It Was Red Zone Day With The Eagles

Doug Pederson had talked about the team’s inability a year ago to get the ball into the end zone once they march it into the red zone.  This morning they worked on their weakness and the offense did a good job.

Carson Wentz didn’t have as of a good day on Wednesday as he did on Tuesday.  He would complete a pass then miss three or four, then connect on another then miss a couple.  All in all, it wasn’t anything to write home about.  He put a few inside slant throws, where the ball was on the money.  I didn’t see all of the plays, but I thought he had a good day with what I did see.

Alshon Jeffery missed his second day with a shoulder injury.  LeGarrette Blount missed practice for personal reasons.

I like what I’m seeing out of Eagles second-year wide out Marcus Johnson.  He’s got good size and speed.  He runs good crisp routes and he catches everything that touches his hands.   I saw him get open deep during yesterday’s practice again and again.  He didn’t shine as much this morning, but I do like what I am seeing.

Johnson stayed out and caught passes off the jugs machine.  He’s putting in the work.  I like that because “Success lives on a street named Hard Work!!!!”

I also liked what I saw out of Nelson Agholor.  Agholor doesn’t just wait for the football and catch it with his body.  Instead, he catches the football with his hands away from his body.  He aggressively  plucks the ball out of the air.

In the red zone work this morning, Agholor made a great shoe top catch on a Wentz pass that just off the a blade of grass.  He snatched it with his hands.

I saw veteran tight end Brent Celek make a couple of nice grabs of touchdown passes.  On one play he ran an inside route and Wentz got the ball in there.  On the other touchdown catch, he snuck out late and the linebackers were too late recognizing who he had done.

Trey Burton made an acrobatic catch for a touchdown today. He will likely be a key part of the red zone packages during the season.

Eagles new defensive tackle Tim Jernigan is a grown man.  He was making his presence known out there today and yesterday.  I love the way he gets rid of blockers with his powerfully strong hands.

Eagles cornerback C.J. Smith is starting to get some reps with the first team.  He and Jalen Mills have been the most consistent cornerbacks in camp.  They had him take the place of veteran cornerback Patrick Robinson.  I’ve rarely seen Smith get beat deep and when somebody does catch pass on him, he’s been in position to tackle him.

Robinson has the speed, quickness and football knowledge to be a good NFL cornerback, but he lacks the confidence.  I could tell by having a conversation with him that he has no confidence at all.  He needs to talk to somebody and get sone help in that area.  Last year Agholor was in that same place mentally.  You can’t play the game without confidence, especially the cornerback position.

Running back Corey Clement looks much quicker and faster than he did during OTA’s this off season.  He looks like a guy who will be playing for a NFL team this year even if it’s not with the Eagles.  The Birds have quite a few running backs on the roster, so it’s not going to be an easy roster to make for him.

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  1. Eagles appear to have depth at WR & OL & TE & RB
    Should they possibly package a couple of Players to see if they can get a legitimate CB from someone… Maybe Package WR Jordan Matthews and a RB (Smallwood or Clement) or to the Browns for CB J Gilbert ? or the Bears who have some extra CB’s or the Vikings who have CB Depth ..
    Maybe change the Package with a Matthews and a OL or TE ??

    You hate to see 3-4 Quality Level NFL Players Cut by the Eagles come Late August while still having a Black Hole at CB

    1. Ugh… pay attention very rarely are players packaged in deals in training camp. Also, Matthews is about to get expensive and every team has drafted a Smallwood type o; player the last couple of years.
      Impactful moves are rare…you seem to believe the bears and browns and Vikings have CB depth meaning they will cut quality corners . How you know about their depth chart (internet chatter I presume) but honestly shit meet wall.

      1. That’s the old way of doing things HAC.. Today’s GM’s are much more aggressive and talk often/research enough about other Clubs Personnel to find willing Teams that have Players on their Roster Bubbles,Salary Cap issues or Players that are in their Last Year of their Contracts and who will be leaving in the following Free-Agency and who are willing to make deals..

        And No I’m not talking about landing any Big Time Trade for a well known Starter for that’s not likely to happen at a Position as Critical as CB, but surely the Eagles can upgrade their current CB Position talking to other Teams and looking to Trade from some of their Positions of Depth to a Team that has Needs to fill too..

