Thoughts From Eagles-Panthers

Defense Overcomes Terrible Officiating, Anchors Eagles In Gritty Win


The Carolina Panthers put up 23 points, but they had to scratch and claw for every yard they gained, and if not for the constant aid given to them by Pete Morelli’s one-sided crew of officials, they may not have put up more than 17 on the Birds tonight.

The officiating in this game really was that bad. I’m normally not one to complain about the calls officials make, but tonight’s game was an exception. The Eagles were flagged 10 times for 126 yards, while the Panthers had only one flag thrown against them the entire night. How does such a distorted ratio like that happen? This was one of the most one-sided crew of officials I’ve ever seen.

Jalen Mills was hit with two very weak pass interference penalties, both of which extended drives that led to 10 Carolina points, one of which wiped out a Rodney McLeod interception. The calls against Mills were questionable at-best, and Carolina defenders that pulled similar stunts on the other side of the field weren’t flagged.

Fortunately, Mills and the Eagles defense kept battling throughout the night, and a great number of things did break their way. The defense created three turnovers, with Mills, Patrick Robinson, and Rasul Douglas all coming down with interceptions on Cam Newton. The interceptions from Douglas and Robinson set the offense up with short fields, which they were successfully able to convert into touchdowns. The Mills interception came late in the game, killing a drive where Carolina was threatening to take the lead.

The run defense continues to be superb. Carolina running backs were held to just 11 yards on 14 carries. Jonathan Steward and Fozzy Whitaker finished with -3 and -4 rushing yards on the night. The stout run defense forced the Panthers to ask Cam Newton to do too much, with the quarterback dropping back for 52 pass attempts on the night, which is usually a formula for a loss.

The Eagles’ defensive performance tonight was one of the strongest in recent memory.

It’s the kind of effort that would have made the late Jim Johnson proud.

When you see Fletcher Cox fighting through injury to come back and make an impact, when you Nigel Bradham go all-out to sell-out his body to stop a ball carrier short of a first down, when you see Jalen Mills keep battling through terrible officiating and come down with a late interception…these are just character plays all around, the kind you see made by winning football teams.

The defense has been performing at a high level over the last two games, and they still haven’t hit their peak yet. Jordan Hicks and Fletcher Cox aren’t yet 100%, and Ronald Darby has yet to join the fray as well. Even better days may be ahead.

Wentz Survives Ferocious Carolina Rush, Continues To Shine

Carson Wentz’s star continues to grow as well.

Wentz was put into a tough spot tonight. On the road against a quality defense, missing his starting right tackle in Lane Johnson, Wentz was under pressure from Julius Peppers and the Carolina pass rush most of the night. He took a pounding in this game, sacked three times, and hit regularly not just in the passing game, but also took some shots on some of his carries as well.

And Wentz didn’t let the physical assault rattle him. He kept his composure, and delivered some big throws throughout the night. His best moment came on a third-and-16 late in the game. Facing a long-third down after Carolina had just kicked a field goal to make it 21-16, Wentz took the snap, immediately was under pressure, bought some time with his legs, and kept his eyes downfield to hit rookie Mack Hollins for a 20-yard strike to convert the first down.

On the next play, Wentz struck again, hitting Alshon Jeffery for 37 yards to get the team into Carolina territory. Several plays later, Wentz finished the drive by hitting Nelson Agholor for a 24-yard touchdown.

You have to be thrilled with how Wentz is developing. With 13 touchdowns and three interceptions through six games, he’s on pace for a ratio over 32 touchdowns and eight interceptions for the season. Not bad for a second-year guy!

