Eagles Podcast: Is Carson Wentz Already A Top-10 Quarterback? Eagles-Panthers Projections

After a career-high four touchdown passes, Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz is making a leap towards the upper echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tucker Bagley and Jesse Larch of SportsTalkPhilly.com, the trio discusses how high Wentz should be ranked, reacts to the Birds’ thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals, and gives their takes on how Thursday Night’s game against the Carolina Panthers may play out.

139 thoughts on “Eagles Podcast: Is Carson Wentz Already A Top-10 Quarterback? Eagles-Panthers Projections

  1. Matchups: cam vs wentz, I’ll take wentz but cam is playing better
    Rbs: they have better backs so they win this matchup
    Wrs: I’ll take our group over theirs
    Tes: with Olsen out definitely ertz
    Oline: ours no doubt but with lane out big hit but their best lineman is out also in c Ryan kalil
    D line: ours all day even without cox, they have short and star but we are deeper and jernigan is a monster
    Line backers I’ll give them slight edge with two elite ones but we have 3 really good to great ones
    Safety: ours easily over theirs especially with Coleman out
    Corners is a wash. Young guys so it could go either way
    Special teams: our team is the best in league at teams so easily ours.
    My prediction is 35 17 eagles……wentz lights up their terrible secondary, and defense sacks cam 4 times and gets two ints one for td.

      1. It’s good work if you can get it! Good for him! Market bares it out in the end it means nothing. In the market if all goes well he is “worth it”

  2. Man Bradturd just ain’t an nfl played. He’s such a damn wimp.

    Gruden roasting him for bad body language

    Guy literally got sacked twice without being touched by a defender (he fell down on purpose )

    Fkn Howie man. Fleeced a first

    1. Fleeced a first out of minny for a guy that’s only still in nfl because some gms thinking he’s just been unlucky with injuries. Too funny

  3. Man…Sam Bradford has looked awful tonight. 5-11 36 yards. Sacked 4 times. Tonight was Sam’s first game back since game one’s stellar performance. You could see it in his body language, he did not want to no longer be out there as he was repeatedly pressured and sacked. His last series the pocket was being pushed back, Sam just collapsed to the turf looking for a safe comfortable place to land without getting hit. He did not even try to maneuver or escape the pocket. Sam limped to the side line. As a trainer or coach talked to him you could see it in his eyes and body language he no longer wanted to play anymore. Tonight may have been Bradford’s swan song, if not physically, mentally. I think he is ready to hang em up and retire.
    Sam was not accurate or interested in playing. I think it’s time to retire Sam.

    1. Perfectly articulated ! His time is up. The injury and line and weapons excuses r dry. He is by far the biggest wimp I’ve ever seen in the nfl.

  4. Sam pulled himself out or he was pulled out, either way he has been brutal. Case Keenum is taking over for Sam who’s no longer interested in playing.
    OOOHHH KOOLBREEZE…HOW’S SAM WORKING OUT FOR YOU? 5 games..played in 1.5…lmao.

    1. I was wrong fellas. Sam Bradford is not going to the hall of fame. Too injury prone, along with the team he is on.

      He is cursed and u cannot make this up. The Dalvin cook injury was huge

      1. Ct are you sure Sam won’t go to HOF? Really? Wow that is a helluva admission… but even as you make the admission you find excuses…. guy is trash, always has been

  5. Aww man, had to go back into the archives and read what Koolbreeze had to say about Sam Bradford. I still laugh at his musings. LMAO & CTFU

    April 12, 2016 – 11:37 pm

    But he’s the Quarterback expert…a former QB…he’s the guy whose judgement the Eagles are relying upon…not to mention that his Offensive Coordinator is an ex-QB as well…
    They all said please…please sign Sam Bradford!
    Money talks and bullshit walks

    March 11, 2016 – 11:44 pm
    Koolbreeze, do you remember this post?

