The Eagles Derek Barnett Is An Old-Fashioned Rookie

Eagles first round pick and new defensive end Derek Barnett doesn’t act like a young rookie of 2017.  He’s like an old fashioned rookie, who was drafted back in the 1970’s or 1980’s.  You would think he was a free agent rather than the number one pick for the Eagles in this draft.  Barnett wants to get on the field at whatever position he can and prove what he can do.

His attitude about playing at the right defensive end position or at the left defensive end position says it all.

“I’m trying to play anywhere I can help contribute”, the young rookie said. “That’s left or right. anywhere there’s a need I’m willing to play the position.”

“I played both in college,” Barnett said, “but the majority was on the right, but I played left as well. To me, defensive end is defensive end. If you can play you can play.”

This is the proper way to enter the NFL.  He’s not making any demands.  He just wants to do his talking on the football field.

I spent a few days eating and talking with the youngster, and his Mom and little brother before the draft at the Logan Hotel off the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Barnett might have smiled three or four times during that entire day and a half before he was drafted.  He’s very polite and respectful.  It’s yes sir, no sir.  The kid is no nonsense.  He is on a mission.  Right away he’s talking about learning everything he can, so he knows the Pro Game.  He asks questions and then he listens.

The young defensive end knows that you have to put in the work.  Nobody gives it to you.  You must be willing to put in the work.  If you want to succeed on the NFL level, you must be willing to work on your skills and your technique.  Barnett knows this and he is focused on getting better.

When I asked him about how he developed his quick “Get Off” at the snap of the ball.

“Just over and over and over repping in practice”, Barnett said. “Coming from high school and college we did that a lot in practice. Having good eyes, making sure I’m looking at the ball and the tackle as well. Having good peripheral vision.”

In the first practice as an Eagle, Barnett showed us some of the skills he has developed.  This young man knows how to get off at the snap of the football and come around the corner just six inches off the ground.  Barnett knows how to get very low on the corner.  Offensive tackles in the NFL have major trouble getting that low.

4 thoughts on “The Eagles Derek Barnett Is An Old-Fashioned Rookie

  1. Eagles keep 6 WRs right? I mean why take away weapons from wentz and Depth?

    Eagles only kept 5 last year but that’s because it would have been a waste of a roster spot to keep a even shittier 6th wr option.

    Alshon, Torrey, Jordan, Mack, Shelton, Nelson
    Which means Dorial is the odd man out.

    Saw a article saying that Torrey is basically the same player as Nelson cause they had the same number of targets and drops lAst season.

    I don’t think I can name a WR other then Deandre Hopkins who can put up elite numbers without the same qb or system every season. Torrey changed head coaches and systems and qbs both years in shitty San Fran.

    Nelson hasn’t had the same qb or coach in back 2 back seasons in Philly either. Ankle
    Injury also set him back.

    1. I’m not sure about Eagles Keeping 6 WR’s as it really Depends what they do at TE and RB & OL… Chances are that you Dress 5 WR’s per Game
      so Mack Hollins Playing Special Teams makes him a Game Day PLayer
      along with A Jeffrey,Torrey Smith, J Matthews
      If Shelton proves he that he can learn and catch all those short routes (bubble Routes, Quick Slants) that Agholor has been utilized on, then Agholor probably gets traded to a Team that’s in need of a WR or that sustains an Injury at the Position
      Shelton mostly ran the Deep Routes while at WVU and was not asked to do many short routes,etc,etc, if he proves he can learn and do them, then Agholor becomes the odd WR out in my Opinion.. But if Agholor has a strong OTA/Summer Camp then maybe the Eagles ride with him for 2017 and have Shelton on the 53 Man Roster but not suit up Game Days to give him a Red-Shirt Year and protect from losing him if placed on the Practice Squad..
      Shelton is a dynamic player, but the Eagles have to figure out which role to utilize him.. A 1 Trick Pony like Treggs was last year is not going to fly on the 2017 Roster.. Players must be able to do a couple of things and not just 1

  2. Don’t see any need to keep 6 WR’s. To go with less is not reducing weapons for Wentz; good WR’s will catch more balls/drop less. We already have backs who can catch out of backfield plus possible 3 TE’s. Pumphrey is not going to be released as he is a returner/back/receiver…no way they can hide him on the PS. I actually like only Jeffery, Smith, Jordan, Hollins who can play ST, and Shelton Gibson. Jeffery, Hollins and Gibson are more aggressive receivers anyway. Unless Agholor has changed his stripes completely, I think he’s gone via trade. We only need receivers who will compete aggressively for the ball every time it’s up for grabs!!

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