In Defense Of Doug Pederson

Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson has taken a lot of criticism over the last few days. Some well deserved. Some over the top.

But let’s look at the job Pederson did on Sunday against the Chiefs a little more closely.

The Chiefs game was not a game that the Eagles were expected to win. Hell, most people you talk to would have believed that Kansas City would have beaten the Eagles rather handily.

But Pederson’s Eagles weren’t a pushover on Sunday. They came out, they battled, and had a chance to pull off the upset. Pederson’s young team and second-year quarterback were ready to play, and handled themselves with a commendable amount of poise entering one of the NFL’s most hostile environments.

Does Pederson get any credit for the way Carson Wentz handled himself on Sunday on the road against a top defense? How about for how rookie Mack Hollins was worked into the offense? Or how about how Zach Ertz has been used through two games?

Still not feeling a little more forgiving?

Let’s look at the rest of the head coaches in the division.

How good of a job did Jason Garrett do for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday? Going into a situation almost identical to that of the Eagles, Garrett’s second-year quarterback and vaunted offense completely folded and weren’t the least bit competitive against the Denver Broncos.

How about offensive guru Ben McAdoo? McAdoo’s Giants haven’t scored more than 20 points in a game since November 27th of last season. New York went out and added Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram to a passing attack that already featured elite weapon Odell Beckham and promising second-round pick Sterling Sheppard, and McAdoo has coached the talented weapons to a grand total of 13 points through two games.

And with regards to McAdoo, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how bad a job he’s done so far. Say what you will about Doug Pederson abandoning the run, but jeez, at least the Eagles didn’t do half of the ridiculous things that McAdoo had the Giants doing on Monday night.

After obtaining a first-and-goal at the Detroit one-yard line, the Giants immediately were flagged for holding. Three plays later, attempting to go for it on fourth and goal. McAdoo’s offense couldn’t even get the snap off in time, resulting in a delay of game and a field goal attempt instead.

Doug Pederson has certainly done some strange things that warrant criticism. Abandoning the run in Kansas City was troubling, but its not as though he brought no positives to the table on Sunday. Things could be much worse. Let’s see how things play out over the next few weeks before completely burying him.

58 thoughts on “In Defense Of Doug Pederson

  1. I actually like Doug Pederson but he is a weakling. Howie was looking for a weakling so he could rule over the head coach. Doug Pederson’s every move & decision has to be GM/ Owner approved. The only person Doug Pederson had any influence in acquiring was Chase Daniel and he was shown the door. Doug had no say in the Defensive coordinator, Personnel Department, Draft picks, Free Agent signing, extensions. He is told who makes the team. He is told who to play and when. You know Howie has say on the plays that are going to be run on Sundays. Doug is a weakling and only a weakling could co-exist with Howie and Jeffery in 2017 on this reboot of the west coast offense part 2 with a 2nd overall QB. This is Howie and Jeffery’s show and Pederson is just a mere waiter.

    1. I lean towards agreeing with you. However dougs been fine to me, he in sophomore year with sophomore qb with no run game and he competing… most games r close and that’s all that matters. Need improvement every year and the rest is soap opera

  2. Eagles0superbowls

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Nor do you have a clue what goes on within Philadelphias organization.

    The NFL has always been this way since day 1. Coaches coach. And the gm and (sometimes) owner do the scouting and grocery shopping.

    If u don’t think Pederson, as a ex player for this organization and coach has any say in the matter and is not in that drafT room your REALLY clueless.

    There are only what? 4-5 head coaches MAX with full power? What did that get us with Chip Kelly and during the final years of Reid? Bill B is the only coach that proved he can take on full duties.

    Look at what Sean Peyton has done to that roster in New Orleans. Pitiful what they have done to one of the greatest qbs ever career.

    I believe Sean has full power in NO?

    Besides that one 1-2 drafts 5-6 years ago what has Pete Carroll done to rebuild Seahawks? They have been depending on that draft class for years.

    I believe Carroll also has full power in Sea?

    1. People call Pederson a Andy Reid clone. Maybe he is in some sense.

      But since he has been in Philadelphia, his clock management hasn’t been like Reid. Eagles always have 3 time timeouts right before second half and at end of ball games.

