Brandon Graham Holding Out For New Contract?

There are conflicting reports floating around that Eagles’ defensive end Brandon Graham may be ready to holdout for a new contract.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane reports that Graham is expected to skip the team’s OTA’s and possibly the mandatory minicamps as well. Meanwhile, Jason La Canfora reports that the rumor is unconfirmed and that Graham is eager for the season to start.

If Graham is really holding out for a new deal, it’s pretty laughable.

Graham is coming off of a season where he managed just 5.5 sacks. Three of which game in the first three games of the season. Two of those games were against the lowly Browns and Bears. In other words, the team’s supposed top pass rusher managed just 2.5 sacks in the final 13 games of the season. That’s a pathetic output.

Graham has also never recorded more than 6.5 sacks in his seven-year career. This isn’t the type of guy that should be in any position to be demanding top-dollar.

Graham is thought of more highly now than he was in the beginning of his career. But realistically he hasn’t been anything more than an adequate starter who can’t reach double-digit sacks and is notorious for disappearing.

If Graham did infact ask the team for more money, their offseason moves at the defensive end position make even more sense. Prioritizing defensive end in the first round through the drafting of Derrick Barnett, and signing veteran Chris Long as insurance could be signs that the team wanted to be sure that they were prepared for Graham’s absence.

20 thoughts on “Brandon Graham Holding Out For New Contract?

  1. Why even post this stuff…”conflicting reports” and rumors? All it does is “stir the pot.” Post article and comments only IF Graham does stay out of camp.

  2. NFL Denies Reinstatement for Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon
    and says that he he can “Re-Apply” in the Fall

  3. Possibly reported by TMZ, that Eagles QB Carson Wentz was overheard telling his Hunting Buddies during Breakfast that he wishes he was the Highest Paid Player in the NFL.. More Reports at 1100pm…

  4. Don’t believe even one part of that…he already knows (& stated publicly he had to grow/mature in that position) he’s not the best QB in league. Definitely a team guy, not me me me. He hasn’t proven anything yet though potential is high.
    More “possibly reported” rumors, innuendo. Please don’t get sucked in by the “yellow press.”

  5. Way Too-Early Eagles 2018 Mock Draft – (Version #1)

    1st Rd – CB Tavarus McFadden (Fla State 6-1 200lbs – Runs a 4.49 40 Time)
    2nd Rd – WR Deon Cain (Clemson 6-1 210lbs – Runs a 4.47)
    3rd Rd – LB Tremaine Edwards (Virginia Tech 6-4 236lbs)

  6. **NFL NEws***
    Arizona Releases All-Pro LB Darryl Washington after he was Re-Instated by the NFL… Washington (6-2″ – 240lbs) is now 30 Years Old has not Played in the last 3 Years ,due to the many off the Field Issues involving Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse Arrests and NFL Failed Drug Tests/Suspensions.. He was a Hell of a Player before these incidents but the Cardinals have decided to move on from him and now he becomes a Free-Agent .. Washington was a 2nd Round Pick from TCU in the 2010 Draft and I would not be surprised to see him surface with another Team by Summer Time..

  7. BS reports for media. Let’s see how Graham does this year. Although he didn’t get a lot of sacks I thought he was one of the most disruptive players on the defense last year. May not be saying a lot… but I saw the guy being a beast against the run and getting QB hurries what seemed like all the time.

  8. To me graham has zero leverage he’s never had double digit sacks in a season plus the Eagles are deep at de…
    Plus cox and Jernigan can both play de

    He better be careful he might find himself traded cause the Eagles still need cap relief

  9. Personally can’t blame him. Backup Curry is making more than him. Let’s restructure his deal by front loading a 3- 4 year deal creating some immediate cap relief while making our best DE happier. Win / Win !

