Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

Defense Strong As Eagles Finally Defeat Redskins

At the first glance of a 30-17 score, one might think that the Philadelphia Eagles won their season opener rather handily against the Washington Redskins.

That wasn’t quite the case, as the Birds were engaged in a difficult battle that finally swung on a controversial call on a late defensive touchdown that favored the Eagles.

The Eagles’ defense anchored them through most of this game. They forced three turnovers, two of which came in absolutely critical moments of the game. Late in the third quarter, the Redskins were threatening late in the third quarter deep in Eagles’ territory, a blitz call by Jim Schwartz led to Kirk Cousins hurrying a throw, and tossing it right into the arms of Jalen Mills to wipe away a scoring opportunity.

Late in the fourth quarter, holding a five-point lead, Brandon Graham knocked the ball loose and Fletcher Cox scooped and scored to give the Birds a decisive late lead.

The Eagles’ defense made plays all throughout the game. The pass rush was strong, and made better by the fact that Schwartz wasn’t shy about sending additional pressure from different spots, keeping Cousins and the Redskins constantly off base. One of the worries I had about Schwartz last year was that the defense wasn’t generating enough pressure, but today the defensive coordinator called a great game.

The defense generated four sacks, two from Brandon Graham, one from Timmy Jernigan, and another from Cox.

This was possible even though the team suffered a major loss when corner Ronald Darby was carted off with an ankle injury. Patrick Robinson and Jaylen Mills were able to step up to help guide the unit through the rest of the game with no major issues.

The defense was also stout against the run, holding the Redskins to just 34 rushing yards from their running backs.

Wentz Survives Pressure, Enjoys Strong Sophomore Debut

Carson Wentz finished his afternoon 26/39 for 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

Wentz was under a constant barrage of pressure from the Washington defensive line, was often able to use his mobility to avoid the rush, and impressively kept his eyes downfield to find open receivers for some pretty big plays throughout the game.

This trend started on the first drive, when Wentz avoided several rushers, got away and found Nelson Agholor for a 58-yard touchdown strike on a broken play. Later in the game, Wentz avoided pressure a made a nice throw down the field to extend the drive and help set up the team’s final field goal.

Wentz’s favorite targets were Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz. Agholor played perhaps the best game of his career, catching eight passes for 83 yards, and Ertz contributed eight grabs for 93 yards, as his latest breakout year got off on the right foot.

It wasn’t all pretty for Wentz. He isn’t quite in sync with Torrey Smith on the home-run ball just yet. The Eagles took two shots to Smith down the field, on the first play Wentz underthrew him, and on the second attempt overshot Smith by about five yards. The good news is that Smith is getting himself open, and this is a play that opposing defenses are going to have to honor throughout the season.

Wentz also floated a couple passes that killed a couple plays, and in one instance, caused a turnover. In the first half, a backwards pass to Nelson Agholor sailed over the receiver’s head, and the live ball was recovered by the Redskins.

But Wentz’s performance was filled with positives, and its exciting to think of where he can go as the season progresses.


Quick Thoughts


  • LeGarrette Blount was solid in his Eagles’ debut, rushing 14 times for 46 yards, and adding a touchdown reception on the goalline in the first half. Mercifully, Doug Pederson didn’t ask Blount to run to the outside.
  • The running back rotation led to a much more manageable workload for Darren Sproles, who took only two carries and caught five passes for 43 yards.
  • Wendell Smallwood got four carries for four yards, but caught a key five-yard pass for a first down in the fourth quarter.
  • Quiet debut for Alshon Jeffery, who managed just three catches for 38 yards, along with a two-point conversion reception.
  • A little surprising that the Eagles made guard Chance Warmack among their inactive players, leaving only Halapoulivaati Vaitai and Stefan Wisniewski as the reserve lineman, giving the Eagles very little flexibility to sustain injury.
  • Sure enough, Jason Peters would have to leave the game with a groin injury, forcing the team to abandon some of their packages which called for an extra offensive lineman.
  • Donnel Pumphrey and Shelton Gibson were inactive.


  • Jalen Mills really played a strong game today. In addition to the interception, Mills led the team with nine tackles, and broke up another pass in the endzone.
  • Jordan Hicks had seven tackles, and was once again around the ball quite a bit, recovering a fumble, and also had a sack that was negated by a penalty.
  • Quiet games for both Derek Barnett and Vinny Curry.
  • A little disappointing that defensive end Steven Means was among the inactives. He’s shown such promising pass rush ability, and I was hoping that Jim Schwartz would work him into the defense more this season.
  • Nigel Bradham could have added to the Eagles’ turnover total in the first quarter, dropping what should have been an interception on a route he anticipated and jumped.
  • The defense had a lot of strong moments, but on the Chris Thompson touchdown reception, there was a lot of poor tackling, with at least three Eagles, notably Rodney McLeod and Corey Graham, failing to bring him down.
  • Rasul Douglas and Dexter McDougle were also among the inactives.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis missed an extra point in the first half, but redeemed himself by drilling three field goals, including a 50-yarder before the half.
  • Corey Clement made a nice special teams tackle to open up the game.
  • Donnie Jones started off the season strong, pinning the Redskins at their own one late in the game, with Jaylen Watkins getting down the field to cover the kick.

