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Kristaps Porzingis Trade Isn’t Realistic For The Sixers

As the NBA offseason continues with one wild trade after the next, the Philadelphia 76ers, fresh off of their trade to acquire the number-one pick, have now been linked to New York Knicks’ forward Kristaps Porzingis in the latest swirl of trade rumors.

I think what this is boils down to is this. Have Bryan Colangelo and the Sixers called to see what it would take to get Porzingis? Absolutely. But that’s just the Sixers doing their due diligence.

The Knicks are going to want a king’s ransom for the guy they selected with the fourth overall pick just two years ago, and a guy that they still have under their control for three seasons. They’re going to want players that can help them now. They’re going to want picks this year and in future seasons. The Sixers just don’t have the ammo to make something like this happen.

The Sixers already have their best trade assets tied up in the deal to get Markelle Fultz. With so much uncertainty about whether the Lakers’ pick in 2018 or the Kings pick in 2019 will be the pick to convey to the Celtics, its near impossible for the Knicks to be sold on a pick that might or might not convey for their best asset.

The Sixers could offer their own first rounders in 2018 and 2019, but those picks don’t carry nearly the same amount of value that the Lakers and Kings picks have.

Then there’s issue of providing a player or two already on the roster. No, the Knicks don’t want Jahlil Okafor. Nobody does. Dario Saric is probably the most attractive piece on the roster that the team might be willing to part with to make a deal happen, but again, how can the Knicks sell moving Porzingis for a guy like Saric whose ideal role is coming off of the bench? Robert Covington, who is about to reach free agency, wouldn’t be of interest to the Knicks either since he can leave at the end of the season.

I’ve seen people kick around the idea of trading Ben Simmons to get Porzingis. And while offering Simmons in a package could be enough to get the Knicks’ attention, I still wouldn’t make that move.

To me, the idea of trading for Porzingis, or any other star from another team at this point, is just pure greed.

The Sixers are finally turning the corner on “The Process”. With Simmons, Fultz, and Joel Embiid, the team has finally assembled a core of guys that (on paper) fit together and the franchise can build around. I need to see how these young guys play together before I even begin to entertain a single thought about moving any of them for other players. on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Kristaps Porzingis Trade Isn’t Realistic For The Sixers”

  1. Denny the Knicks have zero; I repeat ZERO leverage! Porzingas is definitely a nice young player, but he isn’t a an Embiid or Simmons. So whoever floated the idea of Simmons in a package for him is a moron and knows nothing about bball.
    Okafor still has value. No he isn’t Embiid or Towns, but he’s a 20 year old big that can score at will. The lack of of defensive intensity as well as rebounding, would not be enough to keep teams with nothing in the middle from giving him a chance for the right deal. Our lazy media and clueless fanbase should stop acting like the kid is Kwame Brown or Michael Olowokandi just because he isn’t better than a once in generation talent like Embiid.

    • Yeah I’ve heard people go as far to say they’d trade Simmons AND the top pick for Porzingis…its the most, asinine, painful trade scenarios I’ve heard since people were willing to part with three first-rounders to trade up for Marcus Mariota.

      I do think the Knicks have leverage though, mostly because they still have Porzingis under their control for the next three years. He isn’t close enough to free agency yet, so if teams want him now, they’re going to have to pay a steep price.

      Also, even in a best-case scenario I can’t see Okafor bringing back more than what the Sixers got for Noel…a couple second rounders, at best, or if we’re lucky he’s a sweetner combined with a couple of the team’s second rounders to help move back into the bottom of the first round. Okafor won’t even be in the Sixers’ rotation this year if he’s still on the roster at the start of the season.

      • I would think long and hard about trading Simmons straight up for zingas but certainly nothing more. Zingas is proven and with his range and embiids that combo would be sick with Fultz and a free agent. Simmons is a great unknown and there’s enough reason to be very scared about him. It would be trading a unknown for a known. I’m not advocating for it but wouldn’t complain about it. Sixers know more about him than anyone else like if he can shoot or not…

        Ben sim scares me.

