Thoughts On Sidney Jones, Rasul Douglas

The second and third rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft are in the books.

With the 43rd pick, the Eagles took cornerback Sidney Jones. Jones was a lock to be a top-15 pick before tearing his Achilles during his Pro Day. Doctors say that he has a chance to be ready to play by mid-October, while others believe that he may end up sitting out the entire season.

If Jones is able to come back from the injury to what he was, the pick is a home run. But Achilles injuries are tough to come back from, and in many cases it takes multiple seasons before they’re completely back to 100%.

It’s tough to swallow that the 43rd overall pick probably won’t make much of an impact this year. Corner is a need, and there were still guys on the board that were worthy of the 43rd pick that could have come in and started this season. The Eagles are gambling on Jones’ upside, hoping that he’ll be the best choice for the long run.

I’m not in love with the pick. I don’t like taking chances on guys who have a long, challenging road just to get themselves back to 100%.

In the third round, the Eagles grabbed another corner, and a healthy one at that. Rasul Douglas was the 99th pick, and he’s my favorite selection of the draft so far.

Douglas came away with eight interceptions last season. He’s developed a reputation for being a playmaker, and a guy who creates turnovers. He has good size and athleticism. The only knock on him seems to be that he’s only had one season as a starter.

I think at the 99th pick, Douglas is a tremendous value that can come in and compete for a starting role right away.

I’m glad the Eagles have addressed corner in a big way, but I’m very disappointed that running back has yet to be addressed. I know that corner is a huge need for this team, but right now I think the priority has to be to put Carson Wentz in the best possible position to succeed.

With Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, and other prospects like Alvin Kamara off of the board, I’m not sure that the Eagles get their featured back in this draft. They may only be able to pick up another Wendell Smallwood-type complimentary back at this point.

We’ll see how the final day of the draft plays out.

53 thoughts on “Thoughts On Sidney Jones, Rasul Douglas

  1. I’m surprised the Eagles didn’t move up a few spots to select RB Dalvin Cook. I thought for sure he would have been the pick. I think the Sidney Jones pick will end up being the steal of the draft. Jones was my favorite DB coming out of college. As for a RB, Perine would be a solid pick in the 4th rd. Dude has a strong motor and can be that every down back for the Eagles. Maybe the Bengals will trade us RB Jeremy Hill since they took Mixon in the 2nd rd. I believe Hill is in the final year of his contract..

  2. Here is hoping they are our sheldon and lito–the framework of this plan looks eerily familiar– late 90’s early 2000’s– bring in Hugh, draft 5 a year or so later lito and sheldon in the same draft…

  3. In the fourth the eagles should do some damage, get Dede and perine or perine and Kazee, I miss that big power back and I don’r want Matthews anymore too inconsistent.

  4. Hey Pman give me a list of some good remaining prospects for us and also some trades we might see coming up now for us. This is where Howie starts getting his trade on!!!!

    1. Looking thru my Notes of who is still on the Board.. Here’s a quick list of Players will take a look at over the next couple of Rounds (4th & 5th)

      1) Chad Hansen – Cal
      2) Josh Malone – Tennessee
      3) DeDe Westbrook – Zoklahoma
      4) Josh Reynolds – Texas A & M
      5) Isiah Ford – Va Tech
      6) Malachai Dupre – LSU
      7) Ryan Switzer – UNC (a Slot Rveiver/Punt Returner)
      8) Noah Brown – Ohio State
      9) Amba Etta-Tawwo – Syracuse

      1. From WR List – I like Josh Malone or Josh Reynolds for the Outside WR
        and then Isiah Ford & Ryan Switzer as Slot WR’s

  5. At RB
    1) Semanjie – Oklahoma
    **2) Marlon Mack – South Florida (my top choice from this list)
    3) Jamal Williams – BYU
    4) Brian Hill – Wyoming
    5) Donald Pumphrey – San Diego St
    *6) Cory Clement – Wisconsin (my 2nd Choice)
    7) TJ Logan – UNC
    8) Elijah McGuire – Louisiana-Lafayette
    9) Joe Williams – Utah
    10) Jamik Cohen – NC A &T