    I cant wait until draft day comes and your boy Goff name is not called for the Eagles…the 8th pick is something other than a QB…and then when we go in the season and Bradford plays well…you may as well just drop off the site, get a new name…disappear…

    April 5, 2016 – 9:13 pm
    Chances are slim and none that you get Wentz and if slim came through and you somehow got him…you would still be very disappointed…the kid needs a few years of seasoning to be ready for the NFL…he has bust written all over him.
    1. koolbreeze
    March 30, 2016 – 7:20 pm

    Sam Bradford is the Eagles Franchise QB…and barring injury he’s going to be here for years to come
    Book it!

      1. I was wrong. And I am glad I was.

        Good thing I do not run the eagles and that Bear Jew Howie does.

        He has killed it for us and given us the most promising prospect in philly history arguably

  6. According to reports Sam Bradford’s knee issues are due to wear and tear. It may be bone rubbing against bone which causes inflammation and discomfort. Obviously it would effect his playing. No time frame for him to come back

    I don’t think Zimmer will be in any rush to get Sam back out there. He did not respond last night and his team mates did not respond to him as the entire offense was listless while Sam was in there. They had more spunk when Case Keenum came in. Keenum should get the start from here on out. Then he and Bridgewater can battle it out next year for the starting job.

    Time for Sam to retire.
    Howie is clairvoyant…got rid of him for a haul right on time. Still can’t believe Vikes gave up a 1 and a 4 for damaged goods.

  7. Eh..these teams are fairly evenly matched. Gonna come down to turnovers and defensive play.

    On a side note: any predictions I had about this season I’m throwing out. The Jaguars are 3-2 so as far as I”m concerned the Eagles are going ot the Super Bowl.


      1. Wentz is still “meh” that hasn’t changed. Meh guys can have good games or good years even. Doesn’t stop him from being a middle of the road QB.

          1. Kaep should have a job.

            I was never a big fan of RG3.

            I could go through a list of who NFL scouts thought were a bust and those they thought would be great. I’ve watched football enough to know that, particularly with the QB position, most scouts and GMs have deeply embedded biases that make them back the wrong horse so to speak.

            Wentz is an okay-ish QB. No more or less. You can win with that, but the rest of the team better be stout as well.

        1. Wentz maybe “meh”..but NFL scouts, players and GM’s disagree..too many “Football Guys” in the NFL have already stated that Wentz is not only playing top 5-10, but is showing elite traits. I understand though, he doesn’t have enough swagger to be that guy. You have to stick to your original thought you made before he ever played a snap in the pre season in his rookie year. That in itself discredited your ability to give a fair and balanced assessment of him. You decided that he is meh, just a guy, Ryan Tannehill, Blake Bortles before you ever watched him play a snap in the NFL and you admittedly never watched him play in college. Therefore you could have only judged him on one or two other factors. No matter what he does he will never be what you consider a stud franchise QB. Not because of what he does/doesn’t do on the field, but because he does not carry himself with enough swag. This is why I listen to guys who know the game..they can provide in depth analysis of the player position and make judgement calls on that. Not based on how a person carries himself or what he looks like.

          1. Actually EHL how Carson carries/conducts himself is extremely important to those in the know. I hazard to say that most football guys would pick him first to start their team from scratch. There would be votes for Wilson, maybe Matt ice, maybe Winston? Dunno….
            We have a whole lot more than meh. January 16 she proclaimed RG and crap the two best FA Qbs and both are unemployed… but they were flashy…

          2. Um..he had “tape” he did play in college didn’t he. I wasn’t wrong about Bortles, felt Tannehill had potential – and then changed that after seeing him play – realized he was very “meh.”

            Nothing about Wentz’s rookie season made me change my original opinion of him. Nothing this year has either. But hey I’m fine that you want to beleive he’s “The One” don’t be mad at me when you find out he’s not.

