Thoughts From Eagles-Chiefs

Wentz Strong, But Turnovers The Difference In Eagles’ First Loss

The Eagles gave the Kansas City Chiefs a strong challenge on Sunday afternoon, but in a defensive battle, the young Birds caved first to the playoff-tested Chiefs team.

The difference in the game? 10 points off of turnovers for Kansas City.

Darren Sproles uncharacteristically fumbled away a punt right before the half, which gave Chiefs a short field and a field goal opportunity. The Eagles themselves blew an opportunity to tie the game before the half when rookie kicker Jake Elliot missed a 28-yard attempt as time expired in the second quarter. This was a six-point swing in the Chiefs’ favor.

In the second half, with the team down a touchdown, Carson Wentz had another batted ball intercepted, which gave the Chiefs another opportunity in Eagles’ territory that they converted into a touchdown.

These shifts in momentum gave Kansas City the energy they needed to close out the game.

It spoiled a fine showing from Carson Wentz, who did all he could to get the team to a victory.

Wentz finished 25/46 for 333 yards with two touchdowns and the interception. The second-year quarterback also added 55 rushing yards on four carries to lead the team in that category as well.

Wentz made strong throws throughout the game. He led the team on several big drives, and spread the ball around to nine different receivers. He’s still a little off on some of his deep shots, but I thought they were a little better than what he did against Washington.

I was very impressed with the poise of Wentz. Going on the road to Arrowhead, and being put in a position where he had next to no running game to speak of against a great defense, for Wentz to come out and perform the way he did was remarkable.

Wentz connected with his number one-wideout Alshon Jeffery much more frequently in this game, with Jeffery posting seven receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown, his first as an Eagle. I thought it was a major positive that the Eagles were able to get Jeffrey involved early after he disappeared for long stretches the Redskins game.

Doug Abandons The Run

Other than the turnovers, the biggest point of concern from this game had to be to complete and utter lack of a run attack.

Doug Pederson called just 13 running plays as opposed to over 50 passing plays.

Darren Sproles took 10 carries for 48 yards. Wendell Smallwood took three for four yards. LeGarrette Blount was phased out of the offense this week, failing to take a single carry.

This can’t continue. There are several alarming traits here. First is that Pederson is putting the entire offense in Wentz’s hands. While Wentz has been up to the task so far, he’d be much more effective if had a run game to keep the defense honest.

In this game, it was clear by the second half that the Eagles had no interest in establishing the run. By the end of the game, the Chiefs were able to tee off on Wentz at will, with the majority of their sacks coming in the last quarter and a half.

The other issue is that Pederson may be returning to his approach last year of running Darren Sproles into the ground. Sproles was on the field for all but a handful of plays today, and his effectiveness is going to go crashing off of a cliff if this continues.

Pederson did say back in August that Blount’s involvement was going to depend on the gameplan, so I’m willing to give him a pass for going Sproles-heavy this week. But this can’t be the case moving forward.

Quick Thoughts


  • Although they gave up some sacks in the second half, I thought the offensive line was much better this week than last week.
  • Wendell Smallwood looks useless to me. Bottom line is that he just isn’t good enough in pass protection to trust out there.
  • Nelson Agholor followed up his big game from Week 1 with a goose egg until coming down with a garbage time touchdown.
  • Great to see Mack Hollins get an opportunity to shine on offense. Hollins caught three passes for 32 yards, picking up several first downs. Looking forward to seeing more of him moving forward.
  • Five catches for 97 yards for Zach Ertz. Maybe the breakout year is really happening.
  • Torrey Smith had four catches for 66 yards, but dropped two more catchable passes, including a potential touchdown in the first half that forced the Eagles to settle for three.
  • Thrilled that Doug dumped the backwards passes to Agholor from the playbook.


  • The defense suffered several tough breaks early in the game. Rodney McLeod and Jaylen Watkins left the game with injuries, forcing rookie Rasul Douglas into action.
  • Douglas seemed to hold up pretty well. He wasn’t beat for any long gains, and made several tackles.
  • The game was out of reach when Jalen Mills gave up a big completion deep in Eagle territory to Chris Conely.
  • Vinny Curry made a couple of nice plays today, but also failed to wrap up Alex Smith for a sack that would have forced a long field goal attempt, and instead gave the Chiefs a touchdown opportunity.
  • You have to love what Mychal Kendricks is doing right now. Kendricks came up with a sack, and made several great plays, including a tackle for a loss on Kareem Hunt. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make, and right now the decision not to trade Kendricks is paying off, as Jim Schwartz has given him a much larger role in this year’s defense.
  • Brandon Graham and Timmy Jernigan combined on a sack.
  • I haven’t been a big fan of Graham, but he’s playing some great football through two games.
  • Chris Long registered his first sack of the season, a key play in a third down in the second half that forced a Kansas City punt.
  • I’m concerned if the Eagles are forced to play without Rodney McLeod for an extended period of time. Corey Graham doesn’t do much of anything to inspire confidence.
  • Tyreek Hill was held to just 43 yards on four catches. Not bad a for a defense that was not only missing starter Ronald Darby, but his replacement Jaylen Watkins.