        You can wait to Cut Times or wait until Players get Injured to take advantage of Teams Depth Issues, but the best is probably get them in as early into Camp so they can assimilate to their New Teams, Systems and Teammates.. Its hard to do this come September when the Regular Season begins..

        Just like Denver did in acquiring OL Alan Barbre, they kept their ears/eyes open and when reports came out the Eagles were going to Release him so he could latch onto another Team the Broncos contacted the Eagles quickly to see if they could work out a Deal before bring officially released..

        Just Today the Houston Texans WR Willie Fuller broke/injured
        his Collarbone and is listed as out indefinitely..Fuller is projected as the Texans #2 WR behind DeAndre Hopkins and now have unproven WR’s Devin Street, Braxton Miller, Wendell Williams and Keith Mumphrey listed as #3/#4#5 WR on their Depth Chart who would have to move up if they don’t obtain a Quality WR..

        Texans could also use RB Depth behind Lamar Miller where they haver Alferd Blue and Rookie Dontae Foreman who is still recovering from off-season injury and some off-the field issues…

        If I’m Howie, I’m on the Phone with the Texans and seeing what kind of Interest they may have in WR Jordan Matthews
        and if they have an interest in moving Veteran CB’s Jonathon Joseph who is likely now to lose his Starters Spot and become a nickel Back for them with the emergence of Kevin Johnson who was the Texans Top pick in 2016 Draft to play along the other Starter Kareem Jackson, The Texans also have young CB’s Denzel Rice, Marcus Roberson,Treston Decoud & Robert Nelson so they have some Depth ot their CB Position

        Just 1 team and 1 Example on how the Roseman could be looking for the Eagles to Upgrade the CB Position

        1. So trade Matthews for a 33 year old corner? Ridiculous. I’m not saying they don’t make a minor move because obviously every team does. There will be a few corners in and out but a 33 year old who according to you is being replaced by younger guys…. I doubt it.
          Old way of doing things! . .? Multiple players in the same deal during camp? Don’t think so dummy.

  2. Very confusing reporting since most reporters say wentz was shit yesterday and not that good today but not as bad as yesterday

    Yet you say today he wasn’t as good as yesterday and you imply he had a good day yesterday.

    Bizarre to contradict beat reporters like this.

      1. Dude stop being weird. If wentz is in pads throwing into double coverage picks it matters. It’s the only thing we have this year that is logging his growth. Nothing matters until week 1 but as a fan I follow and read the shit. It mattered with Mcnabb Vick bradturd foles. It’ matters to those whose prime source of entertainment is sports and especially philly sports. Do rumors matter , does what Pullman says matter ? No but we talk about our entertainment

        1. Talk is absolutely fine but it’s all just talk. End of last week and reports Wentz was 22 of 22 against coverage with great accuracy on deep balls so what?

        2. You were worried when ESP reported so so practice yet nothing of the brilliant report later in the week. My point both reports mean very little

            1. Why were u saying this ain’t good when there were so so reports and all worried yet not buying SB tix when he was 22/22 and “looking like a QB beyond his year”?
              Sure I read it… I read lots of it… it’s the same reason I read a fiction novel entertainment…kill time it means less than nothing… zero.

  3. Whats up Fellas!!! Never been more excited for an eagles season in all my 23 years!! Haha.

    I have us def. a lock to make the playoffs barring any major injury. Very excited for year 2. I have a feeling alot of games will be close again similar to last. The question is, how many of them can we close this year? We were in

    When we won, we often won big. When we lost, we often weren’t far behind with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, such as Seattle, Cincinnati, and Green Bay.
    (Nelson screwed us in that seattle game on 2 huge back 2 back plays. One was a called back TD which changed the whole game.)

    But look at our losses:

    24-23 L
    27-20 L
    29-23 L
    28-23 L
    26-15 L Seattle
    27-13 L Green Bay
    32-14 L Cincinnati
    27-22 L
    27-26 L

    Of our games lost, if we had scored one more touchdown, we would have won 5 more games, one tie, and 3 losses would remain.

    And our wins:

    29-10 W
    29-14 W
    34-3 W
    21-10 W
    24-15 W
    24-19 W
    27-19 W

    Of the games we won, if our opponents had scored just one more touchdown, they only would have won two more games. Everybody else still would have lost (no ties).

