Thoughts From Eagles-Dolphins

Up-And-Down Starters Pulled After One Quarter

Thursday’s preseason game was thoroughly entertaining through the first quarter. The offense flashed on several drives, with Carson Wentz hooking up with both of his new receivers for touchdowns. The defense struggled and got gashed for several large plays, but had some positive moments as well.

And then on the first offensive drive of the second quarter, a collective wave of groans could be heard throughout the Delaware Valley when Wentz and the starting unit stayed on the sidelines and Matt McGloin stepped into action, and immediately threw an interception.

The preseason has been so devalued by NFL head coaches these days.

Not too long ago, starters would play a full quarter in the first game, a full half in the second game, and three quarters in the third game.

And today? They play one series in the first game, maybe a quarter in the second game, and not even a half in the third game.

You can get away with with that if you have an established, veteran team like the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots. But for a team like the Eagles with a young quarterback and a lot of new weapons, every rep is valuable.

Pederson pulled the plug on the offense because Wentz was taking too many hits, but I still don’t like the decision.

The running game still doesn’t have much of a flow at this point. LeGarrette Blount and Wendell Smallwood took a combined eight carries, and while both guys flashed here and there, the sample size was still small.

Alshon Jeffrey And Torrey Smith Flash

During their only quarter of work, both new starting wide receivers made some pretty positive impressions.

Torrey Smith got behind the defense, and Carson Wentz found him for a 50-yard touchdown strike. We’ve heard all throughout camp about how well Smith had been performing, but this was our first proof of that in a game situation. Smith is a guy that I think is going to surprise a lot of people. You can’t say enough about what a terrible situation he’s been in with the San Francisco 49ers the last two years, with garbage head coaches like Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly and garbage quarterbacks like Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. Smith still has his speed. He’s the same guy that was a big part of the Ravens’ offense a couple of years ago.

Jeffrey caught two passes for 44 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown pass was a thing of beauty, with Wentz zipping the ball to Jeffrey at the perfect moment on a slant route that got the big receiver into the endzone.

Darby Does A 180

A week after looking one of the defense’s new heros, cornerback Ronald Darby was victimized for several big plays against Miami.

Darby gave up a long reception to DeVante Parker that set up Miami’s first touchdown, and was beat later by Kenny Stills and was forced to commit a pass interference penalty that gave Miami the ball one the one-yard line.

Darby is still getting familiar with the defense, and I wouldn’t be too concerned about what happened to him tonight, but it was certainly sobering to see him targeted and give up several big plays.

Quick Thoughts


  • I can’t say enough about how badly I wish the Eagles would move on from Jason Kelce as the starting center. His size is such an issue. I keep holding out hope that he’ll at least be on a short leash, and the team could shift Isaac Seumalo to center, but Kelce seems to just eternally get a pass for his shortcomings here.
  • Mack Hollins looks like such a player. Its a shame he’s been saddled with Matt McGloin as his quarterback through most of the preseason, otherwise I believe he’d flash even more.
  • Speaking of McGloin, he was predictably terrible once again, just bringing very little to the table. He threw a terrible interception on his first drive, and most of his completions were either of the checkdown variety, or came on short to intermediate routes. Its tough to evaluate where a lot of the guys on the second team are really at with McGloin playing so poorly.
  • Corey Clement just goes out and makes a strong case for himself to be on this roster each week. I’m just not sure how the Eagles make room for him. The Eagles seem committed to Blount, Darren Sproles, and Wendell Smallwood. Its going to be tough for them to cut Donnel Pumphrey loose after spending a fourth-round pick on him. But Clement just looks like he belongs, while Pumphrey is more of a project. My hope is that the Eagles find some kind of phantom injury to essentially redshirt Pumphrey, while keeping Clement, but I don’t know that such a thing will happen.
  • Pumphrey took 12 carries and managed just 37 yards.
  • Was it really necessary to give McGloin nearly three quarters of work, while giving Dane Evans a token drive at the end of the game?


