Eagles Podcast: Ranking The NFC East Teams

The Philadelphia Eagles have started out the season 2-1, including a 2-0 record against the NFC East.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tim Kelly and Tucker Bagley of SportsTalkPhilly.com, and the three give their current rankings of the NFC East teams. The trio also discusses Carson Wentz’s struggles with the deep ball, the rotating left guard situation, and give their thoughts on the Eagles-Chargers game this weekend.

48 thoughts on “Eagles Podcast: Ranking The NFC East Teams

  1. 1- Philly. Not biased. We have the best OLine/Dline symmetry in the entire NFL and especially in the Divison, and it’s not even close. Young up and coming qb who is best in Divison if not then top 2
    2. Dallas- best oline in Divison
    3. Skins (could be number 2) very debate. Kirk is no joke
    4. giants

  2. Who wins this Sunday? Being at a soccer stadium with 28000 seats is the smallest in the whole league. People are thinkIng we will have a slight home field advantage.

    How much as this eagles team matured since last season? How much has Doug? Carson?

    Can they win back 2 back after an emotional home win on the road traveling out west?

    I think we pull it off 24-14

  3. Sixers preseason tips off soon. When was the last time Philly was This excited for NBA season?2005? 2001?

    Lottery reform just happened also. Sixers were the team that made the rule change. I can see it now. “The Sixers were the last team to take advantage of tanking” when are special and this team is 26-28 years old

    Fultz, Riddick, Covington, simmons, Embiid
    TJ, stauskas, Dario, Holmes, Center
    Justin Anderson, Luwawu

    Now that is a damn roster. Korkmaz and draft picks also who I didn’t mention that got deep potential on a roster like this.

    47-53 wins this season

  4. Sixers stars have been great on Instagram playing against 45 year old assistant coaches, dunking on orphans in Africa, hitting long range shots in the gym… woo hoo

  5. So has 29 other nba franchises…we are not beating GS or Cleveland this year etc..(obviously) these guys are babies.

    Make the playoffs this season.. get some experience. Sign Lebron next offseason who is very aware what’s going on in Philly
    And has strong relationship with Simmons.

    Nba finals the next year.

  6. Appreciate the hyperbole.

    Opening game is against the wizards. We will drop em

    Took James harden 55 points to beat us by 1 point with Embiid playing 28 minutes.

    That’s was a playoff team in the west.

    Being in the east conference is gonna have us in the playoffs this year. All the talent has left, or split up.

  7. Eagles fans will be rolling in deep at stubhub. LA doesn’t give 2 shits about the Chargers. It’s Raider nation here in SD and LA…the Chargers will always be that ugly step child. I will say this though, this game scares me. Chargers backs are against the wall and need to win now. Can’t wait till Sunday! Section 123 here we come!!

  8. Michael Bennett footage released showing what king of Lying POS he really is… LOL!! Modern day players are biggest bunch of whiny bitches I’ve ever seen.

    Barely practice nowadays and gets paid today more then ever.
    Cut that soft minded over paid bitch

    1. The story on PFT says that the video is edited. Bennett’s attorney is awaiting all the raw footage that went into making that video from various angles. The alleged problem is that the arresting officers body camera was not activated at the time of initial contact so we do not know what happened before it was activated.

      Boy, I’d love to see you call Michael Bennett a bitch to his face with the bravado you have on here..I’d pay to see that.

        1. Pretty damning video. Bennett’s own words said the cops said don’t run and he took off like a crook that just robbed a convenience store. He also was not complying with officer commands by getting in the car. Repulsive accustations that he was targeted because of race. Disgusting. Those cops shown were so damn nice and no mention of that from this agenda driven jackass.

          And even if the ill blow ur head off was true, police thought there was a shooting. This nut is running away like he’s guilty, what they suppose to say pretty please listen to me?

          This shit is repulsive !! Knew krappernick was a racist with a problem with authority the second he wore them pig socks. Bennet I knew this shit didn’t add up day 1

          I’m fine with fuck trump anthem protests but this shit is awful

          1. Hid behind a slot machine. Ran from police. jumped over a barrier trying to get away. Then lied about how he was abused during his arrest.

            Nice effort.

            You want to know why people are upset about the protests? Because scuzzies like Bennet are leading the charge. And the there’s Jerry leading the kneel down on national tv. Jerry who signed woman abusing Greg Hardy, who is an excuse machine for (alleged) woman beater Elliott. Who presided over a team of drug abusing, woman degrading losers in the 90s and who is the current GM of a team of thugs who have led the league in suspensions over the last 3 years.

