Was Sidney Jones In The 2nd Round A Good Pick? – Podcast

Washington’s Sidney Jones returns an interception for a touchdown in the third quarter during Apple Cup at Husky Stadium Friday, Nov. 27, 2015. (JOHN LOK/THE SEATTLE TIMES / )In the second round of this year’s draft the Eagles made a daring move by drafting, Sidney Jones, a University of Washington cornerback, who recently tore his Achilles tendon.  Jones was considered the best cornerback in this year’s cornerback by many NFL draft experts, until he tore his Achilles on his Pro Day.

The Eagles selection of Washington cornerback Sidney Jones in the second round of last week’s NFL Draft was a surprise because the talented corner had suffered a torn Achilles tendon during his Pro Day.   Jones was considered to the best cornerback in this year’s draft because he showed the ability to both cover in man-to-man and zone, as well as come up and force against the run, then make sure tackles in the open field.

Of course, the Eagles selecting Jones, tells everybody that the Birds medical staff is very confident the young man will be the same player he was, when he eventually returns to action.  They’re definitely taking on a great deal of risk, but they could wind up having acquired the best cornerback in the draft with a second round draft pick.

Check out the following podcast, which I did with my son Garry II, who played the cornerback position at Stanford University, and is currently a lawyer in the area.

14 thoughts on “Was Sidney Jones In The 2nd Round A Good Pick? – Podcast

  1. We really wont know until the 2018 Season when Jones gets a Full Season under his Belt.. He’s going to miss all the OTA’s and most if not all of Summer Camp and Pre-Season Games and likely starts the Season on the Short-Term IR list meaning he’s not eligible to return after 6/7 Weeks into the Season at the very Earliest.. so Playing the 2nd Half of the Season will be a big learning curve for him as well as a Physical Challenge after Rehabbing and missing a lot of Practice and Conditioning Time and learning to Play at the NFL Level with New Teammates and New Schemes is another Challenge for him as well.. Sidney Jones is a tough and talented kid, but to be realistic about his situation is to understand that he really won’t have a full healthy off-season until next Year where he can come into Camp from Day 1 Ready to Play.. 2017 Season is basically a Red-Shirt Season for him
    Sidney Jones was never Rated above CB Marshon Lattimore who went 11th in any of the Pre-Draft Guru’s Rankings though he definitely would have went sometime in the Mid to Late 1st Round if not for his Injury

  2. I don’t really care for the pick at all. Thought the play was to move up to get Dalvin Cook there. I know that he didn’t do well at the combine, but I believe that he will be a difference maker in the pros.

    No way to know if this guy will come back as the same player, so this seems like quite a risk with a high 2nd round pick.

    1. I would have Selected OLB Tyus Bowser (6-3 250lbs) at #43 over Sidney Jones, who is a Day 1 Starter at OLB which is a Position of Need for the Eagles
      A LB Corps of Bradham,Hicks and Bowser would have made a Very Strong LB Unit

  3. Other NFL News
    Another Nice Hire by the Buffalo Bills who Hired Former Panther Asst Gm
    Brandon Beane, Age 40, to become their New GM and he will have final Say over the 53 Man Roster while New HC Sean McDermott, primarily focuses on his Coaching Staff, Implementing their New Schemes with their Players..
    McDermott and Bean worked together for the last 6 Years at the Carolina Panthers and obviously have a strong working relationship together
    Bean was Asst GM since 2015 to Current Panther GM Dave Gettleman and has worked in various Football Operations Positions under former Panther GM Marty Hurley and has worked for the Panthers for the last 19 Years
    Beane and McDermott both have 5 Year Contracts and will likely be tied at the Hip together as the Bills try to re-start their Franchise once again..
    I believe this was a Good Hire as the Bills will now build their Team with Strong Defense, Special Teams and try to become more of a Physical Team which has always made sense to me for them to become playing in Buffalo come November and December where the Passing Game is just hard to be effective and consistent with operate with the Bad Weather and especially those very High Cross Winds which make it difficult to even pass 25 Yards + down the Field for many parts of Games..
    The Bills had a very Nice Draft adding 3-4 Quality Players who will start right away for them in 2017 to build around (CB Tre’Davious WHite, WR Zay JOnes and OL Dion Dawkins) plus by Trading down with KC Chiefs who moved up to #10 to Select QB Patrick Mahomes, the Bills will now have 2 First Round Picks in 2018 which is supposed to be a very Good QB Class)

  4. ************JACKASS ALERT***************

    Eagles DE Brandon Graham has stopped attending voluntary workouts and is expected to skip OTAs and possibly mandatory minicamp.
    Entering the third year of a four-year, $26 million deal, Graham is slated to earn a $6.5 million salary in 2017. Graham was Pro Football Focus’ No. 1-ranked 4-3 end out of 53 qualifiers last season, earning their top pass-rushing grade and finishing No. 2 against the run. He makes less than teammate DE Vinny Curry and surely wants to be paid more, possibly as much as $10 million-plus per year. A late-blooming 2010 first-rounder, Graham just turned 29 last month.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    May 10 – 3:36 PM

    1. Are you shitting.. This is after Graham does very little during his first 4-5 Years in the League as an Eagle and a Highly Paid 1st Round Draft Pick that Eagles Traded up to Select, and now after he finally has1 Very Solid,Consistent Season last Year, he wants to Hold Out and become a Distraction.. This is Just Great
      Trade his Ass to the Saints for RB Mark Ingram and LB Stephone Anthony
      who fell out of graces last Year with the Saints Coaching Staff after a very good Rookie Season.. Good Grief today’s Athletes just take the Fun out of Rooting for them anymore….

  5. Just listened to the above Podcast..I’m not sure where G-Man is getting his Info on Sidney Jones, but he goes about 6’0 and 181 Lbs with a very wiry frame and not the 200lbs that G-Man stated

    1. Guys about as plugged in as Jon hart. Everything he writes is a summary of what everyone else that reports eagles says. Zero unique takes from Gary.

  6. Brandon Graham averages 4.5 sacks a year. He has 29 sacks in 7 season (granted one loss to injury).

    His career high is 6.5 sacks.

    SIX POINT FIVE is his all-time high.

    Last year 53 players had more sacks than Graham’s 5 and a half …kind of pathetic for a guy whose main job is to do just that.

    Brandon Graham (who is a decent player and nothing more) should thank his lucky stars he is getting 6.5 million (one million a sack!!) and get his ass to camp.

    1. Just a business.. Dude saw the birds draft his replacement. He’s got maybe four years to earn whatever football will bring him. Business.

      1. If the eagles drafted Barnett after Paying Curry to be the stud pass rusher; and playing Barwin in the wrong scheme; they deserve the distinction of being the joke of our division. graham was the best DE on the team. He isn’t the problem. Players feel underpaid all the time. Nothing new. It’s up to smart GM to correctly assess the players value to the team and move forward. The eagles haven’t done a good job of that lately.

        1. Barwin was brought in to play a 34 …. When they went back to 43 he was a fish out of water, they kept him because of contract and he’s a god guy who can make some plays

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