should entertain trading Brandon graham for Malcom Butler

  11. 1st rd pick oj howard
    2nd rd pick jordan Willis
    3rd rd Sidney Jones
    4th Rd James conner
    4th Rd demontae kazee
    5th Rd Travis Rudolph
    6th and 7th rd best special teams player you can find

  12. The eagles have 8 picks this year– AS speculated they will dump a couple of pricey vets- Kelce, Kendricks etc. I don’t think they will be able to ADD much in the way of picks probably more of a “we give you Kelce and we give you our 4 for your 3” type of thing–

    1. Howie the accountant! Hey remember some on here wanted to tank for my son Deshawn Watson? Hilarious! There are no franchises changing QB in this draft

      1. The jury very much out on wentz. Dude didn’t do shit to get crowned, I’m hopeful but man he flopped plenty. Certainly has the tools and mindset tho. Hopefully with a real wr and chance to develop he can take a leap this year (minimum of 22 tds for me)

        1. It was his first year, he performed better than any Eagles rookie QB in Eagles history..including the best Eagles QB in history…Donovan McNabb. What did you expect from him?
          Wentz knows he has things to improve upon as we all can see that too, but, I’m encouraged by what I saw as far as skill, ability…the potential is there. It’s up to Wentz to keep improving. From what I hear about his dedication to his craft and the film room, I’m not worried about him making a big jump this year and next.

          1. well the he performed better than any rookie qb in eagles history certainly means absolutely nothing for a few reasons.

            1- has any rookie eagles qb ever started week 1 and lasted the whole year (minus injuries of course)

            2- you cant even begin to compare a qb stats in 2017 to 2009 qb stats let alone 1960 with the new rules that don’t allow defense to be played!

            I don’t know that I expected anything than for him to pass the eye and sniff test.. I think I would’ve liked to see 22+ tds and overall to see him be immediately better than bradturd in his “prime”…. he did fine, I just have some reservations about crowning him as legit just yet. there are concerns especially as it relates to losing all those 1 score games… games that could’ve been won. but its the ultimate team game so hard to pin the blame when his supporting cast of weapons was the worst ive ever seen perform and too many flops

            1. it takes 3 years to see what a player is going to be. I expect to see continuous progress over the next two years. The only problem I had with Wentz this year was the picks due to some sailed passes. As far as TD’s there were about 4 dropped TD passes in the EZ and one called back in the Seahawks game due to an Agholor penalty. Patience, it’ll come.
              The fact that he played 16 games is a plus..the best ability is durability for availability….the very knock on Sleeves.

              1. There was, but I’m looking at the availability aspect. Bradford was okay, just not a QB that’s going to get you to the playoffs. I appreciate Sam though, he netted a first round pick…he’s okay in my book. Just did not want him as my QB.

              2. Bradford was a bottom ten starting qb and when you factor in his availability and his style of play an argument can be made for bottom 5 and maybe the worst. Nothing ok with that

  13. Anyone else sensing an Eagles Trade …
    I think the Eagles trade with Patriots for CB Malcolm Butler for the Eagles 2nd Round Pick (#43rd) + a Swap Out of 4th Round Picks (Eagles take the Patriots 4th Round Pick and the Patriots get the Eagles early 4th Round Pick)
    and TE Trey Burton..

    1. Patriots already Traded for DE Kony Ealy with the Panthers and have the improving DE Trey Flowers as their Starting DE’s for 2017..
      The Patriots will look to add a young DE in the Draft and are probably not interested in Graham and his Contract… besides Graham is Eagles Best Rusher andwouldnt be looking to Deal him anyways…

  14. Eagles Select RB Chris McCaffrey with the #14 Pick
    And then Trade Darren Sproles for a 6th Round Pick with the Chargers or Rams where he can return closer to home to finish his Career

    Eagles Trade Center Kelce to either the Chiefs or Jets

    Eagles Work out CB Darelle Revis as do the Steelers

      1. Yep, the Home Angle for Sproles, once the Eagles Draft McCaffrey , the Eagles will contact Sproles and ask him where he wants to be traded too.. Sproles will say New England for a chance for a Super Bowl or one of the LA Teams to get closer to his family and hometown San Diego .. The Eagles will work hard to grant his wishes and Trade him to where he would like to finish his Career

        1. So the rams or chargers are planning their roster and saying, “hmmm you know darren sproles would probably like to come home to finish his career. We should trade for him”– I’ve never been in a war room but I’m thinking thats not what they are doing. dunno.

