Thoughts On The Derek Barnett Pick

On Thursday night, the Philadelphia Eagles spent the 14th pick of the NFL Draft on defensive end Derek Barnett. Was Barnett the right pick, and what does it mean for the rest of the team? Let’s take a look.

Did The Eagles Make The Right Move?

This year’s first round was one of the more unpredictable ones that I’ve experienced. I think there were a lot of reaches early in the draft. Corey Davis with the fifth overall pick to Tennessee was questionable. John Ross at the ninth pick to Cincinnati was outrageous. Personally I thought Christian McCaffery’s rise over the last few weeks from the bottom of the first round to the eighth overall pick was out of control.

The Eagles had a lot of good options on the board at 14. They passed on a lot of good football players to take Barnett at a position that wasn’t their largest need. I think the team could have possibly traded back and still gotten their guy. But that being said, I don’t by any means think that Barnett was a reach.

Barnett is a rock solid prospect with few holes in his game. He plays both the run and the pass, and should almost certainly step in right away as a starter on the Eagles’ defensive line. A lot of scouting reports on the guy rave about his upside. I think he’s going to be a fine addition to the defense.

The Eagles had a lot of guys underachieve on the defensive line last year.

Brandon Graham, for all of the credit and praise he’s received, only had 5.5 sacks last year. Three of which came in the first three games of the season, meaning that Graham managed only 2.5 sacks in the final 13 games of the season. That’s a terrible output.

Fletcher Cox had a subpar year after getting a huge contract extension. Vinny Curry was almost a complete non-factor. Connor Barwin wasn’t a fit in the 4-3 scheme.

The Eagles needed help on the defensive line. And Barnett is a perfect infusion of youth and talent to help the line improve on last year’s disappointing output.

Vinny Curry Will Never Get A Full-Time Role, And Marcus Smith May Be Out Of A Job

The Barnett pick puts an end to any thought of Curry getting a crack at a starting role, which makes the contract he was signed to a year ago look more and more like a bad one. The former second-round pick is getting paid starter’s money and won’t even play 50% of the snaps.

Meanwhile, former first-rounder Marcus Smith’s days as an Eagle will probably be numbered. With the additions of Barnett and free-agent Chris Long, Smith is at best fifth on the depth chart. Consider that there will also be competition from other sources in camp, I just don’t see how Smith fits in to the equation any more.

What Do The Eagles Address Next?

There’s still a great deal of talent that can make an impact for the Birds this season out on the board.

Cornerback remains the team’s most pressing need, and I do expect it to be addressed at some point tomorrow, but given what’s left on the board I think running back is the more pressing need that should be addressed first while top talent is still on the board.

I want the Eagles to come away from the second round with either Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook. After that, corner becomes the priority.

99 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Derek Barnett Pick

  1. I like Derek Barnett at #14. I really wanted LB Reuben Foster, but I understand why the Eagles passed on him. Let’s trade with the Browns with the #33 pick and select RB Dalvin Cook


    1. I’m all-in on Mixon…I think there’s a good chance Green Bay uses their pick on a RB since they’ve got a big need with Lacy gone…but after that, there aren’t a lot of running back-needy teams in front of the the Eagles.

      Seattle could use an upgrade at the position, but I think they have bigger needs.

      Jags just drafted Fournette. Bears have Jordan Howard. Rams have Gurley. Chargers have Gordon.

      Jets need help, but I don’t see them as a fit for Mixon.

      Panthers just took McCaffery. Bengals have Jeremy Hill, Gio Bernard.

      Then its the Eagles at pick 11 of round two. If there aren’t any trades, Birds should get a shot at least one of the top two running backs still on the board.

  2. First and foremost…must give Philly high praise for the way we came out for the 2017 was truly an unbelievable experience…my city..did me proud!!!

    Secondly, Eagles will get a CB tonight…who?…dunno,

    Thirdly, If Dalvin Cook is available the Eagles probably take him…I don’t think he’ll be there though. I thought he would be taken yesterday.
    As far as Joe Mixon, listening to Howie Roseman yesterday talk about character after the Barnett pick, I don’t think Joe Mixon is in the Eagles plans. As much as I want his talent on the Eagles, now I don’t see it happening. Who knows though, I was completely wrong about my predictions yesterday..maybe I’ll be wrong about this one.