Final Thoughts

The decision by the refs at the end of the game to uphold the Fletcher Cox touchdown was shocking.

All of the video evidence seemed to be there to make a pretty convincing case that Kirk Cousins’ had thrown the ball slightly before the rush got there. I couldn’t believe it when the official announced that the call on the field would stand. But that’s the way it works sometimes. For every 50 times that the officials make a bad call that costs your team a game, every once and a while they botch one in your favor.

The Eagles’ defense had played well enough in this game that I would have trusted them to protect the lead even if the call had been overturned.

The Eagles start the year with an absolutely critical division win, which came on the road no less. The quarterback and defense showed some very promising signs. We’ll see what happens next week in Kansas City.

169 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

  1. It wasn’t perfect, but DAMN WHAT a beautiful win!! That’s how these games go people!! It’s
    The NFC east!!

    Remember when skins beat Dallas with colt McCoy?? Anything happens. Especially on the road week 1!!! Divison rivals already know each other enough. Now they have to get extra preparation time in week one that’s why it makes week 1one of the weirdest weeks.

    Defense looks good. Special teams looks good. Offense had its bright moments also.

    Doug had his questionable play calls. That screen to Aghlor messed up all momentum. SCRAP IT.

    Nelson Aghlor killed it for me in fantasy. And Caleb and our defense

  2. Wentz held the ball too long on many occasions. What happened to short crossing patterns, draw plays to beat the blitz. Peterson called those ridiculous wide receiver
    screens with only receivers blocking.

    1. BigE I agree that Wentz did hold the ball too long at times. But in regards to the screens, that’s on the players to execute. The receivers have to block not look at the defender like Alshon and Torrie did.

  3. According to a neutral source, the replay was inconclusive- possible that his arm was hit by Graham forcing the ball to move forward looking like a pass. In all likelihood that is why the call was not reversed. Good thing it wasn’t against Wentz – WIP would explode tomorrow.

  4. According to Ian Rappaport Ronald Darby has a separated ankle, according to his MRI there is no ligament damage. Darby is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. That’s good news given what the injury looked like when it happened.

  5. My thoughts from the game.

    D line looks good, they are stout inside and out. Brandon Graham had a beastly performance feasting on the skins o line. Corners did a good job, even after Darby left the game. Linebackers look good.

    Offense: offensive line did not look good as they allowed pressure to get to Wentz to much and they did not open enough holes for the running game to prosper (2.4 yards per overall). That’s horrendous.

    Wentz has to hit on the deep ball more consistently, however, I expect this to happen by games 4-5 as he gets more reps with these new receivers in real game action, they have to develop chemistry.
    Wentz is a magician, his pocket presence, escapability and ability to make something out of nothing is a huge plus. He does things that only few QB’s in the league can, on the TD pass to Agholor he reminded me of Aaron Rodgers. Speaking of Agholor, he showed up big, hopefully he can continue to build upon that game and be consistent.
    Zack Ertz is off to a great start, he needed to develop chemistry through consistency with a QB, that is happening now with Wentz. Torey Smith is fast and Alshon has a great catch radius, as the season progresses I expect their play making production will increase dramatically as Wentz gets to know them better.
    Special teams were good yesterday, that was good to see…Corey Clement found a role on this team via ST’s…he and Hollins had nice special teams plays yesterday.

    The Eagles still have things to work on and smooth out, but looking at some of the play I saw yesterday from the Cowboys, Giants and Skins, the Eagles looked better than all of them.

      1. Jernigan can get to the QB too, so the double team will pay off more than it did with Logan in my opinion.

        I agree that his chemistry will get better with Jeffrey and Smith, because he has almost no game time with either of them. But the magic may be with Ertz all season with no Mathews and the first time Ertz is playing with the same QB 2 days in a row.

    1. No doubt the eagles look better then all nfc east teams and if anybody takes away anything from girls vagiants they dont know football, clearly the giants are different with obj

  6. Defense looked good. Carson played a good game but some of the long ball would have been intercepted by a better secondary. Dougie P play calling needs to improve. I would actually start Clements next week and give the run game another dimension. Clements/Blount/Sproles combo could be very effective.

  7. Nice team win yesterday overall, but obviously not without concern:

    1- O-line health and performance
    2.- cornerback depth again, although hopefully that will be minimalized by that
    pass rush
    3- Wentz and his McNabbish short ‘finesse’ throws.

    Also, just for the record….Paulman deleted his account and cannot get back on this site due to the no new poster policy. Someone did hack his account and posted fake crap about him.