          1. I actually think the Eagles will Trade Back
            with either with Denver (#20) Texans (#25) or Seahawks (#26)

    1. Well foster ruined his draft stock what a terrible lie he made up, idiot, he was my pick, I’m thinking Howard or Ross now, definitely not no damn white Reggie Bush in mccafery

      1. So if white Reggie bush produces 800 yards rushing, 70 catches for 800 yards and a total of 11 TDs it’s bad? Is it the white part? Cuz the other part sounds like a 14th pick

        1. I don’t use a 1st rd pick on a scat back and I don’t care if he is white just did that for comic relief don’t be so quick to jump on race stuff, it’s played out

      1. U talking to me? If yes I was all about winless for Watson…but I’m not a I was right wrong guy. I’m all for wentz he showed a lot of tools but his production was lacking. He was certainly hung out to dry early and often but similar to my criticism to Ron Mexico and kolb and especiall Brad turd at what point do u blame qb vs everyone else. He passed the sniff test but he has to get way better. A slight bump in production into the top 20 this year top 15 year 3 and top 10 year 4 is my expectation.

    1. Yeah yeah Paulman shut up!!!!! It’s the trucker Thursday marathon on Boone’s trailer trash network. Don’t you pay an extra $9.95 a month on Spectrum cable for the network? So break out the wild turkey and a can of Copenhagen chew and, cuddle up with the old lady I mean your cousin cause this one’s gonna be a real doozy. Riley Cooper is said to be making a guest appearance he’s gonna explain how using the N word actually prolonged his NFL career.

  15. OK I’m on the flip flop train I’m definitely OK with mccafery now, he’s more then a scat back, he reminds me of Westbrook, but that does make sproles exspendable

      1. LMAO yes I sure did, after hearing everybody just say he’s a Darren sproles type I immediately took him off the 1st rd board, but the damn guy has so many elite traits, u gotta take him

  16. How I see the Eagles first 3 rds
    1st Corey Davis
    2nd Joe Mixon
    3rd Sidney Jones or Desmond king

    Then making sproles and jordan Matthew’s expendable

  17. First Round
    1a. Corey Davis WR
    1b. OJ Howard TE (to great a value to pass on at 14. BPA)
    1c Dalvin Cook RB
    1d Gareon Conley CB

    2a Joe Mixon RB (trade up to 39-40 ahead of Bengals)
    2b D’Onta Foreman RB
    2c Kevin King CB
    2d Tre’Davious White CB

    3a Arkhello Witherspoon CB
    3b Tanoh Kpassagnon DE/Carlos Watkins DT
    3c DeDe Westbrook WR
    3d Zay Jones WR/Chris Godwin WR

    1. EHL do think there’s any way possible that OJ Howard slips to the eagles? I would be beyond estatic. A perinial probowler and game changer. Last stud TE was Chad Lewis. The best obviously Keith Jackson.

      1. Coldbrewski…I don’t think OJ Howard makes it out of the top 10. If he made it to 14…you have to seriously consider it. He and Corey Davis are top of my list of players I want. If Howard is available and Davis is off the board it’s a no brainer.

  18. Philly fans fooling themselves. lol. Theres no CB in this years draft covering Beckham, Dez or Marshall just stop it. My god Richard Sherman cant cover them guys without a great scheme or pass rush. Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall will eat every CB in this draft alive. Whats Conley going to do with Dez? Honestly it doesnt matter you need a ferocious pass rush to neutralize guys like that and a offense that scores points.

  19. NFL Network reviewed all the past drafts since 2011. My god Aglohor was a stud in college. Fast, strong, elusive and tough. Maybe just maybe the light goes on this year.

  20. Westbrook says McCaffery is a usless 1st round pick. Eagles dont need a back to catch 90 balls. They have Matthews Ertz Jeffries and Smith to catch balls. Get a back in later rounds to run the ball. The only reason he had to catch so many balls is the lack or receivers he played with. Use that pick elsewhere. He said defenses have changed so the days of some 250lb LB covering him will be minimal. They will put a small safety or DB on him.

  21. 1. Barnett-DE
    2.Tre’Davious White – CB
    3Teez Tabor, CB, Florid
    4Chad Hansen, WR, Cal

    anything after that is gravy

  22. Its official after years of saying if I could be any athlete in the world ever it was MJ or Ali. I have officially changed my mind to Messi or Renaldo. lol. 500 million people around the world watched them today. un fucking believable.

  23. NJ.Com Eagles beat reporter Elliot Shorr-Parks is reporting that not only is Joe Mixon still on the Eagles board as they are very interested in him, they have done extensive research of him off the field and would be willing to draft him.

      1. I think Howie is trying to assemble the best talent around Wentz. If the Eagles draft Mixon I’m sure they have done their due diligence, feel comfortable with him and have a plan in place to bring him along and shield him from the media etc.
        Jimmy Kempski (, Derrick Gunn (CSN Philly), Zack Berman (, Elliot Shorr Parks( and Jeff McClane all are in agreement that Mixon is on the Eagles board. Josh Norris rotoworld/PFT and Elliot Shorr-Parks believe the Eagles are prepared to take Mixon.

        Howard Eskin believes Mixon is off the Eagles draft board.