      We have the best coach in the Divison. He played the game, and has been around the greatest players and coaches throughout his whole career. Shula, Holmgren, Reid in Philly and KC.

      Coach Reid sees something in Doug. It’s why he brought him to Philly as his qb when they left GB. Remember Pederson played qb before mcnabb.

      It’s also why he brought him on as a coach in multiple places.

      Brett Favre would even say when he threw a pic or Made a mid sake he would go straight to Doug Pederson to ask questions. The man knows football and has been around down the greatest. He knows what he’s doing.

      Howie has done an excellent job giving him a team with promising drafts back 2 back

          1. Yes, like you were on board with Taylor hart, who by the way is out of the league..bwhahahahahha.

            This team is light years better than it was two-three years thank Howie for that. Doug is beginning his second year as a head coach, went 7-9 as a rookie head coach with a rookie QB, not many rookie HC’s accomplish that.
            More pieces are needed to complete this puzzle, more experience is need by the HC and QB, however, I am fine with where they are at right now. Progress comes through time and experience. Glad you have it all figured out already though. Now offer some solutions…Tell me, who would you have chosen as a HC, and who would your GM and QB be?

              1. Don’t need to use the voluminous note book to measure progress, it’s right there on the field for all to see. The defense is light years ahead of anything that resembled a defense in the Chip kelly/Bill Davis production. The WR’s are muuuuch better than what we had last year on pure talent alone. Yes…liiiiiight years!
                Lol, that right there alone in the second year is progress. No road victories last year, did not beat the redskins last year or in the last 3 years, this year we did with a road win. The season just commenced and there’s a long way to go, but I’m encouraged with what I’ve seen thus far.

                BTW, I notice you offered no solutions, just whining…lol

      1. nice , good stuff . A wonderful, full of insight ,Good reading ,post . Oh , and well thought out comments like yours will not make too many friends on this board . But I know you dont come on here to make friends ,I don.t come here to make friends either, A few posters would agree I am doing a good job of it as well.

      2. ct all or most all of what you pored is right on Refeshing to read a post , that is oblective , right on the point and fair. I wrote a post commenting on your post , but forgot to put ct in it. so someone else thinks it is for them I guess. Anyway I enjoyed your analysis of the Eagles . No expert here , but enjoy the insight you gave , instead of the usual know it all stuff. posters see one or 2 games and wow instant judgement . I dont like to be nasty but they lok like a big fat horses’s ass when doing so … Peace out.

  3. I agree with your statement CT. The thing I question is the running game. We absolutely cannot throw the ball 70% percent and expect to win ball games. Need to have a more balanced O. I really think it’s time we see what Corey Clement can do for this team. Not sure what the hell is going on with Blount, but someone needs to step up as the bell cow. Maybe the front office pulls off a trade for a RB like Jeremy Hill, or Latavius Murray, or maybe even Lesean McCoy. McCoy would be ideal, but I’m sure Buffalo would want too much in return. I’m sure Howie will surprise us all..

  4. If the Oline play does not improve against the vagiants, Kelce will suddenly “strain his groin” in practice. Then we will see Seumalo at center and Wisniewski at LG. Two problems solved(theoretically).

  5. Denny .an honest well constructed piece on or 2 nd year new H.C. What i noticed the most about the broadcasters who did the game where I live, they were very articulate, gentle . an respectful in pointing out that when big red was here, The fans actually did not get that to win a super bowl you have to get to the playoffs right?easy easy concept right? WRONG/ Denny not in negadelphia. .Tons and tons of nonsense spewing negadelphia slop has been written by negadelphia fans about how big red never the trophy in philly,Denny you are on g cobb so how about a column explaining to the fans in order to win a super bowl it is a must to get into and win the playoffs. And a second follow up column would be even better , Because too , too many fans in philly need to step away from the fantasy game and get in the real game, Actually the 2 announcers were . mocking and chiding the philly fans,But I would guess it went sailing over their running on empty heads .

    1. What does that even mean?? Most philly fans appreciate that AR was a good coach who won a lot of games. But unfortunately, the reality is, whiffed in too many of the big ones to be considered great.