    1. great 3 point analysis. so crazy johnny how do you know all this about paul and a no new poster policy and that he was hacked?

      gotta admit i like enjoying this win without that doofus, commenting on gameplay based on a boxscore…

  8. Someone else on here mentioned that GCobb is not allowing new posters, and apparently it is true. Paulman said on here that he was hacked, would be deleting his account, then creating a new sign in. I don’t think he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get back on. I don’t know him personally, but in this day and age it’s not hard to get in touch with someone.

      1. when you said for the record i thought you had information , basically was just a repeat what paul said post?

  9. I didn’t watch a lot of games this weekend but from what I understand not many teams were ultra sharp on the first weekend. Execution was shoddy league wide. Pats get stopped on 2 4 the ones? Going for it on fourth is gutsy when it works, dumb when it doesn’t…. all that said, damn a two touchdown road win of a divisional game is freaking huge! Costly win tho, damn injuries.

  10. Sammy sleeves played a helluva game tonight, gotta give kudos and credit when it’s due, and for that performance…it’s due…All pro performance! I want to see him do it consistently this season, especially against a efense that can get pressure..but Sammy was slinging it downfield tonight with pin point accuracy (surprised the hell out of me)!

    1. Idk why. He’s always been a baller. Injuries, having a different head coach and system every season. Being traded 8 days before season and still managing to put up 71.6% 20 tds 5 ints with nobody’s around u because the team is decimated.

      Sammy put up 19-14 with us, and had 10 tds 4 ints final 8 games. A lot of those picks were on the WR dropping them, and a lot of dropped Tds

      Vikings win division, or a wild card team at worst.

      1. You do know why, you just refuse to accept the reality of his history. Even when he was healthy he was a checkdown charlie. Sammy has never gone down field as much as he did last night. All of the excuses is for the birds…Diggs is good but Sam made the other WR (Theilen) look good which he’s never done before. Last year he was checkdown charlie, last night was an anomaly, but, it would be cool to see Sammy continue to play like that. One game does not a career make…cool your jets.

        1. Who was he going to throw down field to in St. Louis? Brandon Gibson? Tavon tore his acl and Sam never threw him a pass in St Louis

          What about Philly? When Murray was getting hit in backfield every play cause chip was trying to utilize him like lesean McCoy ? Don’t forget Sam wasn’t throwing to Maclin, or Desean: he had no help coming back from Injury (2 years )

  11. Coming home from the library yesterday and I was listening to the car radio for the inauguration of Seth Joyner’s new radio show. ” The Seth Joyner Show” on 97.5 The Fan between 6-7pm and he was wasn’t there. I was in the car for 15 minutes of the show and no Seth Joyner. He was late for his own show on the first day. bwahaahahahahaha I don’t know if he eventually showed up but I was laughing because of his absence for his very first show.

    1. I listened to some of it. He got there about 6:30…not sure if he offered an explanation for his tardiness. Maybe he was doing a segment on CSN and he had it all worked out. Seth is a good football analysis and has talent as an on air personality…but he has to be on time.

  12. Yeah I heard that as well on the way home last night. But as a true ”keep it real” dude he made fun of himself for being late on the first show….it was a good laugh.

  13. It’s not excuses. It’s facts. You need help in this game AT EVeRY level to win.. period.

    Sam Bradford is on the best team right now, that he’s ever been on throughout his entire career. Giving him a young back in Dalvin Cook who got better each and every snap is going to open up bradfords game more then anything.

    Do not forget Bradford was 7-1 with a 100 yard rusher in Philly and has a amazing win/loss record when having a great rb performance. Only game he lost was against Carolina,
    Which we gave away cause of drops.

    Take away the pounding off Bradford,
    Protect him DECENTLY, and he will pick u apart. He’s only 29 and will be 30 in November.

    Teddy is done in Minnesota.

    U cannot name me another qb who has been successful having multiple systems, HCs, and teams. Shitty coaches also!! He tore his knee twice and battled back.

    Sam is the truth

    1. The only “truth” is that last night, at one point, Sammy Seven wins was 7 of 10 for 40 yards.

      I’ll let that sink in.

      Only later, probably after being continually admonished by his coaches and bombarded with photos of his WRs running wide open all over the field, did he start tossing some 25 yrd passes.

      Please remember the Saints have had the 31st or 32nd ranked Pass D for the pass 4 years. They can’t cover anyone and their pass rush sucks.

      Bradford threw for 346 and 3 against the Saints. Looks impressive on the surface. But is it?

      Here are the last 10 QBs to face the ‘Aints:

      Bradford 346
      Ryan 331
      Winston 277
      Palmer 318
      Stafford 341
      Rivers 321

      Fuck even Jarod Goff in his dismal rookie season threw for 214 and 3 tds last year…and he was the worst QB in football.

      Playing the Saints is like a free pass to a 300 yard game (unless you’re Cam Newton – but he’s a terrible passer as everyone is now recognizing)

      I think you’ll see the true Bradford return this week against Pitt.

