Some Quick Thoughts On Eagles’ Training Camp Storylines

I Don’t Buy The Nelson Agholor Hype

One of the guys that’s been making a lot of waves in Training Camp has been former first-round pick Nelson Agholor.

Agholor has drawn rave reviews from coaches, teammates, and anyone that’s witnessed him in action, with the common theme being that he seems to be “a different player”, and “playing with confidence”.

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network even went as far as to say that he expects Agholor to take over Jordan Matthews’ role in the slot, saying that he’ll be “shocked” if Agholor isn’t the guy.

Can we pump the brakes on this Agholor nonsense a little bit?

Agholor has had what amounts to a couple good weeks worth of practice, and suddenly everyone’s ready to forget about the two miserable years his career has produced so far? How soon we forget.

Right now, Agholor is having success in very low-pressure situations, often times working against thin air or the assortment of garbage that the Eagles will be trying to cobble into a starting cornerbacks in the coming season. Success in August is one thing. Success in September and beyond is a whole other animal.

When Nelson Agholor starts to make plays in regular season games against quality defenders, I’ll start to entertain the idea that he might not be a lost cause. But this is a guy that early in his career has been so mentally fragile, that he could be one drop away from completely regressing to the state he was in last season.

Should The Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews?

A topic that’s been batted around here and there ever since the Eagles signed Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith is whether or not the Birds might consider trying to get something for former second-round pick Jordan Matthews, who is set to be a free agent after the season.

With the “rebirth” of Nelson Agholor, and the emergence of Marcus Johnson in camp, the idea of trading Matthews has picked up a little more steam as of late.

If the Eagles had any kind of significant offer on the table for Matthews, I’d move him in a heartbeat. Not because I feel confident in Agholor taking over the slot role (I don’t), but for the simple reason that I don’t see a long-term future for Matthews on this team, and also I just don’t think he’s a good receiver.

Jordan Matthews has been the Eagles’ best wide receiver the last two years. That’s not saying much of anything. Basically, that’s saying he’s been the least offensive of some of the most infuriating wideouts that the franchise has endured since Charles Johnson and Torrance Small.

The other thing about Matthews is that he’s a strange fit on any offense. He’s not fast enough to play on the outside, but he doesn’t really have the hands of a prototypical slot receiver. The guy in the slot is the guy who should supposedly have the best hands on the team. Think Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Cole Beasley, Jason Avant types. Sure-handed guys that can make a tough catch and move the chains. And Jordan Matthews just doesn’t have the hands to be that guy.

Some of Matthews’ drops are just the stuff of legend. I think back to the play against the Bears where Matthews dropped an easy touchdown before the half from Wentz that cost the Eagles a chance for points. Or in the game against the Falcons where Matthews was wide open by 15 yards, and bobbled away a pass that would have put the Eagles close to field goal range.

Matthews isn’t a god-awful receiver. But he’s nothing special. And there’s little reason to think that he’s going to be a part of this team’s future after this season, so if there’s a deal to be made for Matthews that could bring the Eagles a decent draft pick, or perhaps a starting corner, I think its a move they’ve got to make.

I Don’t Think Patrick Robinson Makes This Team

Speaking of the Eagles’ cornerbacks, their situation is shaping up to be extremely concerning.

Patrick Robinson seems to be getting beat left and right by any and all comers in camp, and the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up losing his roster spot before the season. If Robinson isn’t good enough to start, there’s not much sense to him being on this team.

So who starts next to Jalen Mills? Is Jalen Mills even good enough to be starting? The Eagles better hope so. I don’t get the sense the team wants to rush third-rounder Rasul Douglas into action, and would probably rather make sacrificial lambs out of Mills and a guy like C.J. Smith rather than throw Douglas to the wolves and have him eaten alive.

I think the Eagles absolutely will make some kind of move to bring additional help in sometime over the next few weeks. Kyle Fuller of Chicago has been rumored to be available for sometime now, he may or may not be the guy, but I’d absolutely expect Howie Roseman to bring in some help to this position.