      1. weird. u say gman and the only other person that said that was paulman

        you hate on philly fans and speak like an outsider so does paulman

        are you his russian twin or his 4th grade grandson?

  6. crazy johnny , The last gentleman I knew named crazy johnny , hit a guy in the head with a ball peen hammer down at a shithole bar at 22 nd and Norris Street in phila. A bar called the blue angel , So I don.t mess around with, argue ,or even diss any gentleman named Crazy Johnny. Whatever you say Crazy Johnny.At this point in my life I have one on a bananna peel . one foot i the grave, and my wallet is thinner than a cup of jailhouse gravy .You dont mess around with a man named crazy johhny !

  7. What a coincidence……I knew a guy named Crazy Larry, he chained someone to a basement lolly column and sodomized him for a week. He is probably still in Rahway State Prison.

  8. Wtf are you all spewing ? I feel like songs and kool have been resurrected ..Lets look at the facts ,and stop becoming a hornets nest of innuendos and fake news allegations.These are our Eagles ,led by Jeffrey ,howie and Doug organization that lest many of you may have forgotten was on the roadside ,flat tires ,rusty,and bloated with “bad gas” ..Fast forward to the stability that Doug has provided ,after the “special ” drinks guy let the door hit him in his ample arse..Lets look at the holes of Swiss cheese that existed just over one season ago ,and look at the rebuilt roster…Start with the franchise player who has shown a maturity and poise that reflects the “good coaching” he’s obviously getting ..would you rather have any other QB in the east ? look at Schwartz vs Billy boy Davis …this team and this coach have resurrected the culture of 53 …thinking those optics are easy is fool hearty..Doug in my opinion played a game of dare with his mentor ..Big deal..he will grow from it …his ego and or desire to beat AR may have altered his game calling…he certainally looked brilliant when the Eagles stood toe to toe for over 3/4 of the game and put his team in a position to win a second back to back game on the road to be heralded as the next Lombardi,had he done so..Winning obscures everything ,and losing gets the so called experts to assume this coach is a “puppet” ruler ..I suppose Jeffrey or howie are empowering the QB to be heralded throughout the league? Give Doug his props ..Wentz looks to all of us ,like a keeper ,no longer do we need overpay mercenaries to lead our organization on the field..our memories are like our opinions ..often distorted ,and advocate a disproportionate share of the burden to be heaped on the coach..hell ..even Dag was speaking of dougs praises in the third quarter …if not for a whiff on a sack ,we’d be erecting a statue for Doug …lets all enjoy the heap of trash that has been transformational ,restoring ,a 53 man roster that ,fights every week ,has weapons ,and is playing for the name on the fronts of their jerseys ..that’s what any coach worth his salt ,should be judged by…

    1. Doug didn’t turn the ball over in enemy territory– look the winning team who has a blue chip rb only ran it a few times- for some reason people get mired in running the ball when in fact every rule change in the last 20 years has enticed the league to pass- as fans we also micro analyze each play– and the lazy wisdom of fans and media tends to be that every play that didn’t work was a bad call– its ludicrous.

  9. What if Doug is brilliant? He showed an NFC east opponent ,on tape ,very little vs KC as far as a run game is concerned ? Is he that coy? Perhaps ,he is …and he also obviously realizes in his me a culpa ..”we gotta fix this” his ownership of knowing with deuce that ,still in year one plus two road games ,he’s got to insert Blount ,more effectively ..lets keep it real ..Sunday, dougs first option was to get to neutralize KC speed with the only runner (sproles) who could get outside the edges…KC wasn’t the place to try to put a north south runner in Blount ,into his game plan..He restored Jeffrey’s role as a number one ,and he inserted a new weapon on the receiving Corp…in the rookie from no Carolina ..(scouting ) if we took note ,he sacrificed inserting a more stout Blount ,giving him one play …in a game that he obviously stuck to his “game plan” that’s called coaching …

  10. I am happy with just about everything that’s going on. Sure the running game isn’t working…ok….over the past 2 years there has been massive improvement at QB, WR, DL, LB, and even the secondary.