Special Teams

  • Rookie kicker Jake Elliot really hurt the team’s momentum when he missed a 28-yard kick before the half, but he converted two other field goals, and also an onside kick late in the game.

Final Thoughts

This wasn’t a game that many people expected the Eagles to win, and they gave a playoff-caliber team a very strong challenge on their home field.

The experienced team won the war, but the Birds still flashed a lot of positives to build on moving forward.

Next up, the team finally returns home for a date with the struggling Giants.

67 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Chiefs

  1. Why have Corey Clements practice with the ones if he’s not going to use him? Why can’t we ever have an Eagles coach that believes in offensive balance? Questions, questions. No answers.

  2. This coaching staff clearly has no faith in any aspect of the running game. (I have no faith in any aspect of the running game!)

    It’s ridiculous.

    Darren Sproles is our #1 rb????

    Not sure what to do….56 passing plays to 13 passing plays is completely insane…….especially on the road……especially with a second year QB…..especially in a 3 point game (till well into the 4th Q)

    Very, very Andy Reid like coached game.

    That being said, I figured they’d lose this game (it only hurts because it was winnable till Curry whiffed on his sack)……

    Eagles will win the next 3 straight and this game will be quickly forgotten.

  3. Hate the fact that we had no run game today but we have no run game and no talent at rb except sproles so imo Doug did the smart thing against a very good
    Team and put the rock in the hands of his best player (i.e. Wentz). Not dougs fault we have schlop for rbs. Howie should’ve signed a real rb like ap or Charles regardless of age they’re way better players than blunt and small. Disappointed in the L wentz has to be better at putting up scores and getting the ball out of his hands

    1. I love coach Pederson. His play calling, how he used to play the game. Everything. I hope he’s our coach for a very long time.

      We went to war with a top 3 team in the NFL. They have been to the playoffs 4 years in a row and will be 5th this season. They are more experienced and at home.

      With that being said, we gave this one away in a very typical philly way. That missed sack was a joke. Elliot missing that chip shot. Wow. Came down to a play here or there against that team.

      Keep in mind, no Darby, McLeod or Jordan Matthews for that matter.

      Wentz has too much on his hands. Look at how Dak looks without a decent run game. We need to establish the run!!

      Give Corey clement the rock!!

  4. in a game ,where Wentz had to do almost everything ,it was a game that exposed a huge Achilles.Why isn’t Blount a weapon ?I thought he led the league in touchdowns? Why can’t Smallwood pick up more yards falling down ahead than running the rock? The scheme and predictability when he’s in the game ,needs some tinkering ..I love Sproles but to be honest in schemes where he’s the last line of defense to Wentz ,it’s a foreboding consequence.Add Smallwood not being stout either and I see the plight of the coaching staff ..they got into Andys game ,and tried to go toe to toe and pass to pass ,when slow and steady ,with a run game might have longer term success,limit the plays that that Chiefs team has ,and keep pressure on there QB …we got 2/3rds done …all in all ,a lot of positives ,as our number one receiver Jefferys ,played well …Ertz is quietly in beast mode ..and smith still shows a verticality that Wentz needs learn how to put air under his deep ball ..Graham and cox are balling ,as is kendricks ..Wentz never once looked like arrowhead was anything to worry about ,he’s a keeper and so damn much upside ..still

    1. Hopefully. Giants, Chargers,cardinals, panthers skins, 49ers.

      I can see us being 6-2 thru the first 8 games of the season with losses to Chiefs and chargers.

      Chargers have major oline problems, but we always seem to have trouble on a long travel out west .

      But eagles very well could be 7-1 at best and 5-3 at worst with Denver coming to Philly which helps alot

  5. Eagles are much improved from last year. Run game needs help but defense looks legit with help coming as we get healthy.

    If our d keeps it close Wentz can do enough to bring us the division.

