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Eagles-Bills: What I’m Watching

First Look At Carson Wentz Without Jordan Matthews

I was no fan of Jordan Matthews. I advocated trading him, and don’t view him as a loss of any real consequence, at least on paper.

But regardless of how I, or anyone, felt about what Matthews was as a player, the fact of the matter is that Carson Wentz liked him, and trusted him.

During the preseason opener against Green Bay, when Wentz faced a relentless pass rush from the Packers, Matthews was the guy he looked for primarily, targeting him three times, and completing all three attempts.

Matthews, despite his drops and shortcomings, was a trusted target of Wentz, and now someone else is going to have to fill that role.

Nelson Agholor is going to get the first crack at replacing Matthews in the slot, but I want the team to give rookie Mack Hollins as many opportunities as possible to carve out a role for himself.

You can’t help but be impressed by the size and speed of Hollins, who also flashed some ability to pick up yards after the catch on several of his receptions last week.

Hopefully the team can work the other training camp darling, Marcus Johnson, into the mix as well to see how he holds up with the top unit.

A First Look At Ronald Darby

Ronald Darby has been with the team less than a week, so it isn’t fair to come into this game with high expectations, but I’d like to at least get a look at what he’s got physically.

Sometimes you can tell a great deal about an athlete just by seeing some of the attributes they bring to the table. Speed, size, physicality.

Darby may need some time to get the new defensive scheme down, but seeing him line up against an offense that’s running a vanilla scheme is a good shot to see some of what he’s got.

More Reps For The Running Game

I don’t think that Doug Pederson gave the Eagles’ running backs enough work in the first game.

The Eagles ran just 18 running plays compared to 54 passes, 42 of which came from the dreadful arm of Matt McGloin.

Yes, its only preseason, but that’s still a very skewed run-pass ratio, and the Eagles need to not only get their young running backs more opportunity, but also the offensive line.

Hopefully second-year back Wendell Smallwood will be able to suit up and give the team a better idea of where he’s at in his development. Corey Clement flashed several time against Green Bay, and I believe he’s worth a longer look as well.

Either way, I can only hope that the throwing attempts for McGloin will be cut in half from what they were a week ago.

Quick Thoughts

  • I think there’s a decent chance that the Eagles will keep six wide receivers. Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, Mack Hollins, and Nelson Agholor are locks. Marcus Johnson, Greg Ward, and Bryce Treggs are probably fighting for two spots at this point. We’ve heard all offseason about Johnson, but Treggs really flashed in the first preseason game. Is this an effect of new wide receivers coach Mike Groh? If Treggs continues to be productive, I think its going to be hard for the Eagles to keep him off the roster, making Ward a likely fit for the practice squad.
  • Last year’s preseason fan favorite Paul Turner doesn’t appear to be in the mix at all. All I’ve seen Turner do since he’s been an Eagle is catch the ball, but the coaching staff just seems to think very little of him.
  • I think its going to be tough for Shelton Gibson to make up the ground he’s lost.
  • I hope Nick Foles is healthy enough to play this week. Seeing Foles back in action will make the second and third quarters infinitely more watchable than if the team is forced to play McGloin for more than half the game again.
  • Quietly, there are some decent battles for some of the depth spots on the defensive side of the ball. Gabe Wright, Elijah Qualls, and Justin Hamilton are all probably fighting for one spot at defensive tackle. Alex McCalister is pushing Steven Means for the fifth defensive end spot. Don Cherry, Joe Walker, Nate Gerry, and Kamu Grieger-Hill are all fighting for two or three linebacker spots. on Facebook

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55 Comments for “Eagles-Bills: What I’m Watching”

  1. Watching Darby and the WRs will be my
    Priority for this week.

    Bringing in Darby has kinda straightened out the hierarchy and that should help. Mills will likely be CB2 now and we can roll help his way, instead of leaving him on an island and having to protect Robinson. Then after that you can slide Robinson into the slot where he’s probably best suited. And the best part of this, at least in my opinion, is you can leave Douglas in the best situation for him, which is a reserve who needs as much time as possible to develop and learn, you can bring him along slowly instead of tossing him into the fire in an inopertune situation. Also this really allows us to “redshirt” Jones if needed, I thought before the trade that when he was even close to being ready physically they would throw him out there out of desperation but now I feel that if they’re even slightly worried about him you just need to sit him and be sure he’s completely ready for 2018.

    we can’t just expect Darby to be placed on an island and become an All-Pro but he is significantly better than what we had. If Mills can become a solid #2 then we can at least improve upon what we fielded in 2016.

    Gotta rest up Sidney for the season now.

  2. I’m watching the morning after injury report… it’s the only important thing

  3. I wanna see if Blount had anything to offer. With him on the books for only a mill I’m not sure he’s a lock for the team. I’d love ivory of yeldon from the jags to take his spot if he don’t show he fits.