    In conclusion, when we won last year, we generally left our opponents in the dirt. We sealed our recorded victories by a touchdown or more 5 out of 7 times, while our openents only sealed their victories by a touchdown or more 3 out of 9 times.

    6 winnable games by us, and 2.5 winnable games by our opponents. (.5 being the “tie”)

    In conclusion to my conclusion, the Eagles can score more touchdowns/points per game this year, and we’re going to the super bowl.

  4. We had no business losing the Lions and first Cowboys game last year. Those games were won, and we only suffered the loss in each because of two isolated plays in which the outcome wouldn’t have happened 99% of the time.

    We had the Giants away game won too, even without playing any better. Doug left 6 points on the board by inexplicably going for it on 4th down, and the Giants blocked a kick as well which was an automatic 3 points 99% of the time. If those 9 points are on the board, the game would have ended with the Hicks INT at the end of the 4th quarter.

    So yeah, we played like a 10-6 team under the 2016 circumstances

    Do not forget about that Fake punt and dropped int by Leodis in that dallas game. Lol still cannot believe we did not drop em in Jerry World.

    1. “We only lost BECAUSE …” is not a legitimate statement in the NFL…. every team who had between 4-10 losses or wins can make those same statements…. every game is close that hinges on a play or two.

      1. Wrong. Not every team has a rookie qb, rookie HC, lost best linemen, no WRs, new D.C., new scheme and STILL staying in every game and giving them away as I posted above

        But you are right. Most teams do lose by little things like we did. U gotta look at it deeper then that though

        1. I am looking at it deeper, much deeper than you. You are looking at the team you are passionate about and say if and but …. I guarantee if you were deeply invested in other teams you’d have similar ifs and buts.
          Think about the cowboys ifs and buts in the playoffs, with a rookie QB and a below 500 coach. It’s th league and actually why we all love it.

          1. What is ur record prediction this year? We don’t make the playoffs?

            Maybe I am bias. Actually I am. It doesn’t mean I didn’t state any facts.. or could be right. Eagles improved tremendously this year just based off our qb in year 2 alone. Don’t even include the personell changes either.

            Bucs patriots falcons and eagles most improved team

          1. I think if things break our way we are in the playoffs I think if a few of those ifs and buts go our way and said by other teams then we are playoffs. Obviously the rookie Wentz thing was a factor but rooks contributing is the norm. Losing players to injury is the norm…it’s always about the healthy teams that have the fewest ifs buts… it’s that close, competitive. Was Jason Garrett a better coach last year than he was in previous years? I think not.

          2. Ct I’m sure you would agree that Sean Payton is a top NFL coach, he would be hired less than 30 minutes after he got fired. He has 5 seasons below 500 and 5 above. He’s had the benefit of a HOF QB. Was he a better coach in the 5 winning seasons than the losing seasons?

  5. This Years Secondary is worse than Last Years Secondary starting Out..
    So having that fast start like the Eagles Defense did last Season will be more difficult to attain with such inexperience at CB’s You can scheme to hide the weaknesses here and there but against other Good QB’s and Offenses and Play Callers has yet to be seen.. Can the Eagles consistently Stop the Run? We’ll have to see

    Eagles Offense should be definitely be better, but maybe slowing down the game a little, running the ball more and being able to make a some plays down the field should all mean more Points Scored and hopefully a more rested Defensive Unit..The Question remains, can the Eagles Defense limit other Teams Offenses enough to outscore them.. NFC East Offense’s and Receivers are some of the Best in the NFL, but the AFC East and NFC Opponents Offenses (outside of Patriots & Dolphins & Cardinals) are not very explosive though the Bills have Talent, but Scoring 24 Points + versus the Jets,49ers,Rams should be W’s but likely will need 28 pts + to have a chance of Beating the Patriots,Dolphins,Cardinals

    1. Paul man our corners have been bad 7 years ina row now. It won’t make or break us with our front 7 and safeties

      1. If they want to compete with the Big Boys of the NFC (Packers,Falcons,Seahawks,Panthers and within their Own Division who has dynamic WR’s in the NFC East)

        I think DT Tim Jernagin and RB L Blount were the biggest additions that will pay off the biggest dividends as the season unfolds as well as the revamped WR Corps.. I think Torrey Smith is in for a big Season

