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Sixers Must Be Smart In Free Agency

With NBA free agency underway, the Philadelphia 76ers must be very selective in the approach that they take towards signing veterans to add their exciting young core.

While tanking is now officially a thing of the past, the time still isn’t right for the Sixers to be pursuing big-name free agents and handing out big contracts.

The young core of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric need to spend a year playing together and building on-court chemistry to establish what they’ve got first. After this group has had some time to mesh and develop together, that will be the time to add a major veteran piece to put the team over the top.

In the meantime, the Sixers should be in the market for low-cost role players that can bring some leadership to the table while still contributing to help the team win on the court.

Patty Mills from San Antonio is a name that makes a lot of sense. The fit with Brett Brown’s system is there, and Mills brings playoff experience, youth, and shooting to the table. C.J. Miles is another cheap option that could fit on the wing, and give the Sixers a steady source of three’s. And of course, there’s Ersan Ilyasova, who showed last season that he fits well with this team, and would come on a contract that wouldn’t break the bank.

A lot of people have speculated J.J. Redick as a potential target, and I believe such a move would be a mistake. Redick isn’t looking to win. Redick is looking for his chance to land a big payday. It doesn’t matter if it comes from the Brooklyn Nets, Redick is going to sell himself to the highest bidder, and will likely become the type of contract that an organization will desperately want to get out of by next summer. This is the kind of situation the Sixers need to avoid.

Ever since Bryan Colangelo took over as General Manager, the fear has been that Colangelo would go crazy with the salary cap room that Sam Hinkie had built up, and plug the Sixers with a bunch of quick fixes that would make the team better in the short-term, but have poor consequences in long run. But he hasn’t done that.

I haven’t been a supporter of Colangelo, and I think he badly botched opportunities to trade both Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor to get a considerable return, but I do think he’s shown good restraint when it comes to using the team’s salary cap room. I think Colangelo understands the opportunity that he’s been given to run this franchise, and he’s been appropriately cautious when it’s come to signing free agents to avoid screwing things up.

There are ways to improve this team in free agency that are both cheap, and smart. Throwing truckloads of money at big-name guys just to make a splash is a ticket back to the mediocrity that the Sixers were previously stuck in for more than a decade. on Facebook

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89 Comments for “Sixers Must Be Smart In Free Agency”

  1. How does NO Pelicans and former 76er Guard Jrue Holiday sign a 5 Year – $126 Million Deal to remain with the Pelicans!! This is what’s wrong with the NBA. Wizards Guard Signing a Super Max Deal at $170 Million… What has he ever Won?
    Patty Mills for $50 4 Years at Million
    Terry Snell re-signs with Milwaukee Bucks for 4 Years at $48 Million

    • Yeah I shook my head at the numbers for jrue and mills too. Pro athletes will always have huge paychecks, but the NBA really is out of control.

      • I always say it’s not our money why would we care? The NBA doesn’t seem to be going broke. The money is obscene but it is what the market will bare.
        The problem with the NBA is that it’s such a poor product…. but then again the market and revenue stream say otherwise. The super team shit is getting ridiculous

  2. Jj reddick a sixer. Jh source to confirm after the press conference. Imo weird signing.

    I guess Simmons gonna guard 4?

    Starting 5

    Fultz, reddick, roco, Simmons , embiid?

    Nice bench. Sauce wawa Holmes Dario jokeafor

  3. Sixers are in trouble. Sixers will have to pay Embid, Simmons, Fultz 200 million in back to back to back years and Saric 150 million lol. Having this core is only temperoary. Your grooming a few for some other team in there prime. The NBA is out of control.

    • Rumors are they are trying to extend Embid now. This is why you hear the rumblings of signing Embid now below market price and taking a gamble. He has only played in 30 plus games in 3 years so do you gamble and roll the dice and try to sign him now below market price.Hey Joel you have a injury history heres a 5 year deal worth 80 million guaranteed. . hmmmmm. Or do you gamble on yourself to stay healthy for the 200 million payday. What would you do if you were Embid? .