    Not everything can be fixed at once. I honestly hope that next year the #1 pick on upgrading the Oline. RB in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Now my only complaint is Pederson’s insistance on calling the plays. (BTW – this is a league wide pet peeve of mine). If you want to call the plays, then stay a co-oordinator.

    I just think the HC really loses sight of all the things going on in a game when he’s standint there staring at one of those giant laminated cards trying to pick a play.

    Leave that to the co-ordinators, and oversee the whole game. You’re the HC….so that includes Defense, ST, injuries, the mood/demeanor of the team, working the refs etc etc. I just think a lot of that is lost when the coach’s head is buried on the chart.

    Emulate Bellicheat Pederson…..delegate!!!

    1. one anonymous player was quoted when he was asked, “were you surprised Blount didn’t get any carries?” he quipped– “did you see all the holes he missed last week:”

  11. Seumalo is a big concern….at Guard. I’m not overly concerned with OBJ. Hard to finish a route and make a reception when your QB on his back looking up at the sunny Philadelphia sky.

  12. Giants are a desperate team that will play this week like its there SB because if they lose this week there will be a mutiny. IF Marshall actually catches those passes and they dont give up the ST touchdown thats a whole different game. The Eagles must take there will and throttle them early and they will quit. If the Eagles let the Giants hang around and build confidence everyone will be saying thats not the same Giants team I watched the last 2 weeks.

    1. I agree. i hope the eagles do not take them to lightly. For whatever reason it seems like when the Eagles have a strength to another teams weakness, they play down to that weakness and do not capitalize on it. They can’t afford to do that Sunday. They have to exert control and take over the Giants O Line by physically beating them up and pressuring and beating up Eli with multiple hits and sacks. Eli gets skittish in the pocket, last night he sacked himself once, the Eagles must make his uncomfortable and see phantoms around him even when there is no pressure.
      Further, they must run the ball. The Lions had little success at first but they kept pounding the rock, eventually, they started to get production in the run game.

  13. Stupid eagles fans posting pics in front of nova care..”run the ball”… stupid posters on here “run the ball”… they had 27 first downs and over 400 yards… silly silly silly. Had a chance to win on road against a top team… people were bitching just last year that for the last couple of years they rolled over in hostile environments and got blown out.

      1. Hilarious… so now we are treating the season like the preseason…. you play to win the game! You are playing scared! Eagles were down 14 and then Wentz threw 19 times in quarter 4…. people weren’t bitching when they went toe to toe for 3.5 quarters… fucking armchair experts

        1. Wentz dropped back to pass 17 times in the last 6:25 which is after the queefs went up by 7 very late in the game. conversely the queefs ran the ball 5 times and threw once in that same time span… you boys have no idea what you are talking about

            1. I wonder want the complaints would be if they were down 7 with 6:25 to go in the fourth quarter and they took the air out of the ball… I’m sure there would be complaints.
              He throws a lot… he’s the best player and they are trying to win. They are trying to give themselves a chance to win…. dunno, I think the complaints would be even more if they ran 30 times and lost 27-10

              1. Zach Ertz stated after the game against the Chiefs that passing 40 times (Wentz passed 46) was to much and the plays should be more balanced(obviously he met more run plays).
                Wentz stated that it would be good to have more balance (run plays), Pederson acknowledged in his post game presser that they have to get the run game fixed…AND SHOULD HAVE RUN MORE…so I guess they are all stupid and incorrect too.

                The videos are on

              2. No they aren’t stupid… every team would rather run 40 times and pass 20…. they are speaking in cliches. It’s what coaches and players do. So if they throw 60 times and win I assume we’d all be in mourning and if they lost but ran 45 and passed 20 we’d be happy. How many times have I told you not to listen to cliches from coach speak. Look my back ground as a coach we ran 85% of the time … a different level and game for sure… but it was still called because it gave us the best chance of winning.

              3. Zach Ertz most certainly was not speaking in clich├ęs, he was very straight forward and meant exactly what he said. If you watch his presser there is no mistaking that…
                What I find funny about you is that you will say pman and gmcliff were know it alls, my friend, you should go back and read your posts and then look in the are no different, if not even more so a Mr. know it all…lol

                I recall you defending everything Chip Kelly was saying/doing just go along to get along..move along..nothing go see here.