    1. Did a great job last night. The venues were awesome and the crowd was into it. Good job by the NFL and the city.

      I look Cook or Mixon in day 2 if they can get one, but I really think that they go CB in the 2nd. Lot there still to choose from in CBs

  3. really think the eagles missed an opportunity in the 1st round. imo they shouldve moved up for lattimore as he is a superior corner to the rest of the bunch and WE HAVE NO BODIES at corner now and we do have bodies on the DL. I guess there is the BPA thought but when a need is this pressing at the best was within striking distance i dont get it. maybe the price was too high

    there are about 9 corners all rated the same now, significantly lower than lattimore. i guess we gotta target one of them but mixon mcdowell or brantley would be my choice if one of those 3 are there

    1. Can’t do Brantley since he just knocked that woman out, reports are woman was attacking him repeatedly hitting him before he responded, read she ultimately punched him in the mouth, that’s when he punched her out.
      What about Florida State DE DeMarcus Walker, can also play inside. Tanoh Kpassagnon of Villanova Also, Clemson DT Carlos his game.

      I want Mixon, just don’t believe he’s on Eagles board after listening to Howie last night.

          1. what does it matter if the girl punched him? he went back into the restaurant and punched her in the face… he could have just went home. If you want Mixon that’s fine, but there will be not one thing you can say that justifies what he did. HE WENT BACK INSIDE AND PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE!

            I don’t care if they take him, but the way he seems to have no remorse about it makes me scared of him doing something else stupid and being suspended. People compare vick to him often, vick went to jail, vick changed his life, vick was punished… this guys punishment is that he fell out of the first round and will make less millions… he has had no other punishment. I’m scared about him being a future problem, mixed with the press he’ll get to pass on him completely.

              1. Different story, same idiocy.

                In terms of Mixon – Zoltek is absolutely right. They apparently had a verbal confrontation outside. The girl went into the restaurant. Mixon FOLLOWED her in after the incident was OVER and re-engaged. He is an idiot.

                But I actually think this Brantly guy is an even bigger idiot. At the very least Mixon was years ago.

                If it is ONE WEEK BEFORE you can become a MULTI_MILLIONNAIRE and you cannot spent ONE WEEK in the bunker at home..

                If it is ONE WEEK BEFORE becoming a MULTI_MILLIONNAIRE and you somehow find yourself in a stupid situation and cannot say to yourself….”Shit, I need to get the fuck outta dodge” and hit the UBER button on your cell phone….


                I want no part of those two idiots for 2 reasons:

                1 – what they did was dispicable

                2 – they are clearly 2 of the the 7 dumbest people on the planet.

              2. We can judge these guys all day long…call them names, say how stupid they are and call them low lifes etc.. at the end of the day the legal process will handle the situation accordingly. Contrary to popular opinion, some people’s brains are wired to take flight in combative situations, others are to fight in combative situations..and whether it be male or female in those situations does not necessarily matter in that moment of emotion. I have literally walked away from hostile situations/confrontations with females because I had no interest in dealing with the drama or the possibility of entering a bad situation…some guys don’t think like that. Some peoples Amygdalas are set for fight regardless of the gender, size, age or whatever. Self discipline and control goes out of the window with these types. Bottom line for men and women, if you don’t want to get hit, keep your hands to yourself. Men have no business hitting women, but women have no right hitting men either, I don’t care how much smaller she is to him. That’s why you see women getting arrested for assault and domestic abuse for hitting men now. It’s no longer looked at as okay to do because she’s a woman. Getting punched in the face be it by man or woman hurts…if you don’t want to get punched back..don’t do it.

              3. My bad, I had read/heard a lot of people saying that the girl was doing stuff to mixon that apparently meant she should have had her face busted. I just think he is too stupid to draft and would be scared of suspensions down the road. If I felt that he today had remorse in regards to what he did, I’d feel better about it. He’s done nothing to show any remorse and has paid no price for what he did… scares me more than if he tore his ACL yesterday…

  4. These next few draft days,will shape the fact that the eagles will be wheeling and dealing.Theres too much noise not for the birds to move and shake up there roster in these rounds..

