Thoughts From Eagles-Packers

Wentz Sharp On Only Drive

Carson Wentz and the first-team offense were only on the field for one possession, but they certainly made the most of it.

Wentz went 4-4 for 56 yards and a touchdown on the drive. The second-year quarterback was peppered by the Green Bay pass rush several times, but was able to hang in there to deliver several key throws.

Most impressive was Wentz facing the pass rush and keeping his eyes down the field to find rookie receiver Mack Hollins breaking open in the middle of the field. Wentz fired a strike, and the the big target Hollins made an impressive run after the catch to find the endzone.

That was the only look we got at Wentz, but it was filled with positives, and Alshon Jeffrey and starting right guard Brandon Brooks weren’t even a part of the lineup.

2017 Draft Class Makes Strong First Impression

The new draft class wasted no time in making their presences known.

First-round draft pick Derek Barnett came up with two sacks to get his Eagles’ career started.

Mack Hollins wasn’t done after his touchdown reception, finishing with four catches for 64 yards. Hollins is just brimming with all kinds of potential. He’s got a nice combination of size and speed, and as his route running continues to develop, he’s a guy that really has a chance to become a mid-round steal for the Birds.

Rasul Douglas only played with the second team, but broke up a pass and seemed to hold up well against the assignments he drew.

Fourth rounder Donnel Pumphrey looks like he’s pretty raw, and his inexperience was on display on his first two attempts as a punt returner where he made several ill-advised fielding decisions. But he also showed some of the shiftiness, and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield that made him attractive to the team.

It was a pretty nice first look at the new cast of young players, and you have a collection of guys that all have a chance to come in and contribute right away.

Quick Thoughts


  • I hope I never have to watch Matt McGloin quarterback the Eagles for three-plus quarters again. As I write this, the thought immediately entered my mind that I’ll have to watch him do just that against the Jets in three weeks. McGloin struggled to move the offense at all, going 28-42 for just 205 yards and an interception.
  • I thought LeGarrette Blount had a couple of nice runs in the first quarter. He didn’t rip off many big gainers, but he showed the toughness and physicality that made people excited about his coming to Philadelphia.
  • Its only preseason, but I hated the call to run a jet sweep for Nelson Agholor, of all people, with Blount in the backfield on second and inches. Don’t get cute in those situations, Doug. Give the ball to your bruiser, and pick up the first down. Pump the brakes on the Agholor nonsense.
  • Jordan Matthews picked up three catches for 18 yards, with all going for first downs.
  • Surprise player of the game might have been Bryce Treggs, who led the team with seven grabs for 91 yards. Treggs probably isn’t going to make the team, but he’s putting good film out there for someone else.
  • Scary moment in the third quarter when Halapoulivaati Vaitai went down, clutching his knee. Early indications are that his injury isn’t serious, so the Eagles may have dodged a bullet here.


  • I wasn’t impressed with Patrick Robinson. He was targeted several times by Brett Hundley early in the game, and should have given up two completions, but the Packer receivers couldn’t hang on to their passes.
  • Jalen Mills however, I thought seemed to hold up well enough in his first action.
  • C.J. Smith was burned for a touchdown in the first half, but came back to make a couple nice plays later in the game. He didn’t do anything to make me think he’s ready for a starting role.
  • Jaylen Watkins gave up a big completion to Martellus Bennett in the first half.
  • Backup linebackers Don Cherry and Nate Gerry had some impressive moments. It’s nice to see the team develop a bit of depth at the linebacking positions.
  • Last year’s seventh-round pick Alex McAlister came up with a sack and a forced fumble.
  • Rookie sixth-rounder Elijah Qualls was in on three stops.

Special Teams

  • Dave Fipps’ unit was uncharacteristically burned for several big returns, including one that went for a touchdown.
  • Caleb Sturgis went 1-2 on field goal attempts.

Final Thoughts

This is only the beginning.

The first preseason game didn’t show us a lot, and there are many layers of this team that have yet to be revealed. But so far so good.

A solid opening drive from Carson Wentz and the offense, combined with good early showings from some of the team’s key rookies bode well for the direction this team is trending in right now.

