Even The Sixers Can’t Screw This Up!!!

It’s an exciting time to be a Philadelphia sports fan.  The Eagles and the NFL just had the draft right here on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the city. It was very well done and attended by Birds fans.  Now tonight, the Sixers have a chance to take another step towards being a NBA power.  The best scenario would have them getting the first pick and the fourth pick.

It would be an exciting time here if the Sixers were to come out of the lottery with a couple of the top picks, which would assure them of getting one of two of the country’s best young players to play along with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

It would be great to acquire to Washington’s 6’4″ guard Markelle Fultz, who is a great scorer, who can play the point or the two.  He can penetrate and take the ball to the hole or he can fill the hoop up from three point range. Fultz runs the pick and roll like nobody you’ve even seen.  He’s great at splitting the defense and taking the ball to the hole.  Fultz can finish himself, plus he’s a great passer, who sees the floor very well.

UCLA’s 6’6 point guard Lonzo Ball and his Dad could end up coming to the Philadelphia.  I’m not crazy about his Dad, but Ball has got great passing, long-distance shooting and decision-making skills, which would blend well with Embiid and Simmons.  Somebody is going to try to tamper with his jump shot, but I don’t care whether he continues to shoot with that funny twist as long as the ball continues to go into the hoop.  He’s going to fill out and get stronger as he gets older.

MANHATTAN, KS – FEBRUARY 06: Guard Josh Jackson #11 of the Kansas Jayhawks drives up court against the Kansas State Wildcats during the first half on February 6, 2017 at Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan, Kansas. Kansas won 74-71. (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)

Kansas’ athletic 6’8″ swingman Josh Jackson of Kansas, would be electrifying on the wing with Simmons and Embiid.  He’s got range on his jump shot and he knows how to finish.  If you let Simmons, Embiid and Jackson grow together, they could be a great championship trio.

Kentucky’s 6’3″ Malik Monk could be a good fit in the Sixers back court because his shooting range would spread the floor for Simmons and Embiid.  Hopefully, the young man fills out as he matures, so that he gets stronger.  Right now, Monk’s body is not ready for the NBA, but he’s likely to put on some bulk and muscle through the years.

His college teammate 6’4″ guard De’Aaron Fox would be great to have around also.  Fox is more of a slasher, who has the ability to put the ball on the floor and create. He needs to develop his outside shooting going forward.  How do you go help on either of these guys, when Embiid is headed to the hoop and waiting for them to just throw it up for the alley-oop?

I know the Sixers have screwed up many times in the past, but I don’t even see how the Sixers could screw this up.

46 thoughts on “Even The Sixers Can’t Screw This Up!!!

  1. Ping pong day!

    Unfortunately my gut feeing saying lakers get 1 pick and we get 5 pick.

  2. what the hell are you talking about fox has no range at all……please read up before you put crap down….I think you are talking about dsj

    1. Beat me to it. He shot is very inconsistent and he can’t shoot from real distance. As much as I like him it will be drafting another player in a long list of players who can’t shoot. I like Fox if they get 2 picks and are able to get him and Monk. They need someone that can shoot on the perimeter.

  3. You’re right, I didn’t realize and I had written that about Fox. I changed it to make it accurate because he can’t shoot yet.

  4. Fultz is the perfect selection, but if we can’t get him monk is the pick for me, I don’t want ball near this team. he’s a bust all the way

  5. Eagles Get #4 and Select Guard Malik Monk of Kentucky
    then with Sacramento’s Pick at #9 Select Guard Frank Ntilitikina of France
    then Go Big with a couple of their 2nd Round Picks to stash away in the European Leagues for a couple of Seasons

  6. Word is the 76ers have Hired Billy King to help out Colangelo with the Draft.. Good Grief..

  7. pman u are just rambling off don’t know any of the 76ers picks, please sthu and go make some moonshine or meth, or whatever you do in hillbilly heaven

  8. The Headline says “Even the 76ers Can’t Screw this Up”
    I say Just Watch…. June 22nd at the Barclay Ctr in Brooklyn,NY..

