Carson Wentz And Receivers Looking Impressive

There are numerous reports about Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and his receivers putting on quite a show at the Birds Saturday afternoon practice.  According to, not a ball hit the ground during the Eagles 7-on-7 pass drill, which is a battle between the Eagles offense skill position players vs the team’s defensive skill position players.  It’s the quarterbacks, running backs wide receivers and tight ends versus the team’s pass defenders, the linebackers and defensive backs. Wentz was 15 for 15 on attempts in the 7-on-7 drill at the end of practice.

“Today was a very good day for the whole offense. I mean, we had a few SNAFUs here and there, but it was a good day,” Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich said. “I thought in the pass game, in particular, we really executed well. Probably, it’s only one practice, so I’m not getting too excited, but that’s probably as well as we’ve executed in the passing game since I’ve been here.”

That’s an amazing statement for Reich to make this early in camp.  He said, “That’s probably as well as we’ve executed in the passing game since I’ve been here.”  It speaks of progress, but it’s still very, very early in camp.’s Dave Zangaro wrote about the superlative performance of Wentz and his receivers.  “Ertz was heavily involved during the team portion of practice and 7-on-7s. He made a lot of catches. Jordan Matthews had a big day too. He and Wentz connected on several nice plays.”

Eliot Short-Parks of charted all of Wentz’ throws and he had going 22 of 25 for the entire practice which included 11-on-11 drills as well as  7-on-7 drills. Short-Parks gave Wentz an A for his practice performance.


14 thoughts on “Carson Wentz And Receivers Looking Impressive

  1. He should look good. Theres no fear of getting blown up by a defensive lineman. The defense is at such a disadvantage in drills. The QB has all day to throw and the WR have all day to uncover.

  2. Eric Rowe drawing rave reviews in NE. For the life of me to give up on him so early is borderline incompetence. You then draft a Douglas this year who is damn near the same measurables but clearly not as talented IMO. ROWE will be a stud in NE.

    1. You have no DBs and give up on a high draft pick after a year like you have a stable of DBs waiting in the wings. You rather have Douglas, Robinson and shitty ass Mills who every fan saw the same thing i saw last year, he sucked, over Rowe. When Belicheck trades for you guess what you been fleeced. Robinson over Rowe lol unbelievable.

      1. I liked rowes attitude. I remember him demanding to shadow megatron 2-3 years ago. Megatron lit his ass up for 2-3 tds but thought rowes coverage was mostly good. I loved the attitude of demanding something and being hungry. I thought that was gonna be his moment where he learned a lot and got way better after but it was the opposite. Guy never did jack or shit after.

        Ps coach bill would turn conald trump into a stud defensive player ..

      2. No not at all. Wentz is going to be special just saying every QB should thrive in practice without the thought of being hit and alot of time to throw. Im not gushing over Rowe the 5 time World Champs NE and the greatest coach of all time is gushing.

  3. Whining bout Rowe is similar to the whine earlier in the week bout Barbre …teams move on from players every day. The bears moved on from Jeffries the pats from Blunt. Nature of the biz

    1. Nah your wrong again. Most teams dont move on from 2nd round picks in a year so comparing that to Jeffries sotuation in FA is stupid and not comparable.

      1. Maybe thats why some teams draft well and others justs constantly draft busts from Firefighters to Mamulas to john harris to Renfros to the Miami DT to Freddy Mitchell to Aglohar and so on and 50 years and counting. I deserve and earned the right to whine. Monetarily, emotionally and physically earned the right. Lol.

      2. Hmm wasn’t DGB a second round pick…?
        Mamula wasn’t a bust. He was disappointing and over drafted bu5 he was productive.
        I believe if you were as financially,emotionally and physically attached to most other teams you would say similar things

  4. Very happy to see our wrs balling albeit going against rookies, 2nd year players and scrap heap vets will help, but still shows the offense will be better this year

  5. corners been getting roasted including alshon handing mills his lunch virtually every snap.

    they need some help bad. im scared of odb and marshall against our corners already

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