  • I sure hope the Mychal Kendricks we’ve seen in these preseason games carries over to September. Kendricks came up with yet another interception, and came close to picking up a sack on Jay Cutler. He’s been locked-in during these games, and he’s played as well as we’ve ever seen him play.
  • We have a Vinny Curry sighting! Curry got himself a strip-sack of Jay Cutler in the first quarter.
  • Bad combined missed tackle by both Rasul Douglas and Terrence Brooks in the second half that led to a long catch-and-run touchdown for Jakeem Grant.
  • Jaylen Watkins got some work in at corner, and came down with an interception in the second quarter.
  • Don Cherry looked good in the second half with an interception and a nice return to follow.

Special Teams

  • It’s only preseason, but Dave Fipp’s coverage units just haven’t looked as sharp as they’ve been in the past.
  • Caleb Sturgis, who has struggled a bit this preseason, connected on his only field goal attempt.

Final Thoughts

I don’t like that the starters didn’t play more than a quarter of football tonight, but you still have to be pleased with what they did show on offense while they were out there. I can’t wait to see Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffrey, and Torrey Smith really open things up once the season begins.

On a positive note, the team has gotten the starters through the preseason with no major injures. None of the first-team will play against New York next week, so there’s no need to worry about that game.

One more miserable preseason game, and the summer of McGloin will be at an end.

53 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Dolphins

  1. I wonder if a major injury happened to key player, would u have wrote something different?

    Coach Pederson has seen enough from the first team this offseason and preseason to take them out. If we didn’t score those 2 touchdowns he would have kept them in there.

    Do not forget eagles played against dolphins on Monday and Wednesday basically.

    We go into week 1 at Washington HEALTHY. That’s all that matters.

    Let’s end this 5 game losing streak against these bastards

    1. Injuries are a part of the game, it’s impossible to predict when they will or won’t happen.

      If the Eagles were a veteran team that had been together for years, it’d be one thing, but when you’re a team with a lot of new pieces, the August reps matter more.

      1. Dude stop whining… they looked pretty good…. just because YOU are Jonesing for more doesn’t mean it was right. They saw all they wanted to see… the hand wringing about Jeffrey and smith and Blount was for naught. They looked like a nice preseason offense… ready for Washington.

  2. Would love to see Clements make this team he deserves to but looks like he will be placed on practice squad just like past fan favorites. Anyone seen Paul Turner?

  3. Clements has to make roster and i would put pump on phantom IR he doesn’t look ready, plus he needs to bulk up, also If clements goes PS I would get somebody else for that 4th spot from another team on cutdown day, maybe someone like mike Davis from seahawks

  4. Not liking the decision to pull the offense is dumb. They don’t need more reps…as for the continual Kelce whining. I isolated on him quite a bit, he does some really good stuff. Funny how the people grading him out with coaches film and knowledge of his assignment don’t see it your way yet. They will at some point as teams always look for younger cheaper options.., you will get your wish one day but it doesn’t look like it’s today. He isn’t getting a pass as you say. If there is even a slight chance of improving the line by not playing him they would. Silly to say he gets a pass.

    1. Completely disagree.

      I don’t think Kelce has played well since 2013. He’s a smart guy and his ability to make calls and adjustments for the line is a plus, and he’ll always look good getting out on screens, but his positives mean very little if physically the guy just can’t stand up to bigger tackles as well as he used to. Also in the last few years, he’s had far too many bad snaps, we’ve seen way too many balls shot over the quarterback’s head or to his side, or whatever the case may be.

      I really thought the Eagles started to recognize a lot of this when they signed Warmack and surprisingly brought back Wisniewski still winter. All the signs seemed to point to Seumalo or Wiz at center. Maybe it still happens, maybe Kelce goes into the season with a short leash, but I’ve thought for awhile they need to move on.

      1. Kelce is still getting pushed back in the pocket..he just is not strong enough to anchor the center of the line. When the line collapses in the middle it’s because Kelce is getting crushed in the middle. He continues to be the weakest link on the o line.

  5. Kendricks shoves his play in Schwartz’s face. Football is one of the only sports where coaches determine who becomes a star or who becomes a after thought. Kendricks is another prime example of a coach screwing around with a players career. Schwartz doesnt play Kendricks because he cant cover a TE? Who the fuck can cover Witten, Gronk, Olsen, Reed, Eifert etc? Dont ask him to do it nobody can. Try playing to his strengths, blitz him and let him be aggressive and wala he is a turnover machine. He was like this before then you tell him to be a cover LB. lol. Coming out of college Vinny Curry was built like Simeon Rice, sleek and explosive then you make him gain 30 pounds move him inside and wonder why he isnt explosive anymore. Its just my opinion but in football the coaches truly determine, in alot of cases, who will suceed and who wont.

