Eagles Podcast: Quarter-Season Evaluations, Eagles-Cardinals Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles have started the 2017 season with a solid 3-1 record, in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tim Kelly and Tucker Bagley of SportsTalkPhilly.com, and three discuss whether or not the Eagles are a playoff team this year, how the this year’s 3-1 start is different from last year’s 3-1 start, and preview the Eagles-Cardinals game coming up this weekend, while taking on a number of smaller Eagles-related topics as well.

52 thoughts on “Eagles Podcast: Quarter-Season Evaluations, Eagles-Cardinals Preview

  1. Giants play chargers
    Cowboys play packers
    Eagles vs cardinals

    We very well could be the only NFC east team that gets a W this week. We rest fletcher cox this week and the panthers game to give him even more rest and hopefully go 1-1 minimum. 10 days later bring back Darby and cox fresh and healthy

    1. You could just as easily have said we could very well be the only team to lose a game this weekend… or pick any other combination. It’s the NFL, the small rosters, grueling schedule, salary cap, short career of players… and many other factors make each game a crap shoot.

  2. I admit to being a sarcastic asshole when it comes to the sixers… however, as I’ve said before they are my first love (tied with the Phils) and it is exciting. Simmons is a man possessed, he is a generational player. Embed is spectacular with the big IF that we all know….. Fultz is almost a forgotten man… which is a good thing. Okafor has a purpose, size and talent level out in the pros… he may finally be working

    1. Okafor is a special talent. People sleep this man. He was 19 coming into the NBA and his footwork and scoring ability was already on pAr with grown men.

      Watching Big Jah a lot he proved he can knock down a shot and be more then a post threat. One of the big reasons the lakers passed on Okafor was because they felt he couldn’t hit a jumpshot

      Okafor should be on this team. When Embiid goes to the bench, a Okafor Simmons Dario paring could be DEADLY especially with how much jahlil’s game has developed.

      He averaged 17 as a rookie. As starting player he could average 20 10rb any night

      Let’s see if the weight loss will
      Help his defense

    2. Not every game is a crap shoot. Maybe so a little in September.

      But a team like Philadelphia should destroy Arizona at home. I know Cardinals have gotten lucky and beat us with John Skeltnon, and kevin kolb at qb, but times are different.

      Mike Vick is no longer our qb, and nick Foles is on the bench. Carson should have another 2td game and Blount should have another field day

        1. Then football has always been a crapshoot since the beginning of time

          Cause u describe what it’s been for decades

          1. Yes it’s a crap shoot… every week a team or two proves the , “on any given Sunday” thing. Also, it’s a truth of sports that the best team doesn’t always win

  3. The cards are irrelevant here in the desert ..if not for larry fitz legend ,they’d have lost to SF @ home. It’s a D backs town at the moment ,so I’d assume the birds of the green ,have a great home cooked win..this is an entirely different team at the moment ,learning how to win on the road ,and establishing a pound the rock mentality and toughness..the development of wentzilla ,the transformation of the coach ,showing a flexibility AR never exhibited.The pass defense, knows Carson Palmer likes take a 7 step drop ,unlike Eli and Phillip rivers ,the ball ain’t coming out quick ,so Schwartz needs find pressure to force mistakes .Larrys a thorn in many teams sides but his numbers vs the Eagles are mind boggling ,so let’s not sleep on him ,he’s still playing at a very high level ..the cards defensively ,can be run upon ,so lets see more of the 3headed monster ..

      1. We are currently number one against the run… which ultimately means nothing… I think we are top 3 in time of possession even tho most of you whiners were whining about running the ball….

        Predictions heading forward:
        1. There will be at least two more pass happy games. Whiners will whine about it but opponent and situation will dictate it’s the best method of sttack to try to win… that fact will be discounted by Cataldi and you guys.
        2. They are gonna have at least one unwatchable game where they and maybe even the other team stinks it up.
        3. They finish 10-6 tied with Cowboys …. tie breaker???

        1. Jeffery publicly invited the fans to atta boy back pat Joe Banner as the ” Gold Standard ” of the salary cap and the NFL provides these salary cap details in the first paragraph of every article written after these free agent signings for a reason. They want fans engaged in the off season. Only Have a cigar feeble mind can’t accept/ understand the NFL Owners want fans to analyze the salary cap …. and the draft process… and free agency … and fantasy leagues … and office pools. Or maybe Have a Cigar would like to explain why the salary details are provided? Why in the first paragraph in the stories written, usually in header also. When the NFL don ‘t want you to know the details such as the pharmaceuticals taken they don’t provide the details.

          1. I don’t buy in to the evil empires 24/7 news cycle thing. They create a buzz causing numb minded lemmings into thinking that watching a draft or guys run in shorts is a made for tv event. Releasing salary info is part of this. I choose to not care. That’s Howies job to evaluate, manipulate the cap etc…. I watch 3 hours of football a weekend…. the eagles are part of my upbringing so I watch them. If I’m bored I may watch a bit of other games but not much.

  4. 5 things I noticed with Sixers
    1. Ben will have some bad shooting nights but will get better as season progresses
    2. Bayless no doubt starts over fultz, fultz will get run but he needs time to get in shape and learn to play off ball
    3. It’s amazing how Amir looks better then Holmes and oak, nothing fancy just knows his roles and boxes out like he should
    4. We are going to shoot a lot of 3s and crazy how good reddick and cov can space floor.
    5. We will struggle for the first month of season until everyone on same page and rookies learn the game and not turn the ball over so much……I really expect us to be top 3 in tos first half of season……too much adjustments

  5. Out for cards just listed in AZ..left tackle DJAX Humphries (Carson ) Palmer will be introduced to the Linc terrain for certain.Add guard Alex Boone and the formula is pretty simplified .It will be important that Palmer adds to his sack totals ,as hitting Larry legend or either brown at wide receiver ,is impossible from your backside.The cards were irrelevant in town with the D backs vs LA ..now with their fate pretty much sealed ,focus ,will again be ,on the red birds ,who defensively Can not stop people via the air ..id assume a shootout isn’t impossible (weather permitting ) ..the wise guys have instilled the green birds @ 61/2 ..look for Wentz and smith to try to eradicate the long ball ,and hopes that smith ,can keep it in his clutches..The cards defensively vs the run will present much less opportunities than the last two opponents ,and I’d anticipate a ball control attack via the air ..The Eagles can not get suckered into a shoot out ,as the speed and weapons of the cards will be formidable vs a banged up pass rush and back end..I anticipate two deep coverages ,and hopes that without cox the green birds apply pressure ..Good birds 35-27

  6. TSJ5…UMMM Carson Wentz 21/30, 304 yards, 4 TD’s, 1 int, 128.3 PR..not bad for a middling QB (those are elite stats).

    Eagles are 4-1, in the tp 10 of all offensive stat lines…#1 in TOP, best 3rd down completion %age. Not bad for a middling team.

    BTW, look at how Dak performed against the Cards to Wentz’s
    Dak Prescott 13-18 , 183 2 TD’s
    Wentz 21-30, 304, 4 TD’s 1 int.

  7. Doug Pederson is a good coach…period. His play calling is good ..very good and the players are well prepared and clearly likes playing for him. He’s better than all the new coaches hired last year…especially Hue Jackson and Ben McAdoo.

    1. Agreed… keep that in mid wen he goes for a 4th and 4 and it doesn’t work. The guy is very good.
      2 under rated calls… 3rd and like 15 and they end up running Barner who gained like 13… they punted but got a big chunk of yards prior….

      1. You have the wrong guy, I didn’t even have a problem with the 4th & 8 call. I like his aggressiveness. I just wanted him to call more run plays which he has been so I’m good….and so is he.

        1. My eagles are pure contenders…..we are great at all phases now defense, spec8al teams, and of course offense. We are so complete not a lot of teams have what we have. Aggs showed why we drafted him so high with the d Jack tribute. When we get Cox and Darby back I feel sorry for any team that plays us…….TS and all the negative nitwits are pure trolls and only come to talk trash and no where near real eagles fans. With our team riding so high how can you be so silent, fake ass eagles fans

        2. Anthony Gargano is the worst..he hates Doug. Gave him no credit last week and said the 6 minute run off at the end of the game was what a coach should do…no big deal. Gargano was a Chip fan and is butt hurt over him. Gargano will not complain but he will not give him credit…like Mike Lombardi gives Doug no credit either…called him the worst coach ever.

          1. listening to gargano . you’ll get in the knowledge of football dept, A big fat zero, a fake south philly accent,and a very lame nick name antny = south philly street chatter for anthony .A true wipper. Hard to believe he has any fans at all.

    1. P Rob has been the best slot corner in NFL this yr and proves he is our best overaoverall corner this year…..great job of Jenkins shutting down fitz

        1. Zero… best thing about being a negative nitwit fan… whine constantly about the coach, overpaid players, gm giving contracts and then when they are good you get to say, “wow, they are better than I thought”. Of course when they hit a rough patch later this year you will say “see I told you they suxk”

  8. A couple years ago in response to GM cliff being exposed as a liar on multiple layers I proclaimed DeShaun Watson as my fake son. I had a wild affair with a young lady 21 years ago and we produced a love child…. turns out to be DeShaun…. he now acknowledges me as his dad and is off to a great start to his NFL career.

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