      • If I’m embiid I take out a massive insurance policy on my body and take nothing less than a max. From a talent perspective he’s showed he is an absolute stud. Top 20 NBA player for sure. U got bums like Otto porter getting a max deal. He will get his

  4. We will d3al with that when time comes

  5. Why not Lebron next year? Lebron James is set to be a FA next year and the Sixers are in prime position talent and financially to easily sign him to play for the sixers. Hell they could sign Lebron and George next year in a weak Eastern conference.You may have to move a Simmons and or Fultz or Saric in 3 years which is fine if your telling me my statrting lineup in Lebron, George, Embid, Simmons and Fultz for 2 years lol. Sixers are set up so well that dont tell me this cant happen if Lebron and George are willing to come after this year. Embid, Simmons or Fultz are all expendable if we are talking George and Lebron. Hell fuck George just bring Lebron.

    • I would never want LeBron James on this team.

      LeBron is a guy that has always looked for the easy way out when it comes to pursuing titles, he can’t build up a team on his own, he’s always had to go to spots where a super team was waiting for him…make no mistake, when he went back to Cleveland a couple of years ago, he did it because Wade and Bosh were on the decline in Miami, and the Cavs had Kyrie already in place, plus the assets to get Kevin Love. Now that the Cavs are on the verge of becoming a sinking ship again, he’s ready to bolt to another convenient location next summer.

      A player of his caliber shouldn’t be switching teams every three years.

      The logos on their jerseys and the cities that LeBron plays for doesn’t matter in the least. If I were a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers or Miami Heat, the titles won by either team would feel hollow and cheapened. It wouldn’t feel like the Sixers had just won a title as much as it was just a convenient location for LeBron James and his buddies to add to their individual rings.

  6. Gordon Hayward is signing with the Boston Celtics

    The Sixers Celtics rivalry has been resurrected


    • He hasn’t signed yet, but it’s being said that that’s his intention…

      His wife wants to him to play for Miami, he wants to play for his old coach Brad Stevens, if anything they may just stay in Utah… who knows

      I’d like him with Boston though.. resurrect that Sixers Celtics rivalry from the past

  7. ***Furkan Korkmaz News***

    According to source, Korkmaz has officially signed with the Philadelphia 76ers!

    My thoughts: For those who don’t know about him, he’s athletic with alot of moves, and can shoot shoot shoot. Huge move here, being able to get him out of his current contract and to sign him to the Sixers. Another great move by Colangelo as we put ourselves in an even better position to be a playoffs team

    • But Furkan is gonna need some more work, has to bulk up and improve his overall game.. wouldn’t surprise me if he went to the D-League for a little bit

      • The 76ers will be a Playoff Team in 2017-2018 by default as the East really got weaker this Off-Season
        The Bulls, Hawks & Pacers are in complete rebuild modes now
        The Magic,Knicks, & Nets are still Rebuilding and have a ways to go before being competitive, which means in the East just about everyone else will be in the Playoffs
        (Cavs,Celtics, Raptors, Wizards,Heat, Bucks, Pistons, Hornets with the 76ers & Pelicans battling right in the Playoff mix)
        76ers with Good Health and some Fortunate breaks could be as High as a 4th Seed in a very Weak and Wide Open Eastern Conference and really should be no lower than a 6th Seed if they remain healthy

        • By default?!?!

          Is it our problem that guys are being traded, signed etc and are leaving the eastern conference?!

          No it’s not..

          It’s not by default, it’s by us having alot of good young talent and now qualified veteran leadership

          I know you haven’t seen Embiid play because of your locality, but he could possibly be a top 5 player and if healthy would have led us to the playoffs this past season.. Saric, Simmons, Fultz, Redick, Covington, as mentioned Embiid, all this talent will propel us to the playoffs

          They just have to stay healthy.

