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Notes From The Phillies’ 8-4 Loss To San Diego

The Philadelphia Phillies lost their third straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Padres 8-4. Their record drops to 43-74.

On The Mound

  • Mark Leiter got the start, taking Vince Velasquez’s place in the rotation, and lasted five innings, allowing all eight runs (only four earned) on seven hits and three walks.
  • Leiter started the night by getting touched up for three runs in the first, and gave up five more between the fourth and the fifth.
  • Jessen Therrien threw two scoreless.
  • Hoby Milner mopped up with a scoreless eighth.

At The Plate

  • The offense put up four runs on six hits.
  • Rhys Hoskins hit another home-run, going 1-4 with a two-run shot.
  • Jorge Alfaro drove the team’s other two runs in with a homer of his own.
  • Cesar Hernandez went 2-4 with a couple of singles.
  • Freddy Galvis went 0-4 from the two-hole.
  • Nick Williams went 1-4 with a single.
  • Maikel Franco went 1-3 with a double.
  • Hyunn Soo Him started in right, going 0-2 with a walk.

Final Thoughts

Wins or losses don’t really matter at this point for the Phillies, right now what’s important is whether or not the key young prospects continue to show growth.

Rhys Hoskins after a rough start is starting to come around. He’s got four RBI’s in the last three games, and has hit three homers in the last two.

Jorge Alfaro is also making a case for more playing time, with his homer tonight. on Facebook

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68 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 8-4 Loss To San Diego”

  1. Great to see Williams, Alfaro and Hoskins in the dugout.

    Kingery still hitting and Crawford is having a nice July/August (though he took an 0fer last night.

    Some decisions to be made in the infield.

    • There is no doubt there bugs. Galvis has proven to be a major leaguer as has Hernandez. I’m not sure what they are going to do

      • Mentioned this the other day. Don’t want to give up on Franco, but if he doesn’t work out, you could slide Galvis or Hernandez over to 3rd like Polanco back in the day. Not the optimum production out of 3B, but if Kingery can produce like he has at 2B…

        Regardless some nice trade pieces in the IF

        • Yeah I think you give Franco next season to see if he can figure it out if not over pay Machado… they are dying to spend some cash.
          I think some of the young pitchers will click the way Nola did. Remember when fraudman wanted McClure fired for not developing pitchers…. I wonder if he realizes that young pitcher Nola is the talk of the league right now… I don’t see him posting and saying, give some credit to McClure for helping develop him into a stud.
          Of course he hasn’t posted much since his drunken pro trump rant.

          • Missed the pro-trump rant. Yikes.

            Agree with your logic on Franco and Machado. Love Machado offensively and defensively.

            Disagree on the pitching. The pipeline is not near where they are at on the positional players. Still think that they need to be creative to get another young stud. If there was anything to the Cole, Stroman and Fullmer rumors of availability, they should be all over theirs.

          • I meant the side of the political divide.

            I wholeheartedly agree with you that participation means membership.

            • I fear we are headed to a Constitutional crisis and we have some dark days ahead

              • puke. alright you roped me in. if some of these congressman and representatives would put country over the weirdo party cults and just invoked the 25th or impeached this idiot wed be gravy but no our govt on all issues operates on party over country. its disgusting

              • this jackass wont make it through his 4 years thats a given, but the pussies that sit there and let him carry on tearing apart our nation is disgusting and they need to be held every bit as accountable. and hac u voted for this buffoon? lol

              • apparently you need 12 members of the cabinet plus the VP to petition congress for his ouster– report i saw (sources) there are 10 already– this is going to unravel quickly

              • No offense hac but it was so obvious this guy was completely unfit to run this country, I find you you to be pretty smart but man you really missed the boat on this one. The most insane part is dump has pretty much put people who protesting the kkk on the same level, that is completely insane

              • the big new nationally is that paulman has been exposed as a Nazi– apparently his Italian roots are on the Mussolinni side of things

              • Man we all pick on pman but man I hope he is not with the kkk

              • well i don’t know that he’s a card carrying member but as evidence by his attendance in Charlottesville he certainly is a supporter– wow just wow– first GM cliff and his fake degrees now fraudman is a Nazi– the stuff you see on the net! LOL

              • whats all this and what article do i find ?

              • paulman
                August 14, 2017 – 11:59 am

                I disagree completely. Trump is making America great again, I was at the rally in Charlottesville and the fake news media is making it something it wasn’t. Build the wall!!! MAGA

                he later went on to claim this was not him– and that he is done posting as fraudman– its ashame– dudes gone nuts

              • Holy shit I found it it’s the Carson wentz and eagles need a runnirunning game story……my gawd so stunned by this, did not take pman as racist at all, this really saddens me

              • Makes it hard to concentrate on sports.

