Sixers Agree To 5-Year Contract Extension With Joel Embiid

The Sixers have made a long-term commitment to Joel Embiid, agreeing to terms with the star center on a five-year deal worth more than $148 million.

The deal is the most significant contract that the Sixers have handed out since the team signed Elton Brand as a free-agent before the 2008 season. Embiid is also the first piece of the Process Era that has been given a major financial commitment by the team.

I’m glad that the Sixers believe in Embiid and were able to get a long-term commitment in place before he was eligible for free agency, but there’s certainly a great deal of concern about giving this kind of money to a guy that has only played in 31 games in three years, and is likely to play most of this season with a minutes restriction.

That being said, this is a move the Sixers had to make. Embiid is a franchise player when healthy. By getting Embiid’s deal done, this shows that the organization is committed to winning moving forward, and that big deals will come for the likes of Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric in time as well.

It should also be noted that the Sixers have apparently included salary cap protections in Embiid’s deal, protecting them should he miss a significant amount of time due to injury. Zach Lowe described the deal as one of the most complex in league history, so it will be interesting to see what exactly those protections are.

If Embiid can stay healthy, his long-term commitment makes the team even more attractive for potential free agents. They know that Embiid is going to be here for the long haul, and if he holds up his end of the bargain, they’ll want to come here as well.

But now the team can cross Embiid’s contract off of their to-do list. Now let’s hope the big man can finally put his injury troubles behind him, stay on the court, and win this team some games.

9 thoughts on “Sixers Agree To 5-Year Contract Extension With Joel Embiid

      1. Still skeptical ben gonna be what we saw at LSU (soft, scared and don’t or can’t shoot). Not worried bout team shooting tho. Jj and joe joe will be splashing

      2. When Simmons gets 2 free throws he shoots them differently. He leans forward on his first free throw attempt tippy toeing into the lane then leans backward on his second free throw attempt.
        Simmons is a right handed person whose father forced him to shoot left handed. He can’t make distance shots because he is shoots left handed. When Simmons advances he ball on a pass from foul line to foul line he throws it with his right hand because it is his dominate hand. Watch him shoot a full court shot. ( right handed)

  1. I love the skills that Embiid possesses and have been willing to be patient with him to this point. I realize the Sixers were stuck between a rock and a hard place with his contract, but i don’t think Embiid will ever play a full season, not just in a Sixers uniform, in any uniform. He is just one of those guys. If it’s not a foot, it’s an ankle or a back, an elbow or a shoulder. And its not just the frequency of the injuries, it’s the fact they never seem heal. A sprain that takes 3 months to recover, a bruise that shuts him down for a season. Sounds like with the structure of the contract there are some safeties built in, which I’m sure will be needed. It stinks as a fan, Embiid is “the process” and watching this pre-season you can see how awful they are without him. I’m 100% convinced at this point, that he will never play more than 40-45 games in his best season.

  2. The fans ask for Pederson to be fired. Brett brown also. And among many other over exaggerated predictions.

    It’s preseason fellas. Schemes are vanilla. Dario and Embiid are not really playing. Fultz is 19 and messing with a new shot. Start TJ at Pg to start the season and bring Fultz and Dario off the bench.

    Simmons is 20 and is very unselfish. Can finish both ways and with his left or right.

    The bench is slept on. RoCo is a damn good defender and shot looks very improved. Stauskas started to get his form coming off the bench. Holmes injury is big, will be back in 3 weeks and is already a better Nerlens Noel.

    Anderson, Johnson and Korkmaz for honorary mentions.

    Sixers make the playoffs this year. Get experience. Maybe even win a series or keep it close? Come back next season night and day in identify. The process has just begun.

    U cannot tell me, you’d rather have the lakers roster over Sixers.

    1. Health is the key for any team.

      Durant, Curry, Kyrie, Westbrook, have all had injuries in the past.

      If any of them go down, it gets very interesting for that team. Same goes for Philly. Embiids health will be the key. Best ability is availability.

    2. I’m not sure the fans ask for Brett brown or Doug p to be fired. Nobody I run with ever has uttered brown or Peterson should be fired. I think a lot of times the whiney sports radio guys make ridiculous talking points like brown or Pete should be canned. Screen their callers looking for a few to agree and then a bunch obv disagree. And then people take that and run with it saying fans want this and want that… just curious do you personally know anyone that have called for either of them to be fired and if you did was it just one whiney guy or multiple?

      1. When u put it like that I do not know anyone personally that asked or demanded for the coaches to be fired.

        However, I saw it online at multiple websites. Maybe it’s just people trolling.

        I need to stop taking stuff I see online with a lot of credibility when it comes to stuff like this obviously, but u can’t help but still see it.

        I guess that’s the liberal in me. We all got a little bit in there.

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