    Blounts body of work is suspect at best and I’m hoping we can upgrade.

  4. I’m more interested in seeing some of the back ups such as Marcus Johnson, DE Alex McCalister , Donnell Pumphrey, Corey Clement and S Tre Sullivan.

    Besides Ronald Darby I’ll worry about the starters next week in their dress rehearsal against the Dolphins.

  5. Definitely Marcus Johnson and McAlister, wanna see all the hype Johnson produf3s in camp and see if McAlister can unlock that freak athleticism he has

    • What bout Bryce Treggs? All I hear about is great things from the dude and catches evhrhing thrown his way…

      Coaching staff just doesn’t see a lot there I’m guessing

  6. Still early..:but damn that’s some predictable play calling in the red zone.

    Oline and running game looking shaky

  7. 5 yards and a cloud of dust offense continues. No wonder Wentz had the lowest ball traveled in the air stats last year. throw the fucking ball down field Wentz.

  8. The only team in the NFL that doesnt throw the ball more than 5 yards down field. Soon you cant blame the receivers for not being open.

  9. Could just be because it’s preseason and these are brand new WRs. I mean we just lost his security blanket in Jordan Matthew. Give it time. This is why they play in preseason. Knock off the rust and build some chemistry.

    The dolphins coming to town this week is really good for this team and a chance for wentz to build more Chemistry.

    They strted to get things rolling on that final drive before the Blount fumble

  10. I’m telling you right now our d is top 10 with Darby, and a Kendrick rebirth

    • Idk if kendricks is exactly a rebirth. He has always had special talent.

      He has had good seasons. Then he changes schemes and coaches multiple times along with a few injuries, and Boom he only plays 26% of the snaps.

      We need to keep this man. He is a great depth player and maybe even can start over Nigel who knows ?

      We’re not gonna get nothin crazy for Kendricks. Keep the man. We already got Rid of Jordan.

      We become a worse football team if we release Mychael

  11. Ahh the 6 fans left on gcobb that invented football the know it alls. Come on Ive been here for years and the name calling and lessons on vanilla preseason football isnt needed.doesnt effect me. You would think you fans would be a little smarter and look in depth at the offense. Number 1. Pederson comes here from a KC team whose offense sucked and the WR dont score, they dont go down field and they run that bullshit outdated 5 yard passing west coast offense. Hence the pathetic offense we ran last year where Wentz avg 2 yards a pass. Sure they will throw it deep every now and then for sure but Im not talking about bombs away. Im talking about fucking throwing 15 yard passes and down the field which he rarely did last year. .Guaranteed Jeffries doesn’t last the year if he keeps running that 5 yard slant he will get blown the fuck up by week 4. Its a outdated 10 play 40 yard offense just like KC had. The difference is Wentz isnt Alex Smith he should have play calls down the field with big chunk patterns called. His best throw last year was in seattle when Aglohar was crossing the field and he hit him in stride 25 yards down field and unfortunately Aglohar dropped it. Im sorry I dont drink the kool aid and pretend everything will be great week one. Im sorry I like watching teams go down field and have 4 play 60 yard drives instead on 13 play 60 yard drives. But thanks on the lessons of preseason football and vanilla offenses. You guys so smart. lol

    • No criticism from me on ur opinion dag. Think it’s fair actually. Dougs what 4 years removed from being nothing more than a high school coach ? And when he did make it to pros (only bc he was friends with Andy) he was linked up with a rag arm bum. Combine that with when he was a pro qb he was a shitty dink & dunker and you realize it’s all he knows. Hopefully he has the work ethic to figure out new schemes and strategies but I’m not so sure that’s happened.

      Look at how he’s running Blount so far i.e. Counters , stretch plays , sweeps… that’s foolish. Blount blows but he blows slightly less if u keep him strictly north south… I heard Gary on radio today and he made me laugh he said something like Blount has 20 carries for what like 3 yards. If we are measuring his production with inches he’s doing heat. Lol

      It just sucks we can’t find a coach who gets it, who can scheme to fit his personnels talents. Maybe I’m wrong maybe Doug is a newbie and needs more Time but I’m not sold.