            1. TS.. You are a Cam Newton fan…you like how he plays, what he’s done?
              Do you think he’s played well/elite?
              Let’s compare Cam Newton’s first 21 games in the NFL to Carson Wentz’s.

              Passing Yards:
              Wentz: 5144
              Newton: 5205

              Wentz: 26 TD’s 17 Ints
              Newton: 25 TD’s 22 Ints
              Not even close..Wentz is way better

              Passer Rating
              Wentz 83.4
              Newton 83.8

              Wentz 46
              Newton 48

              Further, concerning the 2017 season.
              Wentz 2017
              Passer Rating on 3rd & 4th Down
              1. Wentz 54.0%
              2. Rodgers 49.1%
              3. Brady 47.9%
              4. Newton 47.5%
              That’s elite..not “meh”
              Wentz is #1 in the NFL of all starting QB’s in the following:
              On 3rd down Wentz on 3rd down: 37/52 (71.2%) 6 TD’s, 1 int 137 QBR
              Red Zone: 14/23 7 TDs, 1 int, 111.6 QBR
              Completion %age 55.0
              Completion %age in tight windows 81.3

              Wentz is currently has a 97.7 PR for the year…number 9 overall in QB ranking..not “Meh” at all.

              Wentz is top 10 in passer rating, top 10 in TD’s and top 10 in passing yards

              So the fact is that Carson Wentz so far this year is in top 5-10 status and is number 1 over all in the aforementioned areas of 3rd down ranking among elite QB’s in the NFL. How is he “meh”?
              It’s your opinion and that’s fine, but what are you basing it off of..the numbers and his performance does not support your opinion at all, nor do you present any information to provide support for your position.

              Blake Bortles and Ryan Tannehill’s numbers in their first 21 games do not come close to Wentz’s…so how are they comparable?

              1. Like how you left out those rushing stats and rushing TDs.


                Like I said you “loving” Wentz is indifferent to me. *Shrug*

                Did Wentz win rookie of the year last year? Or am I missing something?

                Also comparing a healthy Wentz to a recovering from shoulder surgery Newton is a little ridiculous. Look at the last two games if you want to do a comparison. That’s a least a more honest look at the two for the year.

                I’ve already said the teams are, for the most part, easily matched. Either team could win this game. But I guess since I’m not praying at the alter of Carson Wentz you want to agrue.

                Have at it.

              2. I did not compare a healthy Wentz to a recovering Cam Newton. The comparison is from their FIRST 21 games of their NFL careers (missed that)???

                I’m not concerned about rushing TD’s or stats involving my QB rushing, he’s a QB not a RB. Wentz is very good escaping pressures, moving in the pocket and picking up yards for first downs with his legs if he sees the opportunity.

                Love how you did not dispute any of the data I posted..at least rule the credence of it out with your reasoning since he’s middling and should not be putting up those types of numbers because a middling QB can’t do that.

                I am still wondering what data you are using to to provide credibility to your claim…are you just using the eye test..what?

                Who knows, in the end you may be right..Wentz may fizzle and be Ryan Tannehill or Bortles. It was just a little premature given the fact you never watched him play a snap in the NFL and never watched him play in college. however, I see the progress, potential, ability and skill at making calls at the LOS when scanning the defense like Peyton Manning .

                To date you have failed to give any information or data to substantiate your claims about Wentz being meh…just a guy, a middling QB though…back it up. That’s all I’m asking you for. Either you can back it up with data or you can’t. Give me information to support what you are saying.

                If you just don’t like the kid that’s fine, but, don’t just say he’s middling without providing anything to justify that claim before he even played a game or had a chance to get his feet wet in the NFL.

          3. Who the hell says Swag in 2017?

            Does Carr have swag? Mariota? ‘Cause I genuinely like both of those guys tho I think Mariota isn’t built for the NFL unfortunately.

            And once again, at one point, I was really high on Tannehill – then reality set in. I guess he has “swag” too huh? I knew Bortles was a bust from jump tho – that pick still pisses me off.