    1. I agree with a lot of this, sometimes a coach lets his ego get in the way of certain decisions (see Kelly,Chip), and Schwartz has already done that with Kendricks and Eric Rowe. Rowe he wanted no part of from Day 1, and never gave him any kind of chance. Mind you, I don’t think Rowe could play anyway, at least not here, in New England where they can get quality production out of Patrick Chung it’s the exception, but everyone could see clear as day that Schwartz wanted nothing to do with Rowe.

      Hopefully in Kendricks’ case, his play will force Schwartz’s hand a bit and carve out a much more significant role than what he had a year ago. Certainly if Kendricks goes back to the bench once the regular season starts, if the defense struggles there’s going to be a lot of heat going Schwartz’s way.

  6. Aren’t we happy with Wentz? For the second week in a row a tremendous head fake before a completion to Jeffrey. Stepping up into the pocket/pressure for the bomb to Smith. $$

    Too much passing on 1st and 10.

    Lane Johnson was buried at least 2x including on the tip that led to the INT. Hope he gets that sorted out.

    More pep to the running game when Smallwood comes in. I like that kid. I’m rooting for him to bring something to the table. However…he got completely trucked trying to block on one 3rd down passing attempt….coaches won’t like that.

    Same goes for Clement who also seems to bring some juice to the running game….however he made 2 very bad errors running the kickoffs out of the endzone when kneeling was clearly the play. Coaches will not like him giving up yrds like that.

    I am not as down on Darby’s night as everyone else. I actually thought he had great coverage on the big play to Parker. Just got out jumped by a guy 5/6 inches taller than he is… happens. Coverage on the TD was ok too.

    God its nice to now have WRs that actually use their hands instead of always double clutching off the chest/shoulder pads. Loved the way Johnson (I think) reached out and plucked his TD off that nifty little throw from McGloin…low to the corner.

    Overall, much more to be happy about than upset….though the oline needs to tighten up!

    1. I agree Vinny. I believe Wentz is a better oline performance from becoming elite. The pressure is on Stoutland to put 5 guys, the right 5 guys in front of Wentz for him to reach a must see tv elite qb. He is a stud. He still has to be whodini way too much. I watch Dak sit in the pocket with no worries hence the unbelievable production he has accomplished. Also with the WRs earlier in the summer I really trusted Aglohar with the positive results in practice. Lately I am hearing about drops again. I put him on a short leash and if he continues to not perform Johnson and Hollins have to play IMO. Then Aglohar is done.No more opportunities.

  7. My 1st question at Schwartz’s next press conference would be why was Kendricks not playing last year? Why did he only play 18 plays a game? If he would say we didnt use him like that my next question would be why not? Well we didnt have corners so he could be aggressive I would say thats not Kendricks fault. WTF. Kendricks should never be taken off the field IMO. He was a playmaker before then got stuck in some bullshit non aggressive schemes and put in positions to fail. Kendricks can do this every week. This is his game.

    1. Wentz hits Torrey Smith with a 50 yard bomb TD….dag comes on gcobb talking about 3 yards and a cloud of dust…bwahahaha

      Wentz hits Alshon for 20…then 15 for the TD….3 yards and a cloud of dust….bwhahahaaha

      Now you’re complaining about Schwartz’s use of Kendrick’s
      Could it be Kendricks did not have the defense down and was making mistakes detrimental to the scheme last season…now he has it down and can play competently and effectively in the scheme?

      3 yards and a cloud of dust…lmao

      1. My overall level of confidence in the team is high..a few things are not going to be productive. .the lack of blocking tight end and smallish backs as a last line of protection. .on the O..i see literally a different kind of qb..he looks assertive and confident in his weapons..keeping him clean ,will be the ultimate goal. .The corners are playing more press coverage than at any time. .The value of disruptive effects on routes and pressure up front has been a turnover machine. .Im not going to be critical on darby ,as its a good sign to see a corner play with attitude..there st ill remains some roster manipulation, and trades possibly..if teams suffer any injuries. .im assuming kendricks has only raised his value as has kelce..with tape exposure. .