  5. Very smart pick. I love that 8/13 players were rb/qb/WRs. Really helped out teams like Philly and Indy snagging up players like Barnett and Hooker

    NFC east piled up on pass rushers. Will be interesting to see who turns out the best

    Giants surprised me with the tight end pick. Oline or dalvin cook should have been the choice for them. But oh well. Don’t give the 38 year old manning protection or security blanket. Running game is qbs best friend and oline

    Quincy Wilson has to be the pick in round 2. I really hope he falls just 11 more

    Go defense rounds 1 and 2. Defense wins it all

    1. Dalvin Cook probably goes Right away at #33 to the Packers
      He’s a perfect Fit for their Offense, they have no viable RB on their Roster

      I’m thinking they will add one of the Following Players
      CB’s Chidobe Awuzie, Cordrea Tankersly, Quincy Wilson, Fabian Moreau or LB’s Zac Cunniungham or Tyus Bowser
      Anyone of these Players would be a Solid Pick at #43 and could all come in and compete for a Starter Position and or at least a contributor in Nickle & Sub Packages (Pass on Teez Tabor who is too slow for an outside CB)

      WR Chris Godwin of Penn State or OT Tyler Moten of Western Michigan could be a Sleeper Pick at #43 also

      1. We need lb dt cb bad. I’m not worried bout rbs. We had 11th best rush game last year with scrubs. We have more pressing needs.

        Matter of fact I’ll take a pass on all rbs and sign or trade for tj yeldon. He can play his numbers r shit bc of an awful o line in jax and that putrid scheme.

      2. Marlon Mack from UCF could be the RB they Draft come 3rd/4thRound,
        possibly James Connor.. The Eagles and Coach Pederson are just not firm believers in a Power Rushing Attack where you feed a RB 20 Carries + a Game, neither was Coach Kelly or Andy Reid..
        It’s all about Matchups & Formations for Coach Pederson as opposed of lining up and saying “Hey my guys are going to beat your guys type of Offense”
        We’ll see but I would be very surprised to see a RB Drafted in the 2nd Round at #43.. Eagles Need CB & LB and can add a RB in the 4th Round to be a good Rotational Back along with Smallwood/Sproles..
        This Offense will be built around QB Wentz and the Passing Game for that’s what Coach Pederson and OC Reich know and are the most experienced with..

    1. I prefer the Eagles to Draft a Full-Time legitimate and experienced Outside CB and not a converted DB to learn CB on the Job, or a Slot Cover CB who can be Drafted in the mid/later Rounds.. They need a Outside Cover CB who has the Speed,Size,Ball Skills and Toughness to play against the Big Outside Receivers in the NFL and the NFC East…

      1. I like Melifonwu due to his length, speed, agility and experience covering TE’s and big receivers. That will be valuable against Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Terrell Pryor and Jason Wiiten…lots of big guys in the NFC East to cover.

    1. I read John Lynch from the 49ers Hired GMCliff to assist him in Rebuilding the 49ers Franchise.. I read it on Facebook so it must be true..

    2. Im picking up the tradewinds in the desert..we have in play matthews ,who wed need step up to pay him ,or get perceived value all likliehood arias is hellbent on the reparation of there defense ..would we be enabled to force feed the redbirds to take smith or curry? Kendricks is the most likely ..the cards have soured on there corners might one be a better fit for philly? Players and pucks are in play. There back is also in play..lots of noise here ..

      1. Kendricks Contract is I believe too excessive for any Team to take on
        He’s due to earn $6.6 Million for 2017 then $7.6 Million in 2018 and then $8.6 Million in the final Year 2019

        Curry’s is even Worse .. $9 Million in 2017, $11 Million in 2018, $11.5 million in 2019 and then $12.25 Million in 2020… Absolute Albatross for a 20 Snap A Game Player…

        I’m afraid the Eagles are Stuck with these Players until their Guaranteed $$ is almost paid out and then they can be released with minimal Cap Hit.. but not beforehand.. These were terrible Contracts back when the Eagles were simply placing too high of a Value on their own Players and re-signing them for above market $$$ for average Production..
        Curry is a nice Rotational Player, it’s what he is, nothing more, nothing less and there’s nothing wrong with having Curry on the Team, but just don’t pay him like he’s an All-Pro because he’s not..