    1) Jake Butt – Michigan (Injured and could be IR for the Year and ready 2018)
    2) George Kittle – Iowa
    3) Bucky Hodges – Va Tech
    4) Jeremy Sprinkle – Arkansas
    *5) Michael Roberts – Toledo ( this kid is a load and could be Practice Squad and ready for 2018)

  6. For OL

    Center – Kyle Fuller – Baylor or Jon Toth – Kentucky

    1) Issac Asiata – Utah
    2) Nico Siragusa – San Diego St (Tony’s Siragusa’s Son)
    3) Danny Isadora – Miami
    4) Jess Dunkman – Tenn State
    5) Sean Harlow – Oregon State (Former Teammate of Issac Seumalo)

    1) Adam Bisnowatny – Pitt
    2) Eric Magnuson – Michigan
    3) Julien Davenport Bucknell
    4) will Holden – Vanderbilt
    5) Dan Skipper – Arkansas

  7. On Defense

    1) JaleelJohnson – Iowa
    2) Davon Godchaux – LSU
    3) Carlos Watkins – Clemson
    *4) Elijah Qualls – Washington
    5) Vincent Taylor – Oklahoma St

    1) Vince Biegel – Wisconsin
    * 2) Miquel Lee – Wake Forest
    3) Carroll Phillips – Illinois
    4) Samson Ebuka – Eastern Washington
    5) Dylan Dorchester – Western Ga

  8. Last List of Available DB’s

    Slot CB’s
    *1) Damontrae Kazee – San Diego St
    *2) Jalen Myrick – Minnesota
    3) Nate Hairston – Temple
    4) Ashton Lampkin – Oklahoma St
    5) Howard Wilson – Houston

    Free Safety
    1) Kai Nacua – BYU
    *2) Rayshawn Jenkins – Miami

    Strong Safety
    *1) Montreal Nicholson – Mich State
    2) Tedric Thompson – Colorado

  9. A wish list Trade for me would be LB M Kendricks to the Rams for a 2018 Draft Pick since they will struggle and the Eagles would get a pick at an early part of a Round (5th/6th)

    I could see a Trade where Eagles Send their 6th Round Pick and OL Alan Barbre to a Team for their 5th Rd Pick (Seahawks, Packers or Ravens)

    But at this point unless the Eagles can get rid of the bad contract and vibe of Michael Kendricks , they’d will utilize the June 1st Veteran Release , I just cannot see him returning under Jim Schwartz

    1. Rams need Inside LB help with James Laurinitis retiring and of course, Kendricks is from Southern California so going home for him may be a good thing to get a fresh start

  10. I really like the Mack Hollins pick….I talked about him last month. He is a hands catching receiver with great size and deceptively fast. Good future weapon for Wentz.

      1. Who is going to be the Big Back for Short-YRdage/Red-Zone Situations or in the 4th Quarter to kill the Clock?
        Having Smallwood/Sproles/Pumphrey is 1 too many of the same kind of Back
        for 2017…
        Eagles should Sign RB L Blount before the NY Giants do… which means another Veteran needs to go to make the Cap-Space …

  11. My thoughts exactly Gloomy. Makes sense for the bungles to rid either RB. I would prefer Jeremy Hill since we have Smallwood who is similar to Gio

  12. Eagle fans want to build a complete roster in one off season. Fuck a RB this year. There are 100 serviceable RB throughout the league. The Eagles aren’t going to the SB next year anyway so why get one now with a shelflife of 4-5 years is a waste now. Build the team and then get a stud RB who will be in their prime and ascending during our run.

  13. QB is set, oline possibly is set, TE is set, WR could be set but tweaked moving forward. Dline is set with maybe another DT in future, LB need to add. Secondary possibly set with adding 2 more players next year. Moving forward a stud RB is priority down the road and we make a run.