Quick Thoughts


  • I did not like Doug Pederson’s decision to go for a two-point conversion in the second half. I know it was successful and worked out fine, but I’m not at all sure that the risk is worth the reward there. You’re walking a very fine line at that point if you fail. In fact, if the Eagles don’t score the two-point conversion, its a 26-23 game in the fourth quarter, and the Panthers only have to play for the field goal instead of the touchdown. I don’t mind Doug being aggressive, but this call I wasn’t on board with.
  • Zach Ertz caught just two passes tonight, but boy did he make them count, scoring touchdowns on both plays.
  • And now the bad: Why is Ertz in the game for any kind of meaningful blocking situation? In the fourth quarter with the Eagles trying to close out the game, Ertz missed him man, and Blount was stuffed for a 4-yard loss, setting up a longer third down, and eventually giving the Panthers one last chance to drive the field.
  • LeGarrette Blount continues to shine by the way, picking up 67 yards on 14 carries, and also running the ball in on the team’s two-point conversion. Blount has been getting a steady diet of 12-14 carries over the last four games, and he’s been very effective with them.
  • Alshon Jeffery was a little more involved this week, catching four passes for 71 yards. Wentz took a couple shots to Jeffery throughout the game, narrowly missing on a couple of them.
  • Four grabs for 55 yards for Nelson Agholor. Even I have to admit that he’s been very effective in the slot role. Nobody’s missing Jordan Matthews, are they?
  • Mack Hollins caught two passes for 38 yards, and took a good amount of snaps away from Torrey Smith in the second half of the game.
  • Smith had just one reception for six yards.
  • Wendell Smallwood was down again for this game with a knee injury, and Kenjon Barner and Corey Clement played minor roles in the offense, picking up a combined 9 yards on seven carries.
  • It wasn’t a great night for Barner, who nearly cost the Eagles by muffing a punt in the first half, and also dropped a pass from Wentz on a third and five that he could have taken for a first down.


  • Mychal Kendricks led the team with a career-high 15 tackles, 10 solo. Kendricks was asked to log a ton of snaps tonight with Hicks knocked out of the game and Nigel Bradham also banged up.
  • Joe Walker and Najee Goode each saw extended action as well, and both guys held up well.
  • Vinny Curry hasn’t gotten the sack numbers we’d like him to have, but he’s improved considerably against the run.
  • Derek Barnett and Justin Hamilton combined for a big sack late in the fourth quarter to put the Panthers in a third and 17 situation.
  • Once again, I’ve really got to talk a lot about how surprising Patrick Robinson has been. Robinson made two huge, game-changing plays for this team tonight. The first came on special teams in the first half, where Robinson was quick to react to Kenjon Barner’s muff and fall on the football. This likely saved a touchdown in favor of the Panthers. Then in the third quarter, Robinson came down with a very difficult interception on a tipped ball to set up the Birds with a short field to go up 18-10. So at the end of the day, Robinson swung the game 15 points, taking seven away from the Panthers, and setting up an opportunity for eight for the Eagles. It’s amazing how far Robinson has come from being the whipping boy at training camp this past August.
  • The one thing that really stands out about this defense is how strong their depth is from top to bottom. The first team defensive line is nasty with Curry, Cox, Jernigan, and Graham, but the second team guys have been making a ton of plays themselves. Chris Long, Beau Allen, Derek Barnett all contributed to this win. Justin Hamilton as well, and the team still has Steven Means, Destiny Vaeao, and Elijah Qualls that didn’t even play.

Special Teams

  • Another week of perfection for Jake Elliot, who drilled both of his field goal attempts, one of which came from 50 yards.

Final Thoughts

Raise your hand if you had the Eagles at 5-1.

These six weeks have been incredibly satisfying so far. The Eagles have come out of the gates roaring, and have seized control of not only the NFC East, but have also put themselves in the conversation among the top teams in the Conference. Not only are the Eagles in sole possession of the East, but they’re undefeated in the NFC, and now own the tiebreaker over the 4-2 Panthers.

Doug Pederson, crazy two-point conversion and 4th and eight decisions aside, really has done a tremendous job. He has to be right up there in the early Coach of the Year conversation. The Eagles have only lost to the undefeated Chiefs, and they’ve won three of their five victories on the road. That’s a hell of a start.

If the season ended today, the Eagles would have home field advantage in the playoffs. It’s been almost a decade since Eagles fans have been able to flirt with that possibility. Sadly enough, its been over a decade since the last home playoff win at Lincoln Financial Field. Maybe that changes this year.

Oh, and things aren’t getting any better for the Dallas Cowboys, who now have likely lost Ezekial Elliot to the NFL’s six-game suspension, meaning that the star running back will be unavailable when the Eagles and Cowboys meet in Week 10.

The Birds now have a week and a half to rest up and begin a three-game home stretch that starts with Monday Night Football against the Washington Redskins.

It can’t come soon enough.