          And this would’ve happened even if the east remained the same..

          You’re acting like the east was strong before.. it had 1 great team, the Cavs that’s it..

          • No JH, You’re acting As if it’s a big accomplishment for the 76ers to make the Playoffs in 2017 and I’m saying it’s basically a shoe-in based with 3 consistent Playoff Teamsin the East the last few Seasons (Hawks,Bulls & Pacers) losing their best Players and now going into a complete rebuild mode..
            Now it’s the Cavs,Celtics heads above everyone else in the East with the Wizards,Bucks, Heat,Hornets, Pistons, Pelicans & 76ers battling it out for the 3rd thru 8th Seed
            The 76ers better finish ahead of the lowly Nets,Knicks,Magic and now the rebuilding Hawks, Bulls & Pacers in 2017 or the Process is a pipedream!!

            • All this information is meaningless

              Why are you posting about the sixers being able to make the playoffs by default? Again I ll ask, why does any of that matter?!!!

              You sound like an old guy man hoping for the “process” to fail

              You’re not a true fan of the Sixers, you don’t watch the games it’s already been established you was against the tanking, you was against Sam Hinkie, Brett Brown, criticized Embiid said he would never play for the sixers said he was another Bynum, Saric is a bench player, criticized Ben Simmons multiple times

              All of this from an old guy living in North Carolina that openly says he doesn’t watch any Sixers games and hasn’t watched in years!

              This is just one of the reasons why I named you Fraudman many moons ago. Bc of stuff like this

              For you to still find a way to hate on the sixers after all of this talent they’ve acquired and officially off the tanking, tells me you have an agenda and it also tells me how out of touch you are with the happenings of this team and City..

              This is what you should do, stick to the eagles and your mock drafts you get from and keep the sixers outta your mouth bc your nowhere near a fan

              And when they start winning don’t try to hop on the bandwagon, we don’t want you…

              Go root for the Hornets..

              • I can Post whatever I want JH, Are you going to Stop Me?
                You keep acting as if its a Big Surprise or Upset for the 76ers to make the
                Playoffs for 2017-2018 and Im saying after 4 Years of Tanking with all these Top Picks of Recent Drafts in a very Weak Conference they better make the Playoffs
                Lets see all this “Young Talent” they have been Drafting the last 3-4 Years actually Play Together and Start Winning.. Is that too much to ask?
                Hell it only will take 40-42 Wins to get you into the Playoffs in 2017-2018 Season in the Eastern Conference.

                It would be a major disappointment for the 76ers not to make the Playoffs in 2017-2018.. Time for Excuses are Over in My Opinion.. Play Ball …

              • In this corner we have the know nothing no it all and in the other corner we have the cheerleader fake news reporter. What an epic battle – 2 halfwits fighting over 1 brain cell.

  8. My God fultz looks good, gotta cut down on turnovers but those hesi jimbos are beautiful…..he is special. We gotta find a way to keep Bolden the guy is a rim protector who has shoot 3’s….the blocks he has had so far look impressive. This team is going to be so much fun to watch

  9. Lonzo Ball certainly had a Summer League debut to forget. 2 of 15…1 of 11 from 3 point range. 2 extremely ugly air balls…one which went straight out of bounds.

    • Ehl it’s only Summer League. You now how it goes, ups and downs and hardly ever a true barometer of a picks talent or future upside. Far too many guys who never amount to anything in the league look like world beaters in the SL. And then there are guys like KD who had some stinkers and folks wanted to write him off.

      • Cold, I hear you, but, Lonzo’s shooting was godawful…just dreadful…Summer league or not you have to shoot better. The big question about Lonzo entering the draft was will his shooting form/shot translate to the NBA? Yeah it’s only one game in summer league..opening jitters…perhaps, but it was a brutal debut, hence one that he wants to forget.

