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Notes From The Phillies’ 6-3 Loss To Pittsburgh

The Philadelphia Phillies lost their third straight game on Thursday night, falling to the Pirates 6-3. Their record drops to 28-56.

On The Mound

  • Jeremy Hellickson continued his string of decent starts, going six innings and giving up three runs on five hits.
  • Hellickson gave up two homers and all three of his runs in the fourth inning.
  • Pat Neshek shook off his rough performance from his previous outing, and pitched a scoreless seventh.
  • Joaquin Benoit, another guy the team is hoping to trade, suffered an implosion in the eighth, giving up three runs on four hits, failing to make it out of the inning.
  • Ricardo Pinto got the last out of the eighth, and the first two outs of the ninth.
  • Hoby Milner picked up the final out for the Phils in the ninth.

At The Plate

  • The offense scored three runs on six hits.
  • Aaron Altherr had a decent night, picking up two hits and driving in two of the team’s runs. Altherr also worked a walk.
  • However, Altherr also made several mistakes, getting picked off on the base paths multiple times.
  • Daniel Nava got another start in the leadoff spot, but went 0-4.
  • Freddy Galvis went 0-3 with a walk.
  • Maikel Franco went 2-4 with a couple of singles.
  • Tommy Joseph went 1-3 with a double and scored a run.
  • Odubel Herrera went 1-3 with a single.
  • Andrew Knapp went 0-2 with a walk.

Final Thoughts

Jeremy Hellickson continues to keep his trade value afloat. He hasn’t pitched well enough to bring the Phils back anything significant, but he should be sought after by some contending team looking to solidify the back-end of their rotation.

Luckily for the team, Pat Neshek was able to put up a scoreless inning several nights after imploding for three runs. His value probably hasn’t changed.

Joaquin Benoit however has all but killed any chance the team had of getting a return on him before the trade deadline. At this point, they may have to wait until August to deal him. on Facebook

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11 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 6-3 Loss To Pittsburgh”

  1. Saw some Highlights.. How does a Team get 4 Runners thrown out on the Bases in a single Ballgame.. 3 by the Pirates LF all at 2B and then 1 from RF nailing a Phillie at Home Plate by some 5-7 Feet ..
    This Team is a Good 3-4-5 Years Away from simply Contending for a Wild-Card Spot let alone ready for any deep Post-Season runs …

    Just more of the typical Phillies History of about every 20 Years or so where they have 10 Years of having just Terrible Teams, with 3-4 Very Good Seasons and then 4-5 Seasons of rising and falling between being Good and Bad, Right Now they are Bad again as they’ve have been the last few Seasons.

    The Phillies Organization are not and never have been one of the Elite MLB Organizations and are simply not as well run from Top to Bottom as some of the Best and most Consistent Organizations are like the Yankees,Red Sox, Dodgers,Cardinals are,who year after Year in the modern Era of Baseball of Free-Agency seem to be able to Contend every Season or can at least be Average during their off Years and not fall off the map and become irrelevant like the Phillies do.. Is it Poor Ownership & Management, Scouting, Player Development in the Minor Leagues, Coddling by the Local Media, Fan’s Expectations, etc,etc .. Seems like Ownership is content with providing Fans with a Fun Experience at the Ballpark but not necessarily a Winning Club and Culture.. The City and Its Fans Deserve Better in My opinion and their is no excuses for not having a consistent Winning MLB Team with the Resources and Fan Following that the Phillies have.. It goes back to a lack of Leadership.. Ownership is a Group of mostly unknown, Main-Line Blue Bloods who have little interest or in common with the Phillies Players or Fans.. What’s the Phillies Identity ?

    • Holy shit that’s a lot of words for someone who doesn’t even watch the team.

      But ur entire point (ie what’s their identity and how do they get thrown out is exactly what you begged for. You begged and pleaded for years about how they should gut the team, ditch vets, build young, well this is the outcome blockhead

      • Same Story with Phillies for the last 40 + Years — They suck for 10 Years and then have 3-4 Good Years followed by sucking for another Decade…
        Same Problem too, they do a Poor Job at Developing Talent and Especially Pitchers..
        How can the successful Organizations, like I mentioned above, can gut and get rid of older players, get out of bad contracts while rebuilding and still remain Competitive but the Phillies can’t ?
        Boston will even finish in last Place for 1 Season and then bam, they are right back in the mix for th Post-Season.. In the Cardinals worst Seasons, they are still a .500 Team with a Chance at a Wildcard… The Dodgers, Yankees Reload.. The Phillies are a 2nd Tier Baseball Organization, it’s as simple as that … Fans Deserve Better and have to Put up with this Bullshit Ownership Group who the Local Media Coddle for some reason … What a Waste..

      • That’s the definition of FLIP FLOP Henski!

    • Another dumb rant of shit meeting wall. There is a new formula and admittedly the Red Sox were the first to adopt it. History has zero to do with it, not fans… he’ll John Middleton is a very aggressive and active owner… stupid fraud.

    • Sorry to combat your dumb ramblings of negativity but here are World Series appearances since 1980:
      Yanks- 7
      Cards- 6
      Giants- 4
      Sox- 3
      Dodgers- 2 and none in almost 30 years

      So if you are going to break out consistently successful over an almost 40 year time frame please acknowledge the numbers and admit to just being a negative shit stirrer.

  2. And people had the audacity to question Rollin’s and Howard’s heart and commitment to winning. This franchise is a joke from top to bottom

    • Those 2 took the most ridiculous criticism of any athletes in this city. The nitwits on here and WIP. To bitch at Rollins for not busting ass on a pop up…. um the guy was electrifying with his legs defensively and offensively. Howard was a can’t miss at bat…

  3. Rollins was my favorite Philly man, just did everything for us

    • When you were in the stadium and he hit a ball that you thought had a chance to be a triple you could sense the electricity in the fans. He is an all time philly … only the negative nitwits would say differently

  4. I was never down on our 3 starts rollins, utley, and Howard. I just hope we have some stars like them again

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