Denny Basens is the editor of Follow him on Twitter, @DennyBasens


81 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Panthers

  1. I had the eagles at 5-1 and Divison champs

    Doug Pederson decision to go for it was smart. 1 yard line with Blount, and the way we have been running it, you take your chances.

    Mack Hollins needs to start over Smith. He has it all. Hands: speed, length.

    Thank god for Kendricks. He looks like a different person. Would have been a mistake if Howie traded him.

    1. Ct You are right on bout Dougs decision to go for it . etc etc. Some times A teacher, coach , mentor in life does things to make his or her folks, team. etc let them know they believe in them , and this is a psuedo- reward,One thing I do know for sure is the Eagles have put together a mighty fine coaching staff,Wonder who the first to leave for a H.C. job will be. Props to Tony Romo for a fine. job calling game.Hate gets under the skin, and makes us see things. people , places different, but Romo is a gentleman , and a pro and it showed at the game.I was very surprized that Romo was that good so early in his new career ,Or perhaps Donovan should have been doing the game. After all he is a Pa. product and an ex Q.B.

  2. Denny you must didnt watch the game Doug went for two just to troll the refs for their terrible calls, fuck Pete morelli worst officiating ever, tried to give game to Panthers, game shouldn’t have been close

  3. Denny you are chicken shit! And a flip flopped! You used to whine about Kelce and the lack of short yardage conversions. Now they are as good as anyone and you whine. Watch the game as a whole…. he makes “crazy decisions ” all game… come on man!

    1. Jason Kelce has not played this well since 2013. The last two years in particular, he absolutely was an issue. This year, it’s been different, hes played very well and I’ve acknowledged that several times, but 2015, 2016 were completely different stories…short yardage was an issue, penalties as well, and we had way too many snaps fired over the head of quarterbacks. So far, he’s cut all of that out. Let’s hope it keeps up. Sometimes guys exceed expectations that anyone had for them. Case and point (other than Kelce) look at Patrick Robinson. Would you have expected him to be as effective as he’s been, given how much he’s bounced around, and how poor he looked throughout camp? The organization wasn’t confident, given that they went out and made the Darby trade. Same can be said of Kelce. Given they drafted Seumalo, a more natural center, last year, and went and kept Sefen Wisniewski around, they were very much giving themselves options at the center position, but fortunately Kelce has been strong so far, but the team absolutely recognized that there were issues there over the last few years, and made some moves to give themselves flexibility.

      As for Doug, as I mentioned, I don’t mind him being aggressive, but there’s a difference between being aggressive and just being outright reckless. You can’t convince me that going for two in that situation was in any way justified. If the play fails, and Carolina only needs a field goal late to tie…or on the following drive goes down, scores a touchdown and takes a 17-16 lead…it’s easily the type of decision that everyone could wake up sick about the next day.

      I think as a whole Doug has done a great job this year, but I hated that decision.

      1. well making a thousand decisions a game is what coaches do- to sit here and micro manage each one is ludicrous– Its a good call to go for 2 for a very simple fact is that they imposed their will on a very good team- something that has been missing for years.

      2. If the play fails– dude if the play fails his defense rallies and says the coach who trusts his players has put it on our back– look we have to be happy they are fundamentally sound, well prepared and when they celebrate TD’s they do it as a unit not as a camera hog simpleton.
        Speaking of the camera hog simpleton…. hey TS– he had the ball in his hands on two consecutive 4th quarter drives– an INT and a worm burner to end the game!!!! but then again….Meh

      3. I’ll go a step further regarding Kelce……he was gonna get yanked and develop “an injury” if his play in the Giants game did not improve. This is true, and it was exemplified by Warmack getting the start instead of Wiz(leaving him available to step in at Center if needed). To his credit his play has improved, and it is now a non-issue. But… say being critical of him was unfair? Not true, pretty much every analyst has stated that he has been struggling(at least part of his game) up until recently. Also to be fair, the removal of Seumalo has probably helped him as well.

        1. a “fact”– facts are provable…. prove it.
          centers get put on skates from every team– watch panthers center last night– int. #1 was cox putting him on skates.

          1. Prove what?? That Kelce was gonna get benched??Let me call Dougie up and see if he’ll back me up. If we have learned anything from the NFL it is that every move has a meaning, at least for the competent teams. HAC, you seem to be the ONLY PERSON who does not believe that Kelce, up until recently, has not played well. You are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. It is a non-issue at this point, we should move forward and celebrate a great victory.