        • See that second game ELH? That triple double was a very good showing of this kids ability. It’s why I maintain patience considering the age and the slop they’re playing with. Meanwhile our guy looked like trash before hurting his ankle. I wasn’t worried because I’ve seen enough to let me know he’s the real deal.

          • Cold, I saw it. I have to be honest, he’s a good passer with good floor vision. I’m not impressed with him overall though as his defense leaves a lot to be desired and his shooting is bad 5-13 Two of his baskets were layups and another a slam. His triple double was cheap as his last basket (slam dunk) to get the triple double (11th point) was an uncontested coast to coast slam at the end of the game when the loss was already in the books for the Lakers. I will be watching again tonight to see if he continues to make progress. I expect to see much more dominance from Lonzo in summer league given all the hype.

          • Fultz had 8 points before leaving game at the end of first or early in 2nd qtr? Ball had 11 points in 4 qtrs., his last score was a garbage gimme slam that nobody even bothered to challenge on defense.
            I am ready to call him Lonzo Wall because he throws some bricks up there..Trump can hire Lonzo to build the wall with all those bricks.

  10. That is true brewski but if you watched the game, you want to see flashes and he showed he could pass the ball, but he couldn’t drive by Kendall marshall, who looks like his grandpa, he can’t shoot, and his court game was ugly. Don’t get me started on his defense, he better hope he gets that 3 down because he’s useless without it

    • Z, did you see how Brice Johnson went around Lonzo and slammed on him. Lonzo’s feet looked like they were stuck in cement.

      • Of course man lonzo is so stiff, it was so funny, Angelo Russel was at the game and he looked disgusted watching lonzo…..ehl you gotta see magic face after lonzo last brick it’s hilarious

        • Oh I saw it…Magic’s eyes got wide and his jaw hit the floor…lmao…was funny as hell. Magic was like oh $#!+…da fugg wuz dat!?!

          • Lmao, I’ve been looking at the Lakers fans site silver screen and roll, damn near suicidal over there, they know ball is trash

            • I have to get on there and check it out…should be entertaining.

              • did any of you see fultz against any pg he faced during the SL? Fultz’s offence and shot makes it easy to digest his horrible defense. Guys were blowing by him like he was standing still. Shyt he looked like Okafor at times…lol

  11. Get your popcorn ready!!!!

  12. Hope Fultz is ok, High-Ankle Sprain doesn’t sound too bad, but he will likely miss action until Fall Camp time to heal up 100%…

  13. Yep after that crap I’m done with basketball will see them in october, my heart can’t take it

    • oh man…. he’s fitting right in! You are not a savior for the sixers until you have a foot injury!!!!
      Obviously its just a sprain but when the sixers say “just a sprain” 19 year olds miss an awful lot of time….

  14. Dude you need to stop I swear you want them to fail, he’s out 2 weeks, he will be fine, ugggg, you a weird fan man

    • Dude take a step back from Hinkies ass and admit there is some irony in it. If you ignore the fact that they’ve had foot issues and this guy injures his foot. Turn the table and say Embiids was serious, Simmons not as serious and this one is a sprain…. making progress.
      My god relax

  15. Dude I just admitted I was done with this crap till October, you have had the same narrative, shit on Sixers forever, and be patient and understanding with the eagles and mphillies. If you gonna be one way those two, why not sixers, do you not see how ridiculous you are when it comes to the Sixers. Criticize is one thing but your hate for Sixers is koolbreeze Esque for Nick foles.

  16. I dont give a damn if its Summer, Winter Spring or Fall league I go by the eye test. Ive seen Fultz, Ball, Tatum and Smith. The Sixers better of made the right choice. Before people say its only summer league like I said I go by the eye test. Some rookies look strong, big, aggressive and special while some look weak, frail and ho hum. nothing special. They better have made the right choice. Ball looks like a better offensive, same passing skills Ben Simmons. Very mature and focused young player. Theres noway in hell that anyone can tell me Fultz is more skilled then Ball, Tatum, Jackson or Smith. Which moving to #1 he damn well better be.