        1. Mike Mayock is on Record that Mixon would be off his Draft Board..
          Mayock is close to the Eagles Front Office and they do Value his Opinion on Players, etc, etc, for whatever that’s worth
          I think there are 4-5 Teams in the Mix for Joe Mixon (Vikings,Raiders, Redskins Chiefs and Eagles) but nothing will happen until 2nd Round where I think the Vikings Select him with the #48th Selection

          1. Lol, the Eagles are not considering what Mike Mayock thinks concerning who they will place on their draft board and who they will draft. If Mixon is available at 43 and they have not already taken a RB, I believe Mixon will be the pick. Honestly, I feel this way because of what I’ve read from local reporters and in part because it’s what I would like to see happen.

  24. I just know I will have major issues cheering for a guy I saw Jaw jack a young girl like that. I dunno, I think he should get a 2nd chance but not here. I don’t want to be Dallas North East in a few years.

    1. I look at football to be entertained. The other stuff is for the team and the judicial system to take care of. I cheer my team on..players are just a cog in the machine. Honestly, I hated what Riley cooper said (was very disappointed in him) because I cheered him in college and was happy the Eagles drafted him). However, after the incident at the concert I cheered the team winning and scoring even when it was Cooper that scored.
      Whether they take Mixon or not, I’m an Eagles fan. If Mixon can come in and show that he’s ready to get his life together as a person then I have no issue. For me it’s not about second chances, it’s about believing in humanity. What he did was egregious and horrible, but, it’s not my place to decide what his punishment should be and for how long. He will be judged by the team that drafts him from that point forward. His life is what’s in the balance here, not mine. It’s all entertainment for me.

  25. Final Mock Draft for Round #1

    1) Browns – DE Myles Garrett (Texas A & M)
    2) Browns in a Trade with 49ers – QB Mitch Trubinsky (UNC)
    3) Bears – DE Solomon Thomas (Stanford)
    4) Jaguars – RB Leonard Fournette (LSU)
    5) Titans – CB Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State)
    6) NY Jets – QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson)
    7) LA Chargers – Safety Jamal Adams (LSU)
    8) Panthers – RB Christian McCaffrey (Stanford)
    9) Bengals – DE Derek Barnett (Tennessee)
    10) Bills – WR Corey Davis (Western Michigan)
    11) Saints – CB Gareon Conley (Ohio State)
    12) 49ers – Safety Malik Hooker (Ohio State)
    13) Cardinals – QB Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech)
    14) EAGLES – TE OJ Howard (Alabama)
    15) Colts – OLB Hassan Reddick (Temple)
    16) Ravens – DL Jonathon Allen (Alabama)
    17) Redskins – LB Ruben Foster (Alabama)
    18) TItans – WR John Ross (Washington)
    19) TB Bucs – RB Dalvin Cook (Fla State)
    20) Broncos – OL Forrest Lamp (Western Ky)
    21) Lions – DE Taco Charlton (Michigan)
    22) Dolphins – LB Zach Cunningham (Vanderbilt)
    23) NY Giants – OT Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin)
    24) Raiders – DB Kevin King (Washington)
    25) Texans – QB Davis Webb (California)
    26) Seahawks – OT Cam Robinson (Alabama)
    27) KC Chiefs – OLB Tyus Bowser (University of Houston)
    28) Cowboys – OLB/DE Takarrist McKinley (UCLA)
    29) Packers – DB Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado)
    30) Steelers – DB Obi Melinfonwu (Connecticut)
    31) Falcons – DE Charles Harris (Missouri)
    32) NO Saints – WR Mike Williams (Clemson)

      1. A lot can and will happen during the early part of Round #1
        I actually think there will be multiple Trades and believe that the Bills first Choice at #10 is QB Deshaun Watson, but if he’s gone as I have to the JEts at #7, then I believe the Bills then take Corey Davis to match up with Sammy Watckins as they lost WR’s Robert Woods, Chris Hogan the last 2 Off-Seasons and are now thin at WR Position

        Teams that I think will actively attempt to Trade Back for more Picks
        49ers, Jaguars, Jets & Cardinals

        Teams that I think will attempt to Trade Up
        Browns from #12 to get their QB,
        Panthers to make sure they get their RB (Fournette or McCaffrey)
        Broncos to get their OL or RB (McCaffrey qill be in Play for them)
        Texans to move up to try to get their QB if there is a Run on QB’s
        Seahawks to move up to get their OL, they may also surprise and Select RB Joe Mixon too.
        Chiefs, as we know Andy Reid likes to move up to get a QB if he feels there is one on the Board worth Selecting to start grooming behind Alex Smith.

        Rams have no 1st Rounder, Vikings have no 1st Round and Patriots have no 1st Rounder who could all make a Deal to move some Assets and try to get into the 1st Round..

  26. If McCaffrey Falls to #14, then I believe the Eagles will be very tempted to Trade #14 to the Broncos for their #20th Overall Pick and be dangled CB A Talib who the Broncos are quietly trying to move which would require the Eagles then to unload 1-2 Players to make some more Cap Space..
    I also believe that the Texans will Contact the Eagles about swapping out Picks if they feel their QB won’t last until #25

  27. No expert here , just a watcher, but I say two major issues christian mc caffery has against him going to the pros, that are obvious, He is white, a bit undersized for the brutal pounding his position takes, And I hope he doesnt develop the Irish virus, A very common condition among Irish menfolk,

  28. Trade back to 20 with Denver. Trade Peters for Kalib a 2nd this year and a 2nd we dont have next year. Then hopefully take Foster at 20. Take Mixon in 2nd and best available CB perhaps White. Now you have Mixon Talib, Foster and White.