    1. There is legit 8 studs in this draft. We can’t screw it up period. The 8-10 picks this year are all rated just as high as next years projected draft class. This the last pick in the top of the draft that’s our own at least. Nucleus is here already. We r gonna be pretty deep with talent next year.

      There’s nothing u can do about. Future is fucking bright. Period. We in better position than most in the NBA. Nucleus of Simmons Dario embiid. farkhan is going absolutely nuts over seas. Roco. A stud or 2 this year in the draft. Probably sign Lowry or reddick

      Shits gonna be popping in philly next year.

  9. So the 76ers will end up with the #3 Pick (their Own) and Sacramento’s #5 Pick from a Previous Hinkie robbery. When do they have to inform the NBA or Sacramento that they are taking their Pick for the 2017 Draft?

    1. Jesus buy a clue sixers tonight got the 5 pick. Sac got the 3 pick we swapped. U brain dead?

      1. I didn’t see the Lottery, I thought the 76ers got Sacramento’s 1st Round Pick from a previous Trade on top of having their own Pick which would be 2 Early Selections and not a Swap ..
        At # 3, I agree with EHL and take Josh Jackson

        1. Paulman you bumbling stumbling old wrinkled ass fool brains aren’t everything and in your case they mean absolutely nothing. You thought what? Sitting your drunk ass back smoking them pussy ass Virginia slims and not watching the lottery thinking you know everything backfired on your ass today. The only thing the Sixers informed the NBA is that they will be swapping picks with Sacramento which they announced during the lottery you didn’t even watch lmfao. Hell you didn’t even know shit about the trade in the first place.

        2. lmfao @ paul. this is what happens when you speak on things you have zero clue about.

          take a lap bro

        1. Not so sure Jackson will be there. If he is there I guess but this team needs guards bad. Dennis smith gonna be a beast in NBA. Fox should be nice too…

          1. I agree with Mhenski. Everyone thinks that Fultz goes 1, but I am not sure that he fits with Thomas. Both of those guys need to ball. I could see Jackson 1st.

            1. unless boston is able to sign Gordon Hayward I dont see them making the 1st pick. I think theyll trade. Theyre real close to being insanely good. And trading that first for Butler or George would be insane for them… I hope they make the pick tho because if they trade whoever makes the pick is taking Fultz and if they keep it i dont think they do

  10. Its imperative for the Sixers to dance with the Lakers now. The key is to give the Lakers back thier unprotected pick next year. The Sixers should call the Lakers and give them their 2018 pick for Russell then draft Josh Jackson. You then have……


    With Saric. Covington, Okafor, etc coming off bench,

  11. If Celtics dont really need Fultz swap picks with Celtics 1 and 3 and throw in Lakers pick next year. The bottom line is the Celtics have Thomas and the Lakers have Russell so there has to be a way for the Lakers or Celtics to dance with the Sixers plus recieve that pick next year. There has to be a way the sixers can come out of this with eithier Fultz. If Lakers take Ball we give them their pick back for Russell.. Or its Celtics move to 3 plus our #1 or Lakers #1, whichever is higher, for Fultz. Get it done.

  12. Rumors already flying around LA that the Pacers will Send Lakers Paul George for that #2 Pick in a Trade Package …
    Presumably, Magic Johnson wants nothing to do with Mr Ball and his interference with Building a Young Team,…

  13. Paulman’s Mock Draft (Version #1)

    1) 76ers Send Okafor and #3 Pick to the Celtics Plus their 2018 1st Round Pick.. The 76ers Select PG Markelle Fultz

    2) Pacers Select SF Josh Jackson after Trading Paul George to the LA Lakers

    3) Celtics Select SF Jason Tatum

    4) Phoenix Suns Select PG Lonzo Ball

    5) Sacramento Kings Select PF Lauri Markkanen

    6) Orlando Magic Select SG Malik Monk

    7) Minnesota T-Wolves Select SF Jonathon Issac

    8) NY Knicks Select PG Dennis Smith

    9) Dallas Mavericks Select PG De’Aaron Fox

    10) Sacramento Kings Select PG Frank Nkilinkia

    1. Now your trying to construct stupid ass draft day trades that rarely ever happen with teams picking in the top 3 to benefit the Sixers. Get the fuck outta here Paulman go back to sucking Charlotte’s dick a miserable franchise with 0 fan attendance and has never come close to winning an NBA title. Who’s Charlotte’s hall of fame player fucken Adam Morrison. You wish Charlotte had Billy King with all the fucken losers the Hornets drafted.