    2. Every QB is good with a 100 yard rusher. Duh.
      Different coaches= excuse
      Not having this player or that= excuse
      Injuries it’s who he is
      Drops=everyone has drops, excuse
      Offensive line= excuse

      So, peters is old and will spend the year with nagging injuries, their CB is hurt, kicker etc…, NFL next man up. One good thing about being in sams fanclub is that at the yearly meetings you get a good parking spot and move right to the front of the line

      1. You all can post these bs stats about other team’s qbs all you want, but if you’re an eagles fan the only qb you reall need to be concerning yourself with is Wentz. Much like Foles he passed the eye test in regards to a legit NFL qb. But I’m beyond tired of many of you on here with your sacred cows and selective ever moving scale in regards to what makes a good to great qb.

        Wentz had a superb firs 3 games last year. I can’t recall seeing too many better in over 40 years as an active fan. But far too many on this discussion board and overall eagle nation has anointed this kid who quite frankly hasn’t earned it yet.

        So much like my approach with Foles (whom I liked) I want to see more improvement. all of his mistakes last year weren’t the fault of a pedestrian receiving crew. He needs to tighten up his mechanics and work on the accuracy. Do I believe he can do it? Absolutely!! But he’s far from this top 5 or top 10 juggernaut that many have made him out to be. He still has a lot of show and prove before he earns that praise from me.

    3. I need to see Sam continue to perform like that on a consistent basis over this season. I don’t know about the truth, the proof has to be in the pudding and that pudding has smelled bad for several years now so one game does not convince me of anything. I’ve given Sam kudos for his performance without diminishing it by stating how bad the Saints defense is, and you better believe they are baaaad. Further, as Vinny has pointed out, other teams QB’s have done just as well against the Saints so let’s pull back the reigns a little..(Whoaa Nelly!!!) and let’s watch Sam continue to either play up to the level he did against the Saints or revert back to Sam being Sam! The “Truth” isn’t always a good thing to see or a pleasant thing to hear.

        1. Coldbrew…Absolutely, the difference is 7 years for a game like that, compared to a second year starter, it’s apples to oranges. Eventually that’s what Carson needs to produce, ultimately, that’s what I expect…but in less than seven years.

  14. Wow we still talking about Sam bradturd ? Wtf? Why? Guy had his shot here and was a loser. Fuck him. Guys throwing the ball to 1 wr that plays like a faster Antonio brown (diggs) and other guy looks like jordy (thielen).

    If we talking minny we should be talking how we probably should’ve took cook. ThatS a bad mother And we have shit at rb

  15. Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals tonight.
    Both offenses got their butts kicked last Sunday. Spotrac Website has salary cap stats and they list Cincinnati OL as the 2nd cheapest & Houston as the 4th cheapest OL. Seattle was cheapest, Eagles are listed as the 4th most expensive with Oakland as the most expensive. You get what you pay for and Houston and Cincinnati went cheap on OL.
    I think Cincinnati wins at home 24-13.

  16. crossing broad has a great article with video about those WR screens and the coaches tape really shows that the play should have worked and also set up other plays….

      1. Tooo fkn funny these hypocrites exploiting krappernick. Krappernick sucks as a person and sucks as a football player -fuck him and fuck espn and their failing station for shoving the situation down everyone’s throats.

        These idiots always saying how can Blaine ganbert have a job and not him. News flash yaidiots Bum ass Blaine beat out krappernick for a job twice already and one of those times he beat him in a offense tailor made for krap neck (chips). Fuck espn and fuck krap.

        1. mhenski c’mon man you’re better than this. personally I couldn’t care less if some hate Kap for his stance that started this bs black balling of him. But sell me this Blaine Gabbert narrative. That bum didn’t beat him out. He was no more deserving of that spot over Kap than 1/2 the starters and almost all the back ups in the league now. If Kap is crap, then what does that say for some of the other qbs behind center and most of those holding clipboards now?

          No credible person I know of has ever confused Kap with Brady or Rogers. But this bs narrative that he isn’t in the league because he sucks needs to stop.

          1. Not in the league for 2 reasons:
            1. Nobody wants a BU that gets attention…. remember the back up is the most popular guy to dum dum fans
            2. If he is ur back up you need two different offenses cus he can’t run a conventional offense

        2. 1. Gabbert didn’t beat him out. His contract was keeping him on the sideline.
          2. The *awful* person gave a mill of his own money + all jersey sales to charity. Yep just awful.
          3. He’s a better QB than about half the starters in the league currently. But’s ’cause he *sucks* that he’s not playing.

  17. Big Red week –
    I heard an NFL reporter, announcer or ex-player tv talent yesterday say that NE has no pass rush talent and that was a key reason KC was able to trounce them. Maybe NE’s reign is over if every team can torch them through the air. I’m hoping that is the reason and made KC’s offense look better than they are. Otherwise Smith, Hill, Hunt and Kelce are superstars about to zap the eagles for 30plus points.