    1. That would be quite a Draft Weekend ending up with 4 Starters for basically Trading away a 35 Year LT Jason Peters.. You Plug in LJ at LT and let
      Alan Barbree/Big V Battle it out for RT

  29. Another Team the Eagles could Trade back with are the Seahawks who typically make a lot of moves every Draft and the Seahawks/Eagles have a History doing Deals….Eagles could Trade #14 and LT Peters to Seahawks
    for #26, CB Richard Sherman and maybe a 4th Round Pick or a 2018 Mid Round Draft Pick..

  30. according to most mock drafts marshon lattimore is going around #10. if he gets past 7 eagles need to stop everything they doing and find a way to move up and get him. hes a top 5 talent. need to get him if he goes after 7!

    1. Report on PFT that a player in this draft from Ohio is being investigated for a possible sexual assault. Went to a Cleveland Brown website, fans are speculating it’s Marshon Lattimore based on some pics of him at a club with Cardale Jones. Story is growing legs. Hopefully it’s not true..period

      1. This Draft Class seems to have more Players Dropping than Rising ..
        The more I look at it, it’s not as strong as a Draft Class Collectively..
        Time will tell for sure ..but between Injuries, Off-The Field Issues,etc, there are a lot of Red-Flags on Players who were thought of for sure 1st Round Prospects

        Injuries to Players like Malik Hooker, Corey Davis, Sydney Jones, Ryan Ramczyk,Fabian Moreau are likely to push them down the Board a bit.

        Character Issues with Ruben Foster, Jabrill Peppers,Dalvin Cook, Malik McDowell,Cam Robinson,DeShone Kizer, Joe Mixon and DT Caleb Brantley and now maybe Lattimore

        Lattimore was expected to go anywhere from #4 to #8 depending what the 49ers & Jets do.. The more QB’s taken in the Top #10-#12 will push some more very Talented Position Players further down the Board for the Eagles to have available at #14

        If the 49ers at #2, Jets(#7), the Bills (#10) Browns (#12) or Cardinals (#13) take QB’s there will be some Studs available at #14 for the Eagles

      2. I’ve read where some Scouts think teammate CB Gareon Conley has better upside in the NFL than Lattimore and is moving up the Draft Board as is CB Kevin King from Washington while CB Marlon Humphrey has fallen too.. ..

        1. I’ve seen those reports too, but Lattimore (in my opinion) is the more gifted athlete who can transfer his physical skills better to the field than Conley. My only concern with Lattimore is the repeated hamstring problems.

          1. I stay away from Latimore with his bad hamstring’s for they don’t go away..

            I go with Defense and Take LB Ruben Foster or LB Hassam Reddick or LB Zac Cunningham . The Eagles need a Day 1 Starting LB to replace Michael Kendricks and any of these 3 LB’s would fit nicely into Schwartz Scheme
            Eagles need an immediate Day 1 Starter on their Defense from this #14 Pick

            Then Grab a CB in the 2nd Round as there will be many Good Ones on the Board at #43 (Tre’Davious White, C Awuzie, C Tankersly, Adoree Jackson, Fabian Moreau, Quincy Wilson, Sydney Jones, etc,etc)

              1. Long Range Corey Davis is the smart pick though he likely won’t see the field that much in 2017 playing behind 3 Veterans in Jeffrey,Smith & Matthews,
                unless the Eagles are thinking of Trading MAtthews during the Draft which is possible..
                I think the Eagles Offense for 2017 if OL is healthy can Compete and Score Points enough to Win their Share of Games .. The Eagles LB and Secondary Corps are not NFL Caliber at this Time and LB/Secondary must be upgraded or they won’t be able to stop any Good Teams that they will face

              2. Long range finding a way to get lattimore or a stud at cb is imperative. We have nobody but mills

    1. I’m thinking it’s davis now but Conley’s case is not a rape just assault for groping her, sounds like bs, who the hell just wants to watch a foursome without wanting to get involved, sounds like a dumbass lie

      1. fact of the matter is eagles need corner help and BAD. lattimore a beast and with corners getting hurt, absolutely flopping at the combine, etc a star studded corner class is quickly becoming shit. lattimore was always #1 in this class and has shut down capability. he has to be the pick if attainable. if hes not we gotta take a flyer on rice in the 2nd

        1. After Lattimore gets picked none of the other CB’s will be worth being picked in the top 20.
          CB’s Fabian Moreau, Tre’Davious White, Kevin King, Akhello Witherspoon, Sydney Jones, Cam Sutton will be available in rounds 2-3. Shaquille Griffin available in round 5

          1. Oh..and if teams investigate this Conley situation and they feel it will not amount to anything…like Lael Collins’ situation last year, Conley can be had in the 3rd or 4th round.