Quick Thoughts

  • Fifth-rounder Shelton Gibson has to be one of the most disappointing guys in camp. He just can’t seem to stop dropping passes. This may be a blessing in disguise, as it makes Gibson a much more viable candidate for the practice squad, but this was a guy that the Eagles probably had expectations of making the roster this year.
  • Derek Barnett and Tim Jernigan both have drawn rave reviews early on. The defensive line has a chance to be very good this year, but I hope Jim Schwartz uses a lot more creativity to generate pressure rather than relying on the wide nine to do it all the time.
  • Alshon Jeffrey missed most of last week with a shoulder injury. Holding him out may have just been precautionary, but one of the knocks on Jeffrey has been that he’s been prone to nagging injuries like that. Also, I wonder about resting a new wide receiver so frequently in his first training camp with a new quarterback, where it would seem pretty important to build up as much timing and chemistry as possible.
  • I think Torrey Smith is going to really surprise people this year. You can’t stress enough the god-awful situation he was in out in San Francisco.
  • I can’t say enough about how odd I find it that Jason Kelce is still this team’s starting center. Between signing Chance Warmack, and resigning Stefan Wisniewski, every indication was that the team was getting ready to move on from the veteran center Kelce, who really hasn’t played well since 2013. I was convinced that Warmack would be the team’s left guard, with Isaac Seumalo at the center spot, and Wisniewski as the first guy off of the bench. Yet, lo and behold, Kelce seems to be the guy for at least another year. I wonder if he won’t be on a short leash though. Kelce’s size has really been an issue in short-yardage situations the last few years, and he’s fired way too many snaps over his quarterback’s heads over the last few years.

55 thoughts on “Some Quick Thoughts On Eagles’ Training Camp Storylines

  1. I was never sold on Shelton Gibson and stated early on that he would likely struggle to make the 53 Man Roster as he ran the same 3-4 Routes in that West Virginal Spread Offense where it seems that Receivers and QB that come from a Pure Spread Offense in College just really struggle to adjust the NFL Game..Look at all the Great College Receivers and QB’s from Missouri,West Virginia,Baylor,U of Houston,even Oregon during their hey-day over the Years.. Who has really done well at the NFL Level ?

    Shelton Gibson is a Practice Squad Player for 2017 in my opinion

    Warmack may also struggle to make this 53 Man Roster and needs to be in the Best Condition of his Life to have a chance which has been his bugaboo ….
    I also don’t believe that Patrick Robinson makes this Roster either as he has disappointed about every NFL Team that he was on from New Orleans, Indy Colts and to the Chargers where he had a decent Season in 2015..

    I still think the Eagles make a Move to get a Quality CB from somewhere where Player like Jordan Matthews, Michael Kendricks or and OL (Wisnewski) are part of a Deal

    Maybe they can Pick-up a Young CB’s like Bene Benwirkere of the Bengals
    or Basuad Breeland of the Redksins or Demetrius McCray of the Seahawks who may get Cut by their Current Teams for they are at least young Players and with maybe a New System, New Coaches and a Change of Scenery can maybe tap into their Upside

    There are not many CB’s out there at all, Eagles will need to address the Position in next Years Draft as well, even with a healthy Sidney Jones for you need to have 4-5 Good CB’s on your Roster ..

    1. In regards to the rumors amongst the august humudity.,filter through the noise..and understanding this is trade chumming and the fish aint biting .you dont go from assholor to sliced bread stfu on far as the backend ,we are still aware of the project that lies ahead.needs are created from injuries throughout the league and order becomes more stable as teams hands are “forced” rather than coerced.

  2. Per Reports today at Indoor Practice

    Wentz Struggled with Accuracy and Timing on his Throws

    Wendell Smallwood, Brandon Brooks both left Practice with Injuries
    (Chance Warmack took Brook’s Reps at RG with the #1’s and looked Good per Report)

    Marcus Johnson, Paul Turner, Nick Foles, Anthony Denham and Fletcher Cox all were held out of Practice for various reasons and ailments

    1. So as I’ve said many times training camp articles/reports or whatever are typically useless in isolation– they are one writers impression of what they saw (without even really knowing what they are looking for)- anyway to fraudman- there have been dozens of SPECTACULAR Wentz reports the last 10 days or so and you don’t mention a word-however a day when apparently a single bad (or even if it was multiple) report comes out and you have to mention it– NEGATIVE NITWIT

    2. Which reports? The observations I read Bleeding green nation, ESP all said he struggled with timing…but was accurate with passes. Once again..he
      is doing QB is going to be perfect or lights out.
      So far in camp he has gone 124/185, 14 TD’s and 3 Ints. Lol…actually keeping camp stats from practice.
      Today he went 18/25 two TD”s 1 int.

        1. I read and just reread that article. Turron never mentions anything about Wentz struggling with accuracy, only timing as he was late on a couple of throws. He goes on to say Wentz showed better accuracy in the middle of the field and nice touch to Ertz and Burton on seam routes.