  10. You mean the same Graham that the eagles screwed with in the beginning of his career? We all conveniently forget the switching back and forth between dlineman and linebacker. 4-3 or 3-4? The eagles and their ineptness are as much to blame. Then Howie (who is normally cap savvy) signs Curry and Ertz to their ridiculous contracts. Neither of them are nowhere near worth it and Graham is better than both.
    Though as a fan I would rather he not holdout, I’d respect his right to do what he thinks is best for his career and family. Guess we haven’t learned anything from the last time we thought we’d “teach” a player a lesson. We let a pro bowl Guard walk with no replacement who went on to get what we have never gotten…….A SUPERBOWL RING!!!
    Silly article Denny. What are you auditioning for a WIP or FANATIC gig?

  11. Oh did I mention the other big contract to the overrated juicing Lame Johnson? Some of you need to shed the Vince Paple stupidity that has cursed this town and pick better battles to fight or complain about.

  12. This is a non story! It is the business. I never understand why grown men complain about another grown mans salary. It’s stupid. Whether it’s Curry, Ertz or graham. It’s not your money, the eagles know how to allocate it. They didn’t miss out on any free agent that would put them over the top. They signed arguably the best WR in FA …move on.

  13. Yaaaaawn. Brandon Graham will be in camp when he has to be. As soon as these rumors come about they grow legs and take off and we treat them as fact get our panties in a bunch and skewer the player. Until Graham does holdout or articulates that his plan is to do so…Relax! #Fake news

  14. Did he just say screw with graham his whole Career lmao let’s break this down he played in a 4-3 for
    4 seasons a total of 14 sacks that’s an avg like 3.2 or something
    3 seasons in the 3-4 with a total of 15 sacks he is what he is and to me he’s a bust for where he was drafted had he been a 3rd Rd pick or later I would’ve said he’s had a good career but he’s been avg player at best to have been taken in the 1st rd.. personally I think if you start long in his spot he can give you the same exct production graham gives you…. hell I think this can be a playoff team with or without graham so I would look to trade him get cap relief and picks for the future he’s 29 and might be cut next yr no way I’m paying an avg pass rusher crazy money at the age of 30 Howie get some picks for him and keep it moving…

  15. The “Spotrac” Site has Eagles almost 18 Million over their 2017 Cap
    Not sure if this is 100% accurate or not, but that’s quite a Few Salaries and Players that have to be moved by August..

    RB Ryan Matthews
    At least 1 Offensive Lineman has to be moved.. If Big VaiTai shows improvement and strength over the Off-Season, is it not a stretch that he becomes the Starter at RT and Lane Johnson moves to LT and Peters is Traded ?
    How about at Center – Now with the Signing of Undrafted Center Tyler Orlosky of West Virginia, whose play,build, style and strengths are very similar to Jason Kelce that I have to think that Kelce is moved ..

    LB Kendricks – I think very little interested due to his crazy Contract so I believe the Eagles take the June 1st Veteran Player Release Exemption on him

    WR where Jordan Matthews or Nelson Agholor or DBG could be l Traded for Future Draft Picks or Released

    Eagles can Wait until Summer Camp until Injuries occur around the NFL but someway, somehow then need to Cut a large amount of Salary before the Season Starts..

  16. …………………………Breaking News………………………

    According to Howard Eskin and Bleeding Green Nation Brandon Graham has returned to the NovaCare to resume work outs.

    Brandon Graham tweeted and posted a video of him returning. Lol…so much for the fake news of Graham holding out for a new contract….like I said…Relax. People getting upset and turning on him for nothing.

    This is like last year when the nonsense fake news story about Darren Sproles holding out when he did not report to voluntary workout/camp. He simply wanted to spend time with his family….same for Graham who has a baby daughter.

    It’s a shame that a click bait nonstory false report was presented as fact has to be reported and debunked…now will the reporter who made this crap up apologize to Graham? I bet he won’t.

    These guys have lives outside of football, it was voluntary…dude can come and go as he pleases in that situation.

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