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Cleveland Browns Sign Bryce Treggs From Eagles’ Practice Squad

The Philadelphia Eagles lost a bit of depth at the wide receiver position.

Bryce Treggs, who didn’t make the team out of training camp, has been signed by the Cleveland Browns.

Treggs surprised a lot of people in training camp with significantly improved play from the mediocrity he had shown in the 2016 season. Going in to camp, few would have thought Treggs had a serious shot to win a roster spot, but he was very much in the conversation until the final cuts.

Treggs was a very nice insurance policy on the practice squad, but it’s unlikely he would have had long-term future with the team. on Facebook

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22 Comments for “Cleveland Browns Sign Bryce Treggs From Eagles’ Practice Squad”

  1. I wonder how much worse Treggs would be than Torrey??

  2. Sixers 1st preseason game ever tonight with Simmons, Fultz, & Korkmaz, then after that a late night west coast NHL
    Flyers 1st regular season game tonight for 2017-18 season.
    I’ll probably channel flip the MLB NL wildcard game & Sixers preseason game.

  3. Where’s TS Johnson??

    I’d love to hear her opinion on her latest favourite superstar Cam Newton laugh at her entire gender today. True colours coming through.

    Putz should go back to sulking on the bench with the towel on his head. Loser.

    • Yep her hero belittling women and playing like Ryan leaf in 3 of 4 games this year. Meanwhile ginger Jesus who she has stated is garbage is out here balling, saying all the right things and propping up his teammates and being a true leader and it’s all crickets.

      Just another idiot with an agenda. Paul, kookbreeze, songs, ts…

      Ps. I don’t miss paulman even a little. It’s nice not to see his shit splattered wall. Maybe all this time, it’s been the curse of paulman ?

    • don’t worry about that — LaVar Ball and Cam Newton keeping it real.
      Stay in your lane, sweetheart. bwahahahahaha There is a pecking order for the feel sorry for me USA political correctness media scale. Unfortunately for the reporter, Cam could rape her or beat the crap out of her and still be fine in the entertainment business.

      • Never liked cam as a qb, thought he relierelied on talent too much but now he sucks as a person to…..cry baby biatch

        • lol quit overreacting. Jesus.
          Im not a fan of cam either. Very overrated. But whats the narrative on him now? He’s a sexist, bigot now??


          Cam doesn’t have females ask him football questions everyday,if ever. That was probably the first time it’s ever happened to him in his NFL career about routes and he noticed it.


          • Dude ct you must live in a damn box where people aren’t allow to feel disrespected or hated on because of race, religion, sex etc…..its 2018 guy…..that shit matters now…..and cam is a damn millennial he should know better…..not saying he a sexist but shit looks bad in the public eye……why do you defend people who are obviously wrong…..makes you look trollish

  4. Gents, gents can we get real here ?Cam said what many many folks say , just not on such a public forum. So in this make believe world you live in are there not men, of any race poking fun of women?Has not been too long ago there were no women in the locker room area,And there is no racism in the U.S.A. ?We all live in harmony also right?Oh and construction workers in the city , Never yell Hey baby Got me the home of the whopper jn my pants,Oh and there are no bulllies in this bullshit world some of you gents reside in also right?And some of the Gents don’t poke fun of small people right?Shall I end my list?Have I made more friends than usual?How a bout the mockery that was used on the lonely. hurting cowboy who was run off of G cobb because he made up goofy stories to be liked?Cant recall his name, but in short, gents let us be real,and get off the soapboxes!This is hard, hard , life not paradise or utopia.

    • u sound like an idiot

      “Cam said what many many folks say , just not on such a public forum. ” IF I SAID ANYTHING SIMILAR AT WORK ID BE AT MINIMUM WRITTEN UP IF NOT FIRED

      “Has not been too long ago there were no women in the locker room area,And there is no racism in the U.S.A. ?” WHO CARES, ITS CALLED PROGRESSION NOT REGRESSION

      “Oh and construction workers in the city , Never yell Hey baby Got me the home of the whopper jn my pants,” SCUMBAG, IF REPORTED THEY CAN BE FIRED

      “Oh and there are no bulllies in this bullshit world some of you gents reside in also right?” THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR BULLIES NOWADAYS

      i find your point dumb and simple minded; to summarize that dumbassed post. people have been doing it for years so its fine now.

      • Mr. Mhenski, now as the acting head dawg of the chester co. mensa society , you know better than most folks that I was using analagys in my statement towards women. racist atc. etc, Trust this, the female reporter will recover very well from Cams statement,Did you know that the OJibwe french canadian tribe and most other canadians shake their heads in wonder at us us Americans and say “what the fu– is wrong with those gringoes ?all they talk about is racism.!!Morgan Freeman an wonderful actor said something similar when asked Mr Freeman about race, what should we do . his answer was we can start by not talking a bout it every other sentence,All of these topics that you say you cant deal with,i.e. bullies, racism. sexism, mockery, of folks not quite as bright and fair minded as you , How did you become so even , and perfect?You seem very angry and a bit rough when we converse. Come on , let the cobbers know when your beautification takes place , I want to give you a big fat kiss.Anyone as non judgemental as mhenski deserves to kissed by me in front of all the cobbers, For you truly are mr, wonderful .Oh Mr mhenski if this abused reporter was morbidly obese.would you even waver a little bit on the subject?Try a little kindness, bro and drop the soapbox!I know you have given me a few verbal beatings over the time we have conversed!

  5. There have been women sports reporters for decades. Cam was a Heisman winner, national champ… he’s had dozens of women reporters. This was just his stupidity and lack of situational awareness.

  6. i do find it interesting that the dumbass agenda driven, cop hating, racist, colin krappernick has nothing to say about this. but i thought his agenda was no oppression, no discrimination and equal rights for all? What a fuckin hypocrite. his silence is deafening

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