        1. Pman youre 100% correct ..huge omission however. The cards have similar pieces overpriced china and they go mainly to paper plates.its under the notion ..a change if address and schematics. .arians is so braash to think ..hes a difference maker. I know kendricks makes him into a mad scientist

          1. A Couple of Eagles Players that would be easier and probably more likely to Trade with their Current Contracts would be Players like OL Alan Barbre or Jordan Matthews who is in his Contract Year and possibly Center Jason Kelce.. who teams in a similar system could be interested (Packers,Chiefs,Jets)

  6. ESPN’s Sal Palantonio reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is interested in bringing the 2018 NFL Draft back to Philadelphia. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Promotor Ron Jaworski are interested in hosting next year.
    An NFL Draft record was set yesterday as over 100,000 people attended the draft event on the first day.

    Make it happen…truly a great experience!

  7. Jesus Christ Man.

    You can’t actually believe that? A 307 monster and a 120lb female is a “combative situation????”

    And when and if a woman is flipping out and you roll your eyes, say “get a life” and step into your waiting UBER is “taking flight”

    Are you equating doing the right thing to being a pussy???

    Lord almighty there is clearly no hope if we have people saying, “hey it is what it is…some paople just wired to fight in a “combative situation”

    If someone is “wired to fight” because a woman gets in their grill, well I want that uncivilized brute off the streets.


    Dude enters my house to do harm to my family = combative situation

    Woman yelling obsebnities at me on the street = amusing nuisance to be avoided

    If you can’t see that, then there’s no hope.

    1. I get it but fact is these dudes gonna play in the league. Take the best guy and don’t worry about it they’re scum or not. Just like Vick I didn’t care about what he did. I didn’t like it and found it gross but if he wasn’t a loser and was good for anything but a espn top highlight or two I would’ve embraced him. Take the moral high ground all you want and take the pr move all u want but at the end of the day the players owners and league allows them in the league so take em. If they don’t belong and idk if they do the league should make rules about it

      1. To be honest I’d rephrase “dude’s going to play in the league” and say “dude will get signed”. I said it above and I’ll say it about all these character issue people, it’s literally no different than taking a guy with chronic injuries. The whole “best ability is availability” thing comes into play with these guys, if these kids are “punished” for doing dumb shit by making a little less money/being drafted later they are learning nothing. The kids that pay no price for their actions and still get drafted are the kids to me that will never learn their lesson and are likely to get in trouble again. It may be different for a projected draft pick to get undrafted and have to prove his worth via tryouts/interviews to make a team but who knows. In my opinion you have to own what mistake you made, pay for it, be remorseful and know it was wrong as the first step of overcoming your “issue”. These guys haven’t done that and I’m not sure they ever will.

      1. HAC, regular guys bash and beat up women all the time. It has nothing to do with athletes. Not to get political but we have a president elect who bragged about grabbing women by their pussies.sorry, I did not hear or read the outrage on here about that. He (Trump) was elected after that story broke. That is flat out sexual assault…so please spare me,
        I don’t condone the act but, what I’m saying is a’s a psychological function of the brain. Before dismissing what I’m saying, read up on it. At the end of the day the judicial system handles these incidents. If a team wants to bring the player in after due process has been administered, then so be it. If a fan does not like it, don’t cheer or attend the games. That’s the fans right to protest.

        1. Oh regular guys do it too so it’s a normal function of being a male? Also trump is not president ELECT! He’s the asshole in the WH!. And to use him as an example to make it ok to treat women like shit then go for it.
          As for reading up on the apologetic psychology on it… I will PASS… Hitting chicks is a pussy move regardless of the PC psycho babble

          1. HAC, What are you talking about? It is a fact..a fact that some people have difficulty controlling certain emotional responses when they are’s a psychological and scientific fact. No where at no time did I say the behavior is acceptable or normal for men..or women to use assault or domestic violence as tool to achieve a goal or release tension…but what I do know is that there are psychological reasons, cognitive problems, emotional problems,chemical imbalance problems of the brain, environmental problems (rearing) as to why people behave a certain way. It’s not in all cases, each person has to be judged differently. You are aware that behavior is learned..some behaviors are purely emotionally driven. There is a reason people get prescribed medications to control their behaviors..because their is a chemical imbalance in their brain that needs to be regulated and balanced. Again, I’m not saying this is the case 100% across the board, however, the fact is we do not know these athletes or individuals who commit these acts…maybe you do..but I don’t. Call it psycho babble all you want…denial and ignorance is not an option in terms of formulating an argument.