            1. Lol, plenty of people still say swag..up here in Philly.
              Who says “watches tape”?..unless you are a coach….you have not watched “Tape” of Carson Wentz at NDSU…lol…who has time to do that unless you are a coach/gm. You don’t have access to the tape…lol. You may have watched youtube clips of his highlights, but that’s not tape. And yes, Carr has swag, never saw you post anything about Carr or Tannehill on here accept that Tannehill was middling…so no, i don’t think you thought Tannehill had swag.
              Mariota is just laid back…never saw you post anything on here about him either so I do not know what you really thought about any of those guys.

              1. Nope, did not see them…that’s fine…back to the question though. Which you continue to fail to address. What were you judging him off if you never saw him play in college or the pros?

            2. People say swag a lot you troll, you haven’t said one thing to back your “assesment” you look foolish and I’m always right your wrong pov…..that is extremely trollish trolling and makes everything you say pure trash, fake ass eagles fan

            3. Hey TSJ5…read the tweet…pay attention to the last word.

              Eliot Shorr-Parks

              Wentz with the all white arm sleeve. Official prediction: #EAGLES win #FranchiseSwag
              7:36 PM – 12 Oct 2017

              lol…people still say swag!!!

  8. Game has a real chance to be a stinker, unwatchable piece of shit. Thursday night games are traditionally brutal and non-competitive. If that is the case then you can have zero takeaways regardless of result

      1. I would love this result, but I just don’t see it. This is probably going to be a close game. With Johnson being out, that is worrisome for me. Also Cam is playing at a pretty high level right now with 2 solid road wins. I am not saying that the Eagles can’t win, because they are also playing well. I am saying that I don’t think that it is very likely that they blow the Panthers out.

        I do agree that Alshon could be in line for a big game here. He is the biggest mismatch that I can see on offense this week.

      2. Panthers defense can be pretty stingy. And only tend to let up near the end of the game if the offense is carrying a 2+ score lead. Now the Eagles could take advantage of that – but I doubt the game is that far out.

        The only way it is is if the Panthers line doesn’t hold up and that is a possibility considering they are held together with duct tape right now.

  9. Carson Wentz named FedEx Air Player of the week for his week 5 performance against the Cardinals.

    The nominees were Cam Newton, Alex Smith and Wentz.

    Wonder how a middling, meh QB plays well enough to even get mentioned in the same breath as those other two. Must be a mistake.

  10. To all you anti Kelce dummies… Carson was asked about his play he said, “just watch the tape”…. hac has been on this since the three yards and a cloud of dust guys wanted a mudder in there. Hilarious

    1. Also, yesterday in WIP Anthony Munoz was asked about the criticism that Kelce was receiving? H asked, “why is he being criticized… he runs that OL…very important player in their offense”…. of course he doesn’t really understand offensive line play.

  11. Hac, yes you were in Kelce’s corner, and Carson always seems to be a gentleman. but being from American Cowboy country, no surprize there . as is the Eagles safety coach ,a good old montana or wyoming stud cant recall his name. but he was quite a hitter. As I say the Eagles have built a very impressive coaching staff. But back to Kelce and his detractors, well Negadelphia fans will jump on and off their bus very, very, quickly , I do recall a very lengthy piece of rubbish about how Mr kelce being cooked as a pro football center , I also remember the running back from New england being thrown under philly bus, What can I say?Negadelphia has a reason they are mocked and mocked and mocked . No more commentary is necessary , would you agree?

    1. Philly fans are NO DIFFERENT than any other blue collar city fans, nor is the media any different…. look that guy Bartman in Chicago had to go into hiding after going for a foul ball because of asshole fans. Taking pot shots at philly fans and media is fucking LAZY! Didn’t fans get killed at a 49ers game?