    • And your a damn liar if you say the thought hasnt crossed your mind when you have seen Ball, Smith and Tatum play and say to yourself oh my did we really make the right choice. There will be fans who will make bullshit excuses and blow it off as its only summer league. But we all watch the same games and Im telling you out of all the rookies and the “eye” test Fultz looks nothing like Ball, Smith or Tatum. Especially Ball (having to deal with his psycho soccer dads ass), to have all that pressure of the whole NBA world hoping you fail and to come out and ball out like he has he is fucking special.

      • Im not of the hate ball crowd b/c he aint on a sixers rival and i wouldnt have picked him for this team anywhere. and ball aint that impressive to me, he is wildly inefficient with his shooting % in the 30s! now the guys i wouldve took at 3 were josh jackson or dennis smith… lot of dumb assed teams that passed on smith especially the knicks. hes a freak

        anyway we are fine with fultz. what more you want ? he averaged 20 ppg when he played, was pretty efficient too. we are fine he was the perfect fit for us…

        lonzo will get the press but jackson and smith are better now and prob always will be. fultz has some questions about him sure but no reason to believe he wont beast

        lonzo goes 6-20 and the entire sports world goes nuts as if thats good

        • mhenski..I agree..not that impressed with Ball yet. He is a skilled passer with good floor vision (no question), but his shooting is godawful. The announcers slobber over everything he does..he could be taking a piss running up the hardwood and they would be falling out over the fluidity of it.
          I need to see him make his plays against real NBA starting talent before I buy into the hype. Although his shot was questioned his shooting was supposed to be a strength…I want to see him play well against the De’Arron Fox types of the league…I still question why they held him out against the Kings and I don’t want to hear about a groin strain…his groin looked fine the following night against the Sixers.

          • True im not impressed with his 2 triple doubles and 36 point effort yet eithier. Hell every rookie is doing that. Oh yeah hes the only one in NBA history to do that in summer league, hell he did it twice. . Wish he had stats like our #1 My god give credit where credit is due. Not impressed lol. 36 points with god awful shooting. Wish I had that problem.

            • dude he had a great scoring game 1 night and the others were trash. and triple double, good for him he can do it all except shoot efficiently. problem is sixers dont need a PG than can board and dont need a true pg either if as they say ben is prime to be just that

              btw anyone been seeing simmons jumper in these videos? Shit looks soaking wet!

              • and ugh im doing exactly what ive been complaining about to my friends. talking about lonzo frikken ball.

                i dont give a fook about lonzo ball. will not feed into his daddys plan again

              • Simmons is the truth he is special. Saw the same thing with him last year.. Embid is fantastic. They passed the eye test. Thats all Im saying

              • Yeah other fans would say Ben Simmons cant shoot to save his life. So lets be careful who we criticize. If Ball cant shoot Ben Simmons shouldnt even attempt a shot outside o 3 feet. See how that works. lets not throw stones…… Oh yeah Simmons made 9 3 pointers in a row in a empty gym……lol

              • Sixers for the last few years have posted some of the most awesome off season in the gym against 45 year old assistant coaches video of all time! Add that to compelling and funny twitter posts and ping pong balls. Long way of saying fuck the ‘did you see Simmons shooting 3’s’ shit.

            • Nope…not impressed with a 36 point game against a Sixers SL squad that was not playing anything that resembles an NBA type defense during the second half of that game. Sixers play became sloppy and lazy after they built a 15 point lead in the 3rd quarter…Ball took over the game going into the paint against a nonexistent defense….I’m so impressed. We will see during the regular season. If Ball plays like he did against the Sixers then I will happily give him his due…not until then though.

