Sixers Should Let Markelle Fultz Get Healthy

The preseason hasn’t exactly gone well for Sixers’ top draft pick Markelle Fultz.

Fultz has battled both shoulder and knee injuries, that have clearly impacted his production. His shooting form is different, and his game as a whole just looks awkward.

So now the question is what the Sixers should do. He’s healthy enough to gut it out and play, but he’s clearly not himself. Should the team play him in a limited role off the bench to start the season, or just let him rest outright?

Even the most staunch believers of The Process are fatigued with the Sixers’ top draft picks missing time due to injury. But, once again, the greater good here calls for Fultz to be shut down for a bit and to get himself healthy.

Right now, the Sixers actually have a nice amount of depth at the guard spots.

Veteran J.J. Redick is going to log a good deal of minutes each night, but last year’s free agent signing Jerryd Bayless is finally healthy and ready to contribute as well. The team also has fan-favorite T.J. McConnell and Nik Stauskas in the mix as well.

Between those four guys, Brett Brown should be able to give the Sixers a decent amount of punch in the starting lineup and off the bench while Fultz recovers.

Fultz is such an important piece of the long-term puzzle, and there’s no reason to force him to get his career off to a poor start by making him play through these injuries early on. Let Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, and the others on the roster handle things until he’s 100%.

9 thoughts on “Sixers Should Let Markelle Fultz Get Healthy

  1. Fultz is and should be on the bench / second team. While I hope he turns into a fine player I think a lot of teams in nba messed up with Dennis Smith. Guys awesome. Sixers drafted on need and it may bite them with Fultz

    1. Don’t worry about fultz he will be fine, everybody has high expecexpectations for rookies, Joel was rare for a ROOKIE to explode like that. But dude the Ben and Dario small ball lineup was filthy last night, Dario is Dirk lite now that his shot is better……the scary thing is we have so many weapons now…..i don’t see how jj doesnt avg 20 a game with ben, Dario and embeast garnering so much attention……for the first month it will be a total shit show because we have too many young guys and vets adapting to each other, by all star break this team will look very scary …….starting will be Joel, ben, cov, jj, bayless. Bench will be tj, fultz, anderdon, dario, amir. Then oak, tlc, and korkmaz mix in……i don’t see sauce making team…..just not good enough for us anymore, maybe if they send Kork to 87ers…..holmes is injured so we will see him in november

  2. Fultz will end up shitting on Dennis smith when it’s all said and done.

    The potential of what the two players can be in 5 years isn’t even close. Especially with the teammates Fultz has around him.

    And that coach Brett brown

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