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Notes From The Philles’ 7-2 Loss To Colorado

The Philadelphia Phillies lost their fifth straight game on Wednesday night, falling to the Rockies 7-2. Their record drops to 15-29.

On The Mound

  • Jeremy Hellickson was unable to be the stopper for the team’s struggles in this series, allowing seven runs over five innings.
  • Hellickson allowed all seven to come across in a terrible third inning. He allowed eight hits and four walks on the night.
  • Adam Morgan, recently recalled from Lehigh Valley, mopped up with three scoreless innings.
  • Joaquin Benoit got some work in with an inning in the ninth.

At The Plate

  • The offense managed two runs on just three hits.
  • The lone run production came on a two-run homer from Michael Saunders in the eighth.
  • Andrew Knapp and Cesar Hernandez were the only other players to pick up hits.
  • Freddy Galvis, Aaron Altherr, Knapp and Saunders each worked walks, with Galvis working two.
  • Maikel Franco was benched for the second straight game in favor of Andres Blanco.

Final Thoughts

The lack of fight from this team is truly astonishing.

What was once an 11-9 team is now 4-20 over their last 24 games.

Let that sink in for a moment.


That’s an absolutely horrendous win-loss ratio, even for a bad team. At their current rate, the Phillies aren’t even on pace to finish with a win total in the 60’s. People weren’t expecting this to be a playoff team, but at minimum they expected a competitive young team that could at least stay in the mix longer than the first month of the season. on Facebook

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8 Comments for “Notes From The Philles’ 7-2 Loss To Colorado”

  1. Terrible…
    The Phils lose a couple of Couple of Pitchers and the best they can Call up from the Minors is Pinvetta and Morgan??
    Morgan has flat been terrible since last July, the Phils are much further away
    (3 Years) from competing with the Top Clubs in the NL
    They have no Good Young Pitchers…

    • Dip shit Pivetta was 4-0 with a 1.04 era in the minors– 33 SO in 26 IP…. I would say he deserves a shot-
      The phils are giving you exactly what you’ve been calling for– youth- these pitchers are learning on the job- They have about 8 or 9 pitchers in the majors/high minors who will be effective pitchers in MLB-
      It is terribly frustrating right now but it is the risk of blowing up a franchise-again, something many of you called for albeit many of you were a bit premature

      • And Morgan ? They don’t have any other Arms to call up other than Morgan
        who struggled Late Last Season, again in Spring Camp and at the Start of this Season before he was sent down.. Brutal…

    • paulman
      April 3, 2017 – 8:27 pm
      Profile photo of paulman

      I see no reason that the Phillies Win 80-82 Games in 2017 and maybe more if they can get off to a good start and get their Confidence going as we have seen some young Teams do in recent Seasons like the Cubs, Astros, Indians, Royals who all improved ahead of Schedule per most Baseball people .. Winning and Success as a Young Teams just feeds into more confidence where Players can line up and Play and not overthink the Game too much..
      Either way the Phillies will be a Fun Team to watch and root for and the Organization from President McPhail to the GM & Scouts right down to the Coaching Staff all seem to be on the same page and the Phillies are definitely trending in the up and up direction and building a Winner the right way..


  2. Phillies are trash. Not a lot of talent anywhere on the team certainly not enough to compete anytime soon. all that nonsense about competing early in the year was a bit of crazy talk


    Phillies prospect Rhys Hoskins went 3-for-3 with a homer on Wednesday for Triple-A Lehigh Valley.
    One of those hits was a homer — his 13th of the season — and Hoskins also doubled and scored four runs. Not a bad afternoon. He’s been one of the best performers in minor-league baseball, and with the Phillies way out of contention, you have to think they’ll give him a chance to play sooner or later. It should be sooner.
    May 25 – 12:59 PM

    HOSKINS JUST KEEPS MASHING for the 3rd straight year but we are just so good he cant play up here. lmfao

    lots of peeps cried about reuben and wanted him gone and i never saw it, guy made moves. meanwhile we stuck with an awful product and no moves. our new gm is so awesome, lmfao

    • I think the phils are in a wierd spot– they feel like there are some contributing pieces and they want to give others a chance to prove worthy of a trade (Joseph and the old outfielders for example)– I don’t think joseph is worthy of blocking anyone but statistically right now he is a middle of the pack 1B.
      This is the trouble with a total rebuild, you are relying on unproven players with potential and that potential sometimes never develops– hell dom brown should be a cornerstone piece with a bunch of young guys around him right now…yikes.

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