                Nola tonight but at freakin 1000pm

              • Wow I read the comments on their, shit got real, CT I respect your opinion on WHOEVER you vote for( I actually wanted Bernie) but dude come on there is nothing peaceful about the kkk, they are a evil all on their own

              • the sorry state of the nation under trump has consumed me the last couple of months but the last week has scared me– i busted pauls balls harder than anyone but this latest revelation is tough to take- again as hard on him as i am and as full of shit as he is on sports the news that he’s a nazi is terrible-
                he actually said it was someone else but its not true– not at all… paul come back- bring lying cliff withyou

              • Zilents– I totally fucked up on this– I should have left the country on election day– I actually thought about it- but mea culpa — on that note I will do whatever I can to get him out of office-
                My next door neighbor is jewish- she is my wifes bff and all i could think about was Nazi’s out in my cul de sac chanting that shit– I’d also get violent–

              • I’ve been trying to ignore the shit outside of football but man it’s hard to ignore so much damn hate because people aren’t the same color as you, breaks my heart in 2017 I have to tell my son and daughter that racism is real and you have to be prepared for it

              • You know what’s crazy when trump had his inauguration and the kkk came to dc in packs I had an encounter with them that put chills through my spine, I was on delivery in a hotel they were staying and they were all down stairs in the lobby area celebrating trump, two of them look at me with despise and one says this just the beginning y all ain’t gonna be here much longer. I wanted to murder them all but I just walked away and prayed about it….the shit felt like I was in a movie

              • im real confused here…

                paul is a racist b/c he was somewhere where racists were? not sure im buying that he was there or if he was if that makes him racist… he didnt say what side he was on or anything like that?

                also confused that hac voted for the orange man but wanted to leave the country the day he went in?

              • Paul claimed his support for the protesters and thT the reporting of Nazis weren’t there. Ended his racist post with MAGA
                I voted for trump with lots of trepidation… I wish I was out of the country and not able to vote that day.

              • strange times man. i cant dub someone a racist for being somewhere, the chimp didnt give me enough info to make that statement. trump was openly misogynistic and racist and downright despicable and you voted for him and all that which went with it. does that make you those things?

              • I was blinded by anybody but Hillary …. have been open about my choice since about Election Day with regret. My hope was that the office and the people around him could control him. Once again I’m wrong.
                Being part of a group chanting racist chants and not saying ‘oh shit I need to leave’ and then after says you were correct being part of that group is nazi . Then deleting your profile on a site u live because you actually admitted it…

              • Idk I guess I missed the context. I only saw him say he was there. There was a couple sides there (pro , con, bystanders). Think shit went down at night and then again in day? He could’ve been on one of his nature walks there and only saw part? He deleted his account ?

  2. man i didnt even know alfaro was up, may have to watch a game now

    rhys dingers

    • Alfaro still splitting time, but his playing time will likely increase.

      Positional looking good, but no solid pitching after Nola.

    • The HR Alfaro hit was unbelievable…. a low line drive to center… incredible power. The record doesn’t indicate it but there are some real positives happening this season.
      As discussed earlier there is a bit of a log jam in the middle infield…that’s a good problem. Herrera is the most puzzling player we have… his mental mistakes are unforgivable but he’s hitting 285, good power and he covers ground in center. I’m not sure you can cure stupid

  3. fraud deleted his profile– there goes another legend

  4. back to the birds– first team offense scores a TD on a balanced drive- first team D forces a punt or two-
    Find your second team D backs, WR and figure out RB rotation– stay healthy and re-watch game of thrones after half time

  5. Z are you African American?and your saying they threatened u asked on race?

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        • I think henski just likes rap has nothing to do with being black

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  7. This went sideways real quick

    • Wow…really. Gotta relax guys. We can have a discussion on politics and social climate isues but we have to try to keep it civilized.

      • I won’t make excuses for him but with the tone being taken by dump emotions are running deep. We no longer as a nation hold the moral high ground. I’d love Gcobbs perspective given he is an R (I think) a former professional athlete and a person of color…

        • Trump has no experience or feel for governing or understanding how to be a leader of such a diverse nation with diverse history and sensitivity. He lacks the moral compass and compassion to lead we the people. His understanding of American history and how it has shaped this nation as it presently stands today is surface level at best. The fact that he was elected as POTUS is like people going into a mechanic garage and have the lead mechanic perform triple bypass surgery. He has no idea what to do and no business trying to do it. He needs to resign!

  8. Well I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. Some people just need to learn the hard way I suppose. I hope some day you find yourself Macdolo and learn what it takes to be a man and better yet human.

  9. Paulman banned himself and now dolo …. country spiraling out of control

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