      1. SInce their bye week last year, the KC Chiefs are on an 11-2 reg season run. They’re a pretty tough team. (in the regular season)

        This will be a very, very difficult test….but a good one. I think the Eagles can win, but the odds are long. I am more concerned with just seeing if they can compete against a big team on the road.

        I am very confident that the Eagles will win 5 of the next 6 after this game……(beat Giants, Cards, 49ers, Skins and split @LAC or @Car)

        and if they can be 6-2 at the halfway mark that would be $$.

        That being said, if they lose @LAC then they’ll be in tough to make it to 6-2 as the God-awful Thurs night abominations(@Car) are so stacked against the visiting team

        1. As a certified homer and optimist I ‘see” lots of possibilities for a win. In the end though KC has legit SB aspirations playing at home. Be in it till the end with a chance to win in the last two minutes and no one should complain

          1. Offensively the queefs are the type of team eagles d has success against (i.e. Not a vertical passing hame) imo their o line is suspect to boot. Think this game stays close and we have more firepower on offense to win. Wentz and Doug were in enough close ones last year and they better have figured out how to finish

  18. I just saw on tv Andy Reid… 18 years 185 wins… over 10 wins a year? Wow… and idiots here whine… damn. He’s a very good coach and yes he hasn’t won it all but in football, single elimination that stuff happens. 10 wins a year is a fucking body of work.

  19. I am hoping one word sums this game up for the Birds.


    Our D line needs to blow up the Chief’s run game while hitting Smith again and again and again.

  20. This will be an intriguing game ,on so many fronts ..Obviously Big Red as a mentor ,the coach needs assume trickery will be a part of both arsenals.Defensively the squads on both sides are the true focus..I see special teams playing a large part in this outcome..The smart guys in lost wages ,have installed the Chiefs as a 5 1/2 point favorite ..ill be watching red zone efficiencies on both sides of the ball.. The second game on the road may be a blessing ,and I look for a very interesting chess a defensive tussle ..

  21. Eagle fans get a dog if your scared are you frigging kidding me? Tyrek Hill is dynamic but he isnt Julio Jones. He is Darren Sproles. He will get his one big play on offense and maybe ST but it will take more than thsat to beat us. Hell I dont think he has even had a 100 yard receiving game in his career. If so not many. Hunt? Fucking Hunt really? We face Elliot and the best oline in football in Dallas and handle them. So who the fuck is KC oline and Hunt? Finally Alex Smith finally had a career passing day and now he is Joe Montana. Should be a good game.

  22. Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place to play, two road games is a tough road to hoe, however, if the Eagles defense can keep the KC offense in check by pressuring and sacking Alex Smith and stifling their run game, the Eagles have a chance to win. The Eagles offensive line must open holes and protect Wentz better than they did last week to give us a chance. Last but not least, when given the opportunity, Wentz must connect on the deep ball as his inconsistency there is the only weakness in his overall game right now and of course no interceptions.

    If this game was at the Linc I’d predict an Eagles win, unfortunately I just think going on the road two weeks in a row, traveling to KC and facing an explosive offense will be to much for the Eagles to overcome this week. As much as it pains me to say it, the Chiefs pull off the win…I hope I’m wrong though

  23. Sam Bradford has been ruled out of today’s game against the Steelers due to a knee injury that he suffered during the game against the Saints. Peculiar, he did not look appear to look hampered or injured during last weeks game. It’s being reported the knee injury occurred on the same knee he suffered two ACL tears on before. I was looking forward to see how Sammy sleeves was going to follow up last weeks performance against a much more stout defense…bummer.

  24. Exactly as advertised d anticipated both teams so far have made plays but stalled (Wentz needs ) a millisecond more time with smith in red zone for 6. A big play down the field is coming as Wentz looks for smith to get behind this defense ..

  25. Time to start asking Stoutland what the fuck is going on. This oline is terrible. Stoutland should be put on notice. I don’t care what he did at Alabama. He has done a horrific job with this oline. They cant run block or pass protect.

    1. Dag. Results matter in this tussle ..sometimes a defense deserves a bit of the credit..also lets not discount how familiar both these teams are with one another’s more a chess match than a blocking sled issue IMO

  26. Jim Schwartz deserves a lot of credit ,back to back road games ,has been top 5 ..the O will evolve ,but the Dee is now ,in the present man up ,hasn’t deterred them either

    1. We need a sustained drive ,give the Dee a blow and get the lead …andy is still so frustrating ..empty backfield, with a concussive QB ..lest we all remember the only balance big red understands is that the bathroom scale can’t record beyond 3 bills

  27. No predictions for the final quarter but regardless of outcome this has been an excellent showing for the birds. Defensively excellent, offensively pretty good. Wentz a stud and learning to utilize his skill players,

  28. A few snaps on Chiefs kicks have been very high …any misstep down the stretch by either squad will loom big. I love the conditioning of the O line in this 4th qtr

    1. You must not understand the NFL… they hung, got beat by a couple of things that turned chiefs way. Very very good showing second road game in a row, arrowhead, defense played very well.., this is no5hing … learn how things go in the NFL… do u think the pats are done after a shitty showing against this team? No they are not. Do you think the chiefs are dancing into the SB after an impressive start? No they aren’t… NFL pal…

  29. Big red. Congrats ..always liked the coach ..we’ll see very few better AFC foes this season ..if. for not one sack that wasn’t made by Vin curry ..we’d stand toe to toe ..the Chiefs are a great measuring stick …

  30. Ray Didinger and Seth Joyner blasting Dougie P. If you subract Wentz couple runs the Eagles rushed 13 times and passed 54 times 81% passing. Didinger calls Dougie P clueless lol.