  17. If Simmons is going to be the True #1 PG for the 76ers, then why did they not take a True Scorer opposite of him with Players like Jason Tatum or Josh Jackson?
    Fultz appears to be more of a work in progress and still has a lot to work to do in many areas as all these Young Players do, as they get acclimated to the NBA.. Fultz does appear to be smart,mature, tough kid who will have no problem putting in the work, listening and learning from his Coach’s/Teammates which is a good thing to see.. ..

    I see Tatum/Jackson/Dennis Smith, who reminds me of a young poor man’s Michael Westbrook, all as legitimate Future Stars in the NBA
    Fultz will be good, no doubt, but a Star, I’m not so sure about, Time will Tell..
    but I’m pulling for the kid as he has the intangibles and desire to be very good

  18. Dennis Smith Jr will be best of class, he is a mix of russel Westbrook and Kyle lowry


    Happy Walters, the agent Nerlens Noel, said that he and his client are “waiting on a legitimate offer from the Mavs.”
    Noel is one of the best free agents still available on the open market. However, he is restricted, which means Dallas can simply match any offer he receives. That seems to be the Mavericks plan at the moment. This would prevent them from bidding against themselves. There is a possibility that Noel returns to Dallas for just one season in order to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.
    Jul 21 – 1:51 PM


    • GMCliff was spot on with Noel’s NBA Upside..
      You’ll be writing a similar Post about Jahlil Okafor when he becomes a Free-Agent too, unless he shows some real improvement this Season
      These supposedly Franchise changing Draft Picks and Selections by Hinkie did not pan out so well when looking back .. Trading Okafor now would likely return a Future 2nd Round Pick at Best

      BothSimmons& Fultz need to be the “real deal” or the 76ers will remain mired in another funk..

  20. ***Jon Hart Rumor ****

    76ers Trade Guard M Fultz, PF Dario Saric and next Years 1st Round Pick to Cleveland Cavs for Guard Kyrie Irving.. Details and more Thoughts later today

  21. Birds training camp begins and not a word on gcobb… wow. The blog is going bye bye

  22. 2017 NFC East Predictions

    1) NY Giants 11-5
    2) Eagles – 9-7
    3) Cowboys – 9-7
    4) Redskins – 7-9

  23. NFC PLayoffs

    NFC East – NY Giants
    NFC South – Falcons – Panthers Wildcard
    NFC North – Packers – Lions – Wildcard
    NFC West – Seahawks

    Wildcard Round
    Giants over the Lions
    Seahawks over the Panthers

    Divisional Round
    Packers over the Giants
    Seahawks over the Falcons

    NFC Championship
    Packers over the Seahawks

    Super Bowl
    Patriots over the Packers

  24. I have the Eagles going 10-6 with a playoff game. This season I want to see the continuous growth and development of Wentz. I need to see him develop chemistry with the new WR’s corps. Of course Alshon and Torey will get the most reps, but I am interested in rookie Mack Hollins who I think will be a surprise standout weapon when given the opportunity.
    I definitely want to see Legarratte Blount tote the ball will physicality behind our o line.
    Next, I want to see the defensive pass rush with Jernigan and Cox inside and Barnett/Graham and Curry on the edge.

  25. According to Elliot Shorr Parks, Wentz first day was “average at best”. not good

    • He’ll be fine, he was picked as Randall Goforth bumped into WR #14..David Watford , Wentz put the ball where receiver was supposed to be safety bumped receiver (PI?) offand picked the pass. Mack Hollins who I like dropped a bomb. No big was 34 players out there for QB’s rooks and selected vets. Relax!..Such a joke. Watch the can see the practice..Wentz did not even throw that much.
      If Wentz struggles in the 3rd pre-season game and in the season..then I’ll be worried as I expect him to make a big leap this year.

    • ESP who began his “journalist” career right here at GCOBB makes a statement like that within the first hour or two of rookie preseason and you say “not good”….. um come on chicken little

      • he struggled last year (i know he didnt have help) ESP says struggled today. not good. patterns of struggles are emerging. way early in his career but he needs to be better. i guess i should shut up tho/ at least we didnt get that bum golf

        • Really? Damn …. the sky is falling. More than half the guys here won’t even make the team.

