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2017 Eagles’ Projections

Alshon Jeffrey And Torrey Smith Will Make The Offense Explosive

I don’t think the impact of veteran receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith can be understated.

The Eagles have only one receiver left from last year’s team, Nelson Agholor, and the fact that Dorial Green-Beckham and Jordan Matthews will no longer be relied on as the team’s top receivers is great news.

I think Jeffrey is in line to have a career year if he can stay healthy. I think the team is going to take advantage of his skillset in all kinds of different ways. A 1,200 yard season with 8-10 touchdowns is very possible for the free-agent to be.

Smith is going to surprise a lot of people. You can’t understate the terrible situation that he’s been in out in San Francisco, playing for garbage head coaches like Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly and playing with garbage quarterbacks like Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. The vertical threat of Smith is going to open up a lot of things for other guys on the offense.

Nelson Agholor Will Lose The Slot Role

I don’t but the Nelson Agholor hype for a minute. For all the rave reviews Agholor has somehow garnered through camp, we still haven’t seen any of it translate to a game situation.

Agholor has been so soft mentally his first two seasons, I think he’s a dropped pass away to completely regressing to the state he was in a year ago.

The former first-round pick will have every opportunity to hang on to the job, but I think by the time the season is over, he loses playing time to Mack Hollins.

Biggest Concern: Doug Pederson

Most of my concern with this team comes straight from the head coach.

With Doug Pederson, we saw a lot of questionable gameday management in his first season. Overly aggressive at times. Not aggressive enough on others. Strange playcalls. Lack of creativity, at times. Overuse of Darren Sproles as a featured running back.

There’s a couple things to keep in mind here. The most important is that the personnel that Pederson was given at the skill positions was almost complete garbage, which could have limited the things he felt comfortable in doing.

With the additions of Jeffrey and Smith, along with others, the excuses are gone for Doug in year two. We need to see just as much progress from him as a coach than we do any of the players.

The Eagles Will Win At Least Nine Games, And Make The Playoffs

I feel great about what the Eagles have done for the most part this past offseason.

They’re better at practically every position than they were a year ago. This was a team that was a handful of bad breaks away from winning two or three more games last season. Think about Ryan Mathews fumbling the win against the Lions away. Think Doug Pederson electing to punt instead of kick a field goal against Dallas. Think about the other close games lost within the division matchups alone.

If Carson Wentz continues to take steps forward, with his new array of weapons, the Birds should be able to pull a few more of those close games out in their favor this season. I think this team wins nine games (but has a 10-win ceiling) and earns a playoff birth as a Wild Card. on Facebook

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61 Comments for “2017 Eagles’ Projections”

  1. Game 1…Eagles vs Skins AND I AM PUMPED!!!! I am looking for the Eagles to be competitive in all 3 areas of the game. The defense needs to get to Cousins ad harass and sack him all game long. Cousins can not be allowed to sit back in the pocket comfortably and pick the defense apart.

    Offensively, Wentz has to be accurate with his passes and protect the football. The running game needs to be established, not abandoned forcing Carson to throw the ball 50-60 times. I expect Alshon and Ertz to have a big day in the passing game and Smallwood, Sproles and Blount to have big productive gains on the ground.

    Special teams..just need to do what they have been doing.

    I expect an Eagles win….tough competitive game and close as this match up typically is…but an Eagles win none the less.

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!

  2. First impressions are only quqntified if they show a trend towards improvements of the past zone was the kryptonite of the birds ,seemingly since chip and through dougs first tenure..pressure on the passer ,which enables..back end assignment responsibilities ..I’m always intrigued by special teams .and all its intangibles..field position ..down and distance number one focus will be on the coaches and they maneuver this team ,through the season …run /pass mixture and balance and schemes to both attack ,and defend …I’m always parade readied ..this year ,I’m even more emboldened to predict ,we make a playoff push ,but find ourselves ,still a few more pieces from the ultimate prize

  3. I was listening to redskins radio jock Chris cooley, he usually does a good job of break down of each team but he barely knew our starting D and how many of them are new guys. He makes a claim stating we have 5 new starters on D…..i immediately knew he didn’t know eagles D, we only have two new starters on D Darby and jernigan. He thinks mccloud is new and 3 out of 4 of them are new. Mills, mccloud, and jenkins started last year. He went on to say some asinine statements as why skins would win. He didn’t even mention how many new starters they have. Two new lineman, one a rookie. Two new safeties, one a undrafyed guy, and 1 new linebacker, not to mention a banged up Crowder and reed, plus they have two new starters at wr replacing the two 1000 yd receivers they had before. I was so pissed I say we win 45 20, the skins have had too much drama this off season no way they ready in this game

