Eagles-Packers: What I’m Watching

Any Hope On The Corners?

This isn’t a game to be focusing on Carson Wentz.

Wentz will likely make little more than a cameo, playing one or two series. Whether he performs well or not in this game is mostly irrelevant.

The first thing I want to see is how well, if at all, the corners are able to hold up. They may not have to go up against Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, but if the combo of Patrick Robinson and Jalen Mills is able to hold up against the likes of Brett Hundley, hell I’ll take whatever positives I can get at this point.

Robinson has been given a starting role off of the streets to lose, and so far he’s done everything he can to lose it. Mills hasn’t been assured a starting role at this point either.

I would expect Rasul Douglas and C.J. Smith to get a lot of run in this game. Smith has a legitimate chance to vault himself into the starting lineup if he performs well. He was excellent in last year’s preseason, though never got much of a chance to prove himself in the regular season. The opportunity is there for him to step up and prove he can play in this league, I’m excited to see how he responds.

I don’t think the Eagles want to rush Douglas into action. They’ve got a third-round pick invested in him, and they’ll want to give him time to develop. I don’t think he’s ready, but I’m still curious to see where he’s at.

New-Look Defense Line

We’ll get our first look at the Eagles’ new and supposedly improved defensive line on Thursday as well.

I’m eager to see first-round pick Derek Barnett in action for the first time. I want to get a look at how Tim Jernigan’s presence could really open the door for Fletcher Cox to cause more disruption.

I also want to see if Vinny Curry, who played almost all of last season with a partially-torn ACL, shows the same explosiveness he had two years ago. Curry enters the preseason as a starter on the team’s depth chart, we’ll see if he’s able to secure that role, or if the first-rounder Barnett will take it away from him.

Quick Thoughts

  • The Eagles released their first official depth chart early in the week, and there were several notable rankings. Wide receiver Marcus Johnson was on the second team behind Alshon Jeffrey, while fifth-round pick Shelton Gibson was listed with the third team. Dillion Gordon was ahead of Matt Tobin on the offensive line depth chart. Most notable of all may have been that Terrence Brooks and Corey Graham, who was just signed several days ago, were ahead of Jaylen Watkins on the safety depth chart.
  • Preseason depth charts should always be taken with a grain of salt, but I found these interesting nonetheless.
  • Brooks is another guy that we’ve heard nothing but good things about. He’s been making plays day in and day out. I’d love to see the team move on from Watkins, who is a guy that I’ve found to be a liability whenever he’s been given a chance to play.

5 thoughts on “Eagles-Packers: What I’m Watching

  1. Players I’m Watching tonight are mostly the Back-up and Rookies
    I don’t expect many of the Starters to Play much or even suit up at all
    in Game #1 (Wentz may only Play 2 Series due to Injury to #2 Nick Foles)

    OL- Warmack, Seumalo, Wisnewski, Josh Andrews and the Back-Up OT’s Big Vai & Gordon Dillon who may be eventual Starters come 2018

    WR – Marcus Johnson, Mack Hollins & Shelton Gibson
    (1 or 2 Players from this List will likely not make the 53 Man Roster and their internal Competition begins Tonight for a Roster Spot)

    RB’s – Smallwood, Clement & Pumphrey.. How do they look, do they know their assignments, hit the right holes, finish off runs, block well enough, catch the ball out of the backfield, etc,etc

    The Biggest thing of course is coming out Healthy and getting a Good Look at your Depth and let this Current CB Group start sorting itself out ..

    Offensively, Move the Ball, Get into some type of Rhythm and Score some Points and minimize the mental mistakes

    Defensively, Take away the Big Plays, Play sound Fundamental/Assignment Football and Tackle well Collectively and Swarm to the Ball, create some Turnover Opportunities

    DE Position Depth – How does Rookie Barnett look and will he takeover for Vinnie Curry as a Starter, How do Young DE’s Means and McAlister look, and are they worth keeping 1 or both of them for developing for the long-term and place on Practice Squad

    All the Back-Up LB’s outside of Najee Goode who is a solid NFL Back-Up Battles between Joe Walker, Nathan Geary,Kamu Grueger-Hill, Don Cherry and Steven Daniels battle for maybe 3 Spots) Can Geary or Daniels or Grueger-Hill be the eventual replacement for Michael Kendricks who appears to be on his way out ? Who Contributes Well on Special Teams could decide.

    DT’s Dept – Destiny Vaeao, Elijah Qualls, Gabe Wright, Justin Hamilton – Who Steps up to make that 53 Man Roster and be in that Back-up Rotation behind Cox/Jernagin.. D Vaeao seems to be a Lock for the 53 Man Team, but with Beau Allen’s Injury, another 1 of these Young Players has a good chance of not only making the 53 Man Roster, but getting on the Field a few Plays a Game..

    CB’s – All of them – No Clear Cut Starter, Let them battle it out on the Outside (Mills, Robinson, CJ Smith, R Douglass & Grymes)
    Is Ron Brooks a Legitimate Slot Cover CB..

    Safeties – Terrance Brooks or Corey Graham who should make a nice Back-Up Tandem and maybe even play on some 3 Safety Packages
    (Jaylen Watkins and Chris Maragos may both be on the chopping block)

    Special Teams Coverage Unites and Return Teams

    Who are the Gunners, Can Mack Hollins secure a Roster Spot just by his Special Teams Play and further develop as a WR? Which of the Back-Up LB’s and DB’s are Productive on Special Teams
    Who Returns Kick-Offs and is the eventual Replacement as Punt Returner after Sproles? (Smallwood, Pumphrey, Shelton Gibson ?)

    1. If you can watch all of that on a TV broadcast then you definitely should be a coach or scout and have access to coaches film- The only thing you said that you can actually judge is do they move the ball and establish a rhythm on offense– that is the key along with not allowing the packers to establish a rhythm- TV viewing doesn’t really afford a person the ability to watch individual performance and break it down.
      I want them healthy, move the ball- coaches will have a decent chance to evaluate our 2’s, 3’s and 4’s against their 2,3, 4’s…. get young and build depth- go birds!

  2. I will be watching the receiving corps- Mack Hollins, Marcus Johnson, Agholor and Gibson.
    RB’s L Boogie (Legarette Blount) Donell Pumphrey and Corey Clement.

    On the defense- All the CB’s, LB Nate Gerry and Derek Barnett. I also look forward to watching the duo of Cox and Jernigan

    I’m not worried about Carson until pre season game 3. I don’t think he’ll play enough in the first to games to work up a rhythm or lather.

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