  12. Fuck I hate Thursday games. So impossible for the road team. I hate the way the NFL arbitrarily decides what 16 teams get an extra free win. Home teams on Thursdays win at a 63% clip, much higher than regular home advantages, and Thursdays have more 20 pt blowout wins than any other day.

    Thursday games are stupid.

    I originally just penciled this in as an Eagles loss, and predicted they’d win the next 2 and get to the halfway point at 6-2.

    That being said, I now think the Eagles have a chance…not a great one, but a good one.

    Its mostly because the woman hating Sham Newton just played his best game, the press was back praising him, and he’ll be back to being overconfident.

    We all know he’s really a bad QB that hides his flaws by being able to run. And he is absolutely, especially bad in big games, and autrociously bad in big games on the road.

    Well, its a pretty big game, and against a very strong front 7. He won’t be able to run. He’s going to get knocked around. There’s a very stong chance he’s going to fold. He’s got a pick and a fumble in him tonight.

    So the Eagles have a chance. They’ll have to overcome that they didn’t get to practice. They’ll have to overcome travelling after 2 days. They’ll have to overcome stupid Thursday……..but they have a chance!

      1. Cameras on and Sham Newton dancing like an idiot at centre field pre-game
        (you know he knew the cameras were on).

        Looking forward to the cameras on him with the stupid towel on his head mid-3rd Q.

        Vegas Over/under on Newton pouting with towel on his head?

        4:24 left in the 3rd

  13. IF Ritchie Ashburn and Harry Calas had not left for the other side, Rich would say to Harry “hard to believe Harry” The hoods I grew up in I was the most handsome white guy in there . So I can say this without being a racist by those who know me on an intimate basis . It is now an over the top crasy, crasy, world. Now I hear after all the peace . joy, reading skills, Dr seuss has brought youngsters, he is now a racist, and somewhat unwanted by many learning and teaching facilities, OK so I admit I was the only Gray boy in town,but I learned tons and tons about life bring as poor as a church mouse. Gettiing offended today is not very hard, But I do think you are are one of the more of the thinking, cobberrs and I do hope you get what you want in life,,

  14. Phillys Red zone efficiency (chips nightmarish results seem ages ago)vs Caroline’s ineptitude in the red zone ,will in my opinion become to large a hurdle for a toothless panthers squad to overcome..paulmans Boone zoo team will try as they might ,to handle the better birds squad ,however too much Alston Jeffrey and Wentz will expose scam Newton to the nation..birds 27-21

  15. Don’t think stupid man ,understands his antics ,literally will piss off defenses and I’m hoping Schwartz has some kryptonite to expose this scam artist ..

    1. I typically don’t bitch bout refs but it’s not been a good half for the zebras.
      On the other hand, 10-10 and they are getting to scam with 4 while the panthers have to blitz to beat up 11… we just need a big play or two against the blitz.

    1. Because he’s not A good qb and not a leader of men and not a very good post snap reader. Guy got single coverage all night and is shit. Can’t beat 1 on 1 coverage

      As for eagles offense. We need to get right enda involved and RBs and exploit coverage when they blitz. Seems and flats.

      This has been Doug and wentz flaw last year. Let’s see if they learned and can adjust.

  16. Red zone inabilities are what scam and Carolina had as an Achilles ,and red zone defense lapses by stupid mans team have cost this team all season long ..is it just me or don’t all the drops from Carolina look eerily familiar to last years birds receiving corps..mills needs chill on the hands …there has been a flag bias ,as is ,don’t make it any easier for the refs

  17. Being a one dimensional team (no run game) keuchel ,sidelined ,and scam in harms way if the birds can make this a 2 score game ..the cape pretender might be ready to slip on his cape

  18. Jesus Christ wentz is fucking bad!!!

    Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good!!!! For all my run dmc fans

  19. What a gamer. What pocket presence. What toughness. Wow. 3rd and 17 ? Draw ? Screen? Nah wentz just gonna do his thing!