            1. You are forgetting one major detail.. Collins wasn’t had in the 3 or 4 round last year. He was a FA. There isn’t enough time to clear his name. Dude is screwed whether innocent or guilty.
              Teams don’t want to draft a guy who has charges even if bogus pending.

              1. No I didn’t forget…actually that situation was 2 years ago, confused him with Laremy Tunsil incident last year. Chances are you are correct though, certainly not enough time to clear his name.

              2. Conley will likely be removed off of Teams Draft Boards as La’el Collins was after his Incident 2 Years Ago.. Teams and Authorities do nott have enough time to sort this Incident out over the next 3-4 Days as it happened on April 9th with a lot of unanswered questions, No Charges by the Cleveland Authorities have been filed, but could be forthcoming for Rape which NFL Teams are not going to bring a kid in who may end up with serious charges with possible Jail Time..
                Teams will let his go and he’ll become an UDFA and Teams can wait out the legal system play out and then approach him once he’s been cleared but no Team will Draft him while on the Clock, too many unknowns and you can say the same thing about DT Brantley from Florida for Hitting and knocking out a 125lb Female just a week ago…

              3. If he is cleared and becomes an UDFA, Eagles would be an attractive landing spot for Conley as he would be all but guaranteed a starting spot. With the interests they had they’d be willing to pony up the $ for him, even if they had to cut somebody.

            1. Cordero Tankersly, Quincy Wilson, Kevin King, Althello Witherspoon will Ll be on the Board come 2nd Round too..

            2. i like Quincy Wilson’s upside more than Teez Tabor
              Chidobe Awuzie probably goes late 1st now with Conley/Tabor Dropping down

              1. I like Daomotre Kazee from San Diego State in the 4thand think he could make an excellent Slot CB and cover the Cole Beasley’, Shepard and Crowder of the NFC East that the Eagles struggle to match up with

              2. Paul just wants to pick the sd guy so in 4 years he can say he is gonna sign in La or Las Vegas to be closer to family

              3. Kazee & San Diego State played Well versus the U of Houston in the Las Vegas Bowl and he helped their Defense shutdown a high scoring Offense and he also Played well versus Cal which were Games I saw on ESPN.. Kazee performed very well at the Senior Bowl as well as Practices and Interviews per many Observers & Reporters (CBS Sports, ESPN & NFL Channel and eventhe Eagles Beat Writers who were down in Mobile that week) wrote highly of him and he also performed well at the Indy Combine Field Drills and Measureables
                He has the Skill Set and Physicality to be a Solid Player who will contribute on Special Teams immediately and compete as a Nickel Back for whichever Team Drafts him..and I hope it’s the Eagles

              4. I can only assume you didn’t have any hikes, adult rec sports or family functions whenever SD state played. Cause sounds like you watched more of them than you did the eagles!

              5. The Mountain West Conference has Weekly Games on Saturday Night (usually they are on late night Start on ESPN which I will catch some games here and there) and I always watch a good portion of many of the Bowl Games throughout the month of December leading up to the big Games on New Years,etc..

                Talking about Rec Ball I have a Rec Soccer Game Thursday evening at 830pm in the Boone Adult 7 vs 7 Soccer League and will miss the
                first half of the NFL Draft and likely when the Eagles Select..
                We are 4-2 for the Season, tied for in 2nd Place with 2 Games Left before the Playoffs, We play the Top Team on Sunday evening so we do have a outside chance of catching them if we Win the final 2 Games..
                I play for the Wild Craft Eatery Team which is in the Bronze Division which has 6 Teams of mostly Older Players and People looking to play more for Fun. We Play on Nice Turf Fields that are about 85 Yards long by about 50 Yards wide so there is still a lot of field to Cover for 7 Players on each side, which includes the Goalie.. It’s a much faster game playing on Turf as opposes to a Grass Field which lead to more break opportunities for both sides..
                The Gold Division is the most Competitive with mostly College Aged & Early 20’s and has a Couple of Hispanic Teams which are very good.. The Silver Division is a mix of competitive Players with some older guys (20’s/30’s) who probably have Played at High School/Club & College Level Soccer..
                The Bronze Division (40’s +) is perfect for people like me who Enjoy the Sport but have never really played Organized Soccer Team before, or at least in a long time, but since my Kids played Soccer, I’ve Watched and Coached enough when they were at the Rec Level Age to learn about the Sport and it’s a really a Fun Sport with great Exercise and Conditioning and Teamwork needed and I just enjoy Competing so I am happy for the Opportunity to Play and to help keep active and in decent shape..
                I play Fall Softball, Basketball in the Winter and now Soccer in the Spring and the Summer and I may hook up with a late Spring/Summer Softball Team
                The Watauga County Park and Recreation Leagues are pretty popular here and get lots of Adults involved with the various Sports..
                There’s about 20 Teams in the 3 Soccer Divisions/Leagues (Probably 225 Players) there were 11 Teams in Basketball (100 Players) and Softball has many Teams (Women’s, Men’s, Co-Ed Teams in both Class C & Class D Classification Leagues)
                They do have Volleyball and Dodgeball available for Adults but I have never participated in those Sports and of course there are a few Church Leagues around with Basketball/Softball around in the County as well..
                I’ve played Rec Ball as a Young Adult after College up to to my late 20’s until we had Kids so now that my Kids are both older and away at College, I have the time to Play and commit to a Team which is a lot of Fun..