  6. Ertz the latest to blast Dougie P and his play calling. “You cant be dropping Wentz back 50 plus times a game”. Along with Didinger, Blount, Seth Joyner who actually know the game. Recipe for Wentz not making it throughout the year. Jeff Stoutland your on the clock.

  7. First place in their division, a divisional win ON THE ROAD, no other team in the division has a divisional win, there are like 10 teams with fewer rushing attempts than the eagles– there is no reason for panic- the defense even with the injuries has been a pleasant surprise– they will find their way with the ground game- look Elliott only had 8 carries, sometimes games go that way– On a hunch I’m thinking that Blount gets cut today– again, hunch only…something happened that he fell out of favor-

  8. In 2 games the eagles have 41 rushing attempts and their opponents have 36- the vaunted Steelers with the best back in football have 48 rushing attempts– this is all fake news.

    1. then lets call it an over reaction. They are admittedly finding their rushing attack– so are A LOT OF TEAMS- freaking dallas ran elliot 8 times– things break a certain way and stuff happens– it wasn’t lack of running that cost them that game- it was two key turnovers and a missed FG that really hurt- people love the run the ball narrative– yet they have more rushing attempts than their opponents, the have a point differential of +6, in first place in the division– they have 2 road games out of the way. The sky is not falling!

  9. Oh and all the talk (Vinnie) about the mean philly media– take a look at the Dallas papers– they are eating their young down there! killing prescott and Elliott– prescott will be exposed.

    1. What dallas did was str8 dumb. Abandoned the run gAme like a bunch of morons when they have a stud o line and stud rb. Just dumb game plan against best pass d in NFL.

      1. Well certainly its not ideal– my prediction they will end up in the top 15 in rushing attempts and fans will still whine.

        on another note to CT– another team got a bunch of yards and TD’s against the saints and your boy Sleeves is hurt yet again.

      2. imo eagles rbs are that bad that wentz should just throw every play. get the ball to guys that can make plays – ertz, alshon, torrey, sproles in space. think they need assholor, burton, and celek getting out on plays and just sitting down in zones and wentz needs to get the ball out of his hand way quicker and throw to them dudes and let that be your run game

        unless we play a team whose pass defense is that much better than our pass offense we gotta keep the ball in our best players hands so he can get to the best weapons.

        ppl whining about the run game… wtf u want blount 16 carries for 32 yards? 14 of which wouldve been for 1 yard then he pops off an “explosive” 4 yard gain? thats blount…

          1. Do you disagree with what John Ritchie just said about Kelce? He just called for Seumalo to take the center position and explained why. Great attributes yes, but not helpful in the run game.

            1. Did Ritchie get a job with the eagles or is he still on WIP? Understanding if he is still on WIP his job is to incite and drum up the listeners.
              All is fine…. if they trade Kielce for a 5th and it improves the team go for it

              1. As a former NFL player I will lend credence to his opinion, more-so than yours. He’s simply supporting what I’ve been saying, just like Tre Thomas did. Unfortunately, sometimes the coach may not know better, just look at Chip kelly…he was a head coach and did not know how to use his players to their strengths to save his momma’s life…so that’s not a good argument.

              2. I like Ritchie and his opinion but he has been way over the top on this loss…again the Queefs have a legit SB chance. We went in second straight road game and had a chance to win after giving them a shirt field twice… play to play criticisms are way over blown.. creates a hair on fire atmosphere on the internet, radio and TV… I always just choose to not buy into it

        1. It’s not about wanting to run Blount 16x …The game within the game yesterday was a teacher and his pupil ..the dynamics of mentor ,got us into playing into the hands of Big Red ,to play his game at his pace in his place..Sometimes plodding and pounding the rock softens the underbelly of a defense ,and allows for the lineman to go forward vs pass blocking …Nobodys hair is on fire, ,this is an anomaly ,of minor proportions..we’re only into week 2 and many attributes are apparent on the defensive side of the ball.As opposed to last year ,tackling and yards allowed after the catch have been so much better..Pressure on the QB is light years better ..Yesterday ,unlike ,Dag ,I saw O line play that was inspiring ,being they had to hold up ,under intense pressure ,and relatively ,with Wentz escapability ,allowed for him to stay upright and sling it around ..The one constant is tight ends,are still an Achilles …Reed and Kelce were awesome…granted they are both all pro caliber ,but they both were head and shoulders above there wide outs vs the birds ..watching for Schwartz to rebalance that attack.Back to back road games and only 6 remaining is a plus,as now the Birds get to protect their nest …I know we get fixated at times on looking at things play by play as fans ,but we don’t comprehend that ,Against an AFC road opponent with another division foe on deck in the Gmen ,we may be holding things off the film loop …Coach ,got caught into Andys web,and tried to out Andy ,Andy ..and Wentz was up to the task ..If not for a whiff on a sack and a tipped ball ,he may have checked off two straight road wins,for a young team.The final stat sheet ,attests to that ..