      1. Don’t know about that.

        This is a middle of the road team. Wentz is a middle of the road QB. 8-8 9-7 MAYBE 10-6.

        Now the Skins and Giants are looking to be hot garbage. So maybe the team squeak out a Wild Card spot.

              1. Carr and Prescott might want to have a word with you.

                Hell, I’d even add Jameis to the list.

                Wentz is a middle of the road QB on a middle of the road team. No more. No less.

              2. He’s shown nothing to be called the best young qb in the game. You sound like an ridiculous homer. Does he appear to check all the needed boxes to ascend to possibly being the best or one of the best? Absolutely. But he has not PROVEN or SHOWN he is better than Winston, Carr, Mariota, Luck, Wilson, or Newton. Now my gut tells me he’d probably do what Dak did on that Dallas team. And no I would not switch him out for any of the qbs in our division even though I believe Cousins is far better than many give him credit for. But this anointing of Wentz has to stop. He hasn’t earned that yet. Once he does, I’ll lead the cheers.

              3. So if you were given the first pick in an expansion draft cold brew you would take Wilson. Newton Winston and Marietta ahead of him? I may take Wilson but the others …? I call bull shit! And you even mention cousins.., funny stuff

        1. tsjohnson5, here is what Chiefs defensive players thought of Wentz after the game…then there are thoughts from Broncos defensive players about Dak Prescott after their game.
          Doesn’t seem like they believe Wentz is a middling QB after facing him, Dak on the other hand, Broncos players were not as kind to him based on their Dak experience.

          Just some day-after quotes, for your reading pleasure.

          Outside linebacker Justin Houston: “I think he’s great. He’s going to be one of the great ones in the league.”

          Outside linebacker Dee Ford: “He’s a great young quarterback, he’s able to make plays with his legs, do a lot of things with his feet. He’s a great quarterback.”

          Defensive tackle Chris Jones: “I mean, I knew he was a remarkable quarterback. He can run. He was very hard to bring down. He’s like a bigger Michael Vick and a smaller Ben Roethlisberger.”

          Cornerback Phillip Gaines: “He’s a solid quarterback, for sure. He can put any ball out there, put it on the money. You can put a lot of people around him and he’s still going to stay strong in the pocket. He’s a really solid quarterback”
          Broncos cornerback Chris Harris: “I was saying it all week. Now, I didn’t tell y’all, but we knew Dak was going to have to throw for 300 yards to beat us. And we knew that wasn’t going to happen.”

          Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe: “The idea was to make Prescott beat us because we knew he couldn’t.”

        1. Hac I know you and I beat on each other once a while , and you question my sanity a lot , but you are almost always a gent. enough to answer questions I ask . And for that I do thank you ,I do not know paulman, but any American citizen who admits to being nazi or nazi inclined even in his mind is a man / woman with a very dangerous mind ,In my mind /soul these dangerous times are the best times to pull together as americans , become color blind to each other and become brothers, sisters, baby daddys, Aunts, uncles and protectors, and guardians of each other, Wow paulman I like his sports stuff and I dont know f all if this is true , however if it is what a waste of life to fill it with hatred,ME? I have had my bed . bad , moments as well in my mind , but I do wish all races, colors , all folks well.

          1. that is ridiculous- Paulman is not a Nazi. there are no nazis in the USA. Lunatics bastardizing words. Reminds me of that dingbat former President of ours a couple years ago redefining what rape is on college campuses and trying to get young adults to write a contract before fooling around or it is sexual harassment. Nazi’s started a war that resulted in 60-80 million people dying. Paulman is not a nazi.

        2. Also .HAC, to me gm cliff was a man who is/ very lonely/So he lied / lied / lied and lied to a part of your group. Me? some of you guys are cool. maybe but ,I do’ not like any of you so much to make up story after story of lies ,to be accepted . Most of you were way too rough on gm cliff .All he wanted was to have some friends, Is that so bad ?Paulman/ hatred? I never got that . from gm cliff. All i got was a very inadequate,, hurting cowboy and a lonely man .And I also think a bit of hopelessness, So maybe give a youngster like him a helping hand !