  31. I’m so on board with them drafting an every down stud back. I have zero problem with Mixon being the selection. Personally I believe he’s the best all around back in the draft. They can miss me with this maccaffrey hype machine. He’s talented no doubt, but West is right, you don’t reach for him in n the first (especially the 14th pick). You can pick Pumphrey up in the 3rd or 4th and he’s a faster version of sproles.

    1. Every year I watch the draft and the talking heads will say, “he’s a Sproles type” about a couple guys in the draft….next thing you know they aren’t darren sproles

      1. My exact sentiments with this McCaffrey hype. Good player, but far too much hype fed by the McShays and Kipers who in turn spawn a million fraudmans calling radio shows and feeding blos/forums. Every draft you’ll find McCaffrey types who do everything well in the later rounds. You don’t make your feature back out of guys like him. Guys like him “compliment” franchise backs.

        1. Regarding mccaffery I’ve read he’ll handle like 15 rb snaps a game and if that’s all no thank you. U need a difference maker that takes every snap on o or d in round1

          1. Several reports today saying cook is the guy today. Idk I want Davis or lattimore or trade back

            1. Well according to BGN a Pederson/AR back rarely carries a workhorse load of attempts– they try to get them 12-15 even when they have a good one…
              also, with so many off field and injury concerns the mocks are all shot to shit and it could totally screw up the boards.

              1. All the more reason why you don’t blow the pick by reaching on a guy that posseses a skill set that is obtainable in later rounds. Draft the stud DE, WR, LB, CAB, or tackle. But definitely not a McCaffrey.

            2. Reports that Eagles RB Coach Duce Staley is real high on Dalvin Cook
              while Other Reports have Dalvin Cook dropping into the late 1st Round and maybe the 2nd Round
              McCaffrey’s Father/Uncle were NFL players and has been around Football his entire life. As many Stanford Graduates, he’s a smart guy and has many other interests outside of Football as many good Players do.. Richard Sherman, JJ Watt, D-Jax,etc,etc so there’s nothing wrong with that

              As far as Drafating an Everydown RB, the Eagles and Coach Pederson don’t utilize an Everydown Back, In fact, Most NFL teams don’t use “everydown backs” anymore.. Its all about Matchups for Most Teams
              If McCaffrey Carries the Ball 10-14 Times a game plus Catches 6-8 Passes a Game and Returns 3-4 Punts a Game.. that’s 20-25 Touches a Game which is a lot for any one Player in today’s NFL..

              What RB’s has this many Touches a Game in Today’s NFL Week in and Week out ? Cowboys – Zeke Elliot, Bills – McCoy, Dolphin’s Ajayi,Texans-Miller, Cardinals – D Johnson, Steelers – L Bell

              Pederson likes that RB by Committee — A Big Back (220 LBS +) for Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Rushing, then a Scat Back that’s fast,shifty and can Catch out of the Backfield and than that Tweener, Versatile Back that can do a little bit of everything (210lbs)

              The Eagles have the Scat/Versatile Back already on their Roster in Sproles/Smallwood, what they are missing is that bruising, Big Back to get those Tough and Difficult Yards when it matters the most
              I’d like to see them Draft a Dontae Foreman or James Connor in the 3rd/4th Round to complement what they already have, Smallwood, if he progresses can eventually take much of Sprole’s load come 2018 and then Draft another All-Purpose/Scat Back in 2018 to Join Foreman or Connor & Smallwood..

              If they do Draft McCaffrey, then Sproles has to go immediately for they do similar things and the Eagles would still have the need for a Big Back
              and you cannot carry McCaffrey, Sproles, Smallwood and another RB for 4 RB’s is 1 too many in Today’s NFL

            1. Eagles are not drafting Christian McCaffrey. I think he’s a good back, I just don’t think the Eagles are all that interested as the hype machine (especially in the Philly media market) is.

              1. I think McCaffrey is a special player. I think he will be good, but not 14th overall good. I think we pick Foster – or Corey Davis would be nice.

              2. I think it’s either
                Dalvin Cook, Corey Davis or Derrek Barnett.
                I prefer Corey Davis.
                Jimmy Kempski reports Foster is off the Eagles board…who knows?!?!

  32. X’s One and only Eagles draft prediction….Unlike Paulman I won’t have 55 versions and claim i nailed it.

    1st round Corey Davis WR Westrn Mich
    2nd round Tre’Davious White CB….Might be wishful thinking he lands here LSU
    3rd round Donta Foreman RB Texas
    4A Shaq Griffin CB UCF
    4B Kyle Fuller C Baylor
    5 Brian Allen CB Utah
    6 Robert Davis WR Georgia State
    7 Tanner Vallejo LB Boise State

    Just for fun, I would be very happy with Davis White and Foreman….