        1. Last year the BOTTOM 5 in spending on CORNERBACK were packers, patriots, falcons, Carolina and NO… lol. Top 5….1 and 2 browns and jets. You can’t make this up

          1. Packers/Falcons/Panthers have most of their Secondaty Starters being recent Draft Pics so most are on Rookie Cheap Deals
            Saints Defense has been among the worse Defenses the last 3-4 Years

            1. I do agree that Drafting/grooming your own is the way to Go long-term for your Secondary and that going after expensive Free-Agent CB’s rarely pays off which is what both the Jets/Browns & Eagles have done in recent Seasons
              Jets hadRevis, Cromartie , Browns signed Gilbert, Signed A CB from the Packers on a big deal that didn’t work out due to an injury (Sammy Shields was it?

              1. You would have to get Joseph to agree on re-structure of his Deal before you commit to that amount of $$$
                The Texans Player Joseph was just one example
                Eagles could talk to Various Teams about CB’s who are coming up on their Contract Years and maybe are not Starters for their current Teams anymore making them more expendable
                It’s all funny $$$ anyways, right?
                Do you want to compete for a Playoff Team now in 2017?
                If the Answer is Yes, then the Eagles need at least 1 experienced CB for Patrick Robinson is not the answer and may have a difficult time making the 53 Man Roster

              2. Unfortunately fraudman the CBA would not allow a team to renegotiate a contract of a player who is not on your team. So they can’t even speak about a new deal. Once again… shit meet wall.
                They will brin in corners as they get cut or make a very low level trade.

            2. Fraudman 4 of those 5 teams have been making extremely deep playoff runs the last few years and you point to saints. Negative Nilly.
              Point is you have to get young at CB…. birds are taking their shot at that.

              1. Falcons last year was their first playoff Run in 5-6 Years , the Saints have missed the Playoffs the last 4-5 Years
                Panthers had a experiencedsecondary during their Good Seasons and thenwent young and cheap at CB wit his started 2 Rookies last year and missed the Playoffs in 2016 after going to SB in 2015
                The Packer/Patriots make the Post Season every Season regardless of their CB due to having the Top QB’s and Coaching Staffs in the NFL

  6. Eagles Sidney Jones will be a good player for a long time when he gets healthy and back into football shape, unfortunately he probably won’t help for 2017 but he should get some late Season Practices and maybe Game actionand hit the ground Running by 2018, Rasoul Douglas has skills and work ethic to be a productive Player so if Jalen Mills can improve under CB Coach Undlin then the Eagles will have a Quality Young CB Corp for the next few Seasons but as all young Players, they will also struggle too as they learn the Pro Game and how to play with each other as a unit..

  7. Sidney could probably play after bye week. Maybe even sooner. However I do not believe Philly takes that route and plays him. You just gotta make sure he’s not only 100%, but 110% healthy when it comes to the Achilles. It’s about the next decade not just this 2017 season In year 2 of the wentz era.

    Keep in mind Philly does not have a second round pick in the 2018 draft. Sidney could make his debut next year with a whole season under his belt watching, learning and getTing comorTable in the system with his teammates. He would essentially be our second round pick next year.

    A 21 year old should recover soon tho. Jason peters as a 350lb tackle came back from 2. Steven smith at 38 came back and balled. So hopefully philly plays him for postseason run

    1. Good news about Philly this year is that they were 1-6 or some shit in games decided by a possession or under. Granted a lot of those we let get away at the very end of the game.

      I just can’t see that happening again. As a team coming into year 2 you are going to be used to being in those situations because u were in them so much in year 1. The eagles are used to being in close games and I believe the story will be flipped and we will be 5-2 or maybe 6-1 in close games this season, and that will be the diffence between 7-9 and 10-6

      Carson not having a 8 day offseason arguably makes us automatically the most improved team this offseason. The kid feels no pressure and says “it’s just a game” and I believe him when he says it. His swagger is def, unique. The moment is not too much for him to handle and the preparation is very rare.

      4000 yards 32 TDs 12 ints this year

      If Carson can get 3800 yards with that wr corp last year, he def. will be 4000+

      1. That would be incredible if he threw 32 tds ct. I hope so but also don’t think that number is reasonable at all. My Hope is he has 24+ tds, to me that would be a success.