      2. It was 3 yards and a cloud of dust. He threw one ball 50 yards Omg you were right.Ertz 1 yard pass, Jeffries 10 yard pass plus RAC lol. Yeah offense is airing it out now.

        1. He threw a total of 10 passes…lol…omg…what, you think Wentz or any other QB is going to air it out 10 out of 10 times..this is not the arena league! Never mind the fact he was under pressure 63% of the time he went back to pass on those snaps he passed on…but yeah, regardless of the defenders in your face air it out just to air it out..ctfu, look at the game performance in context dude!
          Lol, dude you’re clearly not watching the game…he hit Ertz with an 18 yard pass…ummm…how many passes did he throw….10…1 for 50, 1 for 20 through the air to Alshon, 1 for 18, 1 for 15 TD.
          You are pushing a fake narrative to push a bogus agenda..ctfu go watch the game it comes back on the NFL Network at 1 pm today.

        2. Wentz completed 6 passes for 129 yards…21.5 yards per

          take away the 50 yard bomb and it’s 5 completions for 79 yards…15.8 yards per

          3 yards and a cloud of dust…bwhahahaha. Stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.

          For the record you want and expect receivers to get YAC, it’s included in every QB’s ypp

            1. Nonsense…on the first play of the second series Wentz threw a 14 yard pass in the air to yac on that play

              On the fourth offensive series Wentz threw
              first pass to Ertz 14 air yards no yac
              2nd pass 20 air yards to Alshon…no yac
              3rd pass 12 air yards to Ertz
              4th pass 11 air yards to Alshon…4 yards 15 yards for TD.

              That’s 57 air yards on 79 total yards..24 yards of Yac. Sorry, no 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

              I just watched the first four drives again to calculate the yardage

              1. 14 air yards from second possession and 57 air yards from 4th possession equals 71 air yards.
                71+50 air yards =121 air yards…

                8 yards gained by YAC=129 yards total… the offensive possessions.

  8. I just pray we keep Mychal Kendricks. The dude looks like a new man physically and mentally. He looks like he put on crazy amount of muscle. He is in year two of the defense has the system down and knows what is it expected of him.

    The bottom line is if he’s on the roster he makes your football team better and deeper for 2017. He provides depth and maybe even a star starter. The coaching staff should not give up on this 27-year-old. Too talented to versatile and can wreak havoc on defenses when put in position. If Jim Schwartz cannot put this man in position to be successful than he is a overrated coach

    Keep him

    Carson Wentz may have only played 10 more snaps in preseason than last season but he played against the starters and every single game. He has a year under his belt and has the starting training camp reps this whole off-season.

    So that extra 10 reps in preseason is a way bigger 10 reps then most people think

  9. I think most gcobbers have me confused. I have stated many times Wentz is a stud and Im glad he is our QB. I by no means am bashing Wentz. My point was that up until THIS time this has been a 3 yards and a cloud of dust SYSTEM that is outdated. Thats why Wentz had the worst avg per pass in the NFL last year. Now hopefully DP has changed his philosophy and tailored his offense to the skill set Wentz possesses. I hope I dont have to watch 10 play 30 yard drives anymore. So if you want to call me out everytime he throws a ball over 10 yards Im happy to take it. Hopefully you will be calling me out every week for the next 15 years.

    1. As a lot of people have pointed out to your before, there were a lot of issues with the offense last year that mostly centers around Lane Johnson being out and the WR play. There were a lot of drops on long balls last year, the WRs couldn’t get separation and Wentz was running for his life a lot.

      With the improvement in the WR corp and if the Oline can stay healthy the offense should open up quite a bit. Juding DP on last year and the preseason is a little bit premature in my opinion.

      1. Agreed just like one 50 yard pass is a little premature to think the offense has changed in my opinion. I mean like i said before i actually have proof of what the offense looked like while others have hope of what it actually will be. Time will tell on the protections. “Hope” im wrong.

        1. So last week it was complaints about a vanilla offense in a scrimmage… this week a 50 yard bomb, a 17 yd TD to Jeffrey and Blount has a 19 yard run… all in limited playing time all in a non game planned vanilla scrimmage…. and still whining… funny

          1. Hey…that’s 3 yards and a cloud of dust for you…lmao!

            Some people are not happy until they are unhappy…finding something to complain about is therapeutic for them.