  33. Mcaffery ,is said to be a talented, good running back But the list is huge , of white r.b.;s who were picked in the very high rounds ,And had to retire after just a very short career ! Many were fullbacks , but r.b.s and punt returners , a double dangerous gamble for Eagles , Many pundits are saying 14th pick or so! A huge risk for a team as the Eagles . Of course this is touchy ground to talk about this issue it by Howie and company,,,!Good luck Eagles!

    1. There is more to the equation than talent, especially at that position. The eagles have to take into account about the hit their BRAND takes…think US Air. Lurie owns a billion dollar brand… Brought in Vick, took the hit, didn’t win and I guess came out fine with value… But I don’t know.. An abusive college kid with no track record???

      1. Risk vs Reward…it’s business 101. Lurie has a degree in psychology and he’s a business man. He understands the impact of the initial PR hit…vs the long term reward of wining and success that Mixon can possibly help bring.
        People think and come to decisions/conclusions with their business, that’s not a good idea.

        1. Um that’s my point exactly. An unproven rook with a terrible record and a who knows what the future holds record…. May not be best for the bottom line.

          1. Once again, Risk vs Reward…seriously, given the Eagles track record of not winning a playoff game as of late or a SB period. That’s the bottom line..winning a SB. The Eagles can’t be scared to take a risk…even on a rookie… It’s worked well for the cowboys, steelers and other teams.
            If it doesn’t work..oh well, the end result will be more of the same. I’d rather take the risk to try and win with the guy who did a bad thing with the superior talent that’s a perfect fit, than with the guy who is less talented, and a choir boy.#draftJoeMixon

  34. Ok I think I’ve sifted through all the bullshit and know what the eagles trying to do tomorrow. You heard it hear first

    Eagles bout to pick the temple lineback Hassan reddick

    I don’t like want him with a first round pick. But I think that’s our goal and I think it could be a major bust

  35. My draft day wish list for round 1 in order of preference

    1. Lattimore – for 3 reasons. He’s a beast and has everything u want in a corner and 2 we have a desperate need. And last we are in a division with stud wr everywhere u look. We can’t overlook this position and putting bandaids on it any longer

    2. Reuben foster guys a freak. I’m seeing people compare him to pat Willis. Yes please!

    3. Corey Davis. Kids gonna be a monster and we need a long term solution at wr

      1. Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline is now “a believer” in Florida State RB Dalvin Cook falling to the second round.
        Prior to signing Marshawn Lynch, a source with the Raiders told Pauline they expect Cook to be available when they pick at No. 24, which means they expect him to be bypassed by the Bucs, who have been heavily linked. If that happens, it will not be surprising to see Cook slip all the way to the second day. draft analyst Lance Zierlein has reported some teams have “concerns surrounding durability and character” as well as how poorly he tested at the Combine.
        Source: Draft Analyst
        Apr 27 – 10:53 AM

            1. I could see Cook falling to the Packers at #29 if the TB Bucs at #19 don’t take him as he fits both of their Offenses Schemes so well, though he does have some Red Flag Concerns off the Field.. The Packers Desperately need help at CB & Pass Rusher (OLB) and RB help and will probably go DB or Pass-Rusher then fill their RB Need in the 3rd/4th Round so a real good possibility that Cook drops into the 2nd Round as some Reporters are now projecting.

              1. The Redskins at #17 could also be in the mix for Dalvin Cook though they really need help on Defense at DE/LB and DB

  36. List of 1st Round Prospects who are Dropping – Some due to Injury, some due to Character Flaws, some were probably overrated to begin win

    DB’s Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore, Jabril Peppers , Marlon Humphrey, Gaelon Conley, Teez Tabor, Sidney Jones, Fabian Moreau
    RB Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon
    WR’s Corey Davis, John Ross
    DL Jonathon Allen, Malik McDonald
    LB Rueben Foster, Takarrist McKinley,Tim Williams
    OL Cam Robindon,Ryan Ramczyk, Garrett Bolles
    QB DeShone Kizer

    List Of Players Rising up the Draft Boards and considered Safe Picks who are 1st Round Prospects or that could move up from 2nd Round into the mid/late 1st Round with some of the Above Players falling

    DL Solomon Thomas, Tico Charlton, Derek Barnett
    DB Jamall Adams, Chidobe Awuzie, Kevin King, Adoree Jackson, Tredavious White, Josh Jones & Obi Melifonu
    RB Leoard Fournette, Chris McCaffrey
    TE OJ Howard , David Njoku & Evan Engram
    QB Matt Trubinsky,Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Davis Webb
    LB Hassan Reddick, Zac Cunningham, Tyus Bowser, TJ Watt & Jarrad Davis
    OL Forrest Lamp, Dion Dawkins

    1. Either one of those guys or Reuben Foster would be great. Didn’t think that they would have the option to get these guys. Browns may take Watson too, so they are gonna get a really good defensive player with this pic. Could really trade down here to.