        1. 32 or more is a HUGE number– Ben has done it twice, brady only 6 out of 16 years, Flacco NEVER, Rodgers 4 out of 9 years, Ryan twice and Wilson 1– Brees does it regularly– 24 this year sounds reasonable– I’ll take 32 gladly tho! They key is always the next number … 32 with 22 picks doesn’t work- 24 with 8-10 sounds much better!

  8. signed 33 year old Corey Graham– lol– ok i get it- they are going to just do a revolving door at CB for depth.
    Oh — according to ‘source’ and confirmed.

    1. Corey Graham has most recently played Safety ..
      He started every Game the last 2 Years for the Bills at Safety but Played some CB under Schwartz, during the 2014 Season.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles consider using Malcolm Jenkins more at CB (which was his Natural Position coming out of College and his 1st couple of seasons with the Saints) if things don’t work out with some of the Young CB’s on the Roster

  9. More Injuries around the NFL

    SD Chargers – Rookie OL/Guard Forrest Lamp is out with a Torn ACL for the Season, Lamp was penciled in as a Starter for the Chargers who have re-vamped their Entire OL this Offseason

    NY Giants – WR Sterling Shepard – Sprained Ankly and not as Severe as originally thought..He May miss the Summer but be good for the Season

    Dolphins – QB Ryan Tannehill – Suffered Apparent Knee Injury while running out of bounds while escaping the Pass Rush and his knee gave out on him landed awkwardly to the ground and then having to get Carted off. He and the Team await an MRI to see if any ligament damage.. (Hello Colin Kaepernick)

    Titans – WR Corey Davis who was finally starting to play/practice well after a long battle with various nagging injuries since December pulled a hamstring and is going for an MRI to check on how severe it is and could miss a couple of weeks to heal up

  10. Started hearing this the other day and its gaining steam. Agholar will be kept and Matthews goes- Nellie is more versatile and it has been concensus that he has been a stud in camp- They will sell matthhews cheap I would think– maybe a corner who is also in final year of rookie deal???

      1. Also henski, the people saying it are former players, scouts etc and they are saying it based on a body of work. Not some weasel ESP who after one practice said Wentz as t good and they “oh my woe is me”

  11. Went to Eagles practice today. Eagles nation represented well as the Linc was filled with fans.

    Carson Wentz displayed a variety of passes showing accuracy on short, midrange and long passes. He threw some lasers today, one in particular to Trey Burton fitting it between 3 defenders surrounding Burton. He also threw dimes down field to Matthews and Torey Smith dropping the passes in the bucket. You can see the improvement of his passing skill in terms of accuracy and arm strength. It’s okay to be cautiously optimistic…but me..I’m excited as my belief in Wentz has not wavered one iota…seeing is believing, and my take away from practice this year when compared to last year is that Wentz is prepared to make the jump.


    I continue to be impressed with Mack Hollins…he’s big and fast with good hands…no gloves today.

    Disappointed Marcus Johnson could not complete practice.

    Agholor is fast…..couple of drops that should have been caught…one a pass on the money by Wentz downfield which would have been a TD.

    Jordan Matthews was doing what Jordan does.

    Torey Smith looks good.

    Running Backs:
    Legarrette Blount (L Boogie) is a fast freight train, can’t wait to see him in live action behind our o line.

    Donnell Pumphrey is a quick jitter bug…he should be a dangerous weapon in special duty.

    1. Good Stuff EHL..
      Eagles can be a very dynamic Offense if all the Skill Players are Utilized and Pederson/Reich can mix-up their Game Plans well…There are lots of Packages can be used from Power-Stets, Triple TE Sets, 4 WR Sets, Sproles & Pumphrey Together Sets… and a bunch of combinations, should be fun to see

  12. 49ers Lose LB Malcolm Smith for the Season to a Torn Pectoral

    Dolphins Sign QB Jay Cutler to a 1 Year Deal as he’s familiar and played in Dolphins Coach Adam Gase System when he was with the Bears as their OC and where Cutler actually played pretty well..

  13. My predicted Carson wentz stars. 34 tds, 14 ints, 3 fumbles, 4 rushing tds, 66 comp percentage, and 4200 yrs. He has been killing it in training camp. The guy will be a top 5 qb in this league very soon

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