Jon Dorenbos Trade A Strange, Self-Inflicted Wound For Eagles

On Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles announced a very peculiar trade, sending long snapper Jon Dorenbos to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for a future seventh round pick.

Count me among those that are scratching their head at this move.

Dorenbos has been the textbook definition on consistency and reliability. He hasn’t misfired on a single longsnap since joining the Eagles midway through the 2006 season.

That kind of consistency on special teams isn’t the kind of thing that should be taken for granted. And that’s what makes this trade so puzzling.

The Eagles certainly don’t make themselves any better this year. They’ve now got to establish chemistry with a new longsnapper late in the preseason, and hope that it carries over to the regular season with no issues.

The Eagles put themselves in this strange, less-than-ideal position in exchange for a late-round draft pick two years from now that has a less than 50-50 chance of making the roster.

I’m a fan of what Howie Roseman has done with the Eagles’ roster, but this is the type of deal where he’s just trying to get too cute.


21 thoughts on “Jon Dorenbos Trade A Strange, Self-Inflicted Wound For Eagles

  1. Denny, They did not hurt themselves.

    They lost JD last season to injury and the ST unit did not suffer for it. That means the 25 y/o replacement player offers increased value in lesser injury concern due to age and I would presume also an increase in speed and strength. 37 is ancient for football and only rare players and kicker/punters make it to 40.

    They did JD a favor by moving him vs cutting him. He keeps the opportunity to earn his projected salary if he keeps on with the saints vs being on the street.

    This was a class move by Howie and Loomis.

    1. Regal- no doubt on that one– agree with all you said there- unfortunately once again emotion takes over in the fans eyes– listening to Eskin this morning- and I know he can be a douche but he was saying that teams measure LS speed, time to the punter etc and the other guy is just better. Simple
      As for DB’s assertion that he has to develop a chemistry with the punter…OMG too freaking funny– chemistry in a LS? I assume you are confusing this with the C/QB exchange which is entirely different- take any LS/P combo– bring in a new LS or P and it would take less than 15 minutes to build chemistry– reminds me of when our dear departed paulman worried that Mariotta couldn’t organize a HUDDLE–

  2. Denny hand wringing over a long snapper. How do you know they didn’t make themselves better? Oh let me guess you focused on the long snapper battle this camp? Get the F out of here! So let me get this straight, Dave Phipp works long hours exclusively with the special teams. A guy that will probably be a HC soon and you are hand wringing about a 37 year old long snapper? Quick name one other LS in the league. Too cute?

    1. Time will tell. It’s entirely possible that not a single thing goes wrong with the longsnapping and nobody bats an eye.

      But you make a move this close to the season, to save a couple dollars and get a pretty inconsequential draft pick…I don’t like it.

      The eagles have been lucky over the last 15 years to have two extremely steady sets of hands with Mike Bartrum and Dorenbos. I feel like this takes a great deal of that for granted.

      I prefer to gl with a guy who did to his job to near perfection for over a decade rather than a guy who did it in a handful of games last year.

      1. imo, no chance this cut was based on saving money. the move saved 500k, nobody cares about 500k. they gave the job to who they wanted on the team.

  3. Guy crushed it on americas got talent. Guys a likeable guy and the talk of every organized team event off the field. Owners love him, corporate ppl love him, players love him, fans love him. Dudes best magic trick to date has been making over 13 mill to throw a ball through his legs to a punter. All around quality guy by all accounts but nobody gonna miss him on sundays or thursdays or Monday’s

  4. One of the things I have liked about the Roseman II era, as compared to earlier eras, is that when every trade is announced I say to myself, “that makes sense.”

    This is the first time I’ve said, “that doesn’t make sense.”

    I don’t like it.

  5. They could have treated a guy like that a little better. They probably had a good idea at the end of last year (when hurt) that they were moving on.

    Nice little joint PC where everyone says all the right things as he’s let go, and he then signs quietly with someone else etc….

    So you lose a 2019 7th round pick…who cares – I think its worth it for the better pub.

    Now, I really hope this went down well, and they talked to Dorenbos a while back and let him know that this was coming.

    I am not that upset that they’re moving on to a new player…if the young guy is better – great. No big deal….but there has to be….has to be…some loyalty/capital built up when a guy plays for a team for a decade and becomes pretty synonymous with the brand.

    On the

    1. Dude– they actually did him a solid. They were going to cut him– that would have been been worse– The OWNER made a statement about a LONG SNAPPER saying he has a home for life with the birds–THEY TREATED HIM VERY WELL-

  6. Will everyone calm down in the nick Foles situation?

    The man is a pro. He’s been in the NFL 5-6 years now and has played in this city, with a lot of these players before. He knows the system being with Doug and Andy before.

    He will be fine riding the bench.

  7. Wow… 4th preseason game and no comments about “I’m really interested in who the third string guard is” or whatever…. “is it gonna be UFA Jones out of who he’ll cares state or 7th round practice squad Smith out of holy shit state “

    1. where is paulman? i dont miss his poo throwing but this site needs it…

      i wanna fast forward to the part where this game is over, cuts start and hopefully a real rb can be had by us and blunt gets the axe

      1. Yes a site like this needs a clown: Paul, a weirdo: cliff, a raving maniac: Dcar, a delusional idiot koolbreeze, songs, young enthusiasts Patrick, CT

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