      • Ding ding ding we have a winner! Panic on the streets of west Chester! All his after a SCRIMMAGE! A fucking scrimmage… god damn sky is falling!
        So the stretch made in these posts…. that Doug was a dink and dunk QB so it’s all he knows… might be the most outrageous statement since Paulmans many ridiculous statements. Doug works a hundred hours a week and he reverts back to his career where he threw probably less than 200 passes. Hysterical

        • dude u sound like a little kid twisting words and making everything all dramatic. corny.

          i dont know if you have reading comprehension skills or not but a lot more was said then he was a dink and dunk qb so he must be a dink and dunk coach.

          bury your head in the sand and keep chanting its fine its fine its all fine. dougs handlers will take care of it…

          • I make it sound dramatic? Funny… you draw these grand gloom and doom conclusions after a preseason “game” and I’m the dramatic one? You said it’s all h knows…. I call BULL SHIT.
            Henski, I don’t know your background but I think you are bright and successful. So I propose the following… if you got a job tomorrow with a quality NFL team at the lowest level…quality control. You worked your ass off for two seasons, promoted to a position coach for a few years, asst. coordinator….that you with obviously zero experience could possibly rise to a coordinator or even HC. These people devote their lives to this… for you to say that’s all he knows…no way.

            • yes youre being dramatic. i said he was a rag arm dink and dunk qb + dink and dunk hs coach + dink and dunk coach of alex smith = possibly its him and who he is… no doom and gloom conclusions, tom brady a dink and dunk qb…

              anyway u take that history and said i made doom and gloom conclusions, and made a sky is falling comment. nah dude not even close. youre being dramatic and twisting words and making up statements that werent said. so yea dramatic

      • “It just stinks we can’t find a coach who gets it”… ok forgive me for reading that as a dramatic over reaction doom and gloom statement.

  12. Im a defensive coordinator vs the Eagles. I tell my defense play outside leverage on jefferies and move my safety over and tell them they will run that slant 6 times a game to him. Blow his ass up and make him quit running it. Torrey Smith they are only running him on go patterns and there slot reciever eithier crosses the field or runs a out. There TE only runs seam patterns on 8 yard comebacks. On the goal line they will try to throw jump ball 10 times to Jefferies. There offense is elementary and hasnt worked since Steve Young ran it.

    • Dag, since you have all the answers I’m wondering why you are not on the coaching staff. My point is that it’s pre season…we see this same thing every year. Even when we have won all four preseason games in the past what did it translate to in the regular season…not a SB. Relax dude…actually, naw..go ahead. lol..the sky is falling and the season is over. Bring on the Sixers.

      All the finger ringing, gnashing of teeth and nail biting is unnecessary right want to see them in regular season mode during preseason..not happening during second game of PS. You may see it next week when the starters play two quarters…but their still not opening up their play book. Chill cuz.
      If they play on Sept 10th against the skins the way they did tonight or even last week have at it and sound off.
      As far as your defensive strategy..that’s nice but the players have to execute…Alshon was brought here for his catch radius and play making to his strength..that’s what they will do.

      • I’m so excited for those sixers I can’t even breathe.

        Our first 10-15 games are tough! Ur gonna find out real quick if the Sixers are forreal

        Can’t even imagine Ben Simmons and Markelle

      • Watched tb last night and their offense wasn’t vanilla. They were rolling until crab legs did some dumb shit (maybe dumbest throw I’ve seen in my life by him last night). I’m not buying offenses being vanilla in preseason at all not even a little. Defenses – yes absolutely they should be vanilla but not offense. With limited contact and reps in camp preseason game are meaningful for offense. Don’t think they being vanilla on purpose. If they were they wouldn’t have went no huddle…

        Speaking of witch the no huddle was nice and got them moving and wentz was dialed in and commanding the unit. Need more of that. If ur scheme kinda stinks then let wentz just take the fuck over and let’s be real Doug just like andys scheme is boring and outdated like dag said.

        Now with all that said. Let’s go sixers

    • Dag…Listen to Doug Pederson press conference? He was asked if he was concerned about the offense..he said “No, we are not GAME PLANNING and we are keeping it VERY VANILLA”.

      But you got it coach daggolden… game plan and open up the playbook in They practice the long ball etc in practice drills..when it’s time to go down field etc..they will..during the regular season.

      • The WCO stinks. Thats why he is part of NFL history of no TDs in a whole damn seasonto to a WR in a passing league in KC. Vanilla my ass. Those were the same plays he ran last year. Lol He has some secret, mysterious dont want to show you plays lol.

        • Those WRs were trash in Kansas City. Quit looking at only the negative

          That coaching staff led by Reid did an excellent job game planning around there tight ends and running backs

        • Well you guys go ahead and panic…seasons over for you guys as of 8/18/2017. NFL Draft is in April.
          There are no mysterious secrets(use sarcasm font). They are not game planning or preparing. Lol, last night people were complaining about how boring the Bucs Jags game was…they weren’t showing anything…fans and commentators got upset saying the same things…awww they’re gonna be terrible (Bucs and Jags).

