Carson Wentz And Eagles Need A Running Game

Yesterday at the Eagles practice they spent a great deal of time on the running game, but they were unable to run the ball effectively against their defense.  The Birds were also unable to run the ball well on Thursday night against the Packers.  Some of the problem with their running game was all the blitzing by Green Bay, but the other reason was the lack of movement in the interior of the offensive line.  Unfortunately, I think the problem inside is undersized center Jason Kelce.

I think the Eagles should have moved on from Kelce, by putting the bigger and stronger Isaac Seumalo in there at center. The big nose tackles in the league are going to eat Kelce alive. He can’t get any movement in the middle of the offensive line and it’s going to limit the running game.  The running back can’t cut back if the center is getting pushed into the backfield.

The inability to run the football is going to put more pressure on quarterback Carson Wentz and that’s the last thing you want to do.  If they can’t run the football, they will become one-dimensional.  Once they starting passing too much, it’s going to allow defensive linemen to pin their ears back and get hits on Wentz.  A good running game is the best friend of a young quarterback.

If they would move to Seumalo now, it will mean the Birds will have a big, physical and seasoned offensive line next year and the following year.  It makes no sense to go out and acquire a big physical running back like LaGarrette Blount, then put a small line in front of him.  You can’t run the ball inside with Blount, if you have an undersized center getting pushed back into the backfield all the time.  As I said earlier, it eliminates the cutback, which greatly injures the running game.

I feel good about the blocking in the running game throughout the rest of the offensive line.  Jason Peters still has the power to crush people at his left tackle position.  Seumalo is lined up next to Peters and still getting comfortable there, but he’s a big physical and powerful blocker.

I like the right side of the line with big Brandon Brooks at right guard and the athletic and strong Lane Johnson at right tackle.  They’re getting more and more comfortable playing side by side and hopefully Johnson will be there consistently without any suspensions.

Another issue in the running game is the blocking of tight end Zach Ertz.  He’s one of the best pass receiving tight ends in the league, but his blocking continues to be a work in process.  He’s got to keep working at it.  If he will go out and just battle each linebacker or defensive end, it will allow the running back to get yardage.  He’s never going to be a great blocker, but he can be a decent blocker by just staying with it.  They may have to get Brent Celek back on the field for the running game.

I’m also concerned about the health of running back Wendell Smallwood, who is nursing a hamstring injury.  He didn’t play in the game against the Packers and wasn’t in uniform yesterday at practice.  These are valuable snaps that Smallwood could use.

Rookie Donnel Pumphrey is going to end his career before it starts if he continues to fumble. Humphrey muffed a punt in the game against the Packers and he fumbled while carrying the ball in the game as well.  Yesterday during the live period, Pumphrey fumbled.   I have seen young running back destroy their careers quickly by fumbling.  Right now, his career is in jeopardy because of all of these fumbles.


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  1. Mr G. Cobb and his Eagles comments , Garry, you have played the game , and I have only played on broken beer bottle fields in Gerrnantown phila. So I am no match for your football skills And observations, However I think you might consider moving far, far, away from the philly fan base , You sounded very much like a typical negadelphia fan with this column . I reckon I can.t blame you though , You have been in and near philly way, way too long, Seems as if you are becoming one of the 700 club fellas,and their negadelphia attitude , It is very, very ,very early . Not time to condemn nor panic ,. Time to enjoy the spring like weather .Enjoy the weather with your family!I enjoyed your straight shooting for a while , PLease ,don’t become a negadelphian . Peace out to You!

    1. I think G.cobb is suffering from august dull drums,beatsqq@qing incestantly,a dead horse..The only cogent point hqe makes is kelcws abilities on roller skates..thats where im in agreement. .however the qb of the O line cant be minimized.hes a real good east west lineman,with blount a north south i will be intercepted in seeing if deuce as head of the backs ,infuses his mentality or adapts to h8s truly amazed at how many checkmarks weve hit this off season .its year one and starting on a 3 year plan ,and perhaps depth at center still remains ..we have an option on the roster,if need be ..thats pretty good in my estimation. Deuce influence on pederson slas AR style of attack ,will be worth keeping an eye on. Dont doscount kelce tradeability say deuce would advocate such a move

      1. Your point to saying Blount and K have different styles is only a smudge true. Your premis rests on bount only running in the 0-2 whole (depending on terminology)…. I’d say he is good all the way to the tackles hip meaning K could be of help in the second level.

  2. Patrick, he needs clicks and isn’t getting them. ‘Wentz needs a running game’ …. oh that’s insightful! What people don’t understand is that an effective run game isn’t necessarily tied to an arbitrary number of yards per game

      1. point is the eagles are NOT going to run a bell cow 20-25 times a game- they will throw it and use the run when strategically important- establishing the run game for them means use it enough to keep the D honest- use Blount enough that a playfake on 3rd and 1 is a legit option. remember the short pass in this offense is used as part of the run game- getting the ball to guys in space is how they like to attack–
        last year amid the criticism of run/pass balance I believe the eagles were 10th in rush attempts and 11 or 12 in yards per game rushing– so the imbalance was a figment of confused fans imaginations.

  3. Something to watch is Brandon Brooks bouts with Anxiety Attacks that have forced him to miss some Games over his Career, I would not be surprised to see Big V take some snaps at Guard this Summer and see how he does playing the Interior to gain some experience & versatility

  4. The Eagles do need a more Productive Running Game.. there’s little doubt about this, Hopefully Blount helps fix the Short-Yardage/Red-Zone issues and to help close out Games in the 4th when nursing a lead

    1. Obviously it was productive and effective enough for they
      Won the Super Bowl.. Carson Wentz is no Tom Brady,
      Coach Pederson is no Coach Belicheck so the Eagles will have to do a lot better than 80 Yards a Game if they want any success !!!

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        1. Then be happy that the right candidate won…it’s better him then her. And I’m not even the biggest trump fan!!

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