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Done Deal! Sixers Agree To Trade For Top Pick

After a day and a half of intense rumors and speculation, the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics have reportedly agreed to a trade that will send the Sixers the top pick in this year’s draft, and the right to select elite prospect Markelle Fultz.

The Sixers will reportedly send the third overall pick and a future first rounder with protections to the Celtics. If the 2018 Lakers pick falls to between 2-5 in next year’s draft, the pick goes to the Celtics. If the Lakers get the top overall pick, or pick outside of the top five, the pick will belong to the Sixers and the 2019 Kings pick will go to Boston instead.

This is a tremendous trade for the Sixers for so many reasons.

Prospects like Josh Jackson, Malik Monk, and Dennis Smith were all nice options, but none of those fit Brett Brown’s crew as well as Fultz. With Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric already in place, this was the time for the Sixers to start cashing in some of the assets they acquired in order to get some special talent to Philadelphia.

And the cost to get it done was more than reasonable.

First of all, the Sixers didn’t have to part with any players currently on the roster. Many people thought that if any deal with Boston were a possibility, Dario Saric would have to be included. Instead, the team keeps their strong young core together, and makes it even stronger through the addition of Fultz.

Second, the fact that the Sixers will only part with one of the two future first rounders from the Kings and Lakers is even better news. The Sixers will still get one of those picks to either add to their young core, or have in their back pockets to use for a future trade. You have to love the Sixers’ protections on the Laker pick. They can still potentially win lottery with that pick next year, or even receive a top 10 selection. And if neither of those occur, the Kings’ 2019 pick remains a fabulous asset. The Sixers also keep each of their own first rounders, giving them plenty of ammo to improve the team.

This is what “The Process” has always been about, and the pains that fans who have trusted it have had to endure are about to pay major dividends.

The whole point of Sam Hinkie’s vision was to establish a pipeline of talent, and when the time was right and the right player became available, this team would be in a great position to make a move to get whoever they wanted.

Is anyone out there still kicking and screaming about not being an eighth seed for the last four years? Is anyone still kicking and screaming about former Rookie of the Year/now journeyman Michael Carter-Williams being traded?

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16 Comments for “Done Deal! Sixers Agree To Trade For Top Pick”

  1. The return of watching the 76ers with expectations of winning games, yet I expect some fans will be angry over the loss of either the lakers or kings pick.

    Draft picks and tanking have been the identity for several years now, trust the process, there was a reason for it all.

    The sixers were not going to draft a top 10 player this year, and follow up with 2 more in 2018 and 2 more in 2019.

    With Fultz, Simmons, Embiid, Saric, plus guys like Holmes and TLC, Furkam in a year, there are starters and bench depth established.

    With plenty of cash to spend, my hopeis the Sixers won’t hit the fast track button, let this thing happen by letting the youth grow together.

    Two rookies starting is enough, bring in a vet like Mills, Bayless will be back, and sign a one year vet to keep mentoring the team.

    Trade Okafor, that I feel can’t be a media subject topic to fall back on, a preventable distraction by management is necessary.

    I like a lot of 2nd rd guys, but Frank Mason from Kansas is a name I want. There are actually guys in round 2 that excite me, but the Fultz thing is a great gift for Father’s day.

    • I would rather trade those seconds and try to get og anubouy, he fits our team perfect, stretch 4 with crazy ability to switch on positions 1-4, and he shoots the 3, but if it’s the second rd I want the Oregon guard and stash Bruce Bowen son who is also a stretch 4

      • Z, if they can slide back in and get OG, I’d lose my mind. Sixers are one vet short of scaring the living shit out of the Eastern Conference. The Celtics must have another deal on the table somewhere for a big, we’ll see.

  2. Not worried about Celtics, no superstars, and bad timeline, but yes og is my last trade

  3. *Sixers News*

    According to my source, the sixers could be involved in the possible Cavs Pacers trade involving Paul George. Source said Kevin Love could be sent to Philly.. more to come

    My thoughts: is a better option than Ersan and would mentor Dario Well. Love can bang it inside and can step out and shoot the 3

  4. Do not sleep on Jaron Blossomgame out of Clemson

    He went to my highscool in Johns creek Ga called chattahoochee high.

    Good kid. Comes from good parents and one of the top upper echelon areas in the entire country.

    • My Wife has Cousins in Johns Creek, Ga and their Son plays Soccer for Chattahoochee High, which they are highly Rated/Ranked also in the State of GA.. He’s a rising Senior Next Year

      • My sister attends Hooch now. Will be a senior in the fall.

        What are there names?

        • Aleksey Garczynski – a tall Blonde whose hard to miss , His Father is a former US Military Officer who spent a lot of time in Germany and is now a Computer Tech, and the Mom is Danish and a housewife ..They are Super Nice People
          They have a younger Son Dustin, who is probably in the 7th/8th Grade
          They moved down from Pittsburgh about 5 Years Ago and just love the area

  5. Atlanta Hawks Trade Dwight Howard & the 31st Pick to the Charlotte Hornets
    For Marco Bellelini, Miles Plumlee and their 41st Pick in what looks like a Rebuild for the Hawks

  6. Ok processors …. so in doing research to rip you I’ve run across these comparisons … Embiid to Olajuwon, Simmons to Magic/Lebron and Fultz to Hardin….. I never believe the hype because EVERY year these comparisons are made but IF 2 of these come mostly true then there is a chance… I’m borrowing Paul’s flip flops

  7. Hac you are a sad man. Do whatever you want but if you can’t see it, sorry for u

    • I just explained exactly what I see– 3 players compared to greats of the game…. if 2 of them pan out then maybe something will be good here- you do realize that 19 year old draftees get compared to good established players all the time and many don’t work out. ET was compared to Brandon Roy for example and there are a million other examples.

    • Dude just get on board. The past few years while sixers been processing and tanking to become a dynasty what have the other 3 teams actually done ? Nothing! They kept on keeping on with no hopes of a championship… process baby where you lose on purpose to get good instead of trying to win to remain mediocre.

  8. He’s a dinosaur henski stuck in his ways. Let the volcano take him

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