            1. I believe the coaching staff agreed with me or they would have benched him! you said it was a fact– the only fact is the people making the decision didn’t think he should be bench–that is a fact-
              I’m not the only one– as I mentioned Anthony Munoz agrees with me– he knows a thing or two about OL–

              1. ”fact” was not the word I used. You are certainly entitled to believe that. I believe that the coaching staff knew something had to be changed. It started with Seumalo, and Kelce was next. Clearly he has played better, and no change was needed. I do not believe for one minute that the Eagles coaching staff thought JK’s play in the first 2 games was acceptable. Again, let us move on.

              2. you stated something then stated it was TRUE– sounds like clinton saying “depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is– you are just a knee jerk reaction fan– all i stated all along was that by listening to knowledgeable people that the coaching staff wasn’t grading out JK the way fans were– that they had a different opinion of him than people who don’t know anything do– also, singling him out was weak on the fans/reporters/Cataldi’s of the world— we absolutely see that cohesion in the OL is of the utmost importance– he is the leader of the line and they are playing well as a unit–

              3. The fact that the coaching staff has stuck with him is more of an acknowledgement that his play has improved. hac you’re the only poster here pretending you “see” something others don’t the last 2 years and first 3 games. His play has improved. As a matter of fact, the line play as a whole has improved. I know you love playing the contrarian, but it’s getting old.

                Lastly, citing Munoz offers no more validation than Tre Thomas somewhat critical one EHL used earlier debating you. You’re just being a homer (your own admission) and blinded by it.

          2. Of you are still looking for Paulman, the last time he went awol from the Cobbber family he showed up semi= daily in the reply section under philly sports comments section. Under Paul from N.C. .,or you can always call on your head gumshoe mhenski to find him. Bro I know you enjoyed that Eagle win.

  4. Executive decisions by howie and his underlings ,has been the most refreshing part(s) of the transformative Eagles .Its hard to recall with accuracy ,how many holes were leaking oil,when chip and his sports drinks exited with Billy Davis..Major kudos to a team that now has put check marks next to every conceivable box .The most glaring aspects ,are to see ,the defensive players ,offensive players and special teams all playing as Philadelphia Eagles,as opposed to autonomous units,absent of any cohesion..All these attributes ,point to a head coach who has instilled a team unity,that is playing out ,witnessed weekly.Denny look at the tape ,when Coach went for “2” and acted “reckless” in your estimation,had Cox hovering the coach and smiling..On the road an us vs them mentality is called having a feel for the personnel ,and to punctuate his trolling the refs,for not acknowledging ,it’s coaches option to make the call,that mattered most ,to his whole team.In essence he told morelli..hey “wake up” Check mark

  5. Going into this game ,the coach and his staff ,who had a seamless game plan,knew Carolina and Scam Newton were awful in the red zone on both sides of the ball..ranked 28th..I pointed to this ,before the game ..Kudos to coach P for being able to rally his troops and at the same time stick it to the refs..knowing in his estimation,if I give my guys a yard it could be a conversion of much more theoretically than 2 vs 1 points..

    1. Our division needs cowboys and giants to be good for ratings, so that’s why the game was called that way. That and lurie fisted morelli wife

  6. It is 14 hrs after the win and I am just now Calming down from the refs trying to beat us too. I felt so helpless watching what should have been an easy 20 point win into something it really wasn’t. No sleep after the win because i was so angry. Wins should be enjoyed so i have 11 days to enjoy it, Starting Now……BTW Wentz >Cam….Meh is for biased uninformed trolls.

    1. Dude x im having problems still after that shit show last night with morelli and crew…….ive never seen so much blatant calls against us and none against them……after that kickoff penalty I threw my beer a mile outside

      1. No wasting the Beer Brother…..Honestly feels like your friend TRIED to Fuck your your wife……He didn’t, but you know he did everything he could to slide it to her. lol…screwed up analogy but kind fits my anger atm.

        1. And if Carolina had won the game because of the refs it would be like your friend was successful with your wife, she dumps you for him and he hits a $400m powerball….

    1. Yeah I miss paulman

      Where is koolbreeze fake ass? Waiting for wentz to bust?

