Eagles Bring Back Running Back Kenjon Barner

With Darren Sproles gone for the season, the Philadelphia Eagles have turned to a familiar face to take his roster spot.

The team agreed to terms with running back Kenjon Barner on Tuesday. Barner had spent the last two seasons with the Eagles as their fourth running back, and was a preseason standout, particularly in the return game.

I think this is a great move by the Eagles. I don’t think Barner will contribute much as a running back, Doug Pederson had very little interest in working him into the offense last season, giving him just 27 carries (although he averaged 4.8 yards per carry), however where Barner is really going to make an impact is in the return game.

Sproles brought all kinds of explosiveness to the table as the team’s punt returner. Barner had shown similar explosiveness in that role in each of the last two preseasons, but with Sproles healthy there was never a need for the team to put him in that role over the last two years.

Now with Sproles out, Barner should immediately become the team’s primary punt returner. Torrey Smith filled in for Sproles last Sunday, but didn’t look particularly impressive in the role.

Barner also knows the offense, and can step in and contribute if needed.

26 thoughts on “Eagles Bring Back Running Back Kenjon Barner

      1. Yeah. He actually played well when given the opportunity. Played extremely well in preseason and caught the ball well also. In regular season his stats were posted above 27 carries 140 yards for a 4.8 ypc. Sometimes its just the opportunity that some players never get IMO. Plus its not like Smallwood or Clement are All-Pros. Obviously when you have a 65 man roster and a guy off the street is going to come right in and return kicks because not one person on the roster can do it its telling you something.

  1. Look at it like this. Even though in the big scheme of things Paul Turner is just a guy. But you cant tell me he shouldnt of been playing last year over Aglohor and DGB. If I recall right he came right into Seatte game and caught a nice ball accross the middle and people were saying finally. But then back to the bench. So some guys just have to get lucky and be actually used in a game. Maybe im wrong but thats my opinion.

    1. Oh thats right– you are a fan of pre-season all-stars–
      When a guy is on the streets after week 3 of an nfl season you can be sure that he ain’t all that- from the birds perspective he does have some ability to return kicks, knows the play book to a degree and knows the surroundings so it makes sense but if he was this hot commodity he would not have been available.

  2. The birds and other teams crippled by an injury will all have a revolving door policy on “guys” off the heap ..Dag ..trust the process of evaluating talent ,and don’t think for a moment that your dynamic optics far outweigh all the persons actually getting paid for their opinions ..around the league ..

  3. Are these the same people that evaluated. Marcus Smith, Aglohor moved up to draft a 130lb back in the 4th round, drafted Danny Watkins, brought in Nmamdi, Byron Maxwell and so on? The same guys who got bashed to run the fucking ball and play Wiznewski? See sometimes they dont get it right eithier. Or the ones that go for it on 4th and 8 at midfield or keep trying the WR screen to no avail. See everyone has thier issues.

    1. Same are the same sure-
      of course you are batting 1000 on your couch–
      the 4th and 8 it just absolutely has amazed me that its an issue– I want a coach that tells his young offense that he has confidence in them- tells his young defense he has confidence in them– who goes for the jugular and plays to win the game. Teams that play everything conservative don’t typically do well.
      play calling is very simple from your couch-
      No they don’t get it right but apparently they got it right with regards to your guys Barner and Turner as they’ve not been coveted by other teams.
      Was just reading about Marv Lewis’ reaction to cutting Elliott, then did some research– guy is in year 15, has a barely over 500 record and has never won a PO game — yet he keeps his job–

        1. Yeah I really do t understand all he hand wringing on here and WIP…. I guess people aren’t happy unless they are whining like babies . I think they’ve looked good. Looking at the schedule in July if you had said 2-1, strong defense, continued good late game play etc… I’d have taken that every time

    1. Anybody catch what Terrence Brooks did for the jets on Sunday? Remember he had a very strong spring/summer for the eagles. He just happened to play Behind some depth with Malcolm, Rodney, Corey, maragos and Watkins.

      2-1 is exactly what I had Philly looking at the schedule thru the first 3 weeks.

      I’m really worried about this west coast trip. I hope I’m wrong. I say rest Hicks, Rodney, and cox for this trip. Just to be extra safe and have them ready at home for ArIzona which is a big game for the NFC standings in the long run

  4. HAC you are right again sir. regarding kelce, the only thing many of these posters know a bout football is , That it is hard to play.!Myself included , but at least I own up to my shortcomings bout football . Negadelphia , home of the most judgemental,unknowledeable ,and boastful,fans in the n.f.l. So quick to judge, so so wrong in most of their evaluations.And nary an admittance of Well I was a little off on my judgement on that one.!My oh my . What can I say , I see mr.Blount was prejudged as well philly style.After 2 games the mockery began !

    1. There is a certain romanticism the Make Football Great Again by remembering the days when the hogs would block for John Riggins or Larry Czonka would bull people over. But football has evolved, lots of zone blocking etc. Do you remember in the preseason when Blount ran a sweep a couple times and got stuffed for no gain? and the talk on here and WIP is he can’t run wide? well I pointed out that like half of his TD runs last year were wide runs– and of course in last sundays game he broke a sweep for 12 yards–

  5. Remember when fans wanted Brett brown fired?

    Or how about fans talking about a 23 year old rookie qb who had a 8 day offseason throwing motion?
    Wentz release and mechanics look tighter and ways faster. U can tel this man puts in the work.

    Philly fans have to be the most negative. And it’s not even close. And yes I got on other teams sites as well.
    Big blue view- Giants
    Stampede blue – colts
    Arrow head prime – chiefs
    Bolts from the blue – chargers
    Hogs haven- redskins
    Blogging the boys – cowboys
    Bleeding green nation – our beloved eagles

  6. Ct, nice humor . an 8 day offseason throwing motion. If Wentz fails it will not be for lack of effort .I read he puts in many 12 hour days. Now guys like Wentz and Mr Sproles you gotta love, There used to be D back from Montana who was as tough as they come, Eagles always called him when there was injuries. Slow, but hit , big time when tackling., If you do an amatuer comedian show , ILL be in the front row sitting next to Bob Ueceker , all glove no hit. Good , to hear from you!Wentz even threw one left handed vs. the Gmen!Go Eagles! !please win a trophy , because Father time is rapping on my door. Enjoy the season!

  7. You too bro!

    We are going to see how good Carson wentz is really soon. Losing Sproles is a lot bigger then most people think. He has bailed this football team out on idk how many different occasions. Special teams is going to take a major hit in the return game. How many games has Sproles won us or atleast kept us for in by having an amazig punt return?

    Sad what as happened to this man at this stage of his career. No way he retires and I really hope he comes back to philly on a team friendly deal. No reason he leaves. Unless Pumphrey ends up being that guy.

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