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Video: Joel Embiid Not Thrilled About Brown Limiting His Playing Time

Sixers coach Brett Brown made it very clear that he wasn’t going to let Joel Embiid play very much at the start of the season.  He hasn’t played very much in the preseason, thanks to a sprained ankle, so Brown talked about playing Embiid an amount of minutes in the teens.

As you would expect the young center, who just signed a contract with the Sixers for more than $150 million dollars, wasn’t thrilled about the news. on Facebook

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17 Comments for “Video: Joel Embiid Not Thrilled About Brown Limiting His Playing Time”

  1. wouldn’t be a problem to ease Embiid into game shape if Okafor could play. Unfortunately, his rebounding and defending are sub par. Here’s hoping Okafor can give 20 minutes of decent plus/minus play. sounds like Brett Brown intends 20mpg for Embiid, 28 mpg with Okafor, Amir or Saric at center.

  2. Minute restriction? So is he hurt or not? so you can’t twist a knee in 15 minutes but you can in 16 minutes? Does this mean we still aren’t allowed to win? Play the fucking game… what a bunch of pansy ass sissies! Jesus Christ what are they afraid of?

    • He just didn’t play a lot in training camp and preseason HAC.

      Being a big man at 7’2 you gotta ease him into shape and playing condition. What better way to do that then to start him out slowish?

      We will be fine. We are not winning the finals this year. Ease him in the game and allow him to get healthy.

      He wasn’t even injured last year. They wanted Fultz. It’s ironic how after the season ended Embiid stated “the injury wasn’t what they thought it was. They just went in and cleaned it up. No tear in the meniscus”. Something along those lines.

      Simmons, TJ, Saric, jj, the suace, and Fultz coming off the bench will be a damn good unit.

      I think we beat the wizards tomorrow.

      Rest Embiid somewhat.

      Let him play a little more against Boston on Friday 22 minutes -24

  3. Jesus Hayward leg look like a pretzel

  4. 1st game tonight on ESPN.
    wonder if Fultz is playing tonight? ( is he even in the rotation)
    Who replaces Embiid off the bench first ( Amir or Okafor)?
    If last preseason game was any indication TLC is ahead of Stauskas as JJ Reddick’s backup. Anderson is Covington’s backup.
    If Fultz is a no go, starters:
    ( Bayless, Reddick, Simmons, Covington, Embiid)
    Rotation : Amir, Saric, TLC, Anderson, McConnell)

    • We got some good young talent man that game was fun, fucking bad refs again…..morelli all over again. Simmons is awesome

      • Good 1st game. Roco an animal.

        I can’t help but be concerned about Fultz. Obv we drafted for fit but with josh Jackson, fox , Denny smith, Tatum all looking good it makes me scared. Fultz plays d like he’s on ice skates and he currently can’t shoot a jumper or free throw. Fortunately they/we have the luxury of going slow with him and teaching but can’t help but think collangelo made a dumb choice.

        • Wrong henski he played an elite guard on Beal and wall……he got to the paint at will, he will be fine, his shoot stroke looked good on that lady fade jumper but Jesus that ft was god awful……did you watch Tatum last night terrible in 30 mins…….defiinely a hawt take on colangelo wrong choice…..hes the perfect choice

          • i dunno what im wrong about

            his ft is scary, cant have that for a guard. he 100000000000% plays d like he on skates, did a lot at wash too

            fox and smith gonna be studs thats fact

            jury out on what fultz will be

            obv is day 1, so im not panicked or even worried bc we got talent everywhere but …

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