      Eagles haven allowed a rusher over 40 yards.
      Besides Kareem hunt who was shut down the whole game and broke one off when Hicks, and McLeod got hurt.

      Eagles pass defense is 29th. But that number is over exaggerated. All teams do is pass cause they simply cannot run. So this inexperienced secondary will give up
      Some plays. The 4th qtr has inflated the number Also which was against the Giants and chargers

      Steve smith wishing wentz was his qb after rb game was funny

      Real recognize real

              1. Pass run balance is established only after you go pass happy first to get a lead and then catch up the run game to seal the win… look at play by play

              2. Pass run balance is usually only established after a lead is gained… the dummy reporters who need stories harp on it but it’s a non issue…
                think about it, you are coach of Carolina, it’s obvious the birds are better, you can’t average zero yards per carry… you are trying to win … any Evan remotely intelligent person would say, cam drop back throw the ball, if it’s not their run…. so he drops back 60 times and keeps them in the game… very similar to the eagles chiefs… try to win

      1. Not it’s lmao. Eagles have been coming out running ball like animals. 40 runs to 30 passes against Giants and chargers.

        Eagles had like 84 runs over 60
        Passes over those two

        30 passes last night, to 27 runs. Balance is key. Keeping the defense guessing is key.

        Run pass ratio needs to be looked at.

        Not giving Blount 1 Carry against the chiefs was a joke. I know we didn’t understand what he had in the time, but we probably win the game if we run it a little more. Maybe wentz doesn’t throw that pick

        1. Run pass ratio is irrelevant … and dictated by game circumstance and opponents strengths weaknesses. For example, if you were game planning against the eagles would you really want to be balanced? Fearsome foursome up front and rookie CBs? Really think bout that.
          Against panthers the eagles threw 15 times and ran 5 in the first 20 and ran 7 and passed 3 in the last ten. Arizona 8 of the first 10 were pass plays and 11 of the last 15 were pass plays.
          If you get a lead you play the clock which means you run. If you are behind you pass to score quicker and save clock.

  7. i thought it would be interesting to contrast the first 6 games of wentzilla the rookie QB 2016 vs 2017 ..vs clev..home opener 11 was 22 of 37 101 rating 59.4% comp.. and 256 yds no ints.2 tds in a w..2-attempts rushing for net 1 yd..2 sacks …long of 35 yds passing…to Nelson assholor (now snagahlor) 1-0. Game 2 @chi. …another W 21 of 34 61.67 % 1 td 2 sacks ..86.6 rating game 3. 34-3 win vs Pitt ..@home 23/31. 74.19% 301 yds 2 tds 0 int 125.9 rating 4th game @detroit 24-23 loss 25/33 75.76% 238 yds 2 tds 1 int ..102.8 rating game 5 ..phi@wash 27-20 loss 11/22 50% 179 yds 0 tds 0 ints.77.7 rating 6 minn @ 21-10 16/28 57.4 % 138 yds 1 td 2 int ..record 4-2 after 6 games 2016 …fast forward 2017 game 1 .. @wash w30-17 26/39 66.67% 307 yds 2td 1int 96.8 rating 2 sacks 2 @kc 25/46 54.35% 333 yds 2 td 1 int 83 rating 3.giants @phi 27-24 win 21/31 67.74% 176 yds 1 td 0 int 92.9 4 phi@chargers 26-24 w ..17/31 54.84% 242 yds 1 td 0 int 91 qb 5 vs phx 21/30 70% 304 yds 4 tds 1 int.128.3 rating …game 6 @car.28-23 w 16/30 53.33% 222 yds 3 tds 0 ints..110.7 qb rat…

  8. Remember idiots in here campaigning for Sammy Sevens?

    Wow. Whispers that he’s done.

    Imagine where the birds would be had they kept that complete loser. Damn, we’re in such a better place.

    1. Yep…Sammy Sleeves’ knee is bad. Consistent inflammation from wear and tear. He can’t step into his throws and has less mobility than he did to begin with. It’s over.
      Every now and then I look at the gcobbers who were vehemently against drafting Wentz and laugh, those who wanted to keep Sleeves..I just laugh at them still.