          I know Turron, he’s a hard worker and a good guy. He works in Philadelphia. We’ve debated which talent the eagles should pursue prior to the draft.

          I think unless Wentz has a stellar day like he did yesterday the term struggle will be used to describe his performance. Perhaps because he was the second overall pick and the Eagles moved up to get him. I go to other team sites and they don’t critique, scrutinize and nitpick every pass the QB throws.
          Once again, just two put numbers on the performance, Wentz was 18/25 2 TD’s and an int…but this is described as struggling….less than stellar. He’s not going to have a stellar practice every day…no QB does.

            1. We got a game Thursday night I’m ready to see wentz and co. I’m sure Alshon won’t play (guys always milking bs injuries, starting to think he’s a slug). Ready to see if assholor still ass or not (reports say he has figured it out and I’m not buying. Think the eagles aren’t payin jmatt next year and trying to sell him). Wanna see burton involved and wtf we doing at rb. Wanna see how shit these corners are or aren’t. And the 2 new starting dl and dt.

              1. What preseason in the NFL has taught us- or should teach us is that preseason GAMES are way over rated- its the hypocrisy of the Greedy evil empire known as the NFL– players health is important- so we limit camp contact (cuz camp isn’t on tv), put on 4 meaningless games where the real players don’t play because coaches don’t want to expose them to meaningless hits — make the season ticket holders pay for 2 meaningless games etc-
                a better idea would be 2 tri-scrimages- have 2 ‘games’ going on the field at once- on either side of 50- rotate units for 7-10 plays- work in situations and play to a hard thud- oh and if a player gets hurt he should deal with the pain through medical marijuana and not opioids.

              2. not me– will watch the first team– the rest is playing against mostly guys who will be bagging groceries in a week- i don’t waste my time watching working class stiffs dress up like professional athletes. “the camp battles”– ok so you watch and some guy “looks good” ON TV– then he gets cut – I prefer once the season starts and nfl players take the field watching guys who won ‘camp battles” and see how he reacts in a game-
                The Bradford to the HOF performance against the packers a couple years ago cured me of any delusion that anything of importance happens in august….

              3. I will take ur word for that Zilents. I am skeptical if this guy wants to go after it, been seeing him dogshit for far too long. hope he’s legit but something stinks

          1. Turron says in his article, that the Best Pass Wentz made was a 5 Yard Slant Pass? I expect he’s not much of a Journalist… Anyways the Article was forwarded to me so I shared the contents on here…No Big Deal.. and no Wentz is not going to Kill it at every Practice as no Player does, but Boy I guess I can’t say anything negative about the Great White Wonder !! This Site really Sucks anymore… To Each their Own !!

            1. actually you put a negative spin on everything… you piss on parades- why didn’t you ever post-“the reports coming out of eagles camp are that Wentz is on fire” “22/24 with lots of long passes on a dime”- “hey after reading the reports on Wentz I’m excited as a FAN that he may be the real deal-” – Nope all we get is an isolated report that really wasn’t too in depth with maybe a negative spin and you latch on like a leech.

            2. The site has sucked for a long time lol. Only thing that has kept me coming back is what dumb ass thing will Jon hart , gmcliff or paulman say. And will dcar spazz again today.

              Well. You’re all that’s left

  3. What about the Eagles trading Jordan Matthews to Jets since they just lost WR Quincy Enunwa for the season..its possible

    1. Can’t see that at all for either team. Not sure how that would make any sense for jets especially

    2. The problem w/J Matt is simple- he is on the final year of his contract, will seek a huge raise based on his productivity- his productivity has been fine-HOWEVER- he has been option 1 on a bad team w/bad receivers so its inflated and he will want inflated pay- all teams have a bunch of WR in camp right now- many are hungry and will play ST etc-going out and getting a slot guy who again is good but you only have him for one year???? dunno–

  4. So some nobody says something a tad negative in the ocean of positives about Carson and it’s a big deal? Meh Just ignore the Troll…Ask him how Cam is doing….the guy who hasn’t even taken the practice field down where he lives. As for Ags..let’s give the guy a chance if he has gotten his stuff together. Coming out most people loved the pick and he does have talent. He has worked hard and studied so I am willing to see if his natural talent is gonna bloom. I would love to see him step up and us have another weapon….that is more important than me yelling i told you so just so i look good….

  5. I guess we will see in the pre-season games how much Nelson Agholor has progressed.

    In all fairness, the guy played his first two seasons with zero veteran leadership at the WR position. His second season he had to learn a new system under a new coach…. Of course that doesn’t make you drop passes…

    It’s not so long ago when it was the norm for WR’s to struggle in their first 2 seasons. Many of the greats took a couple years to come around.