  31. Have a cigar dumb ass says they get a participation trophy for playing hard lol. Peterson is getting buried for 54 passess and 13 runs and keeping Solemulo in the game. Seth Joyner said only losers say we were competitive. Only losers like haveacigar say dumb shit like 45 mins of good football and fuck the last 15 min dont count lol.

  32. Okay, so, like I said, the Eagles were not going into Arrowhead and winning that game. Carson has to stop finding ways to get the ball picked off (tipped passes), it’s brutal. Eagles have zero run, you can’t ask your QB to drop back and pass that many times it’s a recipe for disaster and losing. Even though they struggle to run the ball, you have to keep doing it to find a rhythm and not give the defense a reason to tee off on the QB.
    I think for 3 quarters the Eagles acquitted themselves well, but, they have to get this o line problem straightened out. Seumalo is brutal in pass and run blocking with Kelce struggling as well.

    Defense: What can I say, the D line is as advertised, love them…offense must help keep them fresh by continuing drives.

    On to the Giants…I am calling a home opening win.

    1. EHLmost of your comments are spot on… I have studied Kelce pretty closely and of course i don’t know all of his assignments (and neither does anyone else) but my guess is he grades out pretty high– He is the target for frustrated fans that want a straight ahead 1973 running game– mercury morris, czonk and kiick etc– he is dynamic in the running attack and the screen attack– my guess is that people in the know are higher on him than you think– his time will come to be replaced but he is not the problem– the birds will find a running attack– it will come– i’m not sure why Blount was shunned today– we may never know but guarantee there is more to that story–

      1. Pressure keeps coming up the middle, some of that w/o question falls on the Center. I was calling for Seumalo to take his spot, but he was godawful too. The O line coach (Jeff Stoutland) needs t be put on notice, his unit is not doing a good enough job. That O lIne has to play better. Concerning Blount, I don’t know what’s going on with that, he’s the type of runner that needs a lot of touches to get lathered up and in a rhythm, but if you only run the ball a hand full of times that will not happen. Doug needs to stick with one feature back, establish the run, then spell him for a change of pace. Right now it’s RB musical chairs.

          1. Kelce is good in space, pulling and getting down field . He is not very good when stoutness is required. He is consistently being pushed back into the backfield or his man gets by him. He looks worse now because both guards next to him aren’t very effective either. many people underestimated how much Mathis covered for Kelce in this regard. You need to go back to whatever film you claim to watch and look again. There is a reason the team was looking to move on from Kelce and it wasn’t because of age or money.

        1. No, you are assuming I am not watching because what I am saying does not fit your narrative, not based on facts… I am watching, I do not like what I see from Kelce..he has to play better. You can’t tell me to watch that which I did and expect me to change my opinion because you do not concur with it.

          1. You aren’t watching what’s happening… it’s ok, you have your narrative… run with it.
            Birds are 1-1 with a plus point differential in two tough road games. The panick is ridiculous

            1. I’m not panicking, I predicted them to lose in my post prior to the game (check it out). I said they would beat Washington, lose to KC, they will beat the Giants next week in home opener, they are right on schedule as far as I’m concerned. I just expect better play from the o line..especially a vet like Kelce.

              1. Lol, I am not posting for your entertainment or amusement, it’s my opinion based off what I see. I don’t read boring things, take my advice as it relates to this and move on then:-)

              2. Ok… you are just wrong… clutching on to some outdated narrative that a center is a snot spewing bowling ball, least athletic guy on the team type… it’s ok. Kelce will be replaced at some point… the line issues (they actually played well) were Kelce replace the Semoliu

              3. Lol, it’s as if you almost take this stuff personally. Fine, you get the ‘I HAVE TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME…EVEN WHEN I’M WRONG AWARD…Congrats, stand up and take a bow!

              4. Matt Lombardo’s grade for Jason Kelce in his Stock Up, Stock Down report on NJ.Com (Sept 18, 2017)

                JASON KELCE, C

                ANALYSIS: The Eagles got plenty of pressure up the middle from the Chiefs, and although guard Isaac Seumalo was responsible for plenty of it, Kelce didn’t do much to help protect Wentz either.

                STOCK: Down

                HAC…You have no debatable points, except (Nothing to see here, everything is fine. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). Look at the game. Explain the lack of a run game up the middle, explain the pressure up the middle..Kelce has nothing to do with that though??? it’s all Seumalo’s and Brookes’ fault. It’s been like this for a few years, and the one constant is kelce, so he has something to do with it…period! The fact you either can’t see that or refuse to acknowledge it says all I need to know about your football’s nonexistent in this particular case. You have a significant blind spot about this…you have Kelce Glaucoma..just can’t see very accurately concerning his play.
                Tre Thomas on WIP just said in reference to Kelce “He’s way undersized and he’s getting pushed around, there is a lot of push up the middle”. I guess Tre Thomas doesn’t know what he’s talking about either!
                You debate like a 99 year old with dimentia because you are living in a fantasy world concerning your analytical view of Kelce. Time to take your meds!