            1. Yeah Im unhappy my team hasnt won a SB in my lifetime WTF are you so happy about? You ever seen one? See the funny thing is you guys are a dying breed you know the ones that get domestically abused over and over again by the Eagles and all it takes is a 50 yard pass to sooth and heal the wounds and your back on the hope train without any reservations. There are thousands of us who are critical and take a wait and see attitude because been here done this before. While there are only a few, hence the nobody even comes to this website anymore who drop to there knees and g-gobble up any slight ray of hope blindly. You know the same fans that carried Hoyings and Foles nuts for a time being. We are all fans when it comes down to it but who the fuck are you to tell another fan they cant be critical and doesnt like the offense at this time? Ive invested thousands and thousands of dollares and thousands of hours and sacrifices over the years so ive more than earned my right with thousands of others to have whatever opinion we deem appropriate. Carry on.

              1. The Eagles have taken years off my life, high BP, anxiety, anger management physical, mental and emotional anguish so your fucking right i have the right to complain. On the news a fan just died here he had all his pall bearers wear Eagle jerseys so the eagles could let him down one last time. If you live in the area im sure you saw it on the news.I dont want to be him. Carry on

              2. Dude if it’s impacting your health then your a suck fuck. Each year is independent of previous or future years. Live in the moment. Enjoy each new day and season.

              3. Lmao…dude…I love football, I also love he Eagles as they are my squad, but, it’s a game at the end of the day. If I die tomorrow I have lived a good life and done things a lot of people do not get a chance to do as well as heped a lot of people in their lives. So it will not bother me if I pass before the Eagles win a SB.
                Back to football… I have learned to not put a lot of stock in the preseason one way or the other. You have complained about play calling and execution in the preseason as if it means a win or loss in the regular season and playoff appearances or a SB appearance. The preseason is just to evaluate players. You were complaining about not wanting to see dinks and dunks…wanting the offense to air it out for your enjoyment and entertainment and excitement. They aired it out against the Dolphins and you continue to complain….it’s still preseason. BTW… I have watched Tom Brady dink and dunk his way to multiple SB’s just like Joe Montana.
                Relax..get out and enjoy life. Enjoy the game..enjoy the team, but if you are taking it to the degree that you are physically/mentally being ailed by the teams performance then you need need to get away. Go on a vacation, take a cruise with your lady or something. You need to learn that there is more to life than football, there is a whole big world out there for you to experience and enjoy… Stop getting worked up over the preseason….RELAX!

  10. Dag, your posts show authentic (if not misguided) passion and emotion to your beloved birds. That is admirable. It also is a prime reason that you do not comment with logic or knowledge.. just unadulterated passion. That’s fine.

      1. Passion over shaddows knowledge. Lol. Yeah ok dude. You got it going on. If opinions arent like yours you have a problem with it. Its all good you were always the smartest guy in the room in your mind. Lmao

  11. I’m watching koolbreeze’s beloved Sam Bradford dink and dunk all over the place when he has time to pass. He’s been sacked 3 times..the o line is not good, but he has no escapability and a lack of awareness in the pocket..very skittish as he looks to be looking at the on coming rush instead of the hot read to get the ball out of his hand. Same ol Sam..he’s just not that good

    Through 2 quarters Sam was 17/21 134 0 TD’s (that’s 7.8 yards per pass…dinking and dunking) 0 ints…failed to move the team beyond the 20 yard line in SF territory

    Bryan Hoyer through 2 quarters 12/17 176 yards 2 TD’s 0 ints

    Bradford was thoroughly outplayed by Hoyer..and the 49er offense is not good

    Hey kool…Bradford is garbage!

  12. Every year I gravitate torwards a player who I think should play more going back to Ike Reece IMO should of been a every down LB to Kenyon Barner who just made plays to Trey Burton who I believe reminds me of Aaron Hernandez and could catch 80 balls a year if he played alot. This year its Steven Means. All he does is wreak havoc on QBs everytime he gets on the field. Hes nasty and tenacious. I personally think hes the 3rd best pass rusher on the team behind Graham and Barnett and should have a bigger role on this defense.

    1. if those guys are really the truth then the rebuild is well on its way– the infield all of a sudden seems crowded and the OF is in decent shape– trade Franco and Joseph for a Fungo bat and get some horses on the mound.

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