      1. Nothing worse than commenting on shit you know nothing about. Oh wait yes there is contributing nothing but troll attacks at 4 am. Sad man

      2. For Smack-Dolo

        1) Actually the Trade Down from #1 to #3 for the Celtics benefits the Celtics big time, who don’t need a Guard on their Roster (Isiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and instead would add either SF Josh Jackson or SF Tatum Plus get Okafor to help them on the Front Line and add an additional 2018 1st Round Pick from the 76ers for doing so.. Hello! What’s bad for the Celtics in this Deal?
        2) No I don’t Wish Bill King on any NBA Organization and how he’s he’s even held 3-4 Jobs in the NBA as a GM is beyond me.. He has driven the 76ers, Atlanta Hawks, NJ Nets all into the ground.. Just Brutal is his track record

        3) I’m also not a big fan of the Charlotte Hornets who have had Michael Jordan, another GM who knows very little about Building a Team as a GM, though he has improved lately with Charlotte than when he was with the Washington Wizards Organization.. The Hornets are simply one the 15-20 Middle of the Road Teams that dot the NBA League and the 76ers are still not even at their level yet from joining them as a Middle of the Pack NBA Team..

        4) Go back to Sleep so you don’t Oversleep for your Job… Good Grief!!!

  14. Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical said that the 76ers appear to be the favorites to sign J.J. Redick.
    A return to the Clippers seems unlikely, as they won’t have much financial flexibility if they re-sign Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to max deals. Redick is seeking $18-$20 million per season according to recent reports, and Philly has more than enough cap space to make that happen. Redick will be 33 in June, but he’s coming off another strong season with averages of 15.0 points, 2.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 0.7 steals and 2.6 triples on 44.5 percent shooting. Wojnarowski added that the Nets and Knicks are also interested in the veteran SG.
    Source: The Vertical
    May 18 – 12:36 PM

    1. Redick would be a Nice Signing for the 76ers, maybe they can package Stauskus and one of their 2nd Round Picks to move back up somewhere during the Draft

  15. paul, you don’t follow the sport therefor you can’t comment on players. I don’t follow the sport either and never comment on individual players! I voice my dissatisfaction with the way the league is run which is 100% legit– even true nba fans agree– but i can’t tell you if some obscure guard on some team i’ve never really watched is a fit.. STFU dude

    1. Reddick was a Duke Player and I have followed his Career from College to Orlando Magic whom Drafted him over to the Clippers, He’s a very good Shooter with a High Basketball IQ, and would be an Upgrade over the other SG’s on the 76er Roster
      Believe it not, I do follow Basketball, much more on the College side than the NBA, but being down in ACC Country where College Basketball is King, I do keep up with Former Duke/Tar Heel/State/Wake Forest Players that go onto the NBA ..

        1. We have the $ to do it and they’ll have trade value in future years as young kids get ready

  16. That cavs blowout last night is bad for sixers. Celts have no choice if they wanna try to win a title but to flip that 1st pick for a stud vet. No player in this draft can get them over the hump They’re gonna move it.

  17. Sorry guys, but the NBA is the stupidest league in pro sports.

    Why have a league, when everyone, everyone, knew who the 2 finalists were going to be prior to the season starting?

    That’s 8 months and 100 or so completely useless games to sit through to get to a finals where the participants were known in July 2015.

  18. Teams have to have 3 Super Stars to Compete for Championships…
    Having only 1 or 2 is not going to get it done…

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