          They have to keep working on run game (o line) and Wentz has to develop game time chemistry with wide outs. The offense will start to click….relax with the panic attacks…lmao. OH God…Seasons ver…they stink..ctfu

          • I think fans get caught up in the fact that they call these “games” they are not games … they shouldn’t even keep score. But the NFL likes the buzz and the clicks. I propose they have 2 tri-scrimmages with 2 “games” going on simultaneously. Do things with the crowd to make it festive…not make season tic holders purchase to give other fans a chance to get there.
            Teams would get more work, fans would have a better experience etc

            • All I’m saying is if the Eagles look the way they did last night on 9/10/17 I will be on board with being concerned and worried…but not after a second preseason game. I remember the Eagles have looked very well in some pre seasons just to stink the joint out in the regular season. PS is not an indicator of what a team is. They’re evaluating players and trying things, there is no scheming, planning etc. To each his own…I’d like to see some big plays downfield through the air and big run plays on the ground too..I really like big electric plays but I will reserve judgement until the regular season starts. That’s when it matters…game on. Til then, not so much.

              • I believe in recent history there have been 0-4 preseason teams win the super bowl… conversely 4-0 teams that go 3-13….PS means less than nothing…. as stated they are evaluating players, maybe running plays to evaluate certain players vs other players at the same position on the same play.

              • nobody is talking about preseason wins and losses; what is wrong with you? the issue an area of concern regarding the type of offense that is being called and was called last year.

                take a lap dude

              • Pointing out PS doesn’t matter

  13. andy reids life was/is football. did he change or develop new ideas or did he do the same shit every single year just with new personnel?

    chip kelly life is/was football. he said he can run any of the offense under the sun and he would base his offense around his personnel. did he? or did he trot out the same offense he ran at oregon with minor wrinkles regardless if foles or vick was qb?

  14. chris long & malcolm jenkins getting nice national coverage regarding their actions last night…. last year anthem protests made me sick; this year there should be more imo

    • Not sure why you got ” sick” but its a great cause they are standing for and would love to see more black and white people do it together, after Charlottesville a unity of all races would be great to see in all major sports

      • zilents44 wake the fuck up mhenski hates the protest because it’s black people participating plain and simple. If it were white people protesting he wouldn’t say shit. Can’t you see he gave paulman the benefit of the doubt when he claimed he was at the trump rally but, when it comes to blacks he takes a hard line stance. He only likes the fake ass Chris Long & Malcolm Jenkins bullshit stunt only for the fact Chris Long I guess somehow participated not because of Jenkins get a clue zilents.

        • This post is proof positive of how far America must go. This asshole on line makin assumptions about what’s in people’s heart. Long has been consistent and clear about these issues… including not meeting dump after he won SB

  15. This isnt gloom or doom. Howie Roseman has this team LOADED talent wise and financially set to add and subtract good and bad contracts for the foreseeable future. Wentz is a stud.Flat out stud. The concern is DP and his stale pathetic 5 yard offense. I have a thoroughbred QB with a cannon and Im giving him the 22 caliber offense to go with. Give me Atlantas offense. Wentz can do everything Matt Ryan can do. Taior his skill set to that type of offense. Dont tailor his skill set to fucking Alex Smiths offense. DP has 1 more year or its time to find a diffenent offensive philosophy.Whoever that coach may be will have a ready made, championship caliber team ready to go IMO.

    • This conclusion is drawn from a scrimmage… hilarious

      • Nah buddy I have proof with the pathetic offense 16 games last year and 2 preseason games this year. Your only acutual and factual argument is hope. Your only argument is it is preseason and it may change. While I can email you actual footage of the pathetic offense while the only thing you could email me is its preseason. Now thats hilarious.

        • Hac Im a fair type of guy I lie. There were a few games last year where they did look like a NFL offense. Pittsburgh and… and… Dallas in Dallas I will give you them. Want me to send you the Bengals, Washington and so on and so on tapes. lol

          • I will use YOUR facts to help my argument…. you point out an inconsistent offense, I agree. To be as explosive as they were on the great days with a terrible OL, no RB, no WR is saying something. The real stinkers were usually a result of being in a big hole early…..
            They added a few weapons and maybe more importantly I think their defense is better

  16. Fans on gcobb take this personal and make me bash my Eagles. I told you I love the QB. I told you I think we are very talented and set up nicely. What is wrong thinking the scheme sucks and DP isnt good enough to lead this team. Its ok to have a different opinion. My god I hope Im wrong and we explode week 1. I hope DP leads us to the SB. My goodness

  17. Outstanding mhenski your primitive insect like intelligence has evolved to the point where you actually know how to deflect issues and play it off. Good for you i’m curious to see your next stage of evolution aside from the fact that you love posting the word nigga and black violence any chance you get on gcobb.

  18. I’m going on record. I will no longer respond to any posted the moderator reports to the government.

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