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2017 NFL Projections: NFC East & Division Winners

AFC East

Patriots: There’s no serious competition in this division for one of the greatest teams in the history of sports.

Dolphins: Jay Cutler reuniting with Adam Gase is going to work out better for Miami than people realize, but this team still doesn’t have a ceiling greater than a one-and-done Wild Card berth.

Bills: If not for the Jets, the Bills would be a fourth-place team in most divisions in the league. Tyrod Taylor is on the verge of losing the starting job, and Buffalo is more focused on accumulating draft picks than winning now.

Jets: The Jets are a serious threat to overtake the Browns as the league’s biggest trainwreck.

AFC North

Steelers: The most explosive offense in a competitive division.

Bengals: Amazing that Marvin Lewis has coached a team for a decade and a half and never won a playoff game.

Ravens: The Ravens are in purgatory. Competitive enough to stay relevant, but not good enough to make the playoffs.

Browns: The Browns finally have direction and a long-term plan, but the plan doesn’t call for many wins this year.

AFC South

Titans: In a wide open division, the Titans have a ton of upside and potential.

Texans: One of several AFC teams that are built to win now, but are sabotaged by the lack of a franchise quarterback.

Colts: Chuck Pagano returning for another year is completely baffling. Incompetent front office and coaching staff are very close to ruining Andrew Luck, if they already haven’t.

Jaguars: A very disappointing collection of talent. Blake Bortles is on his last chance to succeed.

AFC West

Raiders: Finally out of the NFL’s basement, the Raiders are one of the top young teams on the rise.

Broncos: Super Bowl talented roster, no franchise quarterback.

Chiefs: Talented roster built to win-now, potential franchise quarterback Patrick Maholmes isn’t ready yet. One more year of game-manager Alex Smith.

Chargers: The Chargers finishing in fourth is a product of them being in a very tough division more so than them being a fourth-place caliber team.

NFC West

Seahawks: I actually think this team is on the downside of their run, but they don’t have much competition in this division.

Cardinals: Carson Palmer has probably already taken the Cardinals as far as he can take them. Flawed team with aging stars in key positions. Not good enough to overtake Seattle.

Rams: Bringing in a fresh offensive mind in Sean McVay could be just what the doctor ordered to save the careers of Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Sammy Watkins.

49ers: Wisely moved on from the fraud Chip Kelly after one season. Still a massive rebuilding project.

NFC South

Buccaneers: I’m not as high on Jameis Winston as most people, but I think this is a team ready to make the leap into the playoffs.

Falcons: The Super Bowl hangover is real.

Saints: Same old story. High-powered offense led by Drew Brees offset by turnstyle defense. Another 7-9 campaign on the way.

Panthers: Cam Newton was banged up before the preseason started. I don’t think he can get through a season healthy and effective enough for the Panthers to get back to the playoffs.

NFC North

Packers: Incompetent coach continues to live off of Aaron Rodgers’ greatness.

Lions: Lions are developing more consistency, but just aren’t good enough to overcome Rodgers.

Vikings: Sam Bradford and his high completion percentage manufactured by constant checkdowns will only take this team so far.

Bears: Bears are a distant fourth in this tough division.

NFC East

Cowboys: Dak Prescott came into an ideal situation last year, with elite playmakers and an elite offensive line ready to go. Let’s see how he does in his second year. NFL defensive coordinators have a habit of catching up to players after they have a good amount of film to review. I think Prescott and the Cowboys take a step back this season, but Dallas is still a cut above the rest in the East.

Eagles: If the Cowboys still had to deal with the Ezekial Elliot suspension, I may have picked the Eagles outright to win the division. I feel better about the Eagles than I have in several years. Unlike the Chip Kelly era, this franchise finally has a plan and long-term vision in place. I think the additions to the offensive side of the ball are going to go a long way towards helping Carson Wentz’s development, and I think the Birds win nine and make a push at the division.

Giants: If the Giants ever give some thought to fixing their offensive line, they’d be a very dangerous team. Unfortunately for them, they’ve chosen not to once again. They have the best defense in the division, and Brandon Marshall adds some serious punch to their receivers, but an aging Eli behind a poor line isn’t a formula for success.

Redskins: Dysfunction continues to run rampant in Washington. on Facebook

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