Will Nelson Agholor Or Dorial Green-Beckham Make 2017 Roster?

The 2016 cast of wide receivers for the Philadelphia Eagles was a sorry, pathetic bunch. Nelson Agholor, Jordan Matthews, and Dorial Green-Beckham highlighted a terrible group that was both inept and ineffective. Not since the days of Charles Johnson and Torrance Small have the Eagles seen a group of wideouts so bad.

One of the team’s top priorities has been to upgrade the position. Howie Roseman went out and signed Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith through free agency, while drafting Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson in the fourth and fifth rounds.

The wide receiver overhaul creates a good deal of questions for last year’s crew. The four new additions are almost guaranteed to make the roster, with the exceptions possibly being Smith and Gibson. I fully believe that roster spots are both theirs to lose, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that if Smith shows he’s done during camp or that Gibson doesn’t impress enough that they could fall out of favor. But assuming they perform to expectations, this would leave one, maybe two roster spots up for grabs.

Jordan Matthews would be considered a lock to make the roster, assuming he isn’t traded.

Nelson Agholor, Dorial Green-Beckham, Paul Turner, and Bryce Treggs remain in competition for a potential sixth-receiver spot.

Treggs is practically a lock to be released. He’s showed very little last season, and has become buried on the depth chart. Turner is probably gone as well. I think there’s a place for Turner in this league, but sadly I don’t think he’s going to get his opportunity with the Eagles, who never seemed interested in giving him a real shot. Think of him as the Kenjon Barner of wide receivers.

This leaves Agholor and DGB on the bubble.

Agholor has the inside track on Green-Beckham for non-football reasons. Agholor’s release would force the the team to lose more money than they would save if they just kept him. If its a fair fight based on on-field contributions alone, Agholor wouldn’t even have the inside track on Paul Turner. The former first-round pick has accomplished absolutely nothing in his NFL career, and his skillset isn’t even that attractive. He doesn’t have great speed or size. He certainly doesn’t have a reliable set of hands. He’s just an average guy all around.

I’m in the minority on Green-Beckham. I think its way too soon to give up on a young prospect with his physical talent and ceiling. But at the same time, the reality of the situation is that he’s worn out his welcome with two teams in as many years, and the amount of wide receivers that the Eagles have added to the roster clearly spells that they’re prepared and expecting to cut ties with DGB at some point during August.

If the Eagles decide to keep six wide receivers, Agholor probably makes it as the last guy on the roster and will likely be inactive week to week. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Howie Roseman, who has a knack for putting together creative trades, finds a way to unload Agholor to another team that liked him before the 2015 draft inexchange for another team’s disappointing prospect.

17 thoughts on “Will Nelson Agholor Or Dorial Green-Beckham Make 2017 Roster?

  1. DGB gone. assholor not even within the realm of possibilities he doesnt make the team

    1. If there were no money problems involved, I would agree with you. Everything logical from a purely a football perspective screams that he’d have no business on this roster.

      1. Money reasons and youth and what we invested in him is why assholor can’t or won’t be gone. Dgb worthless. Shows nothing, we have next to nothing invested in him and save a mill if we cut him hence the reason he will be gone and assholor won’t be

          1. Yea I hate dude and he’s so soft but I suppose a miracle could happen with this emo stone handed freak.

            Dgb just trash

  2. DGB will be either Traded for a Conditional 7th Rounder to a Team desperate for a big Target WR (NY Jets/Ravens/Redskins) come to mind or he will be Flat Out Released by Week #2 of the Pre-Season..

    Agholor will make the 53 Man Roster as the Eagles have invested too much $$ to him to just let him walk now, but it will be a Make or Break Season for him in terms of Long Term Status with the Eagles.. If some Teams have Injuries at WR this Summer Camp and make a decent Offer, then he could be Traded but i believe the Eagles would like to see him succeed with this Offense but he has to do it this Season…

    2017 Eagles WR Corps barring Injuries (6 Total)

    A Jeffrey, T Smith, J Matthews, N Agholor, M Hollins & S Gibson

    Eagles will likely only Dress 5 WR’s per Game so Gibson probably starts the Season being Inactive on Game Days, now if Agholor struggles, then Gibson will replace him on the Active List for Game Days
    (Mack Hollins will contribute on Special Teams as a Gunner on Coverage Teams so he will be Active each Week if Healthy)

  3. Denny I’ll bet you anything you’d​ like that DGB not only
    will be cut , but pumping gas in South Jersey by the start of the season. Worthless…lol

  4. Yeah I don’t disagree with you, I don’t think he’s going to be here. Unlike agholor though, I actually think DGB has some upside. Like I’ll take DGB over agholor any day. But DGB very well may be one of those guys that just never puts it together because he’s just too much of a dope to realize what he could be.

    1. And just generally speaking, the Eagles clearly want to turn the page on as many of last year’s group of wide receivers as they can, as fast as they can.

      Agholor or DGBs best chance to stick around is if there’s an injury. Jordan Matthews isnt likely to be here after this season either.

  5. I have a feeling Agholor not only makes the team, but plays well this season. DGB has the potential to be something special…too bad he just can’t get it together mentally..I will say traded, or released

  6. if I’m the eagles i would have a ton of interest in jeremy maclin , i would look trade torrey smith and use his money for maclin…. lets face it alshon misses 4 games almost every yr and he’s questionable for another 3 i don’t know about y’all but i have no faith that torrey can be the #1 in those games that he misses i know maclin can… not to mention maclin runs better routes and has better hands than smith so if howie has the balls to trade a player they just got then maclin should be an eagle in 2017

  7. Eagles have their WR Set for 2017
    I see Maclin talking to the Bears, Vikings,Bills who all need WR Help where Maclin can step in and be a Starter right away

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