                Please don’t equate your pop warner coaching experience with the NFL, don’t even embarrass yourself bringing that up. That’s like me trying to equate my high school football playing days with being an NFL player…it’s inane…just stop it!

  14. It wasn’t pop warner and I qualified it clearly as not being on par. As for know it all…. I don’t I just know reality and you don’t. I know the goal is to win not some arbitrary numbers. So that said what is an acceptable ratio? Tell me 60-40 , 50/50,30/70? Pick one and stick to it

    1. Bwahahaha…you live in LaLa Land, not reality..everything is perfect in your world of game day play calling.

      Everybody knows the goal is to win..what a revelation by you…bwhahahahaha. Keeping defenses guessing and play calling balanced is statistically the best way to win.. being so predictable is not a way to consistently win. Every game has ebbs and flows and you choose plays based off that.. that’s football, but, you have to have a better run/pass ratio balance in play calling to sustain winning…period.

      Sproles was running the ball well…keep it up to wear the defense down and keep them guessing and on their heels. Mix it up.

  15. I reference it because I’ve been criticized in wins and losses for play calling oddly enough sometimes by people close to me who have zero knowledge of what’s going on. Yes I was on kelly AFTER he was hired, I hated the hire but once hired you rally behind your team etc…. I don’t rally for a player or coach I rally for the birds. I wanted chip to be Vince Lombardi and now I want pedersin to do the same. In both cases I understand the method to their madness and don’t armchair their every call

    1. See, that’s my point, you’re wishing and hoping..Chip was a fraud and you didn’t stop supporting that fraud til his ass was out the door even though, if your football coaching acumen is as high as you believe it is you should have been able to see that he could not coach his way out of a paper bag on the NFL level…but you continued to back him like he was Vince Lombardi. I back my team as a fan, but, the coach is just a steward, not the team. If the coach is hurting my team, I can’t support that coach and Chip was clearly hurting the team.

      I am fine with Doug, I think he’s doing a good job overall, however, I think he needs to commit to the run a little more and not abandon it so quickly. I know you don’t armchair coach’s every kiss ass it! Every call is the right call…lol…okay.

      1. Calling a play after it’s happened is a 100% perfect science and that’s what you do. Pass 100% of the time and win the SB is a genius call pass 90% and lose that SB and you didn’t run it enough.
        If you think that that 10 more run plays (or pick an arbitrary number out your ass) would have won the game then I guess your an expert…. they were trying to win, you are arm chair and undeafted after the play is called

        1. I specifically stated in my post prior to the Chiefs game, they need to get the running game going (it’s posted so you can read it). There is no arm chair coordinating/play calling in that scenario. At no point in the first 3 quarters did the Eagles need to abandon the running game as the game was close all the way up until half way through the 4th qtr. Once again, the HC/OC stated he needs to improve upon that and your defense is “That’s coach’s spek, it’s cliches” completely ignoring the obvious and what was told to you in a self admission. Bet you they run the ball more this Sunday!

          1. 27 first downs…. I think I hey moved the ball quite well actually…. smith dropped one in the EZ, kicker missed a chippy and the QB spiked the ball into a helmet. They moved the ball up and down the field… the run the ball argument is lazy and Ilinformed.

            1. As for running Sunday …will depend on the situation…. they get up early sure…. they get down or the pass is working great not so much… you call plays to try to win

  16. Everyone needs to chill. This team uses swing passes and screens in place of piches.

    This is smart. A forward swing pass that falls to the ground is a dead ball. A pich that falls to the ground is a fumble.

    Against teams that get penetration ( i.e. Nfl DL) piches are dangerous and a swing pass is the same thing.

    A screen pass and a draw play very similar but gets the back behind the rush = better.

    Look at RB touches and attempts vs Runs and all the old school morons who don’t see the changes can shut it.

    Now running more powe might be nice but we do not have the line (Kelce) for that. Maybe chance adds some beef for better power runs but the center is still light.

    1. I see no indication that roseman made the move… you make a switch like that later in the week after your opponent schemes on what they know… never announce a change on a Monday…

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