    1. Eagles Need OLB and Safety Depth . Look for a Bruiser RB next Draft as well as a solid in-line TE to groom after Celek retires ..
      I’m not as excited with the moves Today as in the first 3 Rounds, but the Eagles have had a Solid Overall Draft and great Free-Agency/Off-Season in my opinion.. I would think not going after a WR relatively early is a sign that the Eagles would really prefer to Sign Jeffrey and Jordan Matthews to long term Deals .. I believe Mack Hollins replaces Dorail Beckham-Green on the 53 Man Roster andthat this Season will be Agholor’s final chance to prove he belongs

    2. DMan….Hollins is exactly that…a big deep threat. Once he starts learning more routes has the ability to be a serious weapon…exactly what Eagles need to grow with Wentz who worked out with Hollins in February.

  14. oh boy I was ready to give this draft a c but I really like elijah qualls, he was predicted to go in 3rd rd, huge steal, man howie loves the last pick for us….I’ll give it a B right now with upside to become an A if sydney returns to form

  15. Being reported that Eagles have signed the following UDFA:

    RB Corey Clements (Wisconsin)
    DE Bryan Cox Jr (Univ of Miami)
    C Tyler Orlovsky (W Va)
    P Cam Johnson
    DB Tre Sullivan (Shepherd)
    FB Marcus Oliver (Hamilton)
    WR Greg Ward (Houston)

      1. I like the Cory Clements Signing and surprised he went Undrafted
        Center Tyler Orlosky is a good Player too , he’s similar in size and skill set to Jason Kelce, He has Good Feet and Moves very well, he goes about 295lbs and is at his best getting out to the 2nd Level and on the move, on pulls, screens,

  16. Did the Eagles add any LB at all this Off-Season/Draft?
    Bradham, Hicks, Najee, Kendricks, Joe Walker is a pretty thin Corps..

    1. I understand Eagles are going to Convert Draft Pick Nathan Gerry to a LB
      He’s only about 210-215lbs so he will need to add 10-15 Lbs to hold his ground against NFL OL .. looks like a headsy Football Player who will put the time in and work hard.. maybe Special Teams/Practice Squad for 2017 and then grow into the Position by 2018.

  17. Just back from one of the most entertaining hockey games I’ve ever seen. Senators defeat the rangers 6-5 in double OT. Sens were down 5-3 with 3 mins to go but tied it up and won. Crazy stuff.

    Seems like the Eagles did a good job with the draft. Absolutely no one knows if these players will work out or not, but the positions all completely made sense. DE, CB, RB and WR….seems logical. They also seemed to do a good job taking “value” with players being drafted later than they were expected to go. No crazy Chip Kelly-eske reaches.

    A few questions though….

    1…No Oline? Not really a fan of that. I think a team should take an Olineman every year. They must really like the opine they drafted last year.

    2…Another Smurf RB? I guess. I understand that this admin seems to value an RBs ability to catch over everything else…..oh well….RB next year. That’s the easiest position to plug in and succeed right away.

    Overall I am happy.

    1. They signed Corey clement under the radar. He was a work load type back at Wisconsin. Maybe they found a gem, only time will tell

  18. Oh, and Howie continued dominating at the trade desk.

    Gives up a 7th to move up 7spots in the 4th. Ok.

    Then gets back a 6th for moving down 9 spots in the 5th!

    To recap, gave up a 7th to move up in the 4th and got aa 6th for moving down in the 5th.

    I mean they aren’t ass lickings, but he just seems to be able to come out on top of these things every time.

    1. No Comparison to the Master Bill Belichek of New England
      Who ended up wheeling and dealing before the Draft to end up with the Following Players

      Traded 1st Round (#32 Overall) For 1,000 Yard Receiver Brandin Cooks
      Traded 2nd Round (#64 Overall for established Pass-Rusher Kony Ealy in a Contract Year who will be highly motivated to play for a big contract
      Drafted a developmental DE/OLB Derek Rivers with their e3rd Round from Youngstown St
      Traded a 4th Round to Colts for established TE Dewayne Allen
      Drafted future starter at OT Antonio Garcia from Troy with a 4th Round Pick
      Traded 5th Round to Bills for up and coming RB Mike Gillespie
      Traded 6th Rounder to Chiefs for TE JAmes O’Shaugnessey
      Drafted some Depth Players with their 2 other Draft Picks

      1. The 1 for Cooks was a good deal.
        The Pats probably won’t pay Early after this season, so it was a 2nd for a 1 year player. The pats can afford to throw away players because they have 2 more “win now” years, but Birds are not in the position to do that.
        3rd round picks on development player…so what…that what everyone did.
        Dwayne Allen has been a perennial disappointment.
        No one has any idea if Antonio Garcia will be a starter.
        Mike Gillespie has 800 yrds rushing in 3 years on 2 teams. “Up and comer”….maybe.