          • What are ESPs qualifications to make that statement? It helps him get twitter hits or whatever… he has no idea what the goal of the practice was, what the limitations… I call total fucking bullshit. There is no way I’m taking the word of some fak journalist nerd who is looking for hits. He has zero idea what hey we’re working on and looking for.

            • Ain’t no sky is falling dude. I hold same standards to wentz as I did to bum ass Vick, to bradturd and foles. I’m consistent, it’s obv what is the necessary output we need from a qb to win. My radar is up on the kid is all.

            • And ur assessment of esp is a ignorant one. He is about the only reporter out there that gives fair and honest assessments of people. Guy watches and reports every camp rep for qb and gives his opinion. He hated Sam but during the practices he played well he spoke on it.

              And working on and looking for is irrelevant. U either making the throws or you’re not. Clearly they weren’t working on throwing with the opposite hand or working on inaccurate passes. Lmfao. Man i never really picked you for a biased unobjevtive type.

              • It absolutely does matter. For example let’s say one of these UDFA actually was slow coming out of a break but the QB is told to throw to the spot. Turns into a pic six but he did what he was supposed to do. I believe they threw limited competitive passes. It’s nothing. To take a twitter whores “assessment ” after one day with a coach playing a position means ZERO
                Of course Wentz is on the radar…without question…he’s a starting QB in the NFL. On he radar? All 32 are.

              • mhenski..go watch the interception on WR David Watford was breaking to the left inside where Randall Goforth bumped him off the route turned and picked off the was clearly a spot throw on a timing route. When I first saw the pass it looked to be a bad pass, but when you see the whole route and where Watford was trying to go you realize it was spot throw..Watford never got to the spot..good play by Goforth!

        • In the last two OTA’s he shined dropping dimes…that means little also…this is as silly as Allen Iverson saying We talkin bout practice…
          We talkin bout camp….first day with rooks and selected veterans..we talkin bout camp.
          I guess Carson is a bust and I was dead wrong about him…honestly Carson must be perfect in every practice..every pass…he can’t show signs of imperfection like Jameis Winston or Mariotta. because he is Carson Wentz.
          I have not put much stock in anything ESP says since he came out with that bogus djax in a gang story.Jackson should have sued him for libel.

          Lol…just relax…Wentz will be fine..I still see the quality and makings of a stud franchise qb and it will take much more than tweets from a practice to make me think otherwise.

          • Yea exactly 1st day. He was average at best. Last year he was average at best all year. Something to keep an eye on

            Nope he’s not a bust that’s for sure. He showed tremendous abilities last year and stuff to build on but his 1st year didn’t meet my expectations either and he has a lot of growing to. Waiting to see it but I’m not putting my head in the sand and crowing him a stud. He gotta show it

            • I do agree that he has only shown the ability to be a potential stud…. but again a bogus report by a two bit “reporter” does not really garner this much conversation… I give ESP credit…he generated a hit from me …

            • Here is NJ.Coms Matt Lombardo’s scouting report from Wentz’s day at practice: Wentz spent the first day of Monday’s practice working on the fundamentals of throwing on the run, and later took part in a drill designed to mitigate fumbles caused by errant snaps.

              In between, Wentz fired several highlight-reel worthy touchdown passes on 7-on7 drills, but also misfired on an ill- advised interception by undrafted free agent Randall Goforth in the end zone.

              Several highlight reel worthy touchdowns..hmmm..wonder why ESP did not mention that in his observation updates…he did not mention any positive at all..just sayin..agenda?

  26. Dave zangaro reported 34 players with nick foles taking handoffs as a RB and the tight ends coach taking reps as a TE! Too funny. This was sand lot pickup …. another report has Wentz drawing up plays in the dirt….statue of liberty, fumble rooskey etc…

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