            No one cares about kneeling….they do, however, get their ire up when they feel like they’re being preached to by scumbags like these.

  9. Watching Penn State, I have to say Saquon Barkley is just an incredible special talent. He’s a RB that can block, pick up the blitz, run the ball with sped, power and agility up the middle, around the edge and catch it as he has natural soft hands. He’s also very good on special teams. A player of his caliber would help take the Eagles offense to the next level.

    1. A phenomenal athlete and character to match. There was a big story up here a couple years ago when he was running track in high school. At a regional meet, some girl from another school got gypped out of a medal by a timing malfunction. Saquon saw the girl crying, found out what happened and gave her his medal. A far cry from punching someone in the face at a diner 2:30 in the morning.

  10. Colin didn’t vote… never forget that. All these players want to act like they know about life cause they play a GAME. If you really care about injustice VOTE to have legislation pass. Volunteer in the community without a camera being there.

    Most left minded diseased people cannot wrap their head around it’s not about the protest, it’s about HOW they are protesting. They have a BILLION ways to protest, and they chose this one? They act like what they are doing is heroic and brave and MLK related LOL!!

    What has changed since that whiny pussy took that first knee? NOTHING!

    Michael Bennett showed what he really is.. a soft minded bitch. It’s funny, I wonder if it’s because he plays football people will act like he has nothing to do with her shooting. Only people who run are guilty,
    Especially when they have something to lose.

    This is what happens when over paid thugs are role models in the black commnunity.

    Liberals will try to defend to defend that video. Watch

    Thank God we have a president who Is breve enough to defend our flag and stand up To these bums kneeling.

    Ticket sales dropped 18% thank u Mr. president LOL

    1. Loved how you grouped all leftist like that…..you are a pos ct, I don’t like the Bennett acting like a victim but that’s not the whole story as the lawyer said, I’ll wait to judge till after lawyer gets it. So quick to jump on Bennett where the fuck where you when trump said there are good people on the kkk side…..stick to football you selective ass bitch

  11. Your the perfect example of a triggered leftist Zilents.. LOL

    For your information Trump never said “the KKK has good people on its side.” Donald Trump stated that there was good people on the side who were protesting the removing of statues. I know u live in the matrix more then most, and I know this might be hard.. but not 100% of those people were Nazis like the media told u buddy. It’s funny. Kim Jung and ISiS gets more respect then Trump

    And idc what his lawyer said LOL!!! That’s his job!! To defend his client.

    The proof is in the video. And it’s still not enough with VISUAL evidence. And yes… left minded people defend this soft ass shit like Colin. Not 100% but the majority does and it’s not even closed

    1. Sorry bitch but anybody marching with the damn Kkk is pure trash to me…….fuck a statue being grouped with them is enough for me to say no this shit ain’t right…..you a dumb pos

  12. Saquoan barkely is the best running back I have ever seen play the game at th college level.

    Top 5 pick and best player in the country.

    Colts need to tank for this man and get Andrew Luck Adrian Peterson 2.0 with better hands and route running. He can also return punts/returns and throw tds apparently

  13. before the season began I thought the 2 eagles the birds could least afford to not suit up are: Fletcher Cox & Ron Darby. Today they have neither. Birds seemed like a completely different team last week in the 4th quarter without Cox. Hopefully that wasn’t the reason for the NYGs took the lead. I’m apprehensive to pick the birds without Cox lining up. I think Chargers zap them 27- 24.

  14. I predict an ugly game ending in a close loss. WIP and gcobb nation will actually be happy cuz they will have a bunch to whine about.

    I find it interesting that as an organization they’ve decided to be more aggressive on 4th….

    1. Eagles decision to keep him on roster pays off. Keeping 5 rbs want terrible after all.

      Give the offense weapons.

      Howie the Wizard

    1. Giants lose also.

      It’s amazing how big and nimble Philly Blount really is. The mans feet is special! How he was able to regain his footing and stay up on multiple occasions would shock me time and time again.

      Great pick up. KEEP FEEDING HIM

  15. So henski what’s your take on Blount it was pretty hawt…….grwat win……jesus we gave up so many big plays and left a lot of points on board but ThatsThats the nfl……gotta get Cox and Darby back need those guys

  16. Eagles have 8 straight games of 20 point games. Leads the NFL.

    They are 3rd since 2016 behind Atlanta and NE in 20 point games.

    1. Atlanta 18
    2. NE 18
    3. phillly 17

    We also have as much road wins this season already then last year.


    1. Z. Doug’s play calling has been excellent all year. His best game was KC… 27 first downs 400 yards and a damn close loss to a damn good team… birds have been great so far

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