        James O’Shaugnessey? The patriots traded a 5th for the former…wiat for it….5th round pick who has a whopping 8 catches in 2 years in the NFL.

        How exactly is this a grate that you’re touting a being ‘masterful’ when it was just ‘who cares’

        All I pointed out was that Roseman always seems to come out on top (picks wise) of these little deals. Giving up a 7th to move up in the 4th and then getting back a 6th to move down in the 5th is interesting.

        I don’t think anything the Pats did this draft was ‘masterful’

        1. Patriots had the final pick in each
          Round so what DE/Pass Rusher in this Draft at Pick 64 who will get 8-10 Sacks ?
          What TE in the 4th Round even plays on a Rotational Basis?
          Watch TE Allen get 40-50 Receptions with 8 TD’s for the Pats with all the attention that Gronkowski Receiving..
          Remember that Allen had to stay in much of his time with Indy to help their crappy OL with Blocking

          RB Gillisse will become their Big Back and used similar to what Legarrett Blount was and now don’t have to pay him the big $$
          That he was looking for..
          Again Gillisee knows the AFC East , has played in Cold Weather
          What 5th Rd Pick RB is going to play very much in important situations during their Rookie Seasons?

          Basically the Pats traded 3-4 Picks for 3-4 experienced, already NFL Ready Players instead of waiting for “Draft Potential” Pkayers of 2-3 Years like every other NFL Team
          That’s what’s masterful about what they did,,.
          Meanwhile the Pats will be in the AFC Champuonship and probably the Super Bowl again while 30 other Teams are hoping their Draft Pics Pam out…
          Belicheck is not worrying about 4 Years down the road, his Roster building has become a Year to Year Process which he does better than any other Front Office in the NFL year after year.. that’s what’s masterful about and your celebrating Roseann’s moves to gain a late 6th Rounder Pick..
          Good Grief Vinny…

          1. The genius is that Belicheck is able to obtain proven Players that fit his System without having to overpay for them in Free-Agency like everyone else does..
            Half of any Teams Draft Picks don’t even make it to begin with, and many of Half that do fly the coup after they become Free-Agents after their Roomie Deals are up anyways so the old adage of building with the Draft for long term does not translate to todays reality in the NFL
            Long term is about 3 Years now, as everything has become accelerated… 25% Coaching Turnover every year, 4-5,GM’s changes, different philosophies, schemes, etc, etc..
            Belicheck is about the here and now and utiliEs trades for Players better than anyone..

  19. I will give this draft an early grade of a B. I like that they drafted young explosive receivers just in case Smith and Jeffrey don’t work out. I really like the back from San Diego, I’m sure that’s sproles replacement. They signed Corey clement from Wisconsin let’s see what he can bring to the team. Next year they can focus on o-line and a top flight running back if none of these guys work out

  20. I was hoping for an OLB to replace Kendricks.. the Eagles are very thin at LB with only 4 LB’s with NFL Playing/Starting Experience
    Bradham, Hicks, Kendricks & Najee Goode has played enough, but not the other LB’s on the Roster …
    What happens if Bradham or Hicks get injured?
    I don’t like the Idea of converting a 210 Safety to LB,
    Draft a true LB as there were many good ones available starting out today

  21. The reason why Corey Clement went undrafted was due to off the field issues like the rest of these douche bags coming out of college. I just don’t understand why these kids get into so much trouble…very disturbing. Anyways, I like the Clement signing. Looks like he will end up being that big back who bangs between the tackles and goal line specialist. I have a good feeling this kid ends up playing well for the Eagles this year

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