  4. Assholor …siting early on ..great athleticism by wentzilla in the pocket ..

  5. Dougie P and the great play call. Wentz on pace to throw 1000 times this year lol

  6. Dag. Awful call ..however Agholor has stepped up ..let’s look for a bright spot …just to keep things real

  7. Run Blount north and south ..first down machine. East to west ..loss. It ain’t rocket science doug

  8. Agholor actually showing some skills…Wentz looking sharp.

  9. Eagles get lucky run the fucking ball Dougie P from the 2 three straight times with Blount you moron.

  10. Wentz 8-10 102 yards 2 TD’s 148.8 passer rating…10 passes is not a lot

  11. I would rather lose Cox than Darby FML

  12. Darby …oh no …I hate injuries in game 1

  13. Eagles should be up by 20. Wenzt givith Wentz give away

  14. agida …welcome back. Where u been ? Lmao

  15. Darby ..listed as serious injury ..not to return …that was obvious

  16. Thank god we drafted RAsul and Sidney over Kareem hunt

  17. Wentz throw the fucking ball deeper

  18. Hilarious comments… 19-14 midway through the 3rd, on the road and nitpicking eagles fans whining.., too funny

  19. Washington stinks. My god we are trying to give this game away.

  20. that miss point after ..looms. Come on DEE

  21. oy vey …up 5 …pts …pressure on cousins and get out of dodge with a W

  22. Dag. A one point favorite ..wins by double digits ..I’m listening?

  23. Yes…we finally get that damn monkey off our back…fly Eagles fly!!!

  24. Win big in DC.. but the nitwits will somehow be negative… wow. Nice fucking win

  25. Brandon Graham is beasting and feasting!

  26. It wasn’t perfect, but DAMN WHAT a beautiful win!! That’s how these games go people!! It’s
    The NFC east!!

    Remember when skins beat Dallas with colt McCoy?? Anything happens. Especially on the road week 1!!! Divison rivals already know each other enough. Now they have to get extra preparation time in week one that’s why it makes week 1one of the weirdest weeks.

    Defense looks good. Special teams looks good. Offense had its bright moments also.

    Doug had his questionable play calls. That screen to Aghlor messed up all momentum. SCRAP IT.

    Nelson Aghlor killed it for me in fantasy. And Caleb and our defense

  27. Good win but Doug i was close to coming up to the game and punching you in face if you ran another bubble screen

      • Dude hac you gotta get some pussy it’s obviously exaggeration of how I felt about them sideways passes, you make it annoying if we don’t be positive all the time

        • Huge win on the road.. nitpicking individual plays is stupid. Not all plays work and when they don’t it’s just part of the game

          • The bubble screens were horrible dude it’s good to nitpick dumb ass calls that are terribke

            • I was getting frustrated with the bubble screen too as they were getting what they wanted in the middle of the field. The only thing that I will say is that the plays didn’t fail because of the calling most of the time. They failed because Jeffrey and Smith can’t block. That being said, I don’t think I would have kept going back to it when they showed that they couldn’t pull it off the first 2-4 times.

              • What up Bugs,
                Skins play a 3-4 defense so the birds have to stretch the defense horizontally to open up the middle for TE Ertz & Blount. We’ve seen in the preseason the RB can’t turn the corner ( Blount) so they had to loosen up Skins ILB Mason and Brown & 2 safeties somehow. Pederson will continue to use the screens because he has to spread out the defense through the air since Blount can’t run sweeps.

              • Makes sense. Just wish that the blocking was better on the outside so that the plays had a chance.

                I would have liked to see more Smallwood on a sweep.

              • Zero, you are correct and because we aren’t intimately familiar with game plan, assignments and set up plays we don’t know if the eagles were able to capitalize on slants, crosses etc because skins were keying on the screens.
                That’s why I always say criticizing individual plays really makes no sense.

  28. Cowboys look ok dak sailing all over place, Eli is trash and their oline worst in league

  29. Dak looked AVERAGE at best, Dallas O line and Zeke makes that offense go period!
    Dallas defense is good when they have the lead, not concerned about boys at all, they’re ok.
    Giants are terrible, o line is pathetic, no weapons and Eli looks disinterested.
    Their D is good but got worn out tonight like the Chip Kelly/Bill Davis defenses did…on the field to often due to pathetic giants offense. Both teams are entirely beatable.

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