        1. We were in QB hell which is the absolute worst…. I watch teams that are in that hell and laugh. How the browns passed on him is beyond me… I believe they are like 1-22 since that draft with no end in sight

          1. 1-21. The Cleveland Clown fan base on has finally come around to admitting that Wentz should have been their pick. The players they have drafted with the picks they got for Wentz so far have not panned out thus far..certainly have not made an impact in relation to where they were drafted.

            1. I have a good friend who is a lifelong Browns sufferer. This year I’ve been continually chiding him, “Thanks again for Wentz. I understand why the Browns made the trade though, they were set at QB” kind of thing.

              All he responds with is,

              “Doesn’t matter. We would have fucked him up anyway.”

              Which is probably true.

              1. Vining that leads to another point. Howie 2.0 along with Lurie made a QB and a coaching staff that is QB intensive a priority…. Peterson, Reich and Defilippo have strong QB backgrounds…. they made a path for Wentz and got him great QB coaching (can even throw the overpay for Daniels in there)

            2. Completely agree. I am very impressed how they recognized (finally) the absolute need for a franchise QB….and then went about, not only identifying and acquiring their choice, but to surround the kid with what appears to be an excellent staff (as far as development is concerned).

              The 3 “QB” coaches, agree with Daniels….that is a wealth of knowledge Wentz can tap every day, and they’re clearly doing a good job with his development.

              Look at the difference last Thursday.

              All first half, Carolina (rightly) blitzed the hell out of Wentz, and he was understandably struggling.

              But the best sign for a young QB is ability to adjust….and slowly but surely, those blitzes became less and less effective. That’s on Wentz of course, but also on the coaching staff. They’re doing a very good job with the kid.

              Meanwhile, on the other side of the firld, we had another QB and offense struggling. Couldn;t pass, couldn;t run, nothing working….then the QB is able to scramble in… does he react? Is he feeling lucky to score? Does he realize the O is really struggling and the scramble is a “mistake” and they have to keep working?

              Nope. He pushes his teammates out of the way, pulls the camera to him and pulls the stupid “superman” routine.

              Are we surprised that he continue to strugle all second half, while out ‘team first’ guy who spent every second buried in photos and working with coaches did better in the second half than the guy who spent his entire half thinking about if the camera was on him or not?

              I am not surprised.

              Eagles have a winner, and like you said, they’ve apparently surrounded him with a bevy of sounding boards.

              1. You are correct zero… they have done a terrible job drafting and developing a young QB… the future looks bleak.
                And who cares about the offensive line and QB pay.? What’s the point… their QB is making exactly what he’s slotted by CBA

  9. spotrac said the eagles were 2nd in the league in cap hit for OL in 16– 22% of their cap. While their cap hit for QB was minimal– 2.5% about 20th in the league.. oops

          1. People don’t understand that a franchise QB is a whole lot more than an on field plus…. a FRANCHISE QB increases the value of your fucking franchise…. lets say it’s a 34$ investment (unverified), wentz is a true franchise QB… his profits go up, eagles go high profile, play more games, sell more beer etc…. franchise value thru the roof

    1. They will try to win the game and employ the best strategy run/pass ratio that gives them the best chance. Balance is typically gained after getting a lead- obviously some teams stink against the run in which case you may run more early-Washington may take a guy out of the box making run more inviting…

  10. At home vs Washington, the Eagles ,atop the NFC knowing ,everyone in the media is annointing them to chilly minnesota…in week 6.. sit here in a very nice position,but 10 weeks looms,and in some strange quirks,they lose sproles and in my opinion. .it freed up the play calling coach..his weapons have been disperced ,better, post sproles..that makes for a happy team coming off a bye vs a mercenary qb in cousins..and a desperate skins team..To be honest ,ive always been “the glass is half full” guy with the birds..i enjoy perversely hearing boomer gushing over them on nfl films showtime..understanding the long road,im certain that you can be honest and having our Eagles playing at this high level ,is a sniff of dare i say “the gold standard”

  11. Eagles CB Ronald Darby (ankle) will practice this week.
    Coach Doug Pederson would not commit to him playing on Monday night, but he is at least nearing a return from the dislocated ankle he suffered in Week 1. Getting Darby back would be a big boost a defense which has given up the 10th-most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks so far this season.

    1. did you just use fantasy points to make an argument against a player? that has to be the most hilarious point anyone has made here since cliff tried to claim University of cyber degrees gave him one….

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