  37. Don’t want to get my hopes up but man, you all know my thoughts. In the first round I would only ever draft QB, OL, DL and CB.

    Now the #1 ranked DT is available. Fingers crossed.

  38. At first I didn’t like the pick but then I came here and see Jon hart doesn’t like it !!!! Guys never been right ever.

    This is a homerun!

  39. Did the Eagles get “trapped” a bit by drafting in front of 50,000 screaming fans.

    What I mean by that is….would Barnett have been there had they traded down a bit?? But perhaps they “couldn’t” announce a ‘disappointing’ trade-down announcement in front of the crowd??

    I like the pick, but not sure if I like it at 14 with Allen, Howard etc on the board…..would he have been available at 18?

    Oh well….position of need….lets hope he pulls off 4 sacs next year, then 10+ for 5 years during their run from 2018 – 2024…..

  40. Vinnie, that is where I am at. But if they liked the guy and he was top on their board, then I am fine with it. He was a very productive pass rusher.

  41. Barnett is a solid Player, not very explosive or extremely athletic and is similar to Brandon Graham where his Sacks and Pressure will come from Sound fundamentals, 2nd effort and just being relentless which are great traits.. He has shown the ability in College to be able set the edge against the Run Game and is more advanced technique wise than when Graham came out of College..
    He should make a nice Rotation along with Graham & Curry at DE
    All 3 Players should be able to get 8-10 Sacks each with keeping consistent pressure on the QB throughout the Games and Season
    I’m not sure he has the 3-4-5 Year down the road upside of let’s say that other DE’s Charles Harris, Taco Charlton or Takarrist McKinley do but I do believe he is better all-around Player than any of these Players in the short-term (1-2 Years)

  42. Big Winners from Tonight

    49ers DE Solomon Thomas and MLB Ruben Foster
    Titans with WR Corey Davis & CB/Returnman Adoree Jackson
    Browns with DE Myles Garrett, DB Jabril Peppers & TE D Njoku
    Saints with CB Lattimore and OT Ryan Ramczyck
    Jets sitting tight at 7 and getting pronably the Safest Pick in the Draft with Safety Jamal Adams who becomes a Day 1 Stsrter and Leader of that Jets Secondary

    Bills trading back to #27 and still getting a very good CB Prospect in Tredeavious White with the extra Draft Picks in a Trade with Chiefs

    Redskins Drafting DT J Allen at #17 who was still on the Board which was a big need for them .. many had J Allen as a Top 5 NFL Prospect

    TB Bucs Selecting TE OJ Howard at #19 which gives QB Winston and their Offense another big athletic Target

    Head Scratchers
    Bears moving up 1 Spot from #3 to #2 for QB Trubinsky for 3 Draft Picks
    Bengals Selecting WR John Ross at #9 .. playing in the AFC North with outside Stadiums in Colder Climate, Bad Weather, Slower Fields just doesn’t seem all that conducsive to be able to take advantage of Ross’s 4.22 Speed..

    I notice RB Dalvin Cook & Joe Mixon still on the Board
    CB Kevin King, Chidobe AwuzieQuincy Wilson, Teez Tabor
    LB Tyus Bowser
    Guard Forrest Lamp
    QB DeShone Keizer

    1. Another – OT Cam Robinson
      Many of these Alabama Players were overrated as usual..
      I think many NFL Scouts have come around and understand that the System and Coaching they receive at Alabama is superior vs most of the College Competition and many of these Defensive Players every year are really a product of the Nick Saban Schemes and overall Depth that they have Year in and year out..

  43. NFC East Teams got Better
    Giants with a real threat a team TE Engram to go along with Beckham, Marshall & Shepard give them the Best Receiver Group in the Division

    Cowboys with DE Taco Charlton have an Edge Rusher that they have been looking for after the disappointments and suspensions of talented Demarco Lawrence and Randy Gregory

    Redksins fill a big need on their DL with J Reed and especially with injuries and suspensions to Trent Murphy and Jr Gallette

    NFC Teams on the Rise for 2017 this Off-Season

    Saints, TB Bucs, Panthers, Eagles, Giants & Lions

    Teams that have taken a little step back so far this Off-Season
    Cowboys, Packers, Vikings, Cardinals, Seahawks

      1. Not True, I’m counting the entire Off-Season
        Cowboys Lost 4 DB’s in Free-Agency (both their Starting Safeties and 2 CB’s
        Packers lost Stsrting Center, Guard, Best RB, their Best Pass Rusher and still haven’t addressed OL or RB
        Cardinals lost their best DL, a Very Good Safety, and are very thin at LB
        Seahawks still have a mess with their OL, no #1 RB, an unhappy Richard Sherman, a rehabbing Earl Thomas

        1. Vikings still have issues along OL, No True RB, lost some Secondary Depth
          and their best DT has health issues

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