              5. He also said and you somehow ommitted it…. Kelce brings things to the run game that they really like with his downfield blocking, line calls etc.–Seumolo is getting killed–until the eagles replace Kelce he is obviously giving them the best chance to win according to the people who make those decisions. If Wiz starts this weekend then it will be Kelce’s time– you keep forgetting I don’t care about the name on the back of the jersey and I nor you know what goes into the decision making on personnel.

              6. I purposefully omitted it because that is not as important to the run game as having a stout center that can hold the middle of the line and the pass rush up the gut. Look at Wendell Smallwood’s runs, he was met at the line of scrimmage and stuffed 4 times. How does kelce getting downfield mean ANYTHING if the runner can’t get past the LOS???…LOL!

                I told you that that part of the game for the center (getting out on the edge) and running downfield is not that important to me…Sproles can get around the edge and out run/juke defenders…and judging from the lack of a run game it’s not that important to the Eagles because there is a lack of run production..period.
                I don’t care about the name on the back of the jersey either, just the production, but, I do think you care about the name on the back of the jersey… especially if it’s Kelce!

              7. hahaha so you pick and choose which facts to use in your argument– hilarious– like i said, you are a 9 year old- obviously its important to the people making the decisions– you also admit to caring when the name on the back is Kelce– you aren’t objective
                look i read you guys all off season that they would dump him because of his salary etc- Seumolo was taking his place, Wiz taking his place etc– his time will end as it does for all players but it hasn’t happened yet 9/18/17 after game 2…when it does I will route for the next guy– but as of now there is something that the evaluators see that they like better than the next guy..

              8. Every debater picks and chooses, debating 101…lol..the fact that you don’t know that or can’t be honest and acknowledge that is stunning to me…fact is, my 9 year old debating style just outperformed your 99 year old nonsensical style.
                Lol, look at any debate political or whatever, they all omit and purposefully utilize information that strengthens their argument…duh!!!

                Answer the question, how important is Kelce getting downfield to block if the runner can’t get out of the backfield to get downfield? Further, even on screens, the screen game is not good so how important is Kelce’s skill getting downfield to block in the grand scheme of things. That skill of his is way overblown, during his first six years here it was good, now, not so much. You’re living on borrowed time with your incorrect Kelce assessment and importance to the team…so is he!

              9. I absolutely know about debate– my point is that you are here on a sports blog and you don’t know what you are evaluating–
                how important is kelce??? to the people making decisions i guess pretty important– more valuable then the next guy– look if he breaks a leg in practice tomorrow I couldn’t care less, if he gets traded I could’nt care less– my guess is he grades out, by the people who actually know his assignments a little better than you think, maybe a lot better– i get it you want a 330 lb sweat hog in the middle– i get it

              10. I don’t think you do know based on your statement, but okay. Looking at the o line get pushed back up the middle can only be credited to three players, the Center and the Guards…not much need for rocket science there..kind of simple to understand. I don’t need a 330 pound hog to hold the point of attack, just someone strong enough to do it and who utilizes leverage to hold his man, and Kelce is not getting it done. Seumalo’s technique leaves plenty to be desired too so size has nothing to do with it…he’s just not good enough to do what his main job is!

  33. Watching Cowboys vs Denver, Dak is looking rather pedestrian 9/14 48 yards, no TD’s in the first half. Dak was average last week also, nothing special as he only plays within the system…Game manage! not a play maker.

      1. cowboys foolishly thought dak was the guy that made them go rather than zeke. dumb and they paid. dak is nice but zeke is their engine

        1. I’ve been saying it since last year, Dak is over hyped and over rated, he’s not what people try to make him out to be. He throws to wide open receivers with no pressure on him, look at his performance yesterday in the face of pressure when the bullets was flying around him. 30-50, 2 TD’s and 2 interceptions.
          During the first half not one pass traveled more than 10 yards. Two interceptions was dropped..could have been 4 picks. Dak is good within the system, but, if the system breaks down he’s an average game best who was exposed.

  34. hac that’s bullshyt. You know how long I’ve been hearing that excuse in regards to athletic qbs who have the ability to make plays with their feet? So now you have to run a different system…smh. How about 1/2 the starters in the league who don’t have anywhere near a much mobility as Kap also can’t run a conventional offense.
    The attention he’s garnering is hardly a reflection of him but more a glaring observation of how right he was. Silently not standing for the national anthem for basically half the season until a reporter ask him why and them idiot Joe public NOW is offended. People are offended for WHY he did it not because he did.

    1. First… he isn’t the only person to kneel… I mean I think dozens kneel and he’s unemployed… why? He’s a QB, he’s a backup, he isn’t conventional… it’s just the facts…

          1. Dunno.., it doesn’t impact me… I like the birds backup more than him. I could care less if he gets a job. He made his stance, he’s obviously well thought out and smart, he knew the risks, he knows the evil empire of the NFL… I wish him luck, maybe there is something a whole lot bigger than being a QB in store for him

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