        • I hear you on concerns about Simmons, but I’m less worried his shooting now that the team has fultz. Ben can just focus on attacking the rim and facilitating with embiid and fultz carrying most of the scoring load.

          Also I’d worry about porzingis, who soured on the Knicks just two seasons in and blew off the exit interview. Not sure it would be good to bring a guy like that to this locker room, which seems to be have some great chemistry and guys who enjoy playing with each other.

  2. Okafor can be a very nice nba player, despite what he has shown to date. I think Kevin Love is the player he has to mimic. A great college player with good skills whose athletism was not where it needed to be for the nba. Love spent a few years getting his body right and has become a top 30 nba player. I think Okafor could become a great role player in this league, it’s up to him to work for it. Okafor has to face the facts, he has been the best player up through college, now he has to play catch up. If he is not at least 15 pounds lighter to start camp, he isn’t willing to do what ir takes to be good.

    • Don’t think he can mimick love at all.

      A. He’s nowhere near as fast
      B. He doesn’t have a good handle of the ball like love
      C. He has no midrange of 3pt range shot like at all which is also like love

      If nahlil jokafor wants an nba career he needs to learn how to rebound, find a miracle worker to help him get an outside shot or just go somewhere we can be the #1 scoring option (specifically where they run iso plays for him early & often)

  3. Okafor can only play down low, agree he doesn’t have or will have the range or handle of Love.
    He has to transform his body like Love did. His offensive skills are great close to the basket and he has to lessen his defensive liabilities.

    My advice to him is the same thing I say to my kids all the time. All your skills look much better when you are a great athlete! What made Allen Iverson’s cross over legendary? He had a nice handle, but most importantly he was the quickest human on the planet for 8 years. He got up out of bed and could dribble past nba players after a night out. He was just athletically superior.
    Okafor needs to improve athletically to compete at the nba level.

  4. I’m keeping Simmons screw diva porzingaz, wouldn’t even workbworkout for us and he can’t create his own shot or rebound that well, which is elite trait Simmons has

  5. I don’t see how we don’t make the playoffs so many bad teams are gonna straight tank next year

    • The sixers were sniffing around a playoff spot last year when embiid was healthy. Add fultz Simmons, and another year of growth for embiid, Dario, Covington, tlc, etc and this should absolutely be a playoff team in a conference as bad as the East

  6. Denny I know you probably Check out, but there are some great reads over there about everything that’s led up to the process, and I love the comment section

  7. Draft time baby, fultz, and maybe trade up for og, if not get Jonah bolden, Dillon brooks, Josh hart, or maybe kaba

  8. Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler & their 16th Overall Pick to the Minnesota T-Wolves for Guards Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn & the 7th Overall Pick

  9. 76ers obtain from the Orlando Magic, the 25th Pick and Selection Center Anzejs Pasecniks of Latvia for a Future 1st Round Pick.. Pasecniks is listed as 7-1″ and 200lbs..

  10. At #36 – Jordan Bell from Oregon or SF Alec Peters from Valparaiso

  11. Top 20 okc pick so more likely 2 secomds, bc is selling all our picks wtf guy, but did get my guy jonah

  12. Like I said.. Dennis Smith is too small for the kind of roster were building here

    Talented and explosive, very nice game, yes, but a few inches too short

    Avg pg in the league is 6’3 6’4 he’s 6’0 .. no thanks

    Fultz is 6’5 with an all around game. Love the pick

    D Foxx is also 6’5.. two of my favorites from this draft. Also Josh Jackson

  13. Dennis Smith listed 6-2 190lbs with a solid build and frame to put on 10lbs
    M Fultz listed at 6-5 186lbs
    D Fox listed at 6-3 176lbs and will get pushed around until he adds some strength and bulk

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