Eagles Sign LeGarrette Blount To A One-Year Deal

The Eagles made quite a statement today by signing Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount, who scored a league-leading 18 touchdowns for the Super Bowl Champs.   This says the Birds are interested in helping put good players around Carson Wentz, so he can have a successful second season.

He agreed to a one year deal for up to $2.8 million according to Ian Rapoport.

Blount should give the Eagles a tremendous boost in the red zone and short yardage.  With the addition of Blount to Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles have greatly improved their weapons in the red zone.  Defenses will have to be thinking stop the run when Blount is in the backfield and that can open up things for Wentz to throw the ball once he fakes it to Blount.

He’s a big back at 6 foot and weighing 250 pounds, but Blount can get up off the ground when leaping into the end zone.  He’s got good speed when he gets going, but this guy knows how to get a first down on short yardage and he knows how to get into the end zone.

“LeGarrette Blount is a tough, physical runner who has enjoyed a great deal of success in New England and we are excited about adding him to this football team,” said Howie Roseman, Eagles executive vice president of football operations. “We feel good about the depth and competition that we have created at the running back position and we are looking forward to getting the guys out on the field next week for OTAs.”

Blount has played in the NFL for seven-years and he’s played for three clubs, New England, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.  He had his best year as a pro last year with New England, as he ran for 1161 yards with those 18 touchdowns.  The big physical back has two Super Bowl rings.

15 thoughts on “Eagles Sign LeGarrette Blount To A One-Year Deal

  1. A Great Pick-up who should Complement the Eagles smallish Backfield of Smallwood/Sproles/Pumphrey and really be used in the Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Situations and late in Games when trying to run out Clock to Close out Games
    Blount also becomes the Best Blocker in the Backfield where the Eagles have been sorely lacking the last few years

  2. In a historically deep RB class the Eagles failed to come out of this draft with a young dime a dozen RB so they had to pay a 30 year old stop gap to go along with Jeffries, Jerrigan, Long and Smith as stop gaps also.. You then pick 169 lb RB is is virtually like taking no RB at all hence the Blount signing. This is the result of bad previous drafts when the Smallwoods, Barners and Matthews of the world cant be establishhed already so you have to sign a 30 year old stop gap. Good grief.

  3. So Negative Dag….Clement wasn’t a bad UDFA signing…give him a year on the PS to get up to speed. If he doesn’t get guy next year. You can;t fix everything in one season. I really think this has been a strong off-season so far. Kudos to Howie

  4. Very interesting. I am usually not a fan of FA at all, but whet the Eagles are doing really intrigues me.

    Its clear that they’re “building for the future…Wentz, DL, OL all drafted…then what hopefully will be WRs and such for the future. Sydney Jones…another young guy at a key position that probably won’t contribute at all this year.

    The future (at least so far) for these young players looks bright – and this young nucleus may really have a shot to compete from 2018 – 2024 when Wentz is in his prime.

    But then, along with that we have this plethora of short 1 and 2 year deals. This “win now!” attitude (that I usually hate)

    Yet instead of “win now!” monster, cap-crippling contracts that we’ve seen the Eagles handcuffing themselves with in the past…..these are all pretty much “no risk” short term deals with seemingly no long term downside.

    A very interesting strategy. Will all these 1 year FAs be able to come in, jell, rip it up, and then move on – will this work?

    It’ll be fun to watch. I am just happy that the Eagles haven’t abandoned the “development” long-term plan for a “win now!” strategy…..looks like they’re trying to do both at the same time!

    1. That’s the delicate balance of Building a Roster in Today’s NFL Vinnie..
      The Eagles and GM Roseman in particular, don’t have 4-5 Years to Allow a Core of Young Players come only thru the Draft to mature quick enough to give Wentz some Weapons.. Building they the Draft Solely for the Long-Term does not work in the NFL anymore, it takes a mixture of key Free-Agents and some Veterans (1-2 Year Band-Aids) mixed in with a young Core Group.. The Years where GM’s are concerned and looking down the road at Year #4 or #5 of a 5 Year Plan just doesn’t really happen in Today’s Sports as Most GM’s are like Head Coach’s anymore and really need to start having Success by Year 3 whether its make the Playoffs or be just at the Cusp or your gone..
      The key is not locking yourself up with too many Poor Contracts and also hitting on your Draft Picks and having Young Players (Rookie & 2nd Year Players) to actually get on the Field and Contribute
      Since many Players either move on in Free-Agency after 4 Years or end up out of Football all together, you kind of have to find out sooner if your Draft Picks are Starter’s Type or at least a Productive Contributor by Year 2 or they will get replaced
      if Alshon Jeffrey has Success with the Eagles Offense and QB Wentz, then why would he want to leave if he’s the #1 Target and have to start all over for another Team, System and QB.. GM Roseman is giving Wentz lots of Weapons and now its up to the Coaches and Players to learn how to maximize their Talents Together for a Successful Team & Season..

  5. Kind of the patriots model– one year FA are a whole lot different than a Namdi signing or a byron maxwell– guys on a one year contract are playing for one more contract– they know the end of their earning potential is near- if they are a pain in the ass you cut them no harm no foul.
    Also, by bringing in one year stop gaps you are hoping the kid can catch lightning in the bottle and make a run in hte PO

  6. To the whiny heinies that complain about the cap– tell me who hasn’t been signed, what position of need hasn’t been addressed?

    1. It’s Just another Player the Eagles have to Release or Trade …
      Eagles have time to Trade or Release a Couple of overpriced Veterans by the late Summer

      Ryan Matthews, Dorial Beckham-Green,Jason Kelce, Michael Kendricks
      are all good Candidates to be moved and would reduce the Cap by about $12-$14 Million or so depending on the Dead $$$ Cap Hit …

  7. Well we already know that Mathews is gone once he is off the PUP list. I would say the next to get chopped would be DGB. I have a feeling both Kelce and Kendricks stay, and possibly Sproles gets traded. I would much rather he stays, but you have guys like Smallwood and Phumphrey that can do the same. I’m rooting for Corey Clement..could take over for Blount once he is done in Philly

    1. You have to keep Kendricks this season. We need the depth just in case.

      Trade, cut, release him next year for whatever. Kendrick is a player worth keeping this year until we draft another LB, he has the speed, versatility, and pass rushing ability. Give him 2 years in the system and a full offseason.

      No reason for cutting or getting rid of him yet. Especially when we are getting nothing special in return anyway

      1. Besides Ryan Matthews $4 Million Savings, Come up with another $14 Million in Salary Savings..

  8. Big, strong and mean. Something this owner needs to realize. Ms. Lurie likes those players who look good in a uniform.

  9. Eagles Safety Rodney McLeod Restructures his 2017 Contract Freeing up $2.4 Million in 2017 Salary Relief for the Team… God Forbid LT Jason Peters would do a similar move to help his Team, as he’s only been the highest paid Player over the last 5 Years..

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