    I’m not a big Nelson Agholor fan – I’m just making the point that it’s not unheard of for a WR to come into his own in his third season. And the Eagles could use a little luck for a change…

  6. ESP wentz report card through camp so far:

    accuracy – A
    decision making – A-
    turnovers – A
    mobility and pocket presence – A
    red zone – C-

    not a bad card from the “biased hack troll etc” ESP

    redzone was a big issue last year and still is. having alshon pussy foot through camp doesnt help

    1. jimmy kempski was on wip this morning and said wentz has been spectacular all camp
      not sure who called ESP biased– I did mention that he wrote on this crummy site and that his ‘expertise’ was in question and that he sometimes doesn’t know what he is even looking at. Also, you were ‘hand wringing’ when he reported a substandard practice-
      I do give him credit- he somehow found a niche in the sports reporting world- he was ahead of the curve as to how fans are now getting their info…

      1. Of course I was hand wringing. Still am over the red zone issues. I want a great qb and great football team. Tired of losing

        1. my mother would call you a ‘worry wart’– lol- i don’t hand wring! I swore that off when the birds lost to tampa bay on the freezing cold day, last game at the vet when the bucs didn’t have a chance to win….oops- since that day win or lose I go with the flow.
          as for a great QB– we have a real shot to have a top guy– maybe THE TOP GUY- I really think we are going to see some great qb play this year and for many years to come-

        2. You gotta relax. The kid is going into year two…progress takes time and it is going to take more reps and experience to continue to develop. The TC info provides good feedback but it doesn’t give us a complete picture.

              1. He’s gonna be good hand wringer… we finally have the real deal. 5 was really good… 10 in the league good… this one is elite, top of the line

  7. I told you guys Mack Hollins was a gamer..he will be a starter in 2-3 years. How about Carson shaking Clay Mathews and throwing the TD to Hollins. Very calm under pressure..that’s what you want to see. Why in the hell are the packers blitzing?

  8. Sam Bradford 10-10 2 tds in Greenbay last year. Lol. Wentz went 40 yards in 15 plays in a 10 min drive 2 yards a play and scored on a broken play and we are having MVp talks lol.

    1. Well you should be watching Minnesota.

      Wentz 4-4 56 yards 158.3 PR. 38 yard TD pass to Hollins. What’s the problem?

      Lol, dude you gotta get over Bradford…it’s beeeeen over..lmao.

  9. Bradford admittedly earned a spot in the HOF in that preseason game! He was awesome…. then the regular season happens… oops then those dreaded playoffs start… Sam has some great man cave parties

  10. I hate Bradford. But im not going to sit up here and petend the offense looked good. Wentz is the real deal. Not his fault the oline couldn’t pass protect or run block. Top oline is what i heard. They looked inept.

  11. Rookies looked good, in particular Mack Hollins, Derek Barnett and Nate Gerry.
    Shelton Gibson not so much, he has feet for hands.
    Bryce Treggs had a strong game…Wentz in very limited action made plays in the pocket under pressure making accurate to Hollins was great play.

  12. Dag… your in game comments have earned you the title of Least Knowledgeable Fan… congratulations! Paul an had earned that title 8 of the last 10 years

  13. I honestly don;t know WTF the packers Defense was doing. I mean first preseason game and blitzing almost every play until the 4th Qtr. Yes the Eagles are a professional offense and should have been better but in the first preseason game you are as vanilla as possible. Very strange situation, luckily no one got hurt.

    1. X I thought the same thing. However, our QB proved he has great pocket mobility, found a rookie receiver who made a fantastic play. Our first round pick had a very good game. We are healthy and getting younger

  14. some nice plays from wentz.

    oline left a lot to be desired. not worried tho

    J Matt shouldnt be going anywhere! he needs to say. I am not super confident in Alshon and if he pusses around all year we may need to resign Matt

  15. “Multiple sources” have told NFL Network’s Jane Slater that Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension will be “closer” to or at six games.
    Slater’s colleague, Ian Rapoport, reports the “benchmark” is six games, which is standard for all domestic violence cases. It could be more or could be less, so this really doesn’t give us much at the moment. However, an announcement from the league is expected to come down the chute on Friday. Six games would be a big blow to Elliott’s fantasy stock. Darren McFadden would figure to be next in line, though Alfred Morris looked like the far superior back in the preseason opener.
    Source: Jane Slater on Twitter
    Aug 11 – 9:00 AM

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