Report: Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews, Third Rounder To Bills For Corner Ronald Darby

Well, the Eagles have a made a move to get cornerback.

The Birds traded wide receiver Jordan Matthews and a 2018 third-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for cornerback Ronald Darby.

Darby has been a starter for two years, and was a second-round pick of the Bills back in 2015. He had a strong rookie year, but apparently fell out of favor with new defensive-minded head coach Sean McDermott.

I’m all for trading Jordan Matthews. He had no long-term future with the Eagles, and as I wrote earlier in the week, I felt he was a little overrated. His drops were absolutely atrocious, and I think the Eagles have a couple of young guys that they’d rather keep and build around moving forward, including Mack Hollins, who turned in a strong game last night.

I’m not sure I’m alright with parting with a third-round pick next year. The Eagles are already without a second round pick from the Carson Wentz trade, however they have three fourth-rounders, so perhaps they can use that as ammo to move around.

45 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews, Third Rounder To Bills For Corner Ronald Darby

  1. Eagles do not have a pick on day 2. We have no second round or 3rd round pick.

    However, if Rowe plays 49.999% of the snaps in NE we get a 3rd

  2. I honestly think this was a good trade. We desperately need another starting DB, and we got one. And yes, it was unlikely the Eagles were going to resign Matthews, so this to me was a no brainer. But I’m not sure giving up a 3rd rounder was a good idea. Wish it was a 4th, but we will all see here soon if the Eagles got the better end of the deal. The thoughts of Ronald Darby, Jalen Mills, Rasul Douglas, and Sidney Jones all playing together puts a big smile on my face …

    1. I have my reservations about the pick as well, but consider this…the eagles could still get a third rounder from new England next year if Eric Rowe plays enough snaps. If not, that pick is still a fourth rounder, which gives the eagles three picks in that round. Hopefully that would be the ammo they need to move around the draft board.

  3. All in all pretty hefty price to pay for a guy with

    Concussion history
    Groin history
    Hamstring history
    Sports hernia history
    Getting benched by the damn bills history.

    1. And now we gotta rely more on assholor ? Yuck.

      Whatever hopefully our personnel guys no what they doing.

  4. Ronald Darby was a 1st Round Talent who Dropped into the 2nd Round due to a Lack of Maturity and some off the field Issues when he was coming out of Florida State..
    He had a very Strong Rookie Season in 2015 and then fell out of Favor with Buffalo a little bit last Year and has had some Run-Ins with Coaches
    Sean McDermott has moved on with Players with Selfish Attitudes and Baggage with both Sammy Watkins & Ronald Darby and received a very good CB in EJ Gaines and some nice Draft Picks in Return to continue to mold the Bills into his Likeness…
    Buffalo will be a Team on the Rise and if Schwartz and Defensive Coach’s can Get Darby to Play up to Potential, then the Eagles got a Solid Young CB to go along with Mills, Jones & Douglas

  5. Wow so much hand wringing over a third. The way I see it is the eagles needed OL depth, check. Upgrade WR, check. Upgrade DB, check. Upgrade pSs rush, check.
    All in all boxes have been checked. Obviously the players have to play the drafted guys have to pan out but a solid effort to improve…. all that and there was so much salary cap panic among fans

  6. Bills are smart. Stock piling on draft picks and tanking this year knowing damn well they stand a 0 chance at winning the Super Bowl. Especially with patriots in ur division.

    McDermott is going to be a good coach if giving a 3-4 year window to build. He rebuilt that whole Carolina defense and is a Andy Reid / Jim Johnson disciple. Eagles fired him when he had nothing to work with in Philly.

    We had to upgrade the corner position. End of story. Jones, Darby, Mills, Malcolm, Rodney should be a damn good secondary with that front 7 in front of them.

    We get the man on his rookie deal and now can afford to pay alshon, Jernigan, Nigel when the time comes.

    Sproles and Jason peters should be done in Philly after this year to save even more money..