  20. There was no whistle on the play….how do you call roughing…then you can’t negate the delay of game which happened first. This officiating crew is incompetent. Eagles are playing the refs and panthers.

  21. Yes!!!! There’s the cam I know

    Absolutely zero killer instinct. Hahahaaa

    All the momentum and he put on his kiddie city Superman costume and flopped.

    Too bad!

    Love me some meh !

    1. How do you commit 11 penalties to zero for Carolina and STILL WIN?! HOW!?!!

      That pass rush was special tonight. Playing Detroit and Pats back 2 back Carolina didn’t know how to react to those boys flying!!

      We gave them every chance and then some to take it, and they couldn’t.

      Eagles next 3 Skins without Norman.
      All at home.

      Crazy thing about Denver is that there next 3 is on the road. gonna be a long road trip for them to end it with Philly is even more special.

      8-1? then at dallas 9-1
      Chicago 10-1?!!?!

      At Seattle
      At rams

  22. Wow, the Eagles are a meh team and have a meh QB who outperformed SuperCam Newton.
    What a great game by the Eagles that is only enhanced by the fact that they had to overcome some ticky tack calls by the ref…and the refs did not give us calls that were the same as the ones given to the Panthers.

    Eagles went into the Panthers den and came out with a win to go 5-1..love it.
    Wentz has 13 TD’s and 3 ints…
    Second game in a row with at least 3 TD’s..that’s my QB! This is my TEAM..E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

    Can’t wait for Darby and Jones to get on the field.

  23. Cam Being Cam. 3 ints (we all know it was 4) and a beautiful final pass. Enjoy hom throwing 100mph 5 yard passes. His Wrs must love it.

    Eagles obv a good team. This a pretty impressive win.

    Thursday night football. Kuchley out. Whittaker out. Hicks out. Bradham out. Hollins out. Maragos out. I am sure I am missing some. Players have not recovered after 3 days rest.

    Refs? Nothing to say here except what an embarassment.

    1. Pete Morelli’s officiating crew is known for throwing a lot of flags against the visiting tem..I should say are notorious for it. They really need to suspend or fine that crew..they’re terrible!

  24. That was a complete embarrassment as far as the officiating crew is concerned ..how do you flag hitting cam on a delay of game when you don’t blow a whistle. . ? Anyway f–k em ,they tried …this team with snagahlor is on a special kind of run ..and I’m enjoying the defense most of all ..they are doing some serious ballin..

    1. Eagles beat the refs also tonight.

      Special performance tonight.
      It shouldn’t have even been close. Similar to the chargers game and Giants. We gotta stop keeping teams in the games

      The refs killed us I get it.

      Big v improved tonight as the game went on. Showed good mental toughness after starting so bad.

      Chris long balling

      All 3 corners got a pick. Can u imagine when Darby and jones get on the field? They probably rest Sidney cause of how we are playing. But they can take this team to the next level it’s kind of scRy to think about.

      Doug Pederson is a special coach. Going for 2 was genius, gutsy and ended up making a difference in the score at the end.

      Where are the haters on that man now? The trolls go into hiding.

      Love this team!! And I love all u Guys. We all root and love the same squad at the end of the day!!

      Go eagles

  25. Pete Morelli’s crew officiating the last 2 Eagles games

    EAGLES: 24 penalties/237 yards
    Opponent: 3 penalties/19 yards.

    Something is wrong with that and it really should be looked at by the league.

    Fire Pete Morelli

    1. We are going to the super bowl.

      Only team that worries me in NFC is packers

      We played them last year and our D got experience playing Rodgers.

      But he’s the best player in the world.

      Would rather face Atlanta any day

  26. Carson Wentz and Cam Newton head to head game

    Wentz 16/30, 222 yards 3 TD passes, 1 fumble 110.7 Rating

    Newton 28/52 239 yards, 1 pass TD, 1 rushing TD (2 TD’s) 3 interceptions 48.5 Rating

    Newton only had 17 more pass yards although he passed 22 more times than Wentz.

