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Thoughts On The Potential Sixers-Celtics Trade

On Friday evening, news broke from multiple NBA sources that the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics were engaged in serious discussions about a trade that would land the Sixers the first overall pick in the draft, an opportunity to draft top prospect Markelle Fultz.

There have only been a couple of tidbits about the details of a potential deal. No players on either roster are thought to be involved. The Sixers would primarily send the Celtics a package of draft picks, though which specifically other than the third overall pick in this year’s draft are unclear.

Any deal to land Fultz would be absolutely tremendous for the Sixers.

Fultz is head and shoulders above every other prospect in this draft, and he’s a perfect fit for what the Sixers need. Joining Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric, Fultz would give the Sixers what would easily be the best young team in the league, and would instantly put them on the map to attract A-level free agents.

Is there a limit to how far the Sixers should go to make a deal that would land them the top prospect, but also strengthen a team that will be their top rival in the Eastern Conference for years to come?

The Sixers have enough trade assets to do whatever they want. To get this deal done, they’re likely going to have to part with either the unprotected draft picks from the Lakers and Kings, possibly both. While I would certainly want the team to try and keep at least the Sacramento pick, neither asset is untouchable in my mind.

We’re at the point in “The Process” where its appropriate to start cashing in some of the assets that Sam Hinkie built up and acquired over his years as General Manager. We’ve seen throughout the past four lotteries that regardless of how bad a team’s record is, there are now guarantees to land the top pick. Right now, the Sixers have an elite prospect who is a legitimate franchise cornerstone within their striking distance. It’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity to get him now, while they can.

Much like the situation the Philadelphia Eagles were in a year ago, the opportunity to draft these kinds of players are incredibly rare. The Eagles made the decision to go all-out for Carson Wentz. It’s time for the Sixers to do the same.

Standing pat at the third overall pick and waiting on the Lakers and Kings picks to convey isn’t the worst thing in the world, but with the other young players on the team in place now, this is the time to start putting things on the fast track to building a contender. on Facebook

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46 Comments for “Thoughts On The Potential Sixers-Celtics Trade”

  1. The last piece to puzzle, he is our Kyrie, as Simmons is our lebron, as embiid is the dream with a 3 pt shot, and we aren’t giving much up, just a 3rd overall and Lakers pick next year

  2. So to recap…. Embiid never played March madness, Simmons failed to lead his team to the tourney and the same with Fultz…. and everyone is excited? Isn’t winning still the desired outcome? seems like the process people like high picks, big names etc. but so far I’m not seeing a lot of winning. Aren’t some guys just WINNERS- wasn’t Kobe a talented guy that refused to lose? MJ? I mean come on lets WIN

  3. What the hell are u talking about, dude hac your act is played out, the talent these 3 have have nothing to do with them wanting to win. Ben and fultz played on shitty teams, embiid team actually was great, not sure your point with him. Just worry about the Phillies and their great future, and stop with the shit other people are saying about them. Plenty of examples of players whose team sucked in college but did great in NBA. I swear you are just hating so no one jump on your precious PhilsPhils

  4. The Phillies been tanking too yet no word from you on that. At least the Sixers won a playoff game in last 7 years

    • Phils aren’t TRYING TO LOSE -they just stink! There is a huge difference. You point to the last playoff win of the sixers and stick out your chest YET that is the mediocre 8 seed you were so disgusted with! Your trying to have it both ways– thats a fraudman trick– your better than that.
      Point is there is a lot of celebrating from the hinkyites yet the three sixers ‘stars’ have never played in a tourney, only played 31 games in the NBA- I would think a more cautiously optimistic approach at this point would be prudent.

  5. Fultz isn’t head and shoulders above the other talent in this draft at all. He is however head and shoulders above the other prospects in terms of fit for us tho !

    Josh Jackson
    Smith jr

    Are all basically top talent and equally skilled. Fultz just fits us best.

  6. HAC still hasn’t came around yet!?!!?!


    It’s like u want this team to fail so you can be right. Get on the fucking bandwagon!!

    Cause the process is coming !!

    Hinkie the GOAT

    • HINKIE for sure the goat. Guy needs his job back. They should just give him a piece of the team !!

      In other news Fultz working out at 6 tonight and embiid and saric posing for pics on insta with Fultz name on a locker

      • And hac still doing voodoo on Sixers and praising the Phillies organization because they aren’t “trying to lose”. News flash old man the Sixers aren’t either they just stink due to talent guy

      • Spot on mhenski. Have any of u ever heard of a gm praising and saying “thank u” to the former gm who got fired so u could take over?!! LOL

        THts when u know Sam is the GOAT. Only gm n history that gets fired and will be praised. The new gm knows it. Most fans with any sense know it. Even the players know it!!