            As far as point is that I did not hear as much about his crime or behavior concerning the treatment of women on this board..yes it’s a sports board, but, if we are going to deal with this issue, let’s deal with it regardless of the setting, place, time or environment it takes place in.

          2. Oh havacigar so now your some advocate for women who have been assaulted by men and have been treated like shit by them to? So when did your old hypocrite ass take such a stand for women like your some type of beacon of great moral standing? Was it after you were calling TS Johnson a straight up bitch that you finally seen the light and can now speak on issues that pertain to abuses of women. Your so fucken phony it’s laughable.

            1. Kook breeze step out from ur ma solo … um nasty banter is not the same we don’t know that TS is even a woman or for tgat matter am I a email. Beating up women is bad just because in your culture it’s ok to beat ur ho when appropriate doesn’t make it right.
              If there are psychological reasons so what. It’s still wrong

              1. HAC..we don’t even know if TS is a woman? that’s lame..C’mon man…you verbally attacked her as a woman…so you believe she is a woman..stop with the semantics and minutia. The fact is you called her a bitch…specifically making a derogatory reference to her gender. Mac…..Kool whoever just hit you with a drop the mic moment.
                …be it physical or verbal assault..if you are sticking up for the safety and well being of women, you can’t decide what is right or wrong pertaining to hurting a woman…she was clearly offended by your words towards her. And words do hurt…people commit suicide over words.

              2. Oh my god a faceless internet BITCH uttered oh the horror, the torment it must have caused her! Grow the fuck up! Your giving psycho babble to excuse abuse I said the word bitch Jesus Christ — I assume that my saying bitch harmed her … STFU

              3. Lol…if you are going to be a protector of women do so. Don’t half ass doing it when you feel like getting on your soap box….that is being a hypocritical fraud..or perhaps that is okay in your culture! GTFOH LMAO…I get you it when it serves your agenda. You just got called on your shit that’s all. Deal with it.

              4. Dude you equated an online “bitch’ to a real life beating. And of course there are psycho reasons a pos would beat a woman– but that isn’t an excuse. as mixon falls it seems that nfl execs feel pretty much the same way i do.

              5. Was about to post Eminem song about his ex wife Kim but decided to try and drink and study instead

              6. So cigar if it wasn’t clear if TS was a woman are not then why did you call her a bitch you could have said a million other things why did you choose the word bitch? I’ll tell you why you did because your an excuse making piece of shit anyways, it’s because you actually believed she was. That’s nothing new because in your culture burning women at the stake was a common custom. Ever heard of a torture device called the breast ripper and the pear of anguish all part of your culture. Oh yeah how can I forget how about the bombing of four innocent young black girls in a church in Alabama I know you remember that your old ass was around then with one of those hoods.That’s part of your culture too. So shut the fuck up with your fake ass self righteous bullshit if you called TS a bitch then you called many women the same. It’s pretty simple crack pipe if you get mad enough to call a woman a bitch it’s not inconceivable that you’ll beat the shit out of one.

              7. So now calling a woman a bitch in a bullshit blog is equated to killing 4 innocent children. Nice hot air! And the gadgets to which u refer are unfamiliar to me

    2. To be fair, none of us were present at the time of said beating. But who knows, maybe she provoked the attack and got what was coming to her. Con artists know their way to a payday, make no mistake

  8. Eagles Picks Tonight

    #43) CB Quincy Wilson (Florida 6-1 199lbs)
    #99) WR Carlos Henderson (Lousiana Tech 5-11 199lbs) 4.46 Speed, 36″ Vertical and a perfect Slot Receiver with Speed and Moves to run away from Coverage and would be tacklers)

  9. I would not rule out a Trade with one the Eagles Current Players plus an Eagles 4th Round Pick for a Teams 3rd Round Pick

  10. It’s not going to happen with Kendricks who I expect will be the Eagles designate June1st Release..
    Jordan Matthews, Alan Barbree or Jason Kelce could be moved and would still offer Value ..