    Mack Hollins stole Jordan’s job after that touchdown. Give the slot position to Mack.

    this gives Shelton a bigger chance at making the team as welll. Hopefully he develops well. Plenty of raw talent there

  7. Love the trade most likely Eric rowe will play 50 percent of snaps so boom 3rd back right there…..and I think a trade back in draft can net is a second, Howie will get it done…..darby is a beast he did really good against Odell and is a really gritty player….a 4 some of jones, mills, Douglas, and roby is nasty…..go eagles

  8. I’m ignorant when it comes to this situation. But if the patriots allow Eric row to play more than 50% of his snaps this season do they lose their third round pick? Or do they keep it because it’s labeled a “conditional pick”?

    1. If Rowe plays more than half of the snaps, pats owe the Eagles their third rounder. If he plays less than 50 percent, pats owe eagles their fourth rounder, which would give the eagles three total fourth round picks next year

    1. Eric Rowe stinks…stiff hipped, bad feet (not a fluid shuffler, very choppy) and horrible ball tracking skills. Bill Belichick took a gamble based on Rowe’s measurables not his athletic talent or technique. There’s a reason the Pats spent all that money on Stephon Gilmore…Rowe has been relegated to a backup role where he belongs. I’ve never seen so much grief over a middling at best talent. There was a reason analyst said Rowe would best move back to safety during the draft process, he doesn’t possess the athleticism, ball skill or feel for playing that position. Stop with the Eric Rowe nonsense. Rasul Douglass was a better college cb than Rowe…so was Mills. Eric Rowe would not have helped the Eagles win one more game last year..he’s just a guy stop acting like he’s a game changer or difference maker worthy of worrying about.

  9. Not a popular Trade in the Locker Room, Jordan Matthews was a very goodTeammate and will be missed, especially by Wentz, who I would think you want to make as comfortable as possible..
    Relying on the inconsistent Health and Production of Jeffrey & Torrey Smith may be a roll of the dice, Agholor now must really step up and win that Slot Position which is where he probably belongs as an NFL Reveiver to begin with..

    Ronald Darby better show up and be ready to work for his reputation of a “I’ll do my own thing” will not go over real well with his new Coaches, Teammates and Fans..
    Per Sources in Buffalo, both Watkins & Darby still liked to hang out with their homies a little too often instead of focusing on their health, conditioning, preparation and Teammates and McDermott saw those 2 as not real good long term mentors or fits for the Program that he’s bringing to the Bills

    Time will tell, but I believe Sean McDermott pulled one over on Howie big time!!

    1. On the Plus Side of Acquiring CB Darby is that he has 2 Full Years on his Rookie Deal and Players like Corey Graham, Nigel Bradham, Terrance Brooks and Ron Brooks have al lplayed with him at Florida State and or while at the Buffalo Bills sothats a pretty good welcoming group to help him get up to speed.. Darby is a little on the small side but plays the Ball Very Well and is explosive when he goes after the ball
      The reality is that the Eagles have a whole lot more options at replacing Matthews production from the Slot with other players (WR’s/TE & RB’s) than they do of finding or having a Starting Quality CB so they made the move..

    2. Who said it was unpopular in the locker room? These teams have been discussing this since before the draft (per reports). Matthews absence from workouts was all part of this. The players were aware something was going on. Howie is one aggressive trading mofo …
      For all the salary cap whining, the CB whining it seems like a lot of things were addressed adequately. Now up to the players to stay healthy and execute.

  10. Great Trade

    A Starting CB for a team that needed one while the only other starter is rehabbing (Jones).

    We gave up a guy who is not a starter and a pick that often does not result in an immediate starter.

    This FO has done a good job of moving pieces to upgrade the starting rotation.

    in 2 years the FO has provided
    QB 1 and 2 A franchise guy and a back up that is arguably as good as the bottom 5 starters in the league easy.
    RB -Veteran BIG back that we have groaned for for years. A few developmental guys and Mighty Mouse.
    WR- Alshon Jeffery is the best WR since TO. PERIOD. 82,10,84,16 all NFL players and if 13 ever learns to catch again he is a crisp route runner.
    TE- Celek prob should not be around but he is one of my fav eagles. 86 and 88 will get MORE time with 81 gone !!! That is a positive to me as i think there is very little drop receiver wise between 81 and 86 but a big increase in blocking in the run game.
    OL- JP-CW-IS-BB-LJ (Jason Kelce needs to improve) This group is deep considering how thin it was 2 years ago its amazing.