        When it’s all said and done we will all look back on the 2017 draft class and be like “wow”

        It’s that deep and special.

        Stephen A smith is hearing we are taking josh Jackson number 1 and he is our guy. I would be happy either way.

        We are the NBA saviors. Especially in terms on the east and adding competition. We will be a top 5 seed maybe even higher this season IF HEALTY. But that goes for every team in the NBA.

        This shit is special.

        The only thing that is going to suck is when the bandwagons all over the country jump on us. I hate bandwagons and the media. Especially on instagram Facebook and shit.

  7. Wip is suppose to stream the workout on their Facebook page, I keep refreshing and still nothing

  8. Sixers Trade News**

    According to my source, “deal is done” Sixers and Celtics have made the trade, Sixers will get the #1 pick and source said they will take Fultz. Deal will be announced Monday! CONFIRMED!!!

  9. Sixers sending Celtics the No. 3 overall pick, a future 18′ from the lakers and ’19 future pick from kings with protections

  10. A blockbuster trade!!!!!

    Trust the freaking process!!!!


  11. Bc just bent Danny ainge over the table and raped the crap out of him, we only give up one pick either keep Lakers pick if #1 or 6 or below and if it falls between 2 and 5 Celtics get it, and we keep the sac pick, we beat ainge in a trade, Celtics blog is on suicide watch. Trust the process boys

    • Next years NBA draft is trash too. 1 man draft and we got a shot at that 1 man still!
      This is good for us. Dunno how effective Fultz can be right away but we got a stacked nucleus now. Now go buy me gallinari, Lowry on reddick.

  12. Lowry no ty that’s too many ball dominant players would rather have Riddick he’d fit perfectly at our 2 guard, and don’t need Gallo, he will want too much money. Party mills would be a good option tho

  13. Man hac must hate this …

    Sixers bout to own the city for the next 10+ years.

    Only thing that scares me about this team is that the practice facility is in that absolute shithole. Like legit I hope they’re taking prospects there by boat from philly. I can’t imagine a stud free agent or 19 year old top prospect would like the drive there at all.

  14. That’s why they will have motorcades at all times for the players and yes hac can’t stand the Sixers have turned the corner due to his hate for the nba. Pg13 trying to force his way out of indiana, he really wants to ruin his career in la, oh well

  15. “Own the city”???? Wow I hope so… do you think Joel will be allowed to come out to play back to back? So to clear they are allowed to win?

    • We are now flush with enough talent that Joel’s health is not of the utmost importance. Too much talent everywhere. If Joel can’t play Holmes and oak will be fine. Hopefully we gonna sign someone like millsap or reddick and or gallinari to give some veteran scoring while Fultz and Simmons develop and Dario continues too

      Yes own the city. They already do. A nucleus of young top talent. Local talent and foreign. A culture being built. I’m sure you hate the taste of all this but you’ll be on board BIGLY sooner than later.

  16. Lakers fans are the worst, they think kings have picks 6 and 13 and want their sorry ass players like mosgov, no one wants that terrible contract

  17. Man this is the craziest off s3ason ever, the warriors broke the nba, now everybody going trading nutz, and then they saw that pic of the process crew and knew we were coming

  18. Lakers Trade Guard D Russell and Center T Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for
    Brooks Lopez and the Nets 27th Overall Pick in the 2017 Draft which clears some Cap Space in order to pursue Paul George..
    (The Lakers also have the 28th Pick and the 2nd Overall Pick which they have stated that they are keeping)
    Could the 27th & 28th Picks sent along with John Randle and Jordan Clarkston to the Pacers be enough for Paul George ?

  19. Lakers are so dumb, they are moving too fast putting too much pressure on young guys

    • With Magic in charge of Lakers, he will be patient to a
      Point, but if he thinks some of their current Players don’t have what it takes for long-term success or the heart and competiveness of a Champion
      (Russell & Randle) come to mind,
      Then he’s going to move from as soon as as possible them as he is not tied to them at all an Magic isn’t going to spend 4-6 Years rebuilding this Franchise..
      He’s going to get some young good Players and open the checkbook for some Big Free-Agents these next 2 Off-Seasons

  20. Man oh man please get Beverley bc he is perfect fit and great vet to have on d

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