    2. Well, I would argue that writing articles ripping players after an embarrassing loss is quite different than inventing stories about assistant coaches preparing to put the knife into the HC’s back 3 days before the start of the season.

  10. Meanwhile here deep in the pinelands , You just gotta love Legarrette Blount . H e wrote on I really could care less bout yall and your fantasy teams”,get out of my mentions with that shit “Sadly though Legarrette , Mr. B. did you no favors trading you to philly. You are on your way to being thrown under a couple of septa busses, Welcome to negadelphia. AT you have one fan ,,,in me ,good luck in negadelphia , Legarette. But don’t take it personal it is not you ,it is the negadelphia fans and culture ,

        1. Beautiful points above HAC

          This is all fake news. The eagles are fine and proved they could contend and beat a top 5 NFL team on the road. The chiefs are complete head 2 toe.

          We will run the ball more with Blount against the giants.

          It’s all about bein 2-0
          In the Divison and conference.

          I really wish we kept Allen barbre right about now.

          Would issac make A better center then guard?

          1. i thought he looked pathetic week 1. a long of 1, slow and unathletic. hes was a poor mans mike alstott in NE and here hes just a squid

  11. hac You sir know who Mt B is , Even the context of my post would tell even a neophyte negadelphia , fan such as yourself who mr, B would be . You have enough creds with g cobb that who mr B is , is just you trying and failing at being coy.

  12. mhenski. and it is nice to hear from you . again ..However I Know nothing about this tiger woods you speak of. I thought tigers were close to being on the forever gone list.Where does this tiger live?

  13. bills either suck or are tanking. whats it gonna cost for shady honestly nfl is weird what would be their asking price? they talking about starting a 5th round rookie at qb soon

  14. Ike Reese is with you Mhenski …. running backs are horrible and went throwing gives us the best chance to win. Says Doug is calling the plays that give birds best chance of Winning. He also said he’s very encouraged and they are close.

    1. good stuff with ike then. always liked his takes… but this isnt formula that will lead to consistency and wins especially as much as we like to go playaction… we need a rb like a real one like this week. we are good enough to be anyone in the nfc except atlanta. get shady or get gio bernard and have him and sproles just split snaps and stop with all these other loooooooooooozahs

  15. Still cannot stress enough how happy I am how we kept Kendrick’s. The dude looks like a totally different animal in year 2 of this defense.

    I see us being stuck with our rbs. I can’t see us making a trade for Lesean or Gio.

    I know lesean wants the hell out of buffalo tho

      1. Saquoan barkely is the dream pick. But I just can’t see the animal dropping too much outside the top 10. More then likely top 6

  16. Mhenski or HAC any over or under bets on the ,results of Mr. Blount being philly style booed if his first carry in the next home game ends in a loss of yardage?Any of you same Gents like to wager me on how soundly Doug’s head is called for if the next home game results in an eagle ugly loss? Come on Gents , a nice bet // ,, perhaps you’ll win /// Maybe Lady Luck will be riding her stallion.that day!

    1. First I have no idea what you are saying. Two huh? Three it’s not just Philly that boos… he and running is the topic du jour of course if he’s stopped there will be boos.

  17. desert eagle You are a good fan , but just think about your statement ,I thought Blount led the league in rushing , AND you are right on, !However for what team my friend? what coach? what fan base/ if the Eagles win 8 or 9 games this year and Doug grows in his job you should be a positive man out there in the desert.

  18. Patrik….alls good here in the desert ..I wrote touchdowns ..he led the league in touchdowns …I’m going to the chargers game out in LA ..and I’ll go to the Rams later in the years ,as well..

    1. I assume most people think next week is going to be easy dropping the giants to 0-3?

      Gonna be a do or die game. We should destroy them. we are built better then the giants at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

      They have no running game, and major oline problems. Eli looks like he’s lost a little bounce.

      Eagles need to seal this home opener up, and steal one on the west coast against chargers.

      That’s why It would’ve been nice to come away with this Chiefs win so the chargers game Wouldn’t have been this important.

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