    DE- Upgrades here with Barnett pushing Curry.
    DT- Cox locked up and Jernigan added. Allen is a solid 3rd when healthy and there is competition beyond.
    LB- Hicks, Bradham and Kendricks are solid with Hicks having potential to be a game changer. (so far with 91,93 and 58 that is strength up the middle)
    CB-Darby adds an NFL starter to a team that is waiting on 22 to get healthy. Mills and Douglas are promising youth and we will likely get rid of older players in favor of young guys. This was a huge pick up this week!!!!
    S-Strength at the Back with experience and talent in Jenkins and McLeod plus T Brooks looks like a player. Maragos may be pushed by Sullivan if he continues to bring the wood and shows ST savvy. (he is cheaper and younger)

    K,P,LS all locked up by some of the best at their jobs.

    This team is now competent at almost every position allowing us to add Talent as available- Likely RB and LB next year-

    Look for Kelce and Kendricks to be moved for ammo to get a 3rd rounder back and we may be trading back to recoup a 2 unless a miracle happens and we are drafting 30-32.

  11. Wentz is garbage we should’ve never gave up Sam as he would be our starter right now over this bum!!!! Howie has destroyed our team and I’m a Vikings fan until he is gone !!!!!!!!!

      1. Z..dude is a complete fraud loser and a troll. Never was an Eagles fan..just a fan of certain players…his hero…7-9 last season…just like his rookie year…no winning season or playoffs to speak of in his pro career with 3 teams. Was ready to cut and run after adversity due to a trade up by the Eagles for a QB just like he cut and ran this past season (Birds of a feather)…Wentz is garbage….but he had a better performance his rookie season than Bradford…who failed to get the Vikings to playoffs with a top 5 defense…lmao!

    1. The real trolls are the traitors haveablunt and Patrik411 who put their personal hatred over their country and voted for this swine into office. Two morons who openly admit they colluded with a snake oil salesman to topple our country!!! America didn’t need to be made great again tweetle dumb and dumber we already were great. Great job traitors!!!!!!

      1. What does their political stance have to do with the eagles and while I don’t like trump myself are you just saying stuff to start arguments. I’m thinking Gary put you on here to get more clicks, because you are all over the place

      2. Hot Air–I openly admitted to my vote and how i feel disgusted about said vote- however let me point out that as a lifelong Delawarean I knew that she would carry the state easily (She won 53% to 42%)- my wife voted for the libertarian as a protest– I admittedly was hoping that the people he surrounded himself with would be able to control him– however I was wrong and admit it–
        at some point you will do the same when it comes to bradford

          1. No that is not how he got into office!!!!!!!!!!!! He got in by providing voter rolls and demographics to russians who assisted him in on facebook by brainwashing the susceptible foolasses into buying his 3rd grade bully tactics and 1st grade agenda. And the tweetle dumb and dumbers of the world like haveablunt and patrik bought it up – HOOK – LINE – AND – SINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Shame on you!!!! This is on you!!!!! TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! PFFFFFFFFFT worried about what team I root for while you root for team Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. I’ve admitted my mistake, this disgraced president will I hope make both parties better, unite them a bit to see that their differences are minor and that they’ve ceded too much power to the lanatic fringe on the left and right. I’m not a traitor I was duped…. kinda like you think Sam is a franchise QB… we all get duped on occasion

    1. that moves been like 6 months in the making. not sure how i feel about blount which makes not feel anyway about his release

      1. God it pains me when people come on here and WIP and WHINE about money… yes athletes make a shitload… the elite of each sport… I don’t mean Lebrun elite… I mean Drue Holliday elite. Not G Stanton elite…. I mean Andres Blanco elite… why are they elite? Cuz they can play in the bigs! And fucking Bowie knows how to pay them

  12. Nice to See Kool has been brought back . into the flock once again, Goes to show ,You never can tell !And I guess it turned just as well as HAC that you changed your mind about going to boone co. to be with his then dawg paulman .You just never know where life is going to take you fellas!So be mindful,Hac if you can get past all of the foolish hyped up stories about West Virginia you will be hard to find a better place for retirement!

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