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Sixers Sign J.J. Redick To A One-Year Deal

The Philadelphia 76ers have struck early in NBA free agency, signing former Clippers guard J.J. Redick to a one-year deal worth a whopping $23 million.

Redick gives the team an elite shooting threat that will help create even more space on the floor for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to operate. He’s a guy that’s been a part of several playoff runs with Chris Paul in Los Angeles, and he’ll now bring some of that valuable experience to the young Sixer team.

This is the perfect kind of move for this team right now. It’s low-risk, with plenty of upside.

When I wrote an article the other night about the Sixers being smart in free agency, I noted that it was key for them not to overspend and complicate their cap situation in future years. In fact, I actually didn’t like the idea of them pursuing Redick, because I feared that the veteran guard would command at least a three-year deal. Redick making between $15-18 million a year is not a deal this team needed on their books two years from now.

Instead, the Sixers were able to get him to sign off on a short-term deal by taking advantage of their wealth of cap space and overpaying him for one season, and the team will now get the best possible situation because of it.

They get an experienced veteran that fills a position of need, and they get him in a situation where he’ll be motivated to perform at his top level. Redick gets himself paid for this season, and if he comes out and turns in a great year, he’ll be in position to get the long-term lucrative deal that he wants from some other organization next year.

The Sixers’ playoff odds for next season are getting stronger by the day.

With the improvements that the Sixers have made to their roster, combined with guys like Jimmy Butler, and now Paul George and Jeff Teague out of the Eastern Conference, the window is wide open for the young Sixers to assert themselves into the thick of the playoff picture this season.

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3 Comments for “Sixers Sign J.J. Redick To A One-Year Deal”

  1. More news

    PF Amir Johnson has agreed to a one-year $11M deal with the Sixers


    My Thoughts: We are going to make a strong playoff push! LETS GO MAN!!!!

  2. Good signing he is great lockeroom guy and vet in spot Minutes when embiid is on back to backs and our youngins are getting bullied, he can come in and do some roughing….plus he can shoot 3….but I don’t expect a lot of minutes from him

    • A Quality Bench Player who bringsToughness and Experience to the 76ers Frontline .. A Nice Signing

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