  11. For the record… the apologists have equated an anonymous calling another anonymous a bitch with physical abuse… Hilarious… take your meds bro

  12. I like what Sean McDermott is doing in Buffalo, not big names but
    2 Quality Players and Kids with their first 2 Picks ..
    Word in Buffalo that’s GM Doug Whaley has bee named removed from the Draft Process and Sean McDermott is running the show with the Scouting Dept and his Coaching Staff.. they will likely announce Whaley re-assignment after the Draft some time but he is out of the Process in Buffalo

  13. oh my oh my,We do love to judge others
    who from what Joe Shmoe has told us Joe, being the corner barfly even
    the nicest and purest smognst us cobbers, is that
    99.9% of us have never said any thing hurtful to
    a woman. And racist slurs, of course not.And do something is a rage?Never!!
    but we all know other guys that do despicaple acts do we not?

  14. Time for a oak and coke. Bacardi oakheart is so good. Pick up Sidney jones or mixon or trade back try to get someone’s 2nd pick next year

  15. Wow, the Panthers are adding some Speed to go along with their size to help Cam Newton out.. 1st Round RB McCaffrey & 2nd Round WR Chris Samuel
    The Front Office & GM were really aggressive this Off-Season and should have a very explosive Team next Year..
    Cam Newton will have to learn how to beacons afacilitator at QB to feed these weapons, is he disciplined & consistent enough to do it.. that’s the big question

  16. Vikings take RB Dalvin Cook The Saints are on the Board at #42 and Eagles will have RB Joe Mixon available at #43… this will answer the question once and for all if Mixon was seriouslly on the Eagles radar or moved off their Draft Board as reported by some, disputed by others..

  17. Great Pick with Sidney Jones who should be read your after their Bye Week and perhaps a little sooner .. if not for his Achilles tear, He would have Bee a Top 20 Pick in Round 1 but he will miss all of the OTA/Summer Camp/Preseason time and willstart on the PUP list and could miss the entire Season

  18. Ya’ll cats still at it, lol. Z what’s good? Still see you schooling folks EHL. Henski!!! Birds crapped the bed with Jones, Vikes jumped up took our guy Cook and they went and panicked, Jones would’ve been there in the 3rd. Should’ve went Mixon or that monster safety from UConn.

  19. The Titans, Saints, Colts, TB Bucs, Ravens & Panthers are really having Strong Drafts adding Quality Players

  20. So in addition to Jamal Charles being available so is yeldon, gio Bernard and or Jeremy hill. Glad we didn’t take a back they’re a dime a dozen and we had 11 th best run game with absolute shit at rb last year

    1. Yeldon won’t be available Fournette isn’t a 3 down back, if Bernard is available they need to snatch him up. If Foreman lasts they may grab him. Does anyone like Dede Westbrook from Oklahoma?

      1. I like Dede Westbrook’s skill, but the Eagles are not playing around with taking guys that have questionable/bad character…and Dede has a bad rap sheet…for real. Cincy or the Raiders may scoop him up.

  21. Rasoul Douglas from West Virginia is a nice Selection…
    Has Range, Reach and Great Ball Skills and has the size, strength at 210lbs to eventually move into a Free Safety down the road andis not afraid to mix it up

    1. Rasul Douglas will stay at corner….trust that. The Eagles have their two corners of the foreseeable future.

      Went all defense so far…I’d love to pick up DT Carlos Watkins tomorrow…if available.

      Desmond King will either play slot or safety…to short and to slow to play corner on the outside…I question his agility to.

      1. I can see Rasoul Douglas Playing that Malcom Jenkins Role in a Couple Years
        Either way he’s a DB with good upside, size, ball skills and versatile..
        .. A Playoff Teams needs to have about 7-8 Strong DB’s on its Roster

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