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25 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Packers

  1. “Its only preseason, but I hated the call to run a jet sweep for Nelson Agholor, of all people, with Blount in the backfield on second and inches. Don’t get cute in those situations, Doug. Give the ball to your bruiser, and pick up the first down. Pump the brakes on the Agholor nonsense.”

    dumbest thing ive seen this year denny, lol. that was an awful call regardless of it being in practice or preseason or whatever. i was excited to see Blount plow into the line but nooooooooope. also there was a couple runs with him going along the sidelines then upfield, imo equally dumb. blount shouldnt be used in any capacity except north and south

    1. Any play that doesn’t work is a “dumb call”….
      You bozos do realize that the coaches have a plan to run certain plays in this SCRIMMAGE. They are looking at things that we aren’t even aware of….

  2. I didn’t love that call either, but the fact is that if Ertz doesn’t miss the block on Ha Ha and that was an effective play. I would rather they be simple with Blount too, but that play didn’t work because of Ertz whiffing.

    1. Exactly, but that’s part of it too…ertz has been a poor blocker his entire career. Just think back to the Cincinnati game where he basically ran away from burflict. Calling a play like that which calls for a poor blocker to make a key block is kind of doomed from the start.

      1. So do you guys really think that in a SCRIMMAGE he coaches are saying we can’t run this play cuz Ertz is playing? They had things to look at…. paralysis by analysis!
        Our QB looked good, our WR that everyone has been trading looked good, a rookie WR made a MAN play (I haven’t seen all WR combined do a stiff arm in years and he did two in one play.) our first round pick did great and we came out healthy. It’s a WIN

  3. Every play for every team is designed to work…. however your players have to execute and the other team needs to cooperate. If Assholot turns the corner, Erzts makes the block and it goes for 20 then all you guys would be saying, “having the threat of Blount in the backfield forces teams to crowd the LOS and opens the perimeter “…

    1. cant quote something that was never spoken lol.

      now please just shut the fuck up with your criticism of everyones post its lame. are you the gcobb gestapo now? nobody can share thoughts about our team without running it by you first? shut the fuck up dude

      1. I don’t think I’ll shut up…. nah.
        First, it’s preseason and coaches have an agenda and a plan and it may not be game specific to down, distance, field position etc. saying a play that doesn’t work a “dumb call” is a brain dead fan thing to do…. of course it’s after the fact which of course everyone is correct in hinsight.
        It’s like going for 4th and 3 is gutsy when you make a first down and a dumb call when you don’t. Duh!
        And I can certainly project and predict quotes from armchair coaches

  4. Barrett Brooks on WIP saying all that Blitzing done by the packers was Wrong and seemed like there is something between the coaching staffs. I knew something was amiss and we were lucky no one got hurt. Real Scumbag move by the packers, maybe they thought Chip ran it up 2 years ago….All I know is we have long memories here…..

    1. If that’s the case, you have to really love how Wentz responded and adjusted to what was unexpected… despite the pressure on every play, he was on the money with each throw

  5. NFL suspended Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott six games for violating the league’s domestic violence policy.
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Aug 11 – 12:13 PM

          1. he played in exact same amount of games as alshon for last 2 years, and last 3 years and we gave alshon 10 mill this year. guy is super talented way more explosive than alshon and easily top 10 wr maybe top 5 if healthy and with a real qb… idk damn that wouldve been nice to get him

            we could always get him for nothing after this year tho when he loves that bum golf (pending he doesnt get a new deal)

            1. I loved Watkins coming out of Clemson, just not willing to trade for him at this point. Alshon was a FA. Must keep it in context, Alshon was available in March, Watkins wasn’t. They were not trading for a receiver as the position is loaded. CB is thin as tissue paper.

  6. Bills acquired WR Jordan Matthews and a 2018 third-round pick from the Eagles in exchange for CB Ronald Darby.
    Related: Eagles
    Aug 11 – 12:55 PM

  7. busy day…

    zeke suspended 6 days
    j matt moved for a 3rd and a corner Ronald Darby – he any good?
    bills then trade sammy watkins for a 6th and EJ Gaines

    hac let me know if this post doesnt meet your standards lol

    1. Well I’m sure it was a typo so I won’t bust balls but since you asked you state that ‘moved Matt for a third and corner’ birds actually paid with the third… that’s no biggie ‘

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