    Wentz greatly outperformed Cam tonight.
    …..should have been 4 ints if not for the bs PI call on Mills, could have been 5 ints if Rasul Douglas would have held onto the ball.

    1. Not 5, cause we ended up picking him off anyway that same drive.

      We also got gifted one when Stewart dropped it into Robinson hands

      Cam was the only reason his team had a chance tonight. WRs are averge. Lost Fozzy. No center.

      Cam just isn’t Carson wentz. It’s not even close

  27. You know when I felt the Eagles would win? When I saw Newton dancing like an idiot during warmups (but only when the cameras were on)

    You know when I was absolutely sure the Eagles would win?

    10:34 of the second. Newton ran in his td (all he is good at). His teammates came up, but the “still doesn’t get it “ narcissist pushed one away and waved everyone else back so he could walk up to the camera and do his pathetic Superman routine.

    Pushed his teammates away to get his me first camera time.

    What a loser.

    But it got even funnier at halftime with Deion belching, “Cam gotta do what Cam gotta do!”

    Newsflash Deion…throwing three picks and playing like ass against a tough opponent in a big game is precisely what “Cam do!”

    1. Lmao cam gotta do what cam gotta do funny shit vinny, seriously cam is a whiny biatch but he got killed tonight and tried his hardest even with the refs help……but he’s no wentz

  28. She’s not a troll. She’s no more a troll than many who post here all the time. Team sitting 5-1. second year coach that many so called fans wanted to run out of town before the season started, suspect secondary, and most important a second year qb who keeps getting better and better………

    But as usual gcobb posters want to flame other posters who don’t follow their mob mentality. Why am I not surprised? smdh
    I stated in earlier post that I needed to see more improvement from Wentz before I was willing to give him elite status. He’s provided that. The eye test that he always had is now being matched by indisputable data. Howie got this right. We have the best qb in the division and it aint even close. I’m even willing to amend my earlier claim that he’s the best of the current young crop like Winston, Mariotta, Dak…..y’all get where I’m going.
    By the end of the season, if Wentz keeps this up, we can very well lay claim to having the best qb in the league. EVEN WITH THE BEAST IN GB STILL PLAYING…LOL

    1. Good post cold brew… welcome to my world. The posters will back strong after the next loss… they will not make a 3rd and 3 and Peterson. Will be hung in effigy … Wentz will throw 2 picks and be compared to Bobby Hoying

  29. I haven’t seen a Mike Lombardi or Jeff McClaine article recently about dougs coaching resume? As a matter of fact…dissention in the locker room is non existent…. interesting… posters remember this time and your silence if/when we hit a rough patch

      1. Mike Lombardi is a failed GM who the Browns hired in 2013, then fired in 2014. Lombardi’s draft selections were terrible. He played a major role in bringing Mike Pettine to the Browns as their HC, who was also fired after the 2015 season. Mike Lombardi doesn’t know if he should scratch his watch or wind his ass. He’s been conspicuously quiet this week regarding coach Pederson, he did say the Eagles played really well against the Panthers, but failed to give Pederson any credit. His pride and ego won’t allow him to do that. He has little credibility at this point concerning his position on Coach Pederson.

  30. the top 5 NFL QBs are ripe for the picking – ( old )
    Brady is 40 years old,
    Brees 38,
    Roethlisber 35,
    Rodgers 32 with 2 massive collarbone injuries.( career in doubt now like Luck)
    Russell Wilson 28, is still a perennial top 5 QB & SB threat.
    The contenders are…:
    Ryan, Stafford, Newton, Wentz, Carr, Prescott, Winston, Mariotta, Watson, Goff who is going to climb to the mountain and knock off one of these Kings off. Atlanta Matt Ryan almost did but collapsed in the 2